bundled up

i am in *love* with the newest round of collabor88 goodies…


…not only is the color palette gorgeous (shades of deep orange, golden yellow && cool teal-blue), but just about everything i spied there was callin’ my name~

collabor88 is one of those events that i look most forward to every single month. the mixture of home furnishings (which *really* helps, considering i’ve a brand new home to finish decorating!), fabulous fashion, accessories and even poses is all kinds of awesome. but this round, i found *so* many things i honestly flipped out for that i couldn’t even fit everything into one look. the collections just keep getting better && better and this round was definitely no exception.

the dress i’m wearing here is *so* sexy. it’s from hucci and i absolutely love it. the turtleneck collar, the length of the skirt, the lovely suede texturing…. and the way it moves… it is just flaw free. the fit on this dress is fantastic and i adore this blue-gray color, but i also snagged it in black because it was just too *good* to pass up.


glam affair also has a few new things at collabor88 this round, including both the boots(!) && the skin i’m wearing today. the seul ankle boots come in a range of really pretty jewel tone colors that almost look metallic, but my favorite was this pretty golden bronze color. it’s neutral enough to work with just about anything i could possibly want to wear ’em with, but still *unique* enough to really add a pop of color into an outfit. they are shiny and high-heeled and impeccably textured. love~

and the skin…. well, it *is* that time of year after all. being a little under the weather is not uncommon in the colder months of fall && winter, but at least you can still look adorable with your snuffly nose. this set of skins, in glam affair’s roza and ginny faces, can either look like you’ve got a bit of a cold…. or like your face is flushed from being out in some chilly wind. such a cute idea that translates really, really well if you take lots of pictures in-world like i do. having that extra flush on the cheeks and nose, when combined with a “cooler” windlight setting && maybe a scarf (like the one i’m wearing here, which is a *freebie* from mr. poet!) totally adds another level of realism to your snapshots!

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair @ collabor88 roza brr & etci 04
hair; exile breathe me in chardonnay
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire in wispy blue
makeup; mock turqtreuse/charquoise eshadow (past group gift)
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
teeth; medley prim teeth v2 in vampire
piercings; hod lisbeth
dress; hucci @ collabor88 soure dress in blue dawn
leggings; league folklore leggings in weave
socks; teefy arva socks in teal
boots; glam affair @ collabor88 seul ankle boots in sonoran
bracelet; amorous splendor solis
nails; rezipsa loc terracotta nails french
scarf; mr. poet wide scarf (freebie!)
bag; auxiliary my oversized leather tote (group gift!)

poses; exposeur
location; horizon dream



halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

so, apparently i like quoting mean girls… but! i figured it was a fitting quote, considering the costumes bff vivi && i are wearing in my post for today..


i’ve done creepy, i’ve done cute, i’ve done character cosplay…. time for somethin’ simply sexy for halloween! and there is little that’s sexier than two playboy bunnies.

all we need is a nice tray of martinis to serve..

aaaaanyway! the key to these looks are these mesh bodysuits from hucci. we both picked these up @ collabor88 several rounds ago, but thankfully these sets are still available at the hucci mainstore. vivienne is wearing the entire set here — including the cuffs, collar, ears && tail — and these are *perfect* for a halloween costume all in one.


i accessorized my look with an rabbit ear ‘n’ tail set i picked up from o.m.e.n. (because i was trying to better match my ears/tail to my hair color.. is that weird?), which includes several sets of these *adorable* bunny ears and tails in a bunch of color choices. these sets are so cute, as is the kitsune set i wore here, and i love that the ears come in straight-up versions as well as the one-ear-bent variation i’m wearing here~

add in some super high heels from n-core, bright red lipstick (mine from pink fuel, vivi’s from glam affair) && a cute stage set that i picked up by focus poses… and you’ve got two very sexy (just in my humble opinion ;P) playboy bunnies. now who wants a cocktail?

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (purple hair) ::
skin; pink fuel alena honey in classic
hair; exile into dust in passion
tattoo; para designs highroller
eyes; insufferable dastard gleeful eyes in pink
eye makeup; boom liquid glaze in purple
piercings; hod end of the night
bodysuit, collar, cuffs; hucci cocktail bunny in wild pink
heels; n-core emporium in pure black
ears/tail; o.m.e.n. fantasy bunny ears
nails; candy nail anniversary in purple
glasses; december glasses no.69

on vivienne tailleur (dark hair) ::
skin; glam affair @ collabor88 ginny in america 03
hair; magika tendency
tattoo; para designs beautiful bouquet
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes vivid in lilac
piercings; hod tv piercing 1
outfit; hucci cocktail bunny in midnight
heels; n-core ultra platform in neige
nails; love soul bunnyholic

backdrop; focus poses


new goodies at collabor88, a lovely new collection at league (including a set of *freebies*!) && embracing the flushed cheeks sort of chilly temps outside..


shades of mint, golden pink and bleached bone are not exactly typical for autumn, but *i* think this look works! i mean, who is to say i cannot wear a nice short skirt when it’s windy and blustery outside, hmmm? ;P i have tights on! that’s enough…. right?


but! i mentioned new stuffs, didn’t i?

the new collection @ collabor88 rolled over the other day… and a few of my favorite things this round include the skin i’m wearing here by glam affair with the most *perfet* rosy-red cheeks, this mint sweater by ufo complete with a flamingo-patterned button down underneath, and these spiked bracelets by maxi gossamer. i couldn’t help but pair the sweet, feminine sweater with these punk’d out bangles — not only does it keep a li’l extra bit of vixxie in this look, but offers a nice contrast between cute ‘n’ trendy and dark ‘n’ badass.

league also is full of new things — like these delicious ankle boots (that i picked up in this nice neutral bone shade, love!) && a set of freebie infinity scarves that are perfect for keeping you a li’l warmer. there’s also some other goodies like patterned leggings, jewelry (which i *will* be back for) and a set of mesh tanks in a ton of color options… but these boots(!) and these scarves were def my faves of their new releases~

so i worked in some *freebie* tights from n-core, a past freebie mesh mini-skirt from the hucci subscribo (designer eboni khan is super generous with her gifts, so join the subscribo if you’ve not already!), and some *new* mesh nails from virtual insanity to complete the look. i’m layered *just* enough to not look silly while walking through this autumn-ready sim, but not so covered up that it feels like winter. because i like the fall, i love the fall, and am not quite ready yet to say goodbye to lots of leg and shorter skirts.. that’s what leggings are for, after all~

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair @ collabor88 ginny in america 02
hair; elikatira return in blonde 05
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia
eyes; insufferable dastard ffl blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod bitten
sweater; ufo @ collabor88 flamingos day in mintholic
undershirt; jane intrinsic tank in cream (freebie!)
skirt; hucci dallas skirt in rose smoke (past subscribo gift!)
leggings; n-core tights in dark seam (freebie!)
boots; league dhara boots in bone
scarf; league snood in nans (freebie!)
bracelets; maxi gossamer @ collabor88 ramona 77
nails; virtual insanity mesh square nails (preview of a cinema item – coming soon!)

poses; glitterati
location; pure dreams


as i’ve said in the past, i usually build the looks i blog around *one* specific item. there’s typically an article of clothing, an accessory, a hairstyle, a tattoo… something that inspires the looks i post. and today, my very gogo dancer look is all centered around some suuuuper sparkly mesh boots that are *new* from stellar.


over-the-knee, high heeled, zippered && wonderfully shiny boots! \o/

the smallest size fit me *perfectly* without having to adjust my shape, which is always a plus imho, and i love every last one of those hundreds and hundreds of sequins. makes ’em unique && different from the many (many…. many many) pairs of boots i own.


and it’s almost as if the lovely eboni khan of hucci *knew* that i needed somethin’ short and somethin’ sexy to wear with these boots. this mesh tank dress was sent out freeeeeeee to hucci subscribo members and was totally made to be worn with thigh-high boots. i love the cut, the low neckline, and it’s *just* short enough to be sexy without baring it all. plus the pattern is cute! and i *did* mention it was free, right? ;D

a thick-chained necklace from mandala, fingerless gloves from hermony && my go-to for fishnets from blowpop completed my look. a li’l “edgier” than a 70’s gogo dancer, but i really like it! what’s not to like about sparkly boots && a short dress, amirite?

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in licorice whip 2
hair; exile riot girl in stefani
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod agony
dress; hucci tank dress (subscribo gift)
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
gloves; hermony leather gloves in fingerless black
boots; stellar allure sequin mesh boots in black
necklace; mandala hannya in black
nails; candy nail basic prim nails in monotone 10

poses && prop; fluke pose chair (out for pose fair which opens the 15th!)


i’ve come to the realization that i have a thing for cute prim pets. i mean, i have a hoard of colorful meeroos… i’ve had kittycats… i have two killer whales jumping around in the water just outside my house… and i just acquired an adorable mesh chihuahua that was far too adorable not to blog with today.

../me coughs

i think i have a problem.


at least she matched my outfit.

her name is darla, apparently, but she *totally* needs a better name than that! i’m not sure what to call her though other than wide eyed && cute. bff vivi suggested mr. burns (i bring you looo~ooove~!) because she’s an ass ;p but “darla” deserves a pretty name.. i’ll have to think of a good one!


i’m also having a problem… not dressing for summer. the last few days in my rl have *finally* been beautiful && warm.. and it’s rubbing off on my sl, too. it’s not even technically spring yet, but it just felt like a summery kinda day. y’know? i may be a few months early but cut me some slack. :D

this romper out @ collabor88 by hucci was *too* perfect not to wear for a summery sort of look. it’s comfortable, it’s short and while it comes in a selection of bright colors.. the white one is what i zeroed in on. plus, white is so nice to accessorize with — i chose to go with color on everything else with a pair of ison heels also from collabor88, a beautifully colorful necklace from amorous && a bangle set i picked up at fashionably late by je suis all in shades of red, teal, orange and bronze.

plus i’m wearing a *discounted* exile hair that’s out at tdr blue that’s fitting for a beachy, summer day && a *new* tattoo from vestigium that’s in *color* this time instead of their usual black.

white outfit, bright accessories, sunglasses && my new puppy.. i somehow feel as though i look ready for miami in august or somethin’, but i really like the way it all turned out!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in aqua w/ glam lipstick in coral splash
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue paige in beach
tattoo; vestigium rage
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
outfit; hucci @ collabor88 heritage romper in moonglow
shoes; ison @ collabor88 color block prism pumps in red
cuff; je suis @ fashionably late vintage bangle
necklace; amorous wishbone
nails; candy nail air orange (group lucky board prize)
glasses; scrub @ fashionably late my aviators
puppy; sweet distractions darla

poses; glitterati
location; juicy

for funsies

sometimes, it’s good to do a look just for fun. not.. that i don’t *always* have fun with the looks i do for my blog, ’cause believe me i do. but there are times when i just wanna… throw on something supremely colorful && run around on a candyland-esque sim merely because i feel like it.

and sometimes, it’s even more fun to drag a friend into it, too.


i love that bff vivi humors my whims. ❤❤

she && i have taken some epic pics in the past (just in my humble opinion, ahahah) but these i took of us together are probs some of my favorites. the looks we put together, both centered around some goodies we snagged from blah, are so *cute* and so *colorful* that it was hard to pick just a few snapshots to show off.


the sim we were on was the perfect back drop, there were teacups and gumdrops and lollipops and donuts scattered all over the soft pink-icing mountains. and the spot i chose to take the majority of our pictures, by the water, had two candy-colored tentacles (one in blue && one in pink) snaking up out of the surface and one large cupcake hanging off the side of a cliff. how awesome is that?!


plus the dress vivienne is wearing, and the cropped top && body suit i’ve got on, are all from blah and made it very very easy to dress insanely bright and adorable. the colors in vivi’s dress remind me of a sunset, pink && orange look so nice together when they’re that vibrant and saturated, and mine…. well. both pieces i’m wearing from blah were *free* for group members (the dark blue body suit is a vip group gift && the ridiculously cute li’l raccoon tee is in a group-only lucky board!), which makes me love this look that much more.

it’s good times, lemme tell ya, to run around on a pink frosting mountain in bright colors with your best friend. the fact that we took some nice snapshots in the process, i suppose, is just an added bonus!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in pure 1
hair; wasabi pills amandine in rye
tattoo; garden of ku rage of bastet
eyes; insufferable dastard neon eyes in blue
eyeshadow; t.whore makeup 7
lipstick; pink fuel elly pop lipstick in electron
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
eyeliner; p.art foxy eyeliner
piercings; hod silentium
top; blah my cozy cute shirt in lovely raccoon (group lucky board prize)
bodysuit; blah my body set in starry night (group gift)
long socks; izzie’s over knee socks in light blue
short socks; fri.day ribbed calf socks in blue
heels; hucci d’ann pumps in coral (subscribo gift)
collar; blitzed legacy choker in black
nails; mandala takara nails in black
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in blush
hair; magika distracted
tattoo; damned ureshii
eyes; blah hypnotic green heavy eyes
lip color; pididdle princess rehab
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
dress; blah my mashup dress in fuchsia/orange
socks; g field button socks in maple && harvest
shoes; house of fox jealous bootie in coral
necklace; needful things my love necklace
nails; love soul candy drop long

location; cake

moves like jagger

mesh is aaaaaaaawesome. it went gridwide last week && i’ve been havin’ a blast trying on goodies in mesh. i love how easily it moves with my avatar and how much *nicer* it can look than prims && system clothing can because it’s all one piece. no need to worry about avatar-to-prim seams! \o/

for it being so new, there’s quite a lot on the grid thus far in mesh. and some of it is even free 😉 which makes me a happy girl!


this jumpsuit from hucci was sent out to subscribo members and was the first thing i had to test out mesh for myself. it moves with my AO or with dance animations or with static poses like real clothing would and that is so, so sweet. when wearing mesh clothing, you have to wear an alpha for the body part(s) covered by the garment and the actual piece is all in one. there’s no moving && no editing the mesh once it’s on (which is nice, in a way, because you don’t have to worry about fiddling with prims.. but i do wish i could nudge bits and pieces just a li’l bit). luckily, i didn’t have to edit my shape to fit.. which i’ve read is sometimes necessary depending on your body shape.. but whatever shape the mesh is in is what you’ve got. so while wearing this jump suit, i have quite the.. *ahem* ample bottom which is much different than my actual shape is.


this dress is also from the subscribo @ hucci && it is *smokin’* hot. mini dresses like this really, really benefit when made from mesh.. because that li’l crotch prim that never seems to sit quite right once you’ve got your AO on? it’s gone! gooonnneee~~! the dress is almost like wearing a system skirt, except without the bloated hips && booty, and it will stretch and move with your legs or hips or butt. i really like the way skirts and dresses look with mesh if for no other reason than the typical miniskirt prim isn’t needed. 8D


jane already has quite the selection of mesh loveliness up for sale and i was rather impressed with everything out. there’s a pair of wide-legged pants that are super cute, but i ended up going with this hoodie && a pair of shorts. you can really see how nice having mesh clothing can be when you look at the sleeves on the hoodie i’m wearin’. there’s no seam, there aren’t multiple attachments to give me the long, baggy sleeves (which i love, btw, how the cuffs come down over the wrists — all my irl hoodies are like this too!).. it’s all one piece. granted, even the small size is a wee bit big for my avatar… but that’s to be expected. i’m definitely not the norm when it comes to sl-size. but i’m totally okay with that, ’cause who doesn’t have an oversized comfortable sweatshirt?


these jeans, from slink are *free* until the end of the month — and are seriously worth grabbing if you need a guinea pig item to test out mesh. they come in the three colors shown above and just walking around in them, you can see how nicely they move with your avatar. there are no cuffs to adjust (and i am *always* having to adjust jean cuffs for my short self) and they even come in various sizes to help you get a decent fit.

the best thing, imho, about mesh… is the fact that prims no longer get all wonky on you when you’re moving around. some things tend to look a li’l strange depending on what pose or animation you’re in but with mesh… that worry is lessened considerably. sometimes things *still* can get wonky, but the fact that i don’t have to worry about legs or arms pokin’ out of stuff? makes it a total *win*~ it’s definitely not perfect, yet, but it makes me excited about things to come!
dancing around in mesh clothing, just to watch it move, makes me pretty excited too. x3

get the mesh goodies yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ sheer balm in nude
hair; truth juliette in swedish
tattoo; para designs carpe diem
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; grixdale moores eyeshadow (closing sale!)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
earrings; collisions in bloom earrings
piercings; hod the crux
tees; t junction good girls && i’m too epic to fail
jeans; slink boot cut jeans (freebie)
dress; hucci triple ruffle mesh mini dress (subscribo gift)
jumpsuit; hucci eau de hucci mesh jumpsuit (subscribo gift)
hoodie; jane zipper hoodie in spectrum pewter
shorts; jane bobby shorts in charcoal
heels; n-core coquette
sneakers; 2real pure
flats; milk motion my cute plastic flats
necklace; sigma aurora necklace (platinum hunt prize)
long nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails
short nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in melon

poses; long awkward pose


sometimes, it’s not about all the pieces to an outfit.. but, rather, the look as a whole. and now that my compy can handle shadows and shaders and lighting, the look as a whole also includes scenery and backgrounds.

for a blog that’s supposed to show off cool things i find && love, i apologize in advance for the fact that some of the photographs are just too damn dark to see everything properly. but! call it.. artistic expression? maybe? teehee~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

atmosphere plays a big role in how i photograph now. i kinda.. take a step back, look at what i’m wearing, and decide what an appropriate backdrop would be. if i’m prancing around all cute && kawaii, being on a rusty steampunk sim just wouldn’t fit (no matter how much i like to mix contrasts!). and if i’m dark and *evil*, taking pictures by a pretty park fountain wouldn’t be right, either. finding the right *ambiance* can make a look really stand out, i think, but it’s actually finding it that’s the tough part.

i cannot tell you how many sims i bounced from while trying to take these pics — all while crashing roughly ten thousand times. but the result, in the end, is what matters. and it came out pretty perfect imho! \o/

see, it takes more work now than just puttin’ on a cute outfit and calling it a day. ;p

click to see it larger @ flickr!

dark && discolored though it may be, you can kiiiiiinda see my outfit.. right? xD

the pants i’m wearing are a *freebie* from whippet & buck for the opening of the truth district. the gift actually comes with two tops i’m not showing && is most def worth snagging. and, luckily for us, all the group gifts will be out an extra three days — until july 8th — so there’s still plenty of time to de-prim and de-script and battle the lag monster for some fantastic goodies~

the tank top i’m wearing is from hucci && i’ll be honest, i hadn’t even planned on popping in to hucci today. but eboni khan is always so generous to her subscribo members ❤ that she dropped a 100L gift card on us today. 8D with the discount, this tank was only *25L* && it’s super cute. i love the flowy look the hem has and the fact that it gives just a li’l peek of the tummy without being completely bare it all. the price i paid only makes it that much better!

and this hair… from magika at the hair fair.. i mean, i bought a shit ton of hair already && plan to go back tomorrow (shopping trip! \o/ woo!), but this one i think is *by far* my favorite. i’ve said it in the past, but no one does long && whispy like sabina gully does and this hair is just… wonderful. i love the added braided piece and it reminds me a lot of the ren style i already love so much. this one is just a bit wavier && extra *sexy*.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

right? riiight? extra sexy indeed! /me oozes sex appeal~ xP

get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 10
hair; magika @ hair fair luna
tattoo chest; fayse fundamentally loathsome (coming soon 😛 for real this time!)
tattoo arms; onyx wear akido
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
tattoo feet; flasher hearts of queens
eyes; illusory eyes 03
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; hod fallen v2
top; hucci carrie tank in black
jeans; whippet & buck @ truth district drew trousers in faded/lace pockets (truth district update group gift)
belt; pepper basti belt
heels; apple may designs animal pumps in dalmatian
necklace; concrete flowers strawberry necklace
ring; iced lorelei ring
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails
gloves; sini style taped fist

location; the lost city

i am no angel

i have a gun strapped to my thigh.

be very, very afraid. O:


haha, juuuuust kidding. i would never shoot you. ❤ it's there just for show anyway! but it's *fierce*, amirite? i picked it up from pepper today after gushing yesterday about how cute the necklaces && nails were. that whole store is awesome, just sayin’.

so today, i guess, my look sorta revolved (get it? revolved? revolver? no? ..okay) around said gun strapped to mah thigh.

the pretty patterned stockings i’ve got on are from footworks and sadly, the store is closing. ;( but, to lessen the blow at least a little bit.. the entire store has been marked down to 2L. hosiery, heels, flats, boots… all kinds of goodies for your feets ‘n legs. go scoop up the awesome stuffs before it disappears *forever*! i’m not sure when it closes exactly, but it’s open only until their tier runs out. so hurry!!


other than my gun, accessories for today include a deadly spiked backpack from nv. i don’t wear backpacks often, but this one.. it’s coffin shaped. how the hell was i supposed to pass that up?

my hair is from argrace && the attached cap only added to the i’ll kick your ass and you will like it sorta vibe my look has going on today. the hat is color-change and argrace makes some of the *nicest* hair and hat combos on the grid. plus i love their platinum blonde hair color. ❤

but with all the badassery in my outfit, i had to add *something* cute. and this comes in the form of my wide, huge glasses from duboo. while it’s a little glitchy with my hair (grumblegrumble), they are still fucking adorable. they make my face look so tiny, so i left ’em large. and conveniently, they come with several different copies all attached to different parts of the face. which really helped me out today, cause repositioning attachments can be such a pain and i really piled on the facial accessories today to boot.

so i’ve got my gun, my cigarette && my military cap. the only thing left to complete the look?

some ninja skills && my fists o’ fury. muahahahahahh~ >:O

seriously, i will slap a bitch.

get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in amore 2
hair; argrace military cap loose chignon in platinum
tattoo; v tattoo nightmarish
eyes; zombie popcorn drowned zombie eyes (subscribo gift)
piercing; buried basic piercings, lipring left (dollarbie)
tank; hucci bf beater in black (SALE this weekend! grab the 25% off giftcard from the subscribo!)
pasties; luck inc pastie tapes in black
dress; suicidal unborn rayha dress in red
stockings; footworks flower print tights in crimson (2L closing sale, gogogogo~)
boots; avz bolted boots
gloves; cheap makeup femme fatale fingerless gloves
necklace; iced katrina necklace
cigarette; sotd vintage cigarette
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
backpack; nv coffin skull bag
glasses; duboo dotty glasses in black
garter; pepper garter weapon


yay for saturday \o/

yay for sunday too, though. i love fireworks \o/ \o/

but more on that tomorrow 😉 for today, i bring you hot pink pants!


my sexy pants today are from zoobong. they are the *brightest* shade of pink and i fucking love them, haha. slouchy and low-waist and piiiiiiiiiink, what is there *not* to love..

i paired the pinkness with an open shirt from niniko and a sheer wet tank from paperdoll. black, pink and see-through, with the headband && hair from the sadly closed kitsune couture makes for a very.. rockstar sorta look, dontch’a think?

what really shines though, are my accessories…


the *insane* necklace is by la gyo. i saw it at the dressing room and it was, pretty much, an instantaneous buy. it’s huge and texture-change and looks like my tiny self could probably jump rope with it. ;p but it’s awesome and i looooove it.

my nails are from t.whore and out of all the prim nails i own (and believe me, it’s … quite a lot) they are the *only* pair that are color-change per nail. i used the cyan&&pink, black&&white and black&&pink textures, but i could have made each finger a different color. and for that reason alone, t.whore’s nails rank right up there with my own personal favorites.

an amazingly colorful tattoo from huz, piercings from starpiercing and cute flip-flops from hucci round out the look, complete with a skin from curio that i’ve fallen in love with all over again. i may wear other skins, but there are some that are hard to beat.. and cupid is definitely one of them.


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; kitsune couture lacy in platinum plus (store closed)
tattoo; huz killer kroc
eyes; kosh eyes 117
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; paperdoll wet tank in white
overshirt; niniko retro blouse in open type black
pants; zoobong rockstar pants in hot pink
shoes; hucci flashy flip flop in white
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; lagyo @ the dressing room crystal long necklace
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)