back to a more normal look for now, because you can’t spend all of october in costume…

…well, i guess you could, and i’d certainly try, but y’know. just go with it.


vip group members for oOo studio were treated to this grungy loft posebox the other day && it inspired the entire look you see here. pose props, for me, are usually hit or miss — i tend to like them, but only if they’re unique enough to really stand out from finding a nice in-world backdrop. and this one, with the included poses and all those dynamic shadows cast through the windows and doors, was definitely a hit with me.


also released the other day are these pierced && gauged ears, from mandala. it was instant love for me, i *had* to have them, and they are worth every linden imho. the options alone for wearing these make them fantastic — there’s tons of textures and colors to choose from for every single part of these ears (including the *adorable* kitty faces i chose here for the plugs) as well as several sizes of gauges in either plugs or tunnels. they look amazing on and are packed full of bits ‘n’ bobs, as if i’d expect any less from goodies from mandala~

plus, new *gorgeous* skin from glam affair, some mesh skinny jeans from sakide, a new gorgeous updo from truth… and… i guess i couldn’t resist adding in a li’l extra halloween with these alien eyes from insufferable dastard that are out @ the cinema event. perhaps this could count as a halloween costume for an alien, y’know.. trying to blend in? kind of a stretch but i’m trying, okay!? i can’t help it that i’m *super* excited for the 31st.. ~_~

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair roza basic in america 03
hair; truth mayim in swedish
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
eyes; insufferable dastard @ cinema classic alien eyes in abyss
eye makeup; foxy eyeliner
lip makeup; pin me down lip marking 6
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
ears; mandala stretched ears omimi
piercings; hod bitten (lips/nose), dimpled (cheeks), corona radiata (chest)
top; xplosion layover top
undershirt; immerschoen trans shirt short x
jeans; sakide slim jeans in black
belt; pepper handcuff belt
heels; slink lulu stilettos
necklace; maxi gossamer @ collabor88 handcuffs necklace short
watch; amorous silence
nails; virtual insanity @ cinema mesh square nails
gloves; izzie’s leather gloves in black

poses && prop; oOo studio (group gift!)

corona radiata

there are *new* piercings out @ haus of darcy(!!) for horror haute and…


..just look at how amazing they are. pardon me while i drool all over myself…


the corona radiata set includes both the facial && chest piercings (and i know it’s hard to see thanks to my choice in hair, cause i’m just good like that.. derp. but! there are eyebrow piercings too on the facial set), are *unisex*, come in a pack with eight of aydan darcy‘s gorgeous metallic textures… and the entire set is just *100L* from today until 31st.


i’m wearing the set here in seep (the dark red) && razor (which is, by far, my favorite metal *ever* on a piercing in all of sl — this dark, shiny, gunmetal color is the first one i always reach for). and do i even have to put into words how much i love them? hod jewelry is, imo, the nicest for piercings on the grid, period. you always get something that’s out of the ordinary, with lots of options, for an incredible price. so these… i *highly* recommend you grab while they are on sale!

it is rare for me to blog, let alone be in world at all, without some of aydan’s jewelry on. hod has been, for quite some time, my go to for piercings && uniquely beautiful jewelry. i’ve raved about haus of darcy so often here because… i blog things i love. i blog things i wear. vixxie just isn’t vixxie without piercings… and hod‘s are so high on my list of favorites that no other brand can really compete.

so if i’ve not convinced you in the past to go check it out, you really should go now and see exactly what i’m talking about. i *promise*, you will not be disappointed! ❤

get the piercings (and everything else!) yourself:
skin; glam affair leah natural 01
hair; exile take it off in stefani
tattoo; vestigium buddhist
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
eye makeup; glamorize black candy eye makeup in black out
eye liner; foxy eyeliner
face makeup; nuuna’s azen in aqua
lashes; miamai catwalk lashes in twinkle (past group gift)
piercings; hod corona radiata
top; red mint drawn down top no. 05

poses; fayse

for funsies

sometimes, it’s good to do a look just for fun. not.. that i don’t *always* have fun with the looks i do for my blog, ’cause believe me i do. but there are times when i just wanna… throw on something supremely colorful && run around on a candyland-esque sim merely because i feel like it.

and sometimes, it’s even more fun to drag a friend into it, too.


i love that bff vivi humors my whims. ❤❤

she && i have taken some epic pics in the past (just in my humble opinion, ahahah) but these i took of us together are probs some of my favorites. the looks we put together, both centered around some goodies we snagged from blah, are so *cute* and so *colorful* that it was hard to pick just a few snapshots to show off.


the sim we were on was the perfect back drop, there were teacups and gumdrops and lollipops and donuts scattered all over the soft pink-icing mountains. and the spot i chose to take the majority of our pictures, by the water, had two candy-colored tentacles (one in blue && one in pink) snaking up out of the surface and one large cupcake hanging off the side of a cliff. how awesome is that?!


plus the dress vivienne is wearing, and the cropped top && body suit i’ve got on, are all from blah and made it very very easy to dress insanely bright and adorable. the colors in vivi’s dress remind me of a sunset, pink && orange look so nice together when they’re that vibrant and saturated, and mine…. well. both pieces i’m wearing from blah were *free* for group members (the dark blue body suit is a vip group gift && the ridiculously cute li’l raccoon tee is in a group-only lucky board!), which makes me love this look that much more.

it’s good times, lemme tell ya, to run around on a pink frosting mountain in bright colors with your best friend. the fact that we took some nice snapshots in the process, i suppose, is just an added bonus!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in pure 1
hair; wasabi pills amandine in rye
tattoo; garden of ku rage of bastet
eyes; insufferable dastard neon eyes in blue
eyeshadow; t.whore makeup 7
lipstick; pink fuel elly pop lipstick in electron
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
eyeliner; foxy eyeliner
piercings; hod silentium
top; blah my cozy cute shirt in lovely raccoon (group lucky board prize)
bodysuit; blah my body set in starry night (group gift)
long socks; izzie’s over knee socks in light blue
short socks; ribbed calf socks in blue
heels; hucci d’ann pumps in coral (subscribo gift)
collar; blitzed legacy choker in black
nails; mandala takara nails in black
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in blush
hair; magika distracted
tattoo; damned ureshii
eyes; blah hypnotic green heavy eyes
lip color; pididdle princess rehab
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
dress; blah my mashup dress in fuchsia/orange
socks; g field button socks in maple && harvest
shoes; house of fox jealous bootie in coral
necklace; needful things my love necklace
nails; love soul candy drop long

location; cake

nothin’ to wear

even with an inventory chalk full of awesome bits && bobs to wear, sometimes… i just have *outfit block*. nothing looks right together, nothing matches the way i want it to, nothing is exactly what i’m looking for… ugh.

but of course, these times always coincide with when i want to blog && that, my friends, is a little counter-productive. i mean, i *could* blog naked but.. that kinda defeats the purpose of blogging “look of the day” posts like i do.

so here, have some lingerie..


outfit block is a bitch to overcome. but it *does* give me an excuse to show off some things i’ve not yet blogged. which i guess, in the long run, can be a good thing… it’s just an annoying good thing i suppose. ;p

and what’s more.. it gives me the perfect opportunity to participate in gogo’s newest blog challenge to show off *dat ass* && i do enjoy her challenges! so while the front view is up there… from now on..


..say hello to the vixxie booty.

the ribbon’d tattoo i’m wearing was out for super bargain saturday this past week from para designs && since then, i’ve been trying to figure out a way to show it off. so thanks gogo 😉 for the excuse!

it’s awesome && lovely, just like all tattoos from para designs are (should be no surprise by now!). and it comes in both the pink version i’m wearing and a black version as well, all in various states of color-saturation. i usually prefer to wear my tattoos slightly faded, just ’cause i think it gives the ink a more realistic look, but this one was best in the darkest, brightest color. i’ve always loved corset piercings in rl, though really i have a fascination with piercings in both sl && in rl, so a tattoo like this… totally makes me want to show off my back more.

if only i had some corresponding piercings to go with the tattoo… *mega-huge hint to all the lovely content creators out there* ❤


get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead petal in tease2
hair; truth rowena streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs pink ribbon
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; foxy eyeliner
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings face 1; hod bitten
piercings face 2; cobrahive gauged 04
piercings stomach; hod thrust
piercings legs; virtual insanity needlez
lingerie; boom i promise in lipstick && black
heels; g field flower pumps eve in black
nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails

pose && props; glitterati

home alone

when i blogged not too long ago that bff vivi && i had new land and a new house, i totally planned on taking pics once it was all decorated. but tbh it’s *still* not fully done (ehe), so.. you’ll have to settle for lookin’ at me in my bedroom… which also isn’t even complete just yet. ;p

what i’ve got in there so far is super cute, though, so.. at least that makes up for it? 😀

click to see it larger @ flickr!

our land looks out over water, so the entire house is very.. beachy. which is cute and pretty and all pastel-y. i really like it. \o/ probably not what one might think my house would look like ;3 but it’s cute nonetheless! and my bedroom is basically a what next showroom, aha.. but their furniture is so nice && really fit with the sort of look vivienne and i were goin’ for. not everything is what next (just most of it, ahaha), but if you’re curious as to where anything is from just let me know! i may add in decoration credits at some point, but since it’s not the main focus of my post… i’m not going to for right now. *is terribly lazy*

but enough about my house! let’s talk about my outfit~

the cropped jeans i’m wearing today are from berries inc which is sadly closing its doors here soon. makes me sad, so many stores are closing! ;( but everything in the store is heavily, heavily discounted && i picked up these jeans for the piddly price of *50L*. they’re not quite capris, at least on my short self, but they’re not quite full-length jeans… they’re kinda perfect for this time of year when the weather can’t quite make up its mind — it can still be summer one day && then breezy and crisp like fall the next.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and do you see that cigarette in my mouth? i don’t typically wear cigarettes in sl, though i own a ton of them, and i’m not sure why. but this one? oh *hell* yes, it’s pink! pink!!! i picked it up @ the grunge soul project and really, it doesn’t get more awesome than a pink paper’d cigarette. there are a whole bunch’a options that come with it too. you can blow smoke rings (something i wish i knew how to do irl lolol), you can have the cigarette with a long ash as i have it or longer cigarette without the ash, && you can turn the smoke particles off too which is quite nice.

makes me want to glue this cigarette to my mouth, just ’cause it’s different. shame it doesn’t give off pink smoke too..

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in angelic w/ juicy gloss in strawberry
hair; truth martina in swedish
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
eyes; poetic colors grey skies (previous freebie)
makeup; foxy eyeliner
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod symphony
top; nanuk sven shirt
jeans; berries inc boyfriend jeans (closing sale!)
feets; maitreya bare feet tip-toes w/ dragonfly anklet
nails; rezipsa loc hot pink french nails
necklace; glow studio @ the dressing room blue so long necklace
mouthie; nikotin @ the grunge soul project cigarette in pink

poses; adorkable (all poses but the sitting one!)

/me pretends she’s a makeup artist

so. makeup tattoos. anyone else as obsessed with ’em as i am? show of hands?

the kozmetika summer makeup event kicks off today && technically isn’t even open yet.. but… >.> if you promise not to tell anyone, i *might* have already visited and scooped up a few goodies to show off. y’know, just between you && me, right? ;3

makeup tattoos are amazing for customization. and with the added benefit of being able to pack ’em on in multiples with v2, there is literally *no end* to the amount of looks you can get. this is especially nice when you’re tryin’ to save some lindens — buy one base, makeup-free skin instead of the fatpack && go crazy with less expensive makeup tatts.

i’ve got three looks that aren’t clothes.. but rather makeup instead.. that completely transform the entire appearance of the skins i’m wearing.

oh, and! the non-blonde version of vixxie you see in this post is courtesy of a blogger challenge to go bubblegum on the weekends. what better opportunity to show off the *crazy* colored hair than with some *crazy* makeup?!

so yeah. first up… the look with pink fuel; enhancing the makeup you’ve already got!


the face on pink fuel’s ember skins are *to die for* adorable. and the entire collection comes with cute, bright && lovely sets of makeup. but what if you wanted to, maybe, take the perdy pink eyeshadow && add a li’l somethin’ extra?

here’s how i did it~


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin, pink fuel ember in chai, the makeup called candy.
02. freckles make *everything* cuter && i used a favorite of mine here, l.fauna extra freckles in tan.
03. my favorite color combo with pink is bright lime green, so i added the lime mystical shadow by a.e.meth that i picked up at kozmetika.
04. lip color! it’s not a drastic change, but it brightens up the lips. i used ag‘s bitten lipstain in beachen peachen.
05. next is eyeliner, to really make the eyes stand out even more. in this look i’ve used the foxy eyeliner by
06. finish off the look with some bold lashes and another layer o’ liner, in this case it’s the liquid glaze eyeliner && lashes by boom.

other products in this look :: hair truth marissa in bubblegum ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes poetic colors pink ocean ; tattoo aitui sacred pain

but what if the makeup on your skin is pretty, but not flashy enough for your tastes?

second look with grixdale; make it over the top!


the makeup on this teagan2 skin is already pretty~ bright yellow && a nice contrast of blue, with a soft pink lip. but if you’re in the mood to wear makeup so loud they’ll hear you coming?

well, here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin this time is teagan2 by grixdale in the honey skintone.
02. the addition is very, very subtle, but i’ve added an all over sunkissed bronzer by ag. i know it’s hard to tell, but it gives a nice summery glow to the face (and body!).
03. to add more eyeshadow, i’ve gone with a *freebie* one by mock called icon eyeshadow in blue and green.
04. next.. eyeliner && lashes. i added on the *free* liner from chelle at kozmetika and some of my favorite tattoo layer lashes from miamai.
05. the last lipcolor was.. quiet, but this one is anything but! it’s a lipwax by boom, called hot pink && is just as bright as the eyeshadow. wiiin~

other products in this look :: hair truth evangeline streaked in smurf ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes ibanez horizon in tropics (lucky chair prize)

and lastly… what if you *love* the skin you’re in (thx olay! ;p), but it’s not quite right for the look you’re goin’ for?

third look with belleza; take your skin in a whole new direction!


belleza skins always have gorgeous faces, but maybe the delicate makeup isn’t what you want for a certain look. maybe you wanna go a little darker, *mess* the lovely face up a bit.

here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base i worked with this time was one of the *group gifts* from belleza, melissa in sunkissed.
02. the piercings i’ve worn in all three looks are from hod && are extra special — they come with an added makeup tattoo by nuuna. in this look, i’m wearing the added facial tattoo.
03. okay, i know it looks silly.. but seriously, this is the best idea ever. glamorize put out this tintable lip destroyer at kozmetika && it is *amazing* for getting lip tattoos to fit properly. if you have a favorite lipstick but it doesn’t fit over the lips on your skin, pick this one up for 10L! && layer your lip color on top. i LOVE this.
04. and now for the lips! the ones i’m wearing are by pididdle, in the color called i have a secret.
05. final touches — running mascara by porcupine love && teeth by villena.

other products in this look :: hair sadistic hacker meltdown in pink ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes luck inc eyez in sapphire ; tattoo aitui aggression

five layers totally isn’t enough, but working with what we’ve got? it’s *so* easy to transform your favorite skins with some wonderfully made makeup && a li’l bit of creativity. who says you need to have an inventory stuffed full of skins, when you can wear one and change the look of it drastically from one extreme to the next?!