want some fries with that shake?

onyx wear released an entire metric ton of new mesh goodies… including a super cute tube top that comes in a rather large handful of designs && colors. but among all the choices, there was one in particular that i wanted to show off in a lotd…


…that features *french fries* and red ‘n’ white stripes. and i am lovin’ it (bada bah bah bahhh… see what i did there?!?!).

all cheesy puns aside ;p these new tops are made of awesome… i have been living in this one for at least the last 48 hours. it may be a testament to the fact that i’d totes eat at least ten pounds of french fries in a single sitting if i had them available, but this design was by far my favorite out of the bunch. so cute!


instead of goin’ with a pair of short shorts, i grabbed for a pair of longer cuffed shorts i grabbed at sn@tch… which is having a sale all weekend long (that ends on the 30th!).

i absolutely *love* sn@tch (ahaha), because for me.. it’s a one-stop shopping sorta store. i love that ivey deschanel embraces so many different styles of clothing — from goth to girly to cyberpunk && back again — all of which i enjoy depending on my mood. if i want a latex bodysuit, sn@tch has it. a frilly skirt, sn@tch has it. cute tank tops, jeans, flowy dresses… pretty much anything under the sun. like it’s catered to me personally, someone whose personal sense of style seems to change with the time of day.

so when bff vivi && i heard about this sale, she and i pretty much made a beeline for it. these shorts i’m wearing here, which has color-change cuffs && comes in black denim and the blue i’m wearing here, were just one of many.. many… manymany things i scooped up. i am drowning in sn@tch (lolol, insert 14-year-old sense of humor here), but i could honestly *not* be happier about my haul.

new onyx wear mesh, sn@tch sale goodies, and oh! the super cute ponytail hairstyle i’m wearing is *new* from lamb — one of four released the other day. i am really enjoying lamb’s latest mesh releases && these ponytail styles are no exception. this style is *perfectly* messy and sits just right on the shoulder.. wonderful for the upcoming warmer weather. and these dip-dyed, multicolored shades are just gorgeous… nothing begs for an over-the-shoulder ponytail quite like bare shoulders, but i am honestly *stuck* on thinking about french fries rather than anything else.

/me wanders off to find a sl-version of mcdonkadonk

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hair; lamb little star in washed out
tattoo upper; vestigium blue vibe
tattoo hip; para designs spring heart tan (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard neon eyes in blue
eye makeup; boom liquid glaze in yellow
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
all jewelry; hod bitten (piercings, lip/nose), dimpled (piercings, cheeks), corona radiata (piercings, chest), nothing’s bracelet, dragon spirals (piercings, ears), thrust (piercings, abdomen)
top; onyx wear chube chop in fries
shorts; sn@tch amy jean shorts (sale going on right now!)
belt; pepper handcuff belt
boots; gos triumph boots in worn
glasses; mr. poet half-rim eyeglasses
nails; candy nail candy skull

poses; long awkward pose @ pose fair
location; virtual decay

my (not so) peaceful morning

waking up early in the morning usually isn’t my thing. i’m more of a *night owl* myself && would much prefer to keep the sleeping schedule of a vampire rather than wake up at ungodly hours in the morning. but when i do get to sleep at a decent time and wake up bright ‘n’ early, i realize that mornings aren’t so bad after all…


a nice hot shower, a cup of fresh coffee.. and a few moments to myself to enjoy the quiet really is a lovely thing. there are birds singing, waves rolling in on the beach just outside my window, && the soft glow of sunrise just barely peeking in the windows. it’s the epitome of serene.

or, well, it can be the epitome of serene… at least while sleeping beauty there stays in bed. luckily for me, lars will allow me to have a big whopping half hour to myself while he smacks the snooze button && gets in a few more winks.. so i can shower, dry my hair, and have a cup of coffee before he drags himself out of bed.


but, to be fair, i *do* get some extra quiet time while he’s in the bathroom too. it’s funny how routines get started, and how they always seem to work like clockwork, because i can always get partially dressed && fiddle with my hair and makeup a li’l bit before he’s out of the shower. by the time i’m grabbing my shoes, he’s usually all squeaky clean.

and then suddenly, my peaceful morning is not quite so peaceful anymore.


take this morning, for example. i’m stepping into my heels, feeling deliciously sexy in my new lingerie, and in comes lars from the bathroom…

“hey vix, lookit this! no hands!”

…how charming.

i tell him that must take *so* much talent to do… but because it is just a li’l annoying (and distracting), he finds it to be the most hilarious thing ever. i’m trying to figure out what i wanna wear for the day, and good ole lars takes it upon himself to cackle insanely && *dance around* the bedroom with his … towel.


i can’t brush my hair, or even get to my vanity without him poppin’ up (no pun intended) next to me to wiggle the .. towel .. at me. i try to pretend i don’t care, that it doesn’t bother me, but he somehow knows it really does && it only fuels the fire that much more.

i mean, just *look* at him. he is obnoxiousness personified! stark naked save for that blasted simpsons towel, laughing and doing what can only be described as the worst dance in all of humanity… and he is having a blast while i just wanna put my clothes on, damnit!!

so in my infinite wisdom, i decide to think.. and think fast. what, exactly, would give me my beautifully peaceful morning back? what could i possibly do to distract lars in return, so i can finally finish getting ready? tell a white lie and say i made breakfast downstairs and when he leaves the bedroom, close && lock the door? ask him to get me another coffee refill and when he leaves the bedroom… close && lock the door? grab my own towel and whip his bare, annoying ass with it so he goes running out of the bedroom like a li’l wuss, then close && lock the door??



…or i could forget getting fully dressed, for just a while, and take him back to bed. which, to be perfectly honest, did not make my morning any more *peaceful*… but certainly more… ahem… fulfilling.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; pink fuel elly in chai
hair; truth leesa (updo) && hilary (long hair) in swedish
tattoo; vestigium japanese gods
eyes; insufferable dastard bold blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod reach
glasses; december glasses no.69
towel; glitterati mesh wrapped towel (part of a pose set)
lingerie; zaara aksaka in garnet
heels; n-core coquette
feet; maitreya bare feet in tip toe
skirt; maitreya vip mesh skirt (group gift)
nails; rezipsa loc cherry red nails french

on lars bleac ❤ (not much!) ::
skin; birth nico in pale
hair; shag hard candy
feet; slink mens natural mesh bare feet
towel; mushi bath towel
boxers; aitui verge boxer briefs in plain cherry

poses ::
first pic; vixxie ~ pulling strings @ pose fair (includes the mug!)
second pic; vixxie ~ magnifique
third pic; vixxie ~ glitterati (included in the clothing rack), lars ~ frooti
fourth pic; vixxie ~ fri.day @ pose fair (dollarbie!), lars ~ long awkward pose
fifth pic; couple pose ~ !bang @ pose fair


let me just get this out of the way now, at the beginning, so i don’t spend the *entire* post gushing.

the new mesh jeans from mon tissu are amazing and i love them. obligatory keymash from excitement… go!



these jeans are pretty close to perfect. i will say that while i absolutely adore them, they are not completely perfect. they are, however, as close to a perfect pair of mesh jeans that i’ve seen thus far in sl && i am really, really pleased with them. i’ve not been as excited to try a pair of jeans like i was for these in… well.. ever, really.

my only complaint, though, is that they give me a bit of a.. leg gap. it’s not an obvious one, and it’s not even a terribly bad one, but in one of the pictures below.. you can see the gap at the thighs fairly well. i typically do not have a thigh gap, unless i’m in a really strange pose, so to me.. my shape looks different than i would in normal, clothing layer jeans.

with that said… everything else? indeed, pretty damned perfect. i can live with the gap because the cuffs are wonderful, the texture is realistic && the fit is fantastic. the extra small size fit me correctly in all the right places, without me having to adjust a single shape slider.

plus the new sim for mon tissu && celoe is breathtakingly beautiful. just looking around, i was very impressed. if it hadn’t been as packed as it was, i would’ve posed for my bloggity pics there because it was just that pretty… but alas, i’ll probably have to wait a while until the lag dies down to do so.


but now, onto the rest of my look!

the top i’m wearing is also (partly) mesh, and is out @ collabor88 from tres blah. i really like the fact that the top is half clothing layer, half mesh.. i don’t have to worry about my boobs being too small (yes, too small.. i’ve run into this problem with a couple mesh tops!) and the bottom half moves nicely with animations. plus the colors were gorgeous, i love these shades of mauve-purple-pink.

and the colors just so happened to match this specific pair of coquette platform heels i’ve been eying, from n-core && the wall colors in this super cute house from cheeky pea (which is out for stumblebum!). i love it when i pick something up that not only gives me an excuse to buy *new shoes*, but also makes it easy for me to have a pretty backdrop for photos. makes my blogging life so much simpler!

but the jeans… are definitely the highlight of my sl-day today. of my sl-week, even. i foresee several other colors *somehow* finding their way into my inventory in the very near future, because i like them that much. one small complaint does not overshadow how nicely made these are, at least to me, and as often as i’ve worn the lou lou jeans from mon tissu here on my blog… i can definitely say these new mesh jeans will be a pair i reach for just as frequently~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure
hair; ploom whinxie (stumblebum item!)
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (chest, freebie!) && fairy tales (sleeves)
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
makeup; chelle mix and match in pink/yellow
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod fallen
top; tres blah @ collabor88 ombre tank in sunrise
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; n-core coquette platform in dark pink
necklace; lagyo adriel necklace in silver
bag; tea time world bag in birdy
nails; cheap makeup glitter nail polish (stumblebum item!)

poses; long awkward pose
house; cheeky pea (stumblebum item!)

springtime pastels

to me, you just cannot have spring without a li’l bit of pretty pastel. it’s probably the fact that easter is spring, and easter usually means soft pink and baby blue and peach (and cadbury creme eggs!), but i always associate the beginning of spring with lighter colors.


apparently, so does bff vivi!

we decided to girly it up today with colors befitting of this time of year… in some light green, lavender && lemon chiffon yellow~

as often as i wear bold, bright hues.. and as often as i wear all black, i can’t deny how lovely the lighter side of the spectrum can be… and how positively *feminine* you can feel while wearing them. there’s something undeniably… *ladylike* about wearing something that’s softer in color && it’s a nice change of pace for me. i don’t do the whole… ruffly fabrics && dainty colors thing a lot, in my first life or in my second life, so it was good to know i could.. if i wanted to. ;p


while vivienne’s look all centers around the colors found in her *gorgeous* knee-high boots (from g field, at fashion for life).. mine was painstakingly (hah!) put together with pieces i picked up at collabor88. not only do i love the super steep discount found at collabor88, but the fact that usually there is a universal color palette used throughout all the items offered there. it makes picking up something from one designer.. then another… and another… to make a cohesive outfit so, so easy.

the top i’m wearing is from ufo, while the skirt is just one of many color choices set out by the sea hole. i like the contrast of the rougher fabric (adorned with girly li’l flowers!) of the skirt when paired with the delicate texturing on the top.. and how easily the shades work together, especially when accessorized with the necklace i picked up from collabor88 by yummy.

vivi’s look is just as pretty, if not moreso, with that stunning shade of pastel yellow. the jacket, from ricielli is a different sort of feminine — a polished, tailored sort — and it matches the floral folded-over top on her boots *perfectly*. her look also dresses up a simple, plain (and free!) tank top && her favorite pair jeans rather nicely.

so! girly-girl looks for today! it may not be my everyday, but there definitely is a softer side to vixxie. ;D i enjoy challenging myself to create looks that are outside my own personal realm of normal && it’s nice when it actually *works*. i can totally pull off a ~lady~ just as well as the next girl, riiiiiiiiight? …. right?!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in copper w/ sheer balm in peach
hair; exile take it off in stefani
tattoo; para designs reverence
eyes; insufferable dastard @ fashion for life bold blue (donation item!)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; ufo @ collabor88 count on me in purple
skirt; the sea hole @ collabor88 shardul skirt in plum
shoes; gos @ fashion for life pimp your pumps in point ballet (donation item!)
necklace;yummy @ collabor88 agate slice necklace
nails; candy nail birthstone amethyst
poses; long awkward pose

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; laq minna in milky
hair; truth lykie in pecan
eyes; insufferable dastard shades of green 1 (freebie)
makeup; kyoot cat eye in citrus 2
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
top; jane intrinsic tank in celery (freebie)
jacket; ricielli gabriela military jacket in crema
jeans; zaara classic jeans in indigo
boots; g field @ fashion for life long cuff boots will in peach (donation item!)
necklace; yummy classic literature necklace (past collabor88 item)
nails; candy nail color french in green
poses; glitterati

location; cupcake

red && pink

happy february! \o/ one month already zipped by in 2012 in the blink of an eye, i swear it… but february is a good month! one step closer to spring (which i am honestly *craving* — i’m a li’l tired of the snow && cold!), my birthday…… *ahem* (i turn 28 towards the end of the month, egad @_@) and of course… valentine’s day~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i put a girly girly look together today, using a vday palette in mind, with a couple things from the new round o’ stumblebum. luckily for me, the color choices for this collection of stumblebum goodies were reds, pinks && white… which made making a casual-yet-cute valentine ensemble raaaaaaather easy!

plus, i honestly *love* the way red && hot pink look together.. and it seems as though the first fourteen days of february are the only appropriate times to wear them together. so it was a nice excuse!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the stripey skirt, from boom, and the *gorgeous* pink eyes, from insufferable dastard are just two of the offerings in this round of stumble. the skirt so reminds me of spring — crisp white cotton, striped with two vibrant colors …. ugh, i really hope good ole punxsutawney phil predicts an early spring for us tomorrow. i could seriously go for some more spring time weather, the last few days in my rl i’ve been enjoying temperatures above 40 for a change. it’s been so nice~

but, that was a completely irrelevant tangent. xD

back to the skirt! it’s flirty && cute, but totally works for vday if you’re needin’ an outfit. and since it’s out for stumble, it is the perfect time to shop early and have your outfit ready if you have plans. …which i am envious of, i need somethin’ fun to do on valentine’s day. ;/

i paired the skirt with one of my favorite tanks from candydoll, some *new* rose-decorated heels from purrfect 10 (which allow you to change the colors of the roses to suit your own vday attire~), and a pretty updo from magari. simple, even by my own standards, but cute nonetheless! and maaaaaaybe i was feeding my own desire for an early spring with the bare arms && skirt combo. but at least in sl, i won’t freeze myself to the bone if i run around in hoping for spring, but still wanting a valentine kinda clothes. now all i need is a chivalrous date to offer me his jacket…. *schemes*

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in lilac w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink
hair; magari masha in platinum
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; insufferable dastard hearts in red/small pupil (stumblebum item!)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; candydoll plain tank in white
skirt; boom cotton skirt in candy stripes (stumblebum item!)
heels; purrfect 10 wild rose heels in crimson
necklace; primalot hortensia
earrings; amorous sieben earrings
nails; je suis basic nails

poses; long awkward pose
location; cupcake

hoarders: sl edition

soooo, anyone remember my sl resolutions? no worries if you didn’t, but *i* certainly remembered.

the biggest one was to pair down my inventory to a more manageable size. i started out strong, right after new year’s, and went about boxing && deleting quite a lot of stuff. but as the days went by, my enthusiasm waned…. until earlier this week.

i started with right around 50k items in my inventory. honestly? not as bad as it could have been. i’ve always been sorta good at keeping things organized and tossing/boxing what i didn’t think i’d use. but in the last few months, my organization went to shit && it was just getting overwhelming. and i knew that i could get my inventory size down by half, i was determined to do it, ’cause even though at some point i loved every last one of those 50,000 items… there’s no way i need *that* much now that most of those items are older.

AND I DID IT!! my current inventory count is…. *drum roll* …. 21k. that’s more than half gone!! i haven’t had an inventory around 20-ish-k for a looooooooong time. this makes me so super excited!

cue the music && pardon me while i hop on my coffee table to do a victory dance!


inventory sorting && purging is, really, a taxing task. and it can be so bewildering when you first start out. luckily, i’ve been sort of.. anal… about keeping things in folders and subfolders for a while now so i didn’t have to worry about organizing so much… other than sorting through my most recent acquisitions. but since i got my inventory number down, i know you can do it (yeah, *you*!).. so i can offer some advice!

1. get your favorite music playing. having it in the background will give you a bit of a distraction && will really help with how monotonous sorting and organizing can be. open itunes, make a playlist on youtube, use pandora or spotify… it srsly helps!

2. strip down and try *everything* on as you go. yeah, i’m sure if my neighbors were caming me… they would’ve been rather amused at a naked, bald, tattoo-less vixxie standing on a pose stand and changing from one shirt.. to another shirt… to another shirt… over and over again. but this is a big help too for several reasons. if it’s an item you’ve had for a while, but haven’t worn in a bit, you might remember it being nicer than it *actually* is (case in point, i had several pairs of jeans from a now-closed store that i wore out a couple years ago. i fully intended on keeping these because i remembered loving them so much… until i tried them on. they really paled in comparison to the more recent jeans i have and thus, the older pants were easy to toss). trying things on as you go will also help you organize (see the point below!) && if the items aren’t named in the most descriptive way, you’ll be able to easily see what they are.

plus, it’s much easier to make a judgement on whether you want something or not by seeing it on!

3. if you don’t already have your inventory sorted into folders, start *right now* while you’re trying to pair down! believe me, it makes things so much easier in the long run — making an outfit is so simple when you can hop from one folder to the next instead of trying to search through everything for what you want. i did very basic folders at first — pants, tops, sneakers, heels, piercings, tattoos, etc. then, once everything was sorted into those folders, i made more specific subfolders inside the basic folders — by brand for large folders (like tattoos for instance, of which i have about a billion, are sorted by brand this way) or by type for more broad categories (my jewelry folder for example is subdivided into smaller folders for necklaces, earrings, rings, and so on).

since you’re already trying everything on as you go (riiiiight? ;)), sorting into separate folders on top of it really isn’t that tough!

4. have two inventory windows open. it makes moving folders of items up and down through your inventory a lot easier.

5. take frequent breaks!!!! i didn’t do it all in one sitting, or even all in one week, and it can easily become even *more* overwhelming if you try to do it all in one go. my inventory wasn’t even that large to begin with, so if your number is substantially higher than my starting point was… yeah… definitely make sure you take a break from it! do one category at a time — start with, say, pants.. once those are done, do something else for a bit, then come back to sorting. doing it this way will help you from feeling discouraged when it seems like you’re not even making a dent after being at it for hours at a time!

6. landmarks && notecards — hidden *huge* numbers! i had sooooo many duplicate LMs and all those subscribo-notice notecards in my inventory it was ridiculous. my total number went down, literally, 2k after i got rid of every single notecard i didn’t need && went through my landmarks and deleted outdated/duplicate ones. using the inventory filters is great for this — set your filter to only show landmarks, then sort by name.. and you’ll be able to easily see LM dupes. you’ll also be able to see those LMs that sneak by in folders when you purchase something new!

demos too, if you hang onto them (or forget you even have them), then searching for “demo” in your inventory might reveal some just sitting there taking up space!

7. extra clothing layers. now that we can wear multiple undershirts, jackets, pants, etc layers at once… having, say, a t-shirt on a thousand different layers really isn’t needed. i appreciate the content creators out there that do this, that make their products on every layer available for easier mixin’ && matchin’, but when it comes down to it… i just don’t need them all. for example, take a tattoo. from para designs, you usually get a black version of the ink in light, medium, and dark intensities. then you get the same tattoo in color in the same three versions. when you have *all* of those on every possible layer — jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants, glove and tattoo — the numbers really start to add up. since i only ever wear them on the undershirt/underpants layer, or glove layer if it’s needed (since my actual tattoo layer is never used for tattoos xD and is normally used for nothing but makeup!), i got rid of every other layer i didn’t need. this added up to a lot of unnecessary clutter gone from my inventory!

8. double-check your trash before you empty it. …yeah, i may have derp’d && deleted something i honestly didn’t mean to. eh heh. :X

8b. …but when you *do* empty your trash, keep an eye on the numbers && watch ’em fall! there is nothing more satisfying than emptying your trash, knowing everything in there is something you don’t need or want anymore, and seeing your inventory number go down by several thousand. it’s a lovely feeling!

such a lovely feeling that you, too, could be dancing with me on my coffee table.. with a freshly sorted, organized, and smaller inventory. woohoo! \o/ good luck if you go for it!


get the look yourself — but not before you sort! *points a finger*:
skin; curio @ truth district candy petal in tootsie 1 (50% off!)
hair; truth @ truth district addison streaked in swedish (50% off!)
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (group gift)
piercings; hod the crux
top; lark @ seasons gatcha winter enten shirt
jeans; tres blah juju jeans in worn out
boots; kookie muggy in brown (subscribo gift)
cuff; whippet & buck simple polished cuff
nails; rezipsa loc chocolate nails french
necklace; addiction grandpa’s pocket watch necklace

poses; long awkward pose

new new newness


this post.. is pretty much asploding with new stuffs! \o/

~ *new* skin from candydoll, in a set of four *new* skintones
~ a *new*-to-me hair brand, magari && some of their latest releases
~ the *new* dresses from whippet & buck out for stumblebum

…just to mention a few. ;3

so many goodies to show off, i’m just gonna jump right into it!

skin; candydoll foxy in latte, all makeups (left to right :: purple, peach, natural, green, brown, pink, blue) hair; magari bryn in faun dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in sparkle

skin; candydoll foxy cream in brown eye makeup && all lipstick tattoos hair; magari janelle 2 in chocolate dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in twilight

left side ::
skin; candydoll foxy choco in green w/ red lip tattoo (top), foxy choco in purple w/ nude lip tattoo (bottom) hair; magari alyssa 2 in bistre dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in pitch
right side ::
skin; candydoll foxy caramel in pink w/ brown lip tattoo (top), foxy caramel in peach w/ pinky lip tattoo (bottom) hair; magari alyssa 2 in majestic dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in coal

other stuffs:
tattoo; vestigium candy world
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha event snowfall eyes in blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bolted
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
necklace; miao joan vintage pen necklace
cuff; amorous hard
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french

poses; long awkward pose
all photos taken inside the sweet pea skybox from honey i’m home out for stumblebum

red nose

nothin’ says holidays like some antlers && a red nose..


…amirite? xD

said antlers && red nose are courtesy of the newest group gift from the vinyl cafe — the group has a minimal fee to join and there are always generous gifts either sent to the group or set out at the mainstore for group members to grab. these literally made me smile, especially the big ole glowy nose, && mirrored the design on my dress far too well not to wear!

and speaking of dresses…


these frio dresses from candydoll are *so* cute! snuggly warm knit fabric, nice wintery designs across the front && *just* long enough to either be a cute mini dress or a long sweater. i’m wearing them with patterned leggings, also from candydoll, but these would totally look just as adorable over plain leggings or pantyhose when worn as a dress.. or some jeans, a jacket && ankle boots to turn them into long sweaters.


each color has a different design.. and the red && gray versions (seen above) have patterns on them fitting for winter, but not so much for christmas specifically if it’s a holiday you don’t celebrate. i love the length on these && the versatility — and the fact that you’re spoiled for color choice, as always with candydoll goodies, makes these an instant-favorite for winter. if you’ve seen me in world in the last few days, i have been living in these sweaters… they are so fun to mix ‘n’ match with!


and the antlers are pretty fun, too~ ;p

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel alyx hazel in naughty (hunt prize)
hair; truth robyn streaked in swedish
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue
makeup; glamorize black candy eye makeup in pearl
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
antlers && nose; vinyl cafe antlers and rudolph nose (group gift)
piercings; hod bitten
dresses; candydoll frio dresses
leggings; candydoll wool leggings in gray
boots; reek autumn boots in black
ring && necklace; needful things santa sheep set (hunt prize)
nails; candy nail twinkle xmas (group gift)

poses; long awkward pose

moves like jagger

mesh is aaaaaaaawesome. it went gridwide last week && i’ve been havin’ a blast trying on goodies in mesh. i love how easily it moves with my avatar and how much *nicer* it can look than prims && system clothing can because it’s all one piece. no need to worry about avatar-to-prim seams! \o/

for it being so new, there’s quite a lot on the grid thus far in mesh. and some of it is even free 😉 which makes me a happy girl!


this jumpsuit from hucci was sent out to subscribo members and was the first thing i had to test out mesh for myself. it moves with my AO or with dance animations or with static poses like real clothing would and that is so, so sweet. when wearing mesh clothing, you have to wear an alpha for the body part(s) covered by the garment and the actual piece is all in one. there’s no moving && no editing the mesh once it’s on (which is nice, in a way, because you don’t have to worry about fiddling with prims.. but i do wish i could nudge bits and pieces just a li’l bit). luckily, i didn’t have to edit my shape to fit.. which i’ve read is sometimes necessary depending on your body shape.. but whatever shape the mesh is in is what you’ve got. so while wearing this jump suit, i have quite the.. *ahem* ample bottom which is much different than my actual shape is.


this dress is also from the subscribo @ hucci && it is *smokin’* hot. mini dresses like this really, really benefit when made from mesh.. because that li’l crotch prim that never seems to sit quite right once you’ve got your AO on? it’s gone! gooonnneee~~! the dress is almost like wearing a system skirt, except without the bloated hips && booty, and it will stretch and move with your legs or hips or butt. i really like the way skirts and dresses look with mesh if for no other reason than the typical miniskirt prim isn’t needed. 8D


jane already has quite the selection of mesh loveliness up for sale and i was rather impressed with everything out. there’s a pair of wide-legged pants that are super cute, but i ended up going with this hoodie && a pair of shorts. you can really see how nice having mesh clothing can be when you look at the sleeves on the hoodie i’m wearin’. there’s no seam, there aren’t multiple attachments to give me the long, baggy sleeves (which i love, btw, how the cuffs come down over the wrists — all my irl hoodies are like this too!).. it’s all one piece. granted, even the small size is a wee bit big for my avatar… but that’s to be expected. i’m definitely not the norm when it comes to sl-size. but i’m totally okay with that, ’cause who doesn’t have an oversized comfortable sweatshirt?


these jeans, from slink are *free* until the end of the month — and are seriously worth grabbing if you need a guinea pig item to test out mesh. they come in the three colors shown above and just walking around in them, you can see how nicely they move with your avatar. there are no cuffs to adjust (and i am *always* having to adjust jean cuffs for my short self) and they even come in various sizes to help you get a decent fit.

the best thing, imho, about mesh… is the fact that prims no longer get all wonky on you when you’re moving around. some things tend to look a li’l strange depending on what pose or animation you’re in but with mesh… that worry is lessened considerably. sometimes things *still* can get wonky, but the fact that i don’t have to worry about legs or arms pokin’ out of stuff? makes it a total *win*~ it’s definitely not perfect, yet, but it makes me excited about things to come!
dancing around in mesh clothing, just to watch it move, makes me pretty excited too. x3

get the mesh goodies yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ sheer balm in nude
hair; truth juliette in swedish
tattoo; para designs carpe diem
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; grixdale moores eyeshadow (closing sale!)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
earrings; collisions in bloom earrings
piercings; hod the crux
tees; t junction good girls && i’m too epic to fail
jeans; slink boot cut jeans (freebie)
dress; hucci triple ruffle mesh mini dress (subscribo gift)
jumpsuit; hucci eau de hucci mesh jumpsuit (subscribo gift)
hoodie; jane zipper hoodie in spectrum pewter
shorts; jane bobby shorts in charcoal
heels; n-core coquette
sneakers; 2real pure
flats; milk motion my cute plastic flats
necklace; sigma aurora necklace (platinum hunt prize)
long nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails
short nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in melon

poses; long awkward pose


it may not be your birthday (or it could be, i dunno!), but at least you can celebrate like it is! \o/

aikea rieko of the plastik is always *incredibly* generous with gifts.. and so generous, in fact, that she even gave out prezzies on her own birthday. and the gifts, either from the group or through the subscribo, are so ridiculously amazing that bff vivi && i had wee heart attacks while unpacking it all.

absolutely everything in the pics below that’s from plastik were *free*. 8D wonderfully free. if you haven’t slapped the subscribomatic or joined the group, what on earth are you waiting for?! i’ve no clue how long either gift will be available, so go. go right now. gogogogoogogogogo! >;O

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (white hair):
skin; plastik ataciara elven muted cumulus in stargazer (subscribo/group gift)
hair; magika blind in white (sale!)
tattoo; collisions quoth the raven
makeup; soleil running mascara
lip color; pididdle i have a secret
ears; plastik elven ears secret garden (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; hod bitten v3
corset; plastik ambrice corset in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda capri (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in depths (subscribo/group gift)
heels; nardcotix absinthe in black/white (past gift)
bracelets; acide enlace moi
ring; virtual insanity sub rosa ring
nails; love soul silver french dark color in blue
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara elven nautical in smudge (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom sysca 2 in black out (sale!)
tattoo; para designs apocolypse
makeup; dead apple’s little shop clown a3
eyes; plastik jerusalem in frozen (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik boudoir dress in seq (subscribo/group gift)
stockings; n-core tights in dark seam 2 (freebie)
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
necklace; loulou&co ling ling
nails; a&a fashion metal nails
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; olive juice

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; mynerva plumkiss in caramel
hair; ploom kisha
eyes; plastik vae collection in mermaid (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs mystical
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
piercings; hod cast off
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
top; plastik ambrice scant in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
skirt; plastik aeda mini split in stark (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in dark aqua (subscribo/group gift)
heels; gos platform pumps in just black
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
sock; sassy kitty missmatch high knee warmers in white

poses; jumphearts (group gifts)

on vivienne (black hair):
skin; laq olivia in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom fluffcake in black out (sale!)
eyes; l.fauna charm eyes in rainbow
tattoo; para designs salvation
makeup; miamai deco shadow
lip tattoo; buyme black heart lipstick
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && snake
necklace; hod the crosary
jeans; plastik aeda capri in noir (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik koahkuma in gray (subscribo/group gift)
heels; n-core coquette
nails; mandala milky way nails in white

poses; studio sidhe

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (light hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; lamb wild nothing in washed out
eyes; plastik oni collection in lilac && cloudless (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 1; plastik drown tattoo (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 2; huz arm bands (old project donate item; unsure if it’s available anymore! ;( )
makeup; nuuna cast off makeup (part of a hod piercing set)
piercings; acide mike
necklace; fri.day @ the gatcha festival thoreau necklace in bronze
top; plastik prototype top torn low in dots (subscribo/group gift)
corset; plastik ambrice corset in willow ruffle (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in moss (subscribo/group gift)
boots; elikatira secret boots in umber
belt; pepper basti belt
armband; loulou&co willow

poses; long awkward pose

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in melody (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom amerlee
eyes; plastik jaded collection in grass (subscribo/group gift)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
tattoo; plastik painted tops tattoo in lalea (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
necklace && bracelet; league wanderer in black
jeans; plastik aeda slacks flare in nautical (subscribo/group gift)
top; plastik ezerach top in summer (subscribo/group gift)
shoes; fir & mna @ the gatcha festival the twine shoes in green/white
nails; mandala milky way nails in sun gold

poses; porcupine love

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue coy in stefani mix
eyes; plastik vae collection in looking glass && beam (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; soleil faerie fuck
makeup; plastik ataciara makeup in body freckles && smudgy shadow (subscribo/group gift)
face/body tattoo; plastik atoma full demon fades (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
choker; red mint studded collar no.05
dress; plastik lungless symphony in wings of angels (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic fantasy fushion faun boots in bowie laced
bracelet; finesmith swirl b&w
horns; k.p. shadow faun

poses; olive juice

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in hymn (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; maitreya apple 2 in pitch
eyes; plastik light collection in whizz (subscribo/group gift)
face tattoo; plastik atoma face (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs beautiful bouquet
piercings; hod sideswept
necklace; loulou&co zombie (old hunt prize)
dress; plastik lungless symphony in blinding light (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic socked faun legs
nails; love soul marina long

poses; adorkable

location for all pics; two sisters