sometimes, a girl just needs a dress…


..or two.

i am *not* the girliest girl, not by a long shot, but i can appreciate a dress every now && then. my taste in dresses is usually less.. ruffly and “lady like” and, rather, more… well.. less is more. so i decided to put together two looks for today, built around two short mesh dresses i’ve picked up this last week in world.


the first is from paper doll, which is out for stumblebum this round. it’s skin tight, *just* short enough, and comes in some lovely color choices.. including this fading white-to-pink one i chose to wear here. li’l dresses like this are perrrr~fect for the upcoming warmer months && look just as nice with a pair of high heeled pumps as it would with, say… a pair of wedge sandals and some sunglasses. plus since it’s stumblebum, that means it’s *discounted* (25% off, to be exact!)… which always makes dress shopping that much more enjoyable~


and speaking of discounts… this month’s round of collabor88 rolled over a few days ago. collabor88 is one of my *favorite* sales events and this month’s collection really bowled me over. there were so many cute things there this go ’round, it was honestly a li’l overwhelming! but i *did* manage to snag a few things amidst my bewilderment, including this dress i’m wearing here, from boom. which, tbph, is actually labeled as a long, baggy t-shirt… but to me? it looks like an adorable cotton minidress.. and worked rather well that way (but remember to wear panties, i’m *just* sayin’! ;)).

the earrings i’m wearing in both looks are also out @ collabor88, from intrigue co. the dangly charms are shaped like unicorns… unicorns(!!).. and come in sets that were made to mix && match colors. i probably didn’t pick the perfect hairstyle to show these earrings off (but i could not resist wearing this insanely cute style from ploom that i grabbed at culture shock), so you’ll just have to take my word for it. oooorrrr go try the earrings yourself to see! really, really cute.. and i did mention they were unicorns, right? because they are! unicorns!

get the looks yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ glam lipstick in hard candy (pink dress) && elly chai in tiara w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink (blue/green dress)
hair; ploom @ culture shock maia
tattoo; illusory lucky bastard
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in bronze (pink dress) && rainshower shadow (blue/green dress)
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth (nose, lip), dimpled (cheeks) && om shanti (chest)
pink dress; paper doll charlotte in watermelon (stumblebum item!)
blue/green dress; boom @ collabor88 baggy backless tee in horizon
socks; doppelganger scrunch socks
white heels; n-core coquette
blue heels; gos pimp your pumps in point platform
necklace; addiction sweet romance necklace
nails; virtual insanity @ fibromyalgia awareness fair fibro nails (freebie)
earrings; intrigue co @ collabor88 unicorn daydream earrings

poses; exposeur

got milk?

my friend kystria saw me earlier, in this outfit, and told me i looked like a country cutie. ❤❤ i thought i looked more like i am gonna paint ALL the houses! and do so while looking adorable, but the term country cutie is much, much more appealing~

so i found a fitting sim, hooked a *fresh* carton of katat0nik chocolate milk under my arm (’cause, y’know, i totally milked that chocolate cow myself), and embraced my inner country.


i absolutely love these overalls i picked up at elly — not only are they a comfy sort of cute, but the tiniest peek of booty make ’em sexy too. i saw them on flickr && made a mental note to go pick ’em up when i could figure out something nice to wear with them.

this *new* bandana’d hair from wasabi pills provided that perfect excuse to look a li’l bit country.. and when i snagged this 1L t-shirt && manicure set in a bright, cheerful orange from rezipsa loc, i knew exactly what i’d be wearing with those overalls.


but, of course, i couldn’t go without adding in some vixxie accessories to the look — these awesome dia de los muertos inspired sneakers (that were actually from a fi fridays sale a week or two ago, but i’m hoping they are available at the k{rea} mainstore for you to still grab!), combined with a set of facial piercings from hebenon vial that’s having a *30L* closing sale, && a tattoo from my beloved para designs added just enough *me* back in.

plus, okay. how can you not feel cute when holding an oversized carton of smiling chocolate milk? smiling chocolate milk that has *eyelashes*? it’s so, so adorbs && bff vivi and i spent a large portion of our night last night.. feeding the katat0nik gatchas @ lloyd trying to get all the various varieties and colors of milk. there’s necklace versions too, but the larger dolls were far too cute not to wear.

/me sneaks a sip!

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair leah natural 01
hair; wasabi pills lola in seafoam
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; insufferable dastard shine eyes v2 in blue/green
lip color; fishy strawberry @ tdr allure faded lipstick in rose
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hebenon vial anonymous (closing sale!)
top; rezipsa loc t-shirt in tangerine tango (dollarbie)
overalls; elly salopette in classic
belt; bukka leather bag (subscribo gift)
socks; izzie’s garter socks in orange
shoes; k{rea} slip on skulls
earrings && cuff; amorous oceanic reloaded (last day for the *50%* off sale!)
nails; rezipsa loc nails in tangerine tango (dollarbie)
milk; katatonik @ lloyd regular milk doll in choco
necklace; addiction dream catcher necklace

poses; exposeur (sale going on!)
location; the far away


sort of a quickie post for today!

this round of stumblebum is still going on for a few more days && there’s *lots* of awesome goodies to snag on sale. everything is in shades of yellow, orange and red… like this tank top i’m wearing, from dcny, which is actually part of a pack of three for only 95L.


you can *never* have enough tank tops for spring && summer — they are great for something simple, like i’m wearing here with a *new* mesh denim mini from sakide, or for layering with other tanks or tees or jackets (or for wearing on top of bikinis!). and these tanks not only come in gorgeously bright, saturated colors.. but they’re also nicely textured with a li’l something different, like they’re made of a silkier, draped fabric rather than regular ole cotton~


plus, intrigue co has the most *adorable* set of mesh gloves out for stumblebum… in the shape of betta fish. how cute are these?!

if you need a full list of all the stumblebum stores, this round’s theme && all the items, you can find that right here. go browse if you haven’t done so yet!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in misery w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink
hair; wasabi pills kumi in seafoam
tattoo; para designs goth candy
eyes; insufferable dastard @ grunge soul project intense eyes in blue
eye makeup; vestigium eye liner in green
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bolted
top; dcny soft scoop tank in solar flare (stumblebum item!)
skirt; sakide mini mesh skirt in jean white
heels; pixelmode baby t in snow
nails; rezipsa loc nudie nails
gloves; intrigue co fighter fish gloves (stumblebum item!)
necklace; addiction grandpa’s pocket watch necklace

poses; adorkable (sale going on right now!)

super bendy

i love pose props. they’re all-in-one awesome sauce, i usually don’t have to do anything other than sit my tiny butt on them. but i’m picky about what props i buy or use, though, even if i love them.. because i don’t need a prop with a thousand && one standing poses.. right? i have a ton of standing poses already! what i look for are unique poses, and a cute prop on top of it.. and when i find one i like…


…it’s a beautiful thing.

the prop i’m using today is a collaboration between evolve && aura — two stores i adore. and when i rezzed this prop for the first time, it made me all tingly inside (’cause yeah, i do get that pumped about poses, okay!?). there was a lot of.. bendiness in the poses. lots of action, lots of sexy, lots of *fun* in these poses.. so i am wearing my best yes, i do yoga and really am that flexible tyvm kind of “sportswear” to show off a few of my favorite poses~


there’s a lot more packed into it than i’m showing off here. the box itself is color change, you can sit multiple people on it, and there is a *ton* of other poses that i’m not showcasing… which are equal amounts cute, flirty and very bendy indeed.

plus, i’ve been pretty much living in shorts in world as of late. i’m sort of.. denying that the temperature could possibly still dip below 60 in march && am fully embracing the coming spring with wide, open arms. so it was a nice excuse not to have to wear… *shudder*… pants for a post && was rather fitting to be in teeny tiny shorts since i was tryin’ to be all athletic and junk. though, to be fair, some actual yoga pants probably would’ve worked too.. and woulda made my ass look good in the process. so. there’s always that going for pants.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in espresso w/ juicy gloss in nectarine
hair; exile bring it on in frosted (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs mystical
eyes; insufferable dastard @ fashion for life bold blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; t.whore slouchy tee in light pink
shorts; candydoll @ whore couture tennis outfit shorts in tan
socks; maitreya scrunched prim socks in beige
shoes; 2real pure
necklace; addiction tranquility necklace in onyx
nails; rezipsa loc powder pink nails
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

poses; evolve

back to black in mesh

chic management’s back to black event is already underway, so i’m a li’l slow in showin’ off some of the goodies found there. but it’s for a *fabulous* cause, to raise awareness for mental health issues, and is one of those events where you really, really should go and browse the items offered && read the information out there.


one of said items @ back to black is this amazing mesh dress, from onyx wear. long sweaters and sweater dresses have pretty much been a staple in my winter sl-wardrobe, as is clearly evident by many of the posts here on my blog, but this one… with the subtle tiger-face print on the front and the *fantastic* wrinkling details on the mesh make this one of the most realistic && wonderfully designed sweater dresses i now own.


and since i was already wearin’ a mesh dress, i decided to go mesh all over with the rest of my outfit. the hair style i’m wearing, which is *new* from wasabi pills is mesh (and delicious, i loooove these gorgeous waves! omgah), the boots i’m wearing are mesh && from ten 10, and even my eyes are mesh.. from mayfly.

i chose some simple accessories from addiction && iced and some leggings from rezipsa loc to pull the whole look together. i kiiiinda took the whole “back to black” thing literally with my color choices, ahaha, but! it’s still an awesome event to check out if you’ve not done so yet. it’s something that hits home for a lot of us on the grid, some extra awareness can *never* be a bad thing. ❤

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in scene w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink
hair; wasabi pills sybille2 in rye
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod cast off
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
dress; onyx wear @ back to black tiger spirit knit dress
leggings; rezipsa loc tights in raven black
boots; ten 10 megas boots
ring; iced kayla ring
nails; virtual insanity black nails (subscribo gift)
necklace; addiction lace heart dual necklace

poses; magnifique
location; virtual harlem


don’t mind me… i’m just relaxing a li’l bit on the sofa..



i honestly don’t even remember what day it is of the lingerie challenge.. i’m guessing it’s #6? the fact that i’m a day behind already kinda messes my count up a bit, but i’ve done four posts so far… and this one is the fifth.. so it’s the sixth day?

/me has a blonde moment..

whatever day it is, i’m in lingerie && really i think that’s *all* that matters.


i’m wearing another set of lingerie today from kyoot, but this bra ‘n’ panty set is something i’d def consider more everyday undies than the previous set i blogged for this challenge. nice, soft cotton… in heather gray.. totally the kinda underwear i’d just lounge around in rather than *try to show off the goods* for sexytimes. you know what i mean? xP

and i gotta say, i am having *so much fun* with this challenge! it wasn’t something i thought i would want to keep up with, or something i’d even really be interested in doing in the first place, but… i’ve been having such a blast. who knew runnin’ around in your underwear for five days straight could be so entertaining? ;D

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic grace buff in winter kiss (past tdr item)
hair; ploom abelle
tattoos; vestigium burning skull && skull half sleeves
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 5
lip color; pink fuel elly juicy gloss in peach
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod fallen v2
lingerie; kyoot soft words lingerie in soft gray
heels; maai gia heels
nails; izzie’s glitter nails (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
necklace; addiction wisdom leather strap necklace

poses && prop; glitterati


nnngh, monday. not feelin’ the start of the week this time around… i’m tired, i’m *cranky*, && i’m seriously wishing the weekend lasted just one more day. why is it that the weekend seems to just fly right by, but the weekdays just crrrrrawwwwllllll on forever!?

not fair. ;|

so to help make myself feel a li’l better, i decided to dress myself head-to-toe in cute. cute hair, cute clothes, cute boots, cute accessories… and y’know… it actually worked. all this cotton candy pink brightened not only my outfit, but also my mood~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

having myself some sugar really helps chase away the monday blues, too! :D

these overalls i’m wearing, from monso, were the basis for this look today — they are baggy, wonderfully detailed && *mesh*.. and i had to have them. i really am a sucker for anything mesh lately, it’s spoiled me so badly with how easily mesh pieces are to wear, so when i realized that the straps wouldn’t be disappearing into my shoulders or that the flap wouldn’t move oddly with my AO on like overalls have for me in the past when just made from prims… i was sold. i’m really happy with these, i love the way they fit~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

so i paired them with some *delicious* pink work boots i picked up @ gos (during the truth district sale!) && some layered shirts from whippet & buck and t.whore.. just to go all matchy matchy. some cute (and affordable ;)) accessories in the form of *free* subscribo-gift earrings from miel, a *lucky chair* prize lollipop from pink fuel that i think i’ve had forever && some *free* lucky board valentine’s day nails + rings from candy nail.. all of which were in complimentary shades of pink! glasses, messy piggy-tail buns, and a new tattoo from vestigium completed the look && i felt so goddamned adorable once i had it all on that it was hard to stay meh about monday.

perhaps that is the secret! feelin’ bleh… dress so cute that it makes it hard not to smile.

or, spend some time acting silly with a friend…

..either way!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in green apple 2
hair; raspberry aristocrat khloe in blonde bliss
tattoo; vestigium mermaid’s enchantment
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod cast off
top; t.whore hot blouse in light pink
tank; whippet & buck kipparing tank in nude
overalls; monso my overalls in dark blue
socks; izzie’s over knee socks in beige
boots; gos gtfo boots in bubblegum
bracelets; boom bangled mess in platinum
necklace; addiction moonstone cascading swirl necklace
earrings; miel uva earrings (subscribo gift)
nails; candy nail love to you in pink (lucky board prize)
nom; pink fuel star lollipop (lucky chair prize)
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

poses; olive juice (closing sale!)
location; banksy

hoarders: sl edition

soooo, anyone remember my sl resolutions? no worries if you didn’t, but *i* certainly remembered.

the biggest one was to pair down my inventory to a more manageable size. i started out strong, right after new year’s, and went about boxing && deleting quite a lot of stuff. but as the days went by, my enthusiasm waned…. until earlier this week.

i started with right around 50k items in my inventory. honestly? not as bad as it could have been. i’ve always been sorta good at keeping things organized and tossing/boxing what i didn’t think i’d use. but in the last few months, my organization went to shit && it was just getting overwhelming. and i knew that i could get my inventory size down by half, i was determined to do it, ’cause even though at some point i loved every last one of those 50,000 items… there’s no way i need *that* much now that most of those items are older.

AND I DID IT!! my current inventory count is…. *drum roll* …. 21k. that’s more than half gone!! i haven’t had an inventory around 20-ish-k for a looooooooong time. this makes me so super excited!

cue the music && pardon me while i hop on my coffee table to do a victory dance!


inventory sorting && purging is, really, a taxing task. and it can be so bewildering when you first start out. luckily, i’ve been sort of.. anal… about keeping things in folders and subfolders for a while now so i didn’t have to worry about organizing so much… other than sorting through my most recent acquisitions. but since i got my inventory number down, i know you can do it (yeah, *you*!).. so i can offer some advice!

1. get your favorite music playing. having it in the background will give you a bit of a distraction && will really help with how monotonous sorting and organizing can be. open itunes, make a playlist on youtube, use pandora or spotify… it srsly helps!

2. strip down and try *everything* on as you go. yeah, i’m sure if my neighbors were caming me… they would’ve been rather amused at a naked, bald, tattoo-less vixxie standing on a pose stand and changing from one shirt.. to another shirt… to another shirt… over and over again. but this is a big help too for several reasons. if it’s an item you’ve had for a while, but haven’t worn in a bit, you might remember it being nicer than it *actually* is (case in point, i had several pairs of jeans from a now-closed store that i wore out a couple years ago. i fully intended on keeping these because i remembered loving them so much… until i tried them on. they really paled in comparison to the more recent jeans i have and thus, the older pants were easy to toss). trying things on as you go will also help you organize (see the point below!) && if the items aren’t named in the most descriptive way, you’ll be able to easily see what they are.

plus, it’s much easier to make a judgement on whether you want something or not by seeing it on!

3. if you don’t already have your inventory sorted into folders, start *right now* while you’re trying to pair down! believe me, it makes things so much easier in the long run — making an outfit is so simple when you can hop from one folder to the next instead of trying to search through everything for what you want. i did very basic folders at first — pants, tops, sneakers, heels, piercings, tattoos, etc. then, once everything was sorted into those folders, i made more specific subfolders inside the basic folders — by brand for large folders (like tattoos for instance, of which i have about a billion, are sorted by brand this way) or by type for more broad categories (my jewelry folder for example is subdivided into smaller folders for necklaces, earrings, rings, and so on).

since you’re already trying everything on as you go (riiiiight? ;)), sorting into separate folders on top of it really isn’t that tough!

4. have two inventory windows open. it makes moving folders of items up and down through your inventory a lot easier.

5. take frequent breaks!!!! i didn’t do it all in one sitting, or even all in one week, and it can easily become even *more* overwhelming if you try to do it all in one go. my inventory wasn’t even that large to begin with, so if your number is substantially higher than my starting point was… yeah… definitely make sure you take a break from it! do one category at a time — start with, say, pants.. once those are done, do something else for a bit, then come back to sorting. doing it this way will help you from feeling discouraged when it seems like you’re not even making a dent after being at it for hours at a time!

6. landmarks && notecards — hidden *huge* numbers! i had sooooo many duplicate LMs and all those subscribo-notice notecards in my inventory it was ridiculous. my total number went down, literally, 2k after i got rid of every single notecard i didn’t need && went through my landmarks and deleted outdated/duplicate ones. using the inventory filters is great for this — set your filter to only show landmarks, then sort by name.. and you’ll be able to easily see LM dupes. you’ll also be able to see those LMs that sneak by in folders when you purchase something new!

demos too, if you hang onto them (or forget you even have them), then searching for “demo” in your inventory might reveal some just sitting there taking up space!

7. extra clothing layers. now that we can wear multiple undershirts, jackets, pants, etc layers at once… having, say, a t-shirt on a thousand different layers really isn’t needed. i appreciate the content creators out there that do this, that make their products on every layer available for easier mixin’ && matchin’, but when it comes down to it… i just don’t need them all. for example, take a tattoo. from para designs, you usually get a black version of the ink in light, medium, and dark intensities. then you get the same tattoo in color in the same three versions. when you have *all* of those on every possible layer — jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants, glove and tattoo — the numbers really start to add up. since i only ever wear them on the undershirt/underpants layer, or glove layer if it’s needed (since my actual tattoo layer is never used for tattoos xD and is normally used for nothing but makeup!), i got rid of every other layer i didn’t need. this added up to a lot of unnecessary clutter gone from my inventory!

8. double-check your trash before you empty it. …yeah, i may have derp’d && deleted something i honestly didn’t mean to. eh heh. :X

8b. …but when you *do* empty your trash, keep an eye on the numbers && watch ’em fall! there is nothing more satisfying than emptying your trash, knowing everything in there is something you don’t need or want anymore, and seeing your inventory number go down by several thousand. it’s a lovely feeling!

such a lovely feeling that you, too, could be dancing with me on my coffee table.. with a freshly sorted, organized, and smaller inventory. woohoo! \o/ good luck if you go for it!


get the look yourself — but not before you sort! *points a finger*:
skin; curio @ truth district candy petal in tootsie 1 (50% off!)
hair; truth @ truth district addison streaked in swedish (50% off!)
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (group gift)
piercings; hod the crux
top; lark @ seasons gatcha winter enten shirt
jeans; tres blah juju jeans in worn out
boots; kookie muggy in brown (subscribo gift)
cuff; whippet & buck simple polished cuff
nails; rezipsa loc chocolate nails french
necklace; addiction grandpa’s pocket watch necklace

poses; long awkward pose


the seasons gatcha winter event started the other day (the 14th, to be exact) && runs almost ’til the end of the month (the 28th!). there are *tons* of adorable wintery things there — scarves, mittens, ear muffs, more scarves, sweaters… pretty much anything you’d ever need to feel all warm ‘n’ cozy.

bff vivi && i have been poking around the gatcha machines since the event opened, trying our luck in getting items in our preferred colors… but by far, our favorite gatcha item (and the one that’s made the most of our lindens disappear) is the one set out by illusory.

just *look* at how adorable these animal scarves are! *-*


between the two of us, we have the entire set just by feeding the machine over && over.. trying to get all the rare pink ones. the white bear scarf is super cute, as is the orange tiger version too, but the pink panda.. the pink panda. oh it is insanely cute!


i couldn’t help but make an outfit around this scarf… i mean, i may have squealed out loud when the gatcha gods smiled upon me && i *finally* won it. just look at its li’l ears.. and its li’l eyes.. i am in love with it. ❤❤❤

so i dressed to suit the scarf, with a white dress (that i’m wearing as a long-sleeved tee here) from sakide && some gorgeous mesh pants i’ve been meaning to blog from celoe. i was also lucky enough to win the *rare* bunny ear muffs from the gatcha by willow, which is another machine i fully intended on feeding lindens until i went broke trying to get the rare pair. i *did* get the owl pair as well (which look adorable with the brown bear illusory scarf, btw~) && i still want the skunk set too… but the rabbit-y muffs are adorable enough that i am appeased. … for now.


vivienne dressed to match her scarf as well — going all over black-and-white with some wellington boots from needful things, a furry keychain from love soul (which is still having their half off sale, just fyi!), && another gatcha-win necklace from undefined lilies. her panda might not be pink like mine is, but he is just as cute! i love the way these are textured — they really do look soft and fuzzy and warm. and for only *50L* a try, it’s soooo worth trying your luck for one (or a few *cough* like we did) just cause they are so. damned. adorable.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in angelic w/ doll gloss in orange
hair; truth kendall in swedish
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod silentium
top; sakide ribbed t-shirt dress in white
pants; celoe lolong trousers in tapa
heels; n-core coquette
ring; addiction diamond snowflake cocktail ring
nails; mandala pink skin long nails
ear muffs; willow @ seasons gatcha winter woodland earmuffs in bunny
scarf; illusory @ seasons gatcha winter zoo friend scarf in pink panda
necklace; needful things anchor necklace

on vivienne tailleur (dark hair) ::
skin; laq tess 2 in peach (worn with the *freebie* skin lightener tattoo from chus)
hair; elikatira show in black 04
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in gray
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
piercings; hod lure
sweater; epic fuzzy cardigan in gray
tank; jane intrinsic tank in milk (freebie)
pants; imbue leather leggings
belt; pepper embrace belt
boots; needful things sock wellies in black
nails; onyx wear flick
keychain; love soul fur tail keychain in black (50% off sale!)
necklace; undefined lilies @ seasons gatcha winter fur ball faces in creme
scarf; illusory @ seasons gatcha winter zoo friend scarf in panda

poses; magnifique
location; atrum complexo

for the love of..

the ftlo millenium hunt started today && there are lots of awesome goodies to find. and one of said hunt prizes is a set of *three* sexy pairs of jeans from sakide that i am absolutely loving.


a li’l shiny, a li’l ripped, a li’l retro… these jeans are hot && i couldn’t pick between these two pairs of the three to show off. so i decided to make two looks just so i could wear both in one post. :3 jeans are just as much of a staple in my sl-wardrobe as tattoos && piercings are, so *free* and *nice* jeans like these are most definitely welcomed additions.

since the ftlo hunts work differently than most, i’ll explain a bit how to find these pants. there is one random, regular item marked down to *1L* somewhere in the participating store mixed in with the normal products — not a regular hunt object. you have to find the marked down item, buy it, and you get the extra hunt prize for free with it && a LM to the next store. should be a good haul, i’m super excited to get started with the rest of the hunt~


i’m also wearing one of the *new* hair releases from milana. you get four hairstyles for the price of one — the style with bangs, the style without bangs, then both styles with or without roots. i love milana’s lightest blonde color (called pearl), but this darker golden blonde petal shade is just gorgeous. it’s definitely not a color i wear often, but i really should.. it’s lovely. and these long full waves, side-swept bangs && teensy highlights and lowlights in the textures make this hair so pretty. i’m really liking it, especially in this color, just for something different from my usual white-blonde. not that i’d ever perma-switch from swedish blonde 😉 but it’s nice for a change, hm?

get the looks yourself:
white ::
skin; candydoll irina pale in smokey
hair; milana bonnie roots
tattoo; para designs soul survivor
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6 (stumblebum item, go grab ’em while they’re on sale!)
lipstick; pink fuel elly juicy gloss in raspberry
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
eye makeup; glamorize black candy eye makeup in golden
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod fallen
sweater; mon tissu sequin cardigan in off-white
undershirt; jane needful things romper in eggshell (freebie)
jeans; sakide vintage shiny jeans in swirls ripped (hunt prize)
boots; maitreya radical boots in snow
necklace; addiction charming life necklace
nails; tgis safari nails
hair accessory; love soul honey bee hairpin
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

brown ::
skin; candydoll irina pale in smokey
hair; milana bonnie 2 roots
tattoo; huz veritas
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6 (stumblebum item, go grab ’em while they’re on sale!)
lipstick; pink fuel elly juicy gloss in nectarine
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
eye makeup; boom liquid glaze in lime
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod fallen
sweater; epic fuzzy cardigan in chocolate
undershirt; onyx wear lucid tank top in lime
jeans; sakide vintage shiny jeans in grey floral (hunt prize)
belt; nyte ‘n’ day ginger belt
boots; n-core eclipse in brown (group gift)
gloves; izzie’s leather gloves in green
nails; tgis safari nails
necklace; primalot gravitation annulee

poses; magnifique
location; echo lake