the whole sci-fi kinda look… isn’t something i do often. i *like* to think i can work it from casual to cute to goth to grunge && back again, but the kind of look i put together for today is def out of my comfort zone.

i tip my hat to those avatars out there that can take this style of fashion and run with it — like laverne unit, whose avatar is drop dead gorgeous. especially here, my *god*. she is stunning!

while browsing her blog, i can only hope that i at least do the space-y thing a li’l bit of justice!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

it’s also….. bubblegum weekend. something i’ve not participated in.. in a *very* long time. so i broke out the pastel-colored hair for another go at it this week, because the bubblegum challenge was always fun for me. and i figured if i was already goin’ all sci-fi, why not go one step further && have lavender hair for a look, too? change it up all the way around!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my *entire* look was actually inspired by one thing — these rainbow ‘n’ purple digi legs from epic out @ perfect wardrobe. the theme for this round was super colorful, but these boots just called to me. i love jade winthorpe‘s faun && neko legs, they are by far some of my favorite extra non-human bits in my inventory, and these boooooots. the animated textures on these really make them interesting (and mesmerizing to watch, too) and i could not resist putting together a look befitting them. i immediately thought they looked like super cute space boots, but with paws instead of feet, and .. well. what you see is what i came up with. x3

my piercings, they are newwww from hod. it’s called “mass of metal” && is out for the horror haute event. it comes in the two pieces i’m showing here, for the face && for the chest, but there’s also a facial tattoo included and a matching part for the lower abdomen as well. unisex, in gorgeous textures, with or without shadows…. hnnnggh. you’ve got *two more days* to snag it at a special price for the event, which ends on the 31st, so if you’re interested.. don’t wait. it’s so worth grabbing!

i’m also wearing a *new* skin out from red mint, called raw. their last skin release, prime, was definitely a favorite of mine for fantasy-type looks… the mixture of makeups && options really lent it to being more out there for me than for just everyday wear. and this skin, i have a feeling, will be the same for me… especially in this gorgeous grayed out tone. i actually really love the brows on this skin — they’re not “perfect” and that is exactly why i like them. and of course, all the li’l body details && shading make it insanely sexy.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this purple latex body suit from sn@tch… is pretty sexy, too. 😉

almost everything i was wearing had something animated about it — whether it was glowing textures, spinning gears, or particles. and since the sim i was on (more about that below!) was just ridiculously amazing, i decided to take a short video of myself.. just standin’ about… with my AO running… so you can really see how much is goin’ on, ahaha. my arm prosthetics, my boots && my gas mask were all animated.. check it out!

and this sim i was on… okay, i know my post is already pretty huge even for my own standards (i mean, i know i can *ramble* on && on, but still).. but i couldn’t help taking a few snapshots of the insilico sim to show off, too. this build, i think, is one of the most impressive ones i’ve seen to date in sl. it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi novel and i spent hours wandering around it after taking my fashion shots. there’s *so much* to see, it’s a spectacular sim if you’ve never been there. just look at it..

click them to see them larger @ flickr!

just gorgeous! go visit if you’ve not, it’s mind-blowing~

get the look yourself:
skin; red mint raw in cold
hair; truth alexis in granny
tattoo; garden of ku neo3 forbidden planet
eyes; insufferable dastard tequila sunrise
makeup; nuuna’s makeup 7 v8
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
ears; twee perso ears
piercings; hod mass of metal
bodysuit; sn@tch spell on you pvc suit in purple
boots; epic @ perfect wardrobe rainbow radial radar digi legs in purple
harness; kyoot addicted to dopamine
arms; amorous albedo 0 point 39
hands; ni.ju claws
mask; neurolab inc cyber mask x-2

poses; studio sidhe
location; insilico


wooow, it’s already september. o.O months seem to fly by anymore, amirite? summer only has a few short weeks left (eeep)! makes me sad to see the warmer weather on it’s way out, i had a blast this summer~

but it’s inevitable. shorts && flip flops will soon be phased out for thick jackets and heavier fabrics (unless you’re like me && wear flip flops all year round.. teehee). so my look today *kind of* reflects the change in season. at least when it comes to wearin’ layers, anyway..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i just really wanted an excuse to wear this denim overshirt from aoharu that i picked up during their sale. some of my fave jackets are from aoharu && it’s always because of the lovely detail and texturing on their pieces. i’m not usually a denim jacket kinda girl, but this one with it’s layered undershirt && the fact that it’s just so *niii~iiice* left me without a choice. i had to have it. >:O

click to see it larger @ flickr!

yeah, i’ve already said it.. probably.. at least 3942342834 times here on my blog but. my favorite color? hot, hot pink. i have a really hard time resisting anything in that shade of pink and even though i’m a li’l late to the party when it comes to these heels from mstyle, my eyes were drawn to this magenta and stayed there ’til i finally caved && bought ’em. the toes were super easy to tint and the texture is so shiny and delicious that it makes the pink *pop* even more. and to top it off, these heels are, i think, the highest i own. added a good six inches to my height… totally makes me feel like less of a shrimp when around the general sl populace! \o/

and my top, which is *new* from onyx wear.. i know is a bit hard to see under my jacket so…

click to see it larger @ flickr!

…you’re welcome. 😉

insaaaaanely hot, right! you not only get the wet shirt, but also a full dress as well. and while i didn’t add ’em on, there are two prim attachments that make it seem like you’re really cold with your wet tee on… if you catch my drift. ;3 frank windlow does sexy so well && this top is ridiculously hot. there’s a black version too that’s just as sexy, but. i mean. come on. wet tee always makes you think of see-through white! and while you could go the modest route and wear a bikini or somethin’ underneath, y’know.. after takin’ a nice dip in the pool perhaps.. that’s just not as fun, is it?

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in gunmetal w/ glam lipstick in bubblegum
hair; lamb boyfriend in powder
tattoo; onyx wear steampunk
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; twee liska
top; onyx wear feucht shirt in white
jeans; zaara distressed jeans in black
jacket; aoharu vintage denim jacket in washed
heels; mstyle rivea pumps in magenta
necklace; hod the crosary
nails; tgis safari nails

poses; glitterati
location; the mother road

it’s a boy

this is a first for me. O: in the entire.. what… year-and-some-months that i’ve been blogging, i’ve yet to have a boy pose with me. or anyone other than bff vivi, even. i always feel kinda *awkward* asking, like… “you wanna stand around on a pose stand with me for an hour or two while i perve-cam your face and… ask you to adjust your prims 9,000 times?! SOUND LIKE FUN?!”, but. sometimes it’s worth it. even if i’m a… boy-blogging-virgin.

/me eeps!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

at least he’s a pretty boy! 😉 just lookit that li’l face.. /me wants to smuuuush it

but really, while lars bleac is some arm candy for me, the real focus is.. and always will be.. me. aha! i mean, he looks nice in his suit and all, but this dress i’m wearin’. it is *smoking* hot. i picked it up at insanya (after seeing it on another fantastic blog) && the long sleeves with the suu~uuuper short skirt make it one of the sexiest dresses i now own. it comes in a bunch of colors and contrasting sleeves, but the solid dark gray looked ridiculously hot. it’s like a literal.. little black dress and unfff, i love it.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and nothing makes a sexy dress even sexier like killer heels. the ones i’m wearing i’ve blogged before, yes, but they definitely deserve a round two. they are from nardcotix && are just delicious — i adore the way the entire shoe looks, but the soles on the bottom are unique (as you can kiiinda see in the pic below!), and the fact that i had an insanely easy time tinting these make them a pair of go-to heels in my inventory.

and this haaaaaaaaaaaairrrrr omgah is from truth @ collabor88 and it has roots. ROOOTSSSS. my *new* hair color(s) of choice from some of my favorite hair designers tends to be ones that include roots.. not sure why, but i really like the way they look. so now that truth is making root textures too? gorgeous root textures at that, where my *usual* shade of blonde has roots now too? soollldd!! \o/

the entire collabor88 event is *amazing* though. i’m sure vivi && i will show off our goodies (from the event! get your mind out of the gutter..) in a post coming soon, haha. it’s just a shame there isn’t anything for the gentlemen out now, but i’m hopeful that the next round will. ’cause the guys need love too!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

err.. *coughs* not that kinda love. love in the hair && clothes department. but close enough~

if you want lars bleac’s styling info, you’ll have to pester him in world for it. which i *highly* suggest doing anyway, just for shits && giggles. … 😉

get *my* look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03
hair; truth @ collabor88 gabriel in swedish w/ roots (only 88L for the *fatpack* omgggggggg)
tattoo; actchio peony dragon
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; twee liska
dress; insanya cotton shirt dress w/ dark sleeves
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2
heels; nardcotix mana rosa maria in black
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
nails; rezipsa loc snowy white nails
necklace; addiction journey necklace

location; annon

feelin’ festive

happy 4th of july to all my fellow americans! and happy.. monday (yay, monday.. xD) to everyone else!

bff vivi && i are feelin’.. patriotic for the holiday. not overly so, but enough to warrant a fun photoshoot on a beautiful sim! \o/


it helps to look fitting for the fourth when stores have sales to celebrate. i know there’s a *freebie* patriotic bikini at boom, but vivienne && i hit up the sale at paperdoll for all things 4th of july~ there are lots of 10L goodies scattered about the store in li’l red bags && almost everything i saw that was either colored red, white or blue was marked *waaaaaay* down. click around and find some cheapies, ’cause paperdoll stuffs is so super cute.


the top vivienne is wearing is one of those sale items, but her shorts were only *10L*. they’ve got teeny stars all over the pockets and are totally channeling daisy duke. both the cropped top && tiny shorts are perfect for summer, ’cause i gotta say… this past weekend && tomorrow are supposed to be really fucking hot where we live. thank god for air conditioning…


i, on the other hand, decided to be a festive faun. no real reason for it, i just felt like donnin’ some hooves && horns. :3

my dress and undershirt (which you can just barely see a peek of) are both from the paperdoll sale. i’m typically not a *frills and ruffles* kinda girl, but this dress.. at it’s 100L price.. i am so glad i bought it. the bottom prim fit almost perfectly right out of the box && it’s so feminine and summery. you cannot go wrong with a short white dress in the summertime.

and i went.. understated with the red white && blue, with nails from mock, bracelets from primalot && a high-waist belt from onyx wear. not over the top, but juuuuust enough to look like i’m actually acknowledging the holiday. ;p

oh, and!!


*freebie* sparklers from a.d.d andel help in lookin’ festive, too!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in babydoll w/ glam lipstick in vamp
hair; exile @ hair fair bailey
tattoo upper; aitui agression
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard @ community thrift & trade shine eyes v2 blue-green basic
ears; sanu succubus basics ears
horns; bubble elven synthetic horns
piercings; twee diamond
dress; paperdoll olivia in white (sale!)
undershirt; paperdoll lola in white (sale!)
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt
hooves; k.p. shadow faun
gloves; c.smit satin gloves no 1
nails; mock debbie gibson nails (group gift)
necklace; bellies @ tosl gatcha red sm bead necklace
bracelets; primalot keera bracelets (past subscribo gift)
sparkler; a.d.d andel @ cupcakes sale sparkler (freebie)

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; ploom @ hair fair maia in toffee (freebie)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; illusory @ hair fair ayumi
tattoo upper; para designs outlaw
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift!!!)
lipstick; pididdle don’t stop yet
eyes; pestle & twig blue peepers
ears; acide punky elf
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
top; paperdoll belle in cherry (sale!)
shorts; paperdoll rolled denim shorts in stars pockets (only 10L!)
socks; kyoot lacey white knee socks
shoes; epic color changing pixie chucks
nails; love soul metallic white nails
sparkler; a.d.d andel @ cupcakes sale sparkler (freebie)

location; revelations

oh my darling clementine

what says “sex, drugs && rock ‘n roll!” more than knee-high boots, zebra-print pants, feathers in yo’ hair and…


an orange? o.O;

i had this look all worked out down to every last li’l detail, but then bff vivi && i decided to check out the SLB8 sims for a while… so many awesome things to do && see there. and the best part? lots of freebies to be had! and this nomnom orange was one of ’em. it’s set up by a.d.d andel on the display from sanu (and protip: there’s a *cute* pair of minty green flats from sanu there too for free!) and i plopped it in mah mouf as soon as vivienne && i picked it up~

she and i only checked out *one* sim though (mainly for the free kittycat *ahem*), but there’s lots and lots to see. if you haven’t already gone, you most def should goooo!


the top i’m wearing, though it’s partially hidden by my (fabulous!) hair from truth, is a group gift from dead by sunrise. nothing is insta-*rockstar* like a cropped, rolled-sleeved t-shirt… that, y’know, says rock’n’roll on it. ;p the belt, from forsaken, is pretty rockstar too — and is set out at the pulse/sn@tch prom hunt for all of 5L. there’s all sorts of freebie && cheapies set up there, and i know it was supposed to end earlier.. but if you’re fast, you may still be able to scoop up some goodies.

and the arm tattoos… also *free*, from para designs. it’s a limited time freebie, so *go* while you still can (maybe after you visit the sn@tch hunt?). it’s totally worth it! i’m wearing it in black, but it comes in a colorized version too. and, as usual with para designs, comes in dark, medium && faded tones in both color and in black, on every layer imaginable. i know i blog these tattoos all the time, but it’s because i adore them *that* much. snagging a freebie this nice is like setting foot in tattoo heaven~ ;3 and if you loves the ink like i do, tattoo heaven sounds like a glorious place…


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll meili tan in vibe w/ red lip tattoo
hair; truth fiona in swedish
tattoo upper; para designs virgo (freebie)
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tattoo
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
makeup; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in black
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; twee liska
top; dead by sunrise s+d+r t-shirt (group gift)
jeans; onyx wear skinnys in zebra dark
belt; forsaken @ prom hunt leather strip belt (5L hunt prize)
boots; elikatira secret boots in smoke
cuff; ha! leather cuff in black
ring; ha! square ring in black/brown
nails; tgis safari nails
nom; a.d.d andel @ SLB8 clementine nom nom (freebie)
hair accessory; pididdle feather extensions in silent snow

we’re all stars now

do a li’l old school jammin’with me. i can’t believe how long ago that was ( makes me feel *so* old that i saw him live when that album came out! D; ), but i still love his crazy ass. ♥♥

not that marilyn manson has much to do with my look xD but i was feelin’ nostalgic today.

anyhoozles, onto the look~


i blogged some tattoo layer makeup from silenced the other day because of their closing sale. lots of goodies.. clothes, hair, skins.. all marked *waaaay* down. it’s always sad to see a SL store close, but stocking up on some sweet stuff for a low price is always appreciated. my hot pink jeans are from said sale, which are totally my favorite shade of pink, and the waist is perfect. not so low cut that my entire booty hangs out (which gets .. tiresome after a while ;/), but not yanked up to passed my belly button. it’s a good medium && the color makes these awesome imo.

the adorable ears i’m wearing are from twee. told ya i’d go back for ’em~ ;p they remind me *so much* of chobits && they feed my kawaii~~~! side — and yes, i have one, thank you very much. i like the goth, the punk, the grunge, the piercings && ink just as much, but sometimes… there’s this *squee!* girlishness that comes out and i just can’t help it. which is why i tend to mix in a li’l bit o’ cute every once in a while && these ears are just that! a bit o’ cute.


speaking of cute.. my choices in jewelry are absolutely adorable, too. the cuppycake necklace i’m wearing is from burroughs && even comes complete with color-change everything. the cupcake cup, the stones making up the frosting, the metal.. all of it is customizable. that’s probably my favorite thing about burroughs jewelry — it’s wonderfully made && i coulda made myself a hot pink and black cupcake to be all matchy matchy if i really wanted to.

the charm-filled bracelet i’ve got on is from primalot — another jewelry brand where almost everything is customizable. the beads, the flowers, the metal.. all of it is color change, too. i am in love with the largest charm && the big stone in the middle of it. the bracelet looks *so* vintage && yet still modern. and the fact that i can make it in any color under the sun (just about!) gives it a permanent place in my massive folder of jewelry.

plus, how *amaaaa~aaazing* are those boots?! i picked ’em up from deco this past 50L friday && i’ve been dying to find a look to blog ’em with. big combat boots like these, i’ve probably got at least a half dozen pairs.. but these are all strapped && so nicely textured. i am kickin’ myself for not getting the pink pair offered with these black ones, but i may have to go search for them on my own. black combat boots are sexy, but pink ones?! might as well call them vixxie’s ultimate favorite boots evar.


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva 1984 in caramel
hair; magika cody
tattoo; garden of ku neo3 forbidden planet
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; mock pandora lashes in noir
lip color; mock tia maria lip gel (part of a 10L!! set)
liner; zeery eyeliner in plum pudding (5L gift)
ears; twee perso ears
piercings 1; loulou&co kali
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
tank; toxic kitty teeny tank white
jacket; ronsem front open shirt in black
jeans; silenced kaly jeans in razberry (closing sale!)
boots; deco vincent boots in black (past 50L friday item)
nails; candy nail choco strawberry (lucky board prize)
necklace; burroughs cupcake necklace
bracelet; primalot springhassprung (part of a set)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt


/me puuuurrs

for as obsessed bff vivi && i are with kittycats, i thought it only appropriate to regress for a li’l while.. to my neko roots.


maybe i’m, uh. a manx-y neko? xP no tail today, but i am sporting ears && some *amazing* kitty-paw boots!

said boots are from epic and that store, srsly, is appropriately named. i am slowly accumulating one of everything there. and these boots, they are ridiculous! they’re all mecha’d && full of complex detail — the inset tv screens even come complete with animated textures. even though i tinted ’em gray, the lights (and yeah, they glow too!) are color change and i just. there are no words. i love these boots in all kinds of ways.

so i went on a hunt for some cute kitten ears && found these at hocico. can i just say how adooooooo~oooorable they are!? they’re pierced with stars and they *wiggle* like a real cat’s would. and instead of being on top of my head, they’re right over where my actual ears would be (my poor normal ears get *so* neglected, eheh~). even if i’m not runnin’ around the grid all neko-fied, i can totally see myself wearing these just ’cause i like to be cute sometimes. :3


my amazing piercings && necklace are from twee. the lovely verinne asnar has always made nice jewelry — i’ve blogged her awesome piercings many times over. but with every set i end up with, i love her stuffs more && more. and the usb cable necklace? it’s a hunt prize, which means *freeeeeebie*! i actually dropped in to twee for the hunt prize and ended up coming out with some piercings… and some plans to go back for a pair of her super cute perso ears. ;D

the upper body ink, my sheer tank, jeans, bracelets && all the makeup layers i’m wearing were freebies too. it is *astounding* how generous designers can be in SL. ❤ whether they are hunt prizes, group freebies, subscribo gifts, dollarbies.. i am always happily surprised by the quality of freebies && cheapies set out for us. it makes me feel all spoiled and whatnot and that is always a good thing when it comes to free stuff!


get the look yourself:
skin; al vulo miha peach in pink
hair; truth june2 streaked in swedish
tattoo; la malvada mujer true love (hunt prize)
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
lashes; mock smokey eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
teeth; tuli parted lips 04 (freebie)
gloss; filthy lipgloss 03 (freebie)
ears; hocico neko ear metal star in black
piercings; twee liska
tank; belote white sheer tank (group gift)
bikini; cynful sweety top bikini (part of a 10L!! outfit)
jeans; acid & mala i ❤ my jeans (hunt prize)
boots; epic lost analog tv signal neko tech boots in black
belt; kristica belt diamond in black
nails; virtual insanity gacha nails pink (old gacha prize, unsure if available anymore ;/)
necklace; twee usb cable necklace (hunt prize)
bracelets; rotten toe urban bracelets (group gift)
ring; iced kayla ring
nom; meow style @ boom rubber in monkey

livin the life i was born to live

as i’m blogging, i am also watching this movie && it is probably in my top ten favorites, evar~ /me jams && ogles j.aniston

anyway~ the look i’ve got for today is chalk full of freebie && cheapie goodness, since the last two haven’t really included much. and that’s what i do, i scope out cute freebs ’cause i’m cheap like that. …teehee. :3

and, y’know, just as a head’s up. post comin’ this weekend will be full of so many freebies, it’ll make your head spin. no lie!


way back when i was a wee newb, i liked SL for the whole nifty 3D virtual world aspect. dressing my avatar was fun, but wasn’t what i focused on. i liked exploring, i liked chatting, i liked hopping from sim to sim && back again. i always wore freebie skins, freebie clothes, freebie hair… just ’cause it was there (&& ’cause i was still cheap even back then, go figure). but as i’ve said here in the past, the first avatar that really felt like me was neko. and then i slowly started to.. actually care about what my avatar looked like.

belleza was one of the first skin brands where it really clicked with me. the alyson skin, and then the elle line… it was like kismet. i wore those skins into the *ground*, i loved ’em hard. so when i made my triumphant return to SL earlier this week, belleza was a top priority to check for new skin deliciousness.

…and lemme just say, i was *floored* by the group gifts. floored! the skin i’m wearing here is erika && it reminds me a lot of elle. it’s probably why i love it so much. the lips are gorgeous, the skintone is perfect (i’m wearing sunkissed but the gift includes a lovely range in skintones!), and the makeup.. flawless as usual. and the fact that the tone of erika i’m wearing has blonde brows, it just. oh man. not gonna lie, i peed a li’l bit when i tried this skin on.


as for other freebies && cheapies, the necklace i’m wearing from burroughs is a new free gift. i’m always amazed by the quality from burroughs jewelry and this necklace is no exception. it’s color change and adorable and absolutely lovely~

plus! there’s a 99L sale going on right now at burroughs. if the freebie necklace doesn’t interest you, inexpensive but super high quality jewelry should. 😉

my tattoo is from my beloved para designs && is a hunt prize. i can never resist a good tattoo, but a *free* tattoo that only costs a bit of huntin’ time is an insta-win for me. there’s quite a few hunts going on at para designs (hinthint: zombie popcorn prize is nice too! but that’s for another post) && an entire table worth of freebies by the entrance, it’s totally worth a TP in to have a look around if you love ink the way i do.

the socks and eyeballs i’m wearing are past && present 50L fridays items, too from kyoot and plastik. and my tee, it cost a whopping 2L at the surf couture outlet. it’s really all about finding the right things to spend your lindens on, and finding some hidden good deals (see what i did there? hidden? hunt prizes? no? …kay) for the rest, and working it all together. being frugal can still have you lookin’ fierce, if you know where to go~ amirite?!


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza erika in sunkissed (group gift)
hair; truth robyn streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; para designs anchor (hunt prize)
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; plastik mnemonic in oolong (50L friday item)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
makeup; t.whore makeup 2 && makeup 10
ears; gauged elf ear in screwdriver
piercings 1; twee harmony
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03 (srsly cannot take these off @_@)
tee; surf co outlet save surf co fundraiser tee (2L)
vest; boom mini vest in white
skirt; t.whore burlesque skirt in black
socks; kyoot lacy white knee socks (past 50L friday item)
heels; r.icielli sophia pumps (past TDR item)
nails; mstyle perfect hands in long nails
necklace; burroughs lovingly burroughs necklace (freebie, plus there’s a 99L sale going on too)
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
belt; acid & mala biker chain belt
horns; rbcg my angry horns

all poses in this post are from juxtapose.


for being june, today was rather… *chilly*. i mean, i wasn’t trying to bundle myself up in sweatpants && mittens, but. chilly for almost being summer. i am so ready for suntan weather… for bright blue skies, longer days && warm sunshine. today, though, it felt appropriate to dress in thicker fabrics. didn’t wanna spend all day shivering my balls off, after all~


the hooded sweater dress i’m wearing is from ancayi. so very cute, it *somehow* found it’s way into my inventory mere moments after spotting it in the store. funny how that works, hmm? ;D i know my long hair kinda covers it, but the back says bunny girl, which matches the li’l bunnies on the front pocket. the entire bottom half of the dress is one sculpted prim, with the hood and cuffs as extra attachments as well. nicely made, i am quite pleased with it.

so i paired it with some boots i spied on helyanwe vindaloo‘s flickr stream a while back. i only bought them recently but man, they were worth the wait. i have them in ash gray, but there are a bunch of colors to pick from. and the metallic pieces, as well as the nice && thick socks, are all color-change, too. i’ve got a thing for legwarmers and the socks on these boots are like legwarmers, but worn inside the boot rather than on top. looove them.


my skin today is from jesylilo && while browsing the feeds last night (y’know, tryin’ to catch up on the latest stuffs, ehe), i saw this skin on exactly 23482398 different blogs. and i can understand why, it’s an adorable face~ the body is nice too and the makeup is stunning.. for a brand i’m not familiar with, i am quite impressed.

i do have a couple complaints :< and i feel like an asshole for saying so, too. but. no blonde brows!! no light brows period! so disappointing, especially for someone like me that only wears blonde, white, or white-blonde (haha) hair. if you cover up the dark brows with bangs or, in this case, some cute gacha glasses from sweet leonard, you’re alright.

and the second thing… the lips. :/ at least on this particular makeup, they weren’t as crisp and clear as i would have liked. it’s a li’l blurry around the edges, which i honestly thought at first was just the skin not rezzing fully. it could have been just me though, so i apologize in advance if i just didn’t wait long enough for the skin to load completely. x_x;

otherwise, though, like i said. such a cute face. even dark brows cannot keep me from using a skin i like (see league’s taylor before the blonde version was released!), && i do like this skin. very much! if i didn’t like it, i wouldn’t be sporting it on my blog or in world.

some of the other goodies i’m wearing include a really nice bracelet from finesmith && the antlers which i am in *love with*, again from the gachas at sweet leonard. i cannot resist cute, cheap gachas.. they are a vice. between the glasses and the horns, i was in heaven and spent looooots of time throwing my lindens into the machines. and luckily for me, i’ve got bff vivi around to hold onto all my extras for me. ;3


get the look yourself:
skin; jesylilo lollipop in tan j12
hair; magika ren
tattoo upper; onyx wear muertos
tattoo lower; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; luck inc eyez in sapphire
makeup; cheap makeup lights liner #13
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
antlers; sweet leonard fa(u)ntasy gacha horns in love (40L gacha)
piercings 1; twee diamond
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
dress; ancayi knit dress with hood
stockings; american bazaar viper sock fishnet
boots; ploom lazy weekends in ash
nails; southpaw persephone sweetheart nails
bracelets; finesmith mimmi bracelet
glasses; sweet leonard gacha funny glasses in kill! (40L gacha)