vixxie has returned~

did you miss me? ;p

it’s a shame how “real” life can get in the way of things, isn’t it? i cannot explain fully in words how truly hectic things were for me this last week. and i feel bad, y’know, ’cause when things get busy in first life… second life takes the back burner. ;( and i missed it! a lot more than i ought to have.

but that was last week! this… is … well, obviously, this week. && i am *freeeeeeeeeeeeee* \o/ free to blog!

here’s hopin’ i’m not rusty. *cracks knuckles*


my look for today (or technically.. yesterday, as it is after midnight for me atm) is relatively simple. i thought it would be best to do something niiii~iiice and easy for my triumphant return. ease back into blogging 8D

so i built my outfit around my dress, that i’m actually wearing as a top more than a minidress, && it’s from candydoll. the saying, yeah, it amused me.. and rebeca dembo *spoils* her customers when it comes to color choice. there’s a ton of colors to pick from, ranging from dark colors to lighter ones, but white was my favorite.

the leggings i’m wearing are by kyoot and were, when i bought them, at the dressing room. since i’ve been MIA from second life for a week, i’m gonna wager a guess && say that these leggings aren’t still there ;/ but if they are then yay! they are really, really cute. leggings are a staple in my sl-wardrobe (if you couldn’t tell, aha.. i wear them in this blog all the time) so when i come across new ones, i may or may not do a little dance o’ victory. these have nice waistband && pocket details on them and i love how smooth they look. like i’ve been sewed into them they’re so tight!


accessories today are from hod that i know i blogged already, but be prepared to see them frequently here. aha. i love the quality in both the piercings && the necklace and the design isn’t bad either. 😉 it should be no surprise though, aydan darcy always delivers when it comes to amazingness.

and speaking of amazingness \o/ my tattoo is *new* from para designs. now i usually prefer colored ink to simple black (which is why i’m currently wearing the color version of the new tatt), but i gotta say.. the black version of this tattoo blew me away. it has an almost gradient look to it, very unique, and thankfully i’m wearing short sleeves so you can see the design. flowers and butterflies! totally girly and *so* cute. <33

a nice look, amirite, to come back to blogging with! hopefully i can get back into the routine of blogging daily (or every other day at least!), because it's so enjoyable for me. and after a week like this last one i had? having something enjoyable to look forward to everyday… oh it is so needed.

one good thing, though, about taking a hiatus for a week…. i now have *lots* of sexy blogs to read && catch up on. i know i’ve missed out on a lot! new shopping list, here i come ;3


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember gyaru in nudey
hair; ploom benten streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs butterfly medley
eyes; shine silent lucidity
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod the crux
top; candydoll sexy smile in white
jacket; niniko retro blouse in black
leggings; kyoot nonsensical pants in autumn leather (past TDR item)
boots; gos docs 8 hole in black
nails; pulcino border nail in black && red (freebie)
necklace; hod the crosary v2
bracelet; pink inc teases bracelet (freebie)
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black


eep O: hello, my dear blog..

/me wipes away the cobwebs.

i have been neglecting you. but i have an explanation! i’ve been so super busy in my first life that my blogging time has taken a hit.

my apologies, blog, and to anyone who happens to read it 😉 but at the moment.. i’ve gotta take a *teeny* tiny hiatus. just for a few more days, then i’ll have all the time in the world to blog. \o/

bunny! \o/

yes, bunny. cute, bright ass pink bunny at that. right, smack dab on the middle of my chest.

bask in it’s cuteness~


the brown && pink dress i’m wearing is from momo and was only… 1L. i’m not sure if it’s a secret hunt going on, or a sale, or what.. but! there are lots of dollarbie goodies hidden around the store, unmarked in their normal vendors. you gotta hover or click and hope you get lucky, but i picked up a ton of cute stuffs there. this dress was my *absolute* favorite, i lovelovelove the little bunneh face. so cute! \o/

so i worked my look around the dress, wearing a cardigan from atomic that would keep bare arms warm (since the dress is sleeveless!) and is such a pretty shade of mauve-pink. more of the bright, hot pink in the dress might’ve made my look blinding.. so the subdued, muted pink was a nice addition. plus, i’m on a sweater/cardigan kick lately… i love the way they look && sl’s designers have made some fabulous ones. to me right now, *everything* looks better with a sweater on top!

now, my skin for this look allowed me to almost overdose on adorable. i’m wearing the *newest* face from candydoll and i know i say it with every release i’ve had the pleasure of blogging but… ohmigaww… jasmina has such a sweet, youthful face with rosy cheeks and *gorgeous* makeup…. it was the perfect addition to this look.

just look at these makeup choices..

please click to see it larger!
makeups from left to right:
pink, purple, blue, natural, sun && double

such soft, pretty makeup. the variety in lipsticks (and ohoho, the lipsticks get *even better*, but more on that later!) combined with bright but not overdone eyeshadows, oh… jasmina is love. rebeca dembo honestly makes some amazing skins and this latest one is my favorite.

and the reason it’s my favorite? these skins come with tattoo layer lipsticks so you can mix and match and the lovely eye shadows && lip colors to really customize your look! ❤

please click to see it larger!
all lipsticks are worn on the double makeup choice.
lip colors from left to right:
double, pink, purple, sun, natural && blue

each lipstick layer corresponds with the makeup it’s from, so the lipstick from the “blue” makeup is called “blue” as a separate tattoo. i adore options like this. whether it’s eyebrow colors (hinthint, i would love more skin designers to make tattoo layer brows! in blonde!! :D), eye shadow colors or lip colors… mixing and matching and creating your own look is so appreciated. and because of these lipsticks, this skin makes vixxie a very, very happy girl.

it’s sad how excited new skins make me, haha. i switch in and switch out skins at the drop of a hat. but there are always ones i go back to time && time again and candydoll is one of those. this skin, however, i am loving right now. those lipsticks alone make me want to *dry hump* rebeca. 8D;

and the fact that the pink makeup matched my outfit, ehe… it’s like my mind was read before i even knew what i was gonna put on~


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll jasmina tan in pink
hair; ploom @ hair fair crush in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; by snow spring eyes in blue
lashes; adam & eve painted on lashes (freebie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; luck inc metal face piercings
dress; momo bunny minidress in brownie (dollarbie)
sweater; atomic cozy cardi in bubblegum
socks; honey kitty candy socks in baby pink, yellow && purple
shoes; ubu porn star xtra high-tops
nails; love soul gothic doll in pink
necklace; glamourous necklace in white

saturday awesomesauce

i have much awesomeness to show you (and you gotta know it’s sweet for me to post *twice* in one day!), so i’m not even gonna waste time with an intro.

pretend i wrote something witty 😉 and check this out!

HOD/para designs

new piercings, new *fabulous* tattoo && new necklace… from two of my absolute favorite stores! both released today and both reduced me to a pile of “sdkfsjdfhdf”.

so first! the tattoo. it is from para designs && is an amped up version of a tatt set out the other day for free. the design is deliciously dark, but brightly colored, and as always comes on every layer possible for easier wearing && in colored and black versions. and the fact that it’s *discounted* right now for super bargain saturday makes this a fantastic deal. if you love para designs like i do, you neeeeeeed this ink! srsly ❤

now, the piercings && necklace… both are from hod. i honestly think aydan darcy can do no wrong when it comes to making jewelry. and she is always generous with the options!

HOD/para designs
please click to see it larger!
on the left: the crow’s crux in silver lining w/ feathers
on the right: the crow’s crux in slide

the piercings come in lovely textures, of which i’m only showing two. and there’s two separate piercings: one with feathers in the mouth && one without. i am *such* a sucker for septum rings && these, with the attached cross, make this set sooo amazing.

and the necklace…

HOD/para designs
please click to see it larger!
from left to right: the crosary in v1, v2, v3 && v4

even more options! \o/ the crosary comes with several different ways to wear it. version one is just the necklace, with the crow’s skull && beak at the end. version two includes extra ropes at the neck. versions three and four have razors attached to the extra ropes, either bloody (version four) or not (version three). there’s even the ropes with and without the razors as a separate attachment, to layer with other necklaces. this = big thumbs up from vixxie~

two posts today from me is totally warranted, especially since my ink is discounted only until midnight tonight && the necklaces and piercings were just released today. if you’re heading across the grid to pick up the hod goodies, they are available only at the *new* satellite store on the zombie popcorn sim. you know i’ll hook you up with the right slurls, but since it’s in a new location.. i thought i’d give a head’s up. ;3

get the goods yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; maitreya faye in beach blonde
tattoo; para designs flaming skulls
eyes; curio @ hair fair tragic eyes (freebie)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod the crow’s crux
top && panties; roots 00d10045 (group gift)
heels; paper couture suede platform pumps in black
nails; pulcino border nail in black && purple
necklace; hod the crosary


this week’s fifty linden friday sale was full of *win*. cute top from surf couture, a new sleeve tattoo from katatonik \o/, cute tees… jeans…

and my favorite item of my entire FLF haul: this cardigan from reek. it’s cute in the red version, but this pretty tan… unf~ <333


sweaters like this just look like autumn to me. especially in a color like this, a soft && warm beige. it’s a nice neutral so it works with practically *anything*, as i’m showing here. brown, shades of green green and some black thrown in for good measure.. it all works (or at least, i think it does ;p) and looks so nice and warm!

the jeans i’m wearing are from ricielli — i bought so many goodies from the sale there! i loved the pattern on these and the *color* specifically, i don’t already own a pair in this silvery, minty green and snagged these up quick. plus, they’re low cut but not so low cut that they give you plumber’s crack.. which seems to be an ongoing thing with jeans. don’t get me wrong, i can rock that look 😉 but sometimes, i don’t want my ass hangin’ out. it’s cold, damnit! my buttcheeks need to stay warm too.

and! the tank i’m wearing in brown from onyx wear is only gonna run you one linden. there are dollarbies dotted all over the store && this top is one of ’em. i *highly* recommend popping over there for some awesome stuff, jeans and tees and skirts.. lots of nice separates. you’re welcome. ^_~


my tattoo is a past freebie from para designs. it was only set out for free for one day ;( and i totally should’ve blogged it sooner. i’m not 100% sure if it’s up for sale now that it’s no longer free, but if it *is* for sale.. it’s absolutely worth going to pick it up! the design is awesome across the entire midsection && was the perfect tattoo for this look. that part of my chest was the only bare skin exposed to show off a tatt! aha~

the belt i’m wearing is *new* from moloko. i have such a hard time with belts and i’m not sure why. fitting them can be a task sometimes, they either fit the width of my waist *or* fit around my hips.. though often, not both. ;/ this belt however fit almost perfectly right out of the box. \o/ and not only that! the entire thing is color- and texture-change. the leather on the belt, the color of the studs, there’s a ribbon on the back (that i didn’t photograph, my bad!) along with some cute buttons && other danglies… almost everything is customizable. i love that. it makes matching (or purposely mismatching) so easy to do.

is it wrong that i look forward to 50L friday every week? >.> rocking friday, too. they make tgif mean even more than it already does, but when designers set out fantabulous goodies like they did this week? it’s practically *orgasmic*.


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in fate
hair; truth gigi in swedish
tattoo; para designs deadly prayer
eyes; shine monet iris (freebie)
makeup; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; twee diamond
tank; onyx wear tank top in brown (dollarbie)
sweater; reek papercut cardigan in cream
jeans; ricielli eta jeans in greenlist
boots; kboots kboots in black
nails; candy nail aqua green
collar; mariposa severus choker
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt

argyle && tube socks

yeah, it’s *definitely* clear that fall is here to stay. i’ve had the gloomiest, chilliest, windiest last few days in my first life and while i’m sad to see summer go (and sad to put all my cute bikinis away :().. i suppose the best thing would be to embrace the season-change with open arms!

and bare legs. ;3


during the fall && winter months, i live for layers. thermals, long-sleeved tees, sweaters, hoodies… i’d rather wear an undershirt, top and jacket than a huge, bulky sweatshirt. if i get *too* warm, i can just shrug off the outer layers. with one sweatshirt on… i mean, i suppose i could walk around in my bra but i doubt anyone would wanna see that!

so i layered a little bit with today’s look, combining a long-sleeved top from ha! with a short-sleeved tee from arai. the gray tee, with it’s amusing car design, is actually a freebie in the store && i was really surprised. it’s nicely made and includes awesome prim work, the hem is big and poofy and looks about 10 sizes too large for me. but i still like it! \o/

but since my upper half was so fully-covered, i opted for some cute && tailored shorts i picked up from c’est moi instead of longer pants. i really like these.. from the semi-shiny fabric texture to the folded cuffs && pinned up hem on either side. details can make or break an article of clothing and these shorts have juuuust enough detail to not be overdone, but to really add to the garment. plus, they’d look *super* adorable with some leggings and boots on… /me taps her chin.


when it comes to skins, there are definitely things i like. i definitely like cleavage options *on* the skin, bright makeup is always a plus, blonde brows…. are a must, a little bit of a tan doesn’t hurt && i tend to gravitate towards skins that also give options for freckles. i’m not sure why, but i love the way a freckled face looks. finding skins that have all of that? sometimes, it’s kinda rough! especially when it comes to brows… blonde brows seem hard to come by. sad face.

BUT! with the tattoo layer, i can add freckles (as well as lashes, eye makeup, lipstick, moles, etc etc) onto my favorite un-freckled skins and this makes me *so* happy. when i saw this lovely post with extra freckles…. yeah, it totally made me giddy. they are *beyond* adorable and are from l.fauna. the freckles aren’t on just the face either, but aaaaaaalll over the body. amazing~

and! to go with the layered theme, these argyle armwarmers + nails + rings (!!!) from virtual insanity kiiiiiinda made me giddy as well. purple and red looks so awesome together and the flower ring on v/i’s nails is something i am totally growing to love. and the best part? i can wear prim nails *and* arm socks at the same time. they are all one attachment for the hand, then the extra glove part on the forearm. very innovative && very appreciated. i hate having to choose between gloves and my nails!

i guess the good thing about embracing the autumn, as i’ve mentioned before… is halloween. i mean, i was already out shopping for a halloween costume for my avatar (at the end of august, ahem) && i’ve been eying fun, haunted, spooky places to take my friends to. fall may mean colder weather, though it’s a welcome change this year after a blazing hot summer, but it *also* means haunted houses… scary movies… and candy!!! \o/ woo!


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva 1984 in caramel
hair; truth diana streaked in swedish
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; by snow spring eyes in blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles in tan
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
earrings; iced peyton earrings
piercings; hod lure
undershirt; ha! long sleeved top in white
tee; arai car tshirt (freebie)
shorts; c’est moi girly shorts in black
socks; acid & mala urban tube socks in clear gray
shoes; dp yumyum simple pumps in white
nails; virtual insanity argyle armwarmers + nails && rings
necklace; mariposa rainbow light

vixxie 101

so, guess what! i’m a doof. :3

my last post, fittingly enough that featured bff vivi with me, was my …. *drum roll*.. 100th post here in this blog! \o/ 100 posts may not be the most exceptional achievement, but i am definitely proud!

the only trouble is… i totally missed it. D; i was gonna mention it in my 100th post && i absolutely forgot! hence, the doof part. so this post, which is #101, shall be my belated celebration of 100 (plus one) posts of awesome *vix-osity*. yes, that’s a word.

*tosses around confetti* and i have an awesome look for today, too!


the dress i’m wearing is new from onyx wear and it’s so unique. the entire skirt part is one sculpted prim. there is no flap at the pelvis, or separate pieces for the fabric fold at the waist on the dress itself (though the pink belt *is* separate, more on that in a bit!), but from the hip down the entire thing is one sculpty. fitting it was a little tricky, but once i got it right… it’s really, really cute. it’s definitely different from the tons of mini dresses i own && there’s less annoying prim disappearance with a skirt like this than with the typical one prim skirt flap, especially with my AO on.

the belt i’m wearing is from onyx wear too.. and it’s a limited dollarbie. it’s color-change && texture-change and worth *so* much more than 1L. i highly suggest you go grab it~


the fantastic spiked cuffs i’m wearing are from mariposa, which i’ve blogged many many times in the past. felicity winslet is always generous with her freebies (there are a *ton* of amazing free pieces of jewelry && even some dresses there too, just as a head’s up!) and the quality is no different from her regular pieces to the ones she sets out as gifts. these bracelets are amazing ❤ the actual cuff part is color change and the detail on them is ridiculous.

and while i’m talking about jewelry, my necklace.. though it is most of the way obscured by the hair i’m wearing (which is by truth for project donate) is from magic nook. you can pick it up at the dressing room with a hefty discount && the entire set is adorable! everything i’ve gotten from magic nook is adorable though, so i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised~

so, y’know… i may be one stinkin’ post late on celebrating 100, but it’s still a big deal to me! i’m proud of myself for actually keeping up with my blog (and enjoying it in the process!) long enough to accumulate 100+ posts.

here’s to 100 more! 😉 *raises a glass*


get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 07 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth @ project donate aloha in swedish
tattoo; para designs curly swirly
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; kowp mercury
dress; onyx wear off-shoulder reloaded in black
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2 (dollarbie)
leggings; sassy kitty knit lace hot pants in dark gray (midnight mania prize)
heels; slink aveela stiletto
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails
necklace; magic nook @ TDR shoo be doo necklace in chocolate
bracelets; mariposa severus wrist cuffs
glasses; chuculet glassless glasses in geeky (dollarbie)
gloves; c.smit satin gloves no1 in black

twisted, pink && kawaii

there always seems to be a shit ton of hunts going on in second life at any given time. and i, as a seasoned hunter ;), and appreciative of this! not only do you get some *awesome* goodies for free, but it also help broaden one’s shopping horizons. some of my current favorite shops, i discovered while doing hunts in the past! \o/

so i recruited bff vivi to help me show off a few goodies from three of the hunts going on at the moment: the twisted hunt, think pink && the kawaii hunt.


all three hunts are sprinkled over our avatars in various ways. but the majority of our outfits (including our skins!) are freebie hunt prizes. there are some amazing items to be found on all three of these hunts, so let’s get started!


vivienne is rockin’ quite a few gifts from the think pink hunt. her skin (that is absolutely stunning) is the prize from mynerva. it has brown brows && such a sweet face, with pretty berry-pink makeup. her top is from black & blue outfitters and she paired it with the skirt-half of the prize from paper doll, the necklace we both picked up from iced and some pink-accented piercings from ipoke.

her ballerina flats are the kawaii hunt prize from scribble and are so cute. there’s a little button detail right by the toes! the tote bag she’s wearing, filled to the brim with mushrooms (she must be hungry..) is the prize from love soul. and her tattoo sleeves are from nightshade, which was a nice surprise. i wasn’t expecting some ink from nightshade, but this tatt is adorable. cobwebs, hearts, bats && stars… all the things a girl loves. ;B

and the twisted hunt is represented by the ears vivi is wearing, from shitz n giggles. i know her hair obscures them a little bit, but they are *amazing*. lots of piercings, tons of detail.. they are so worth the frustration in finding them. i can’t give you a hint unfortunately, but if you like elf ears like vivienne && i do.. you’ll definitely want to snatch these up!


i on the other hand am wearing more of the twisted hunt than the other two. the dress, that i *absolutely* adore, is the prize from sassy kitty. it comes in a bunch of layers && a non-bloody version too, but i really like the ribcage design. thankfully, the whole ‘bloody’ theme seemed to run through the twisted hunt frequently, so it was easy to match my dress with the battered boots from fatal error && the rings and nails from virtual insanity. the prize from virtual insanity is really generous too, just as a head’s up. the piercings i’m wearing were included, but there’s a backpack, earrings && necklace in the gift as well!

my skin is also from the think pink hunt, but from the starting location: candydoll. it should be no surprise that i love candydoll skins and rebeca dembo always gives out awesome, quality skins as hunt prizes. bubblegum pink lips && eyeshadow, compared with the gorgeous body candydoll skins have… love it~ plus it’s in my favorite skintone of hers too, win!

and the kawaii hunt… the leggings i’m wearing are the gift from izumiya. they come in a *fatpack* of colors, so it’s not just gray you get in the package. on tons of layers, too! which makes mixin’ && matchin’ so much easier <33

we both finished our looks with some non-hunt stuffs, including new hair from truth, a tattoo (on me!) from para designs that’s an awesome new release, and a set of nails (on vivi!) from love soul. but as you can see, most of both of our outfits are made up of hunt prizes. and there’s lots more we’re not showing you. it’s perfectly plausible to dress yourself from hair to shoes in quality freebies… if you have the patience to finish these hunts, that is. ;D

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; candydoll alessia (think pink hunt prize)
hair; truth lanie streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs mystical tattoo
eyes; ibanez natural eyes in hazel (subscribo gift)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; virtual insanity too much in silver (twisted hunt prize)
undershirt; onyx wear tank top in black sheer
dress; sassy kitty hallow’s heart dress in bloody (twisted hunt prize)
leggings; izumiya leggings in black (kawaii hunt prize)
socks; league thermal knee warmers in grayed black
boots; fatal error psychopath combat boots (twisted hunt prize)
nails; virtual insanity into the bloom rings && nails in bloody (twisted hunt prize)
collar; favole past ties
gloves; shitz n giggles belted arm warmers in black leather (midnight mania prize)

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; mynerva sophie (think pink hunt prize)
hair; truth georgia streaked in espresso
tattoo; nightshade kawaii gloom (kawaii hunt prize)
eyes; curio @ hair fair tragic eyes (freebie)
ears; shitz n giggles twisted elf ears (twisted hunt prize)
piercings; ipoke rosado (think pink hunt prize)
top; black & blue outfitters california cool top (think pink hunt prize)
skirt; paper doll denim mini (think pink hunt prize)
shoes; scribble button slippers (kawaii hunt prize)
nails; love soul spirit nails in long
necklace; iced pink diamond necklace (think pink hunt prize)
bag; love soul mushroom tote bag (kawaii hunt prize)


my look for today is on animal print overload && i am… totally okay with that!

i know i warned yesterday that my blog would most likely be filled with ricielli stuffs for at least a little while and i wasn’t lying. 😉 my animal print all starts with my pink ‘n gray, high-waist skirt that i picked up from their sale~


i fucking *love it*. not only is the skirt hot, but it comes with some extras i wasn’t even expecting! \o/ the waistline is a prim piece that adds just that extra, small detail of realism. and the belt was included as well, which was a very nice surprise. the texture, the details, the super sexy way this skirt accentuates my curves… seriously, i’m a sucker for high-waist skirts && pants, but this print makes it even more awesome!

so i paired the skirt with a sheer top by has been. sexy skirt + sexy top = sexy all around, aha. but this top, though it’s sheer, is still modest enough to keep the goods decently covered. and the adorable cuffs && collar add just enough femininity to make it *cute* as well as hot. a little frill goes a long way with me, but touches of it can turn a plain sheer shirt into something more interesting. plus it makes my boobs look great && helps show off my tattoo (more on that later!), so i can’t really complain. :3


so since i was already wearing animal print, i decided that more animal print couldn’t hurt. the bangles i’ve got on are by glow studio && i snagged ’em for extra-cheap at the dressing room blue. leopard print in brown and gray, plus a little zebra thrown in for good measure.. it’s definitely not *subtle* but i’m not covered head-to-toe in it. accents are good, even if the accents are large && shiny bangles.

my nails && rings are actually a set i *totally* forgot i owned. which is so sad, ’cause i love these! rediscovering items in your inventory can be so exciting sometimes~ the bling’d out nails are from luxg and i adore the huge gemstone ring included. each nail is even painted differently (and if you look closely, a couple are zebra print :D) and all of them are studded with rhinestones. they also include an animation built in to try and help prevent the annoying hand-spreading that seemingly happens at random. for someone like me who practically lives in prim nails, this is such a life saver. i don’t have to worry about my nails going outta whack, YAY!

and now, my tattoo. it is from, by far, my favorite tattoo shop *evar*. para designs has this tattoo, called venom set out for super bargain saturday. and it is so, so worth it. you have to go pick it up! it comes on every layer imaginable, including 2.0 tattoo layers, and while it’s only in black.. it does come in light, medium && dark shades. paranormal putzo does such fantastic work on tattoos (as i’ve previously gushed) and every release keeps getting more and more perfect. i love how the design scrawls across the chest with this tatt and hell~ooo.. it’s discounted for one day only. go get it, nooowww! >;O

animal print, ripped up leggings, heels so high it’s a wonder how i can keep my balance && awesome new ink…. for very late friday night into saturday, i’d say it’s pretty appropriate. now all i need is a party to hit up and a cosmo in my hand and i’ll be set.


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor blonde medium in twilight
hair && hairbase; lamb @ hair fair glass candy in powder
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; hod fusion
top; has been sammie top in black
skirt && belt; ricielli anita high-waist skirt in gray leopard
leggings; sweetest goodbye group gift leggings ( gift! xD)
heels; maitreya shanti in black
nails; luxg one stone nails in silver
bracelets; glow studio @ TDR blue wild animal bracelets


it seems like there have been so many sales in recent weeks. not that i’m complaining or anything cause… fashion is awesome, but *discounted* fashion is even better! \o/ and ricielli is the latest store i’ve heard of having a huge 50% off sale…

so naturally, i went && proceeded to buy one of everything! wee~


i can guarantee that in the next few days, my blog is gonna be filled to the brim with goodies i snagged from the sale at ricielli, so be forewarned! and my *fierce* 80’s-inspired, gold studded jacket in today’s look is from said sale.

the detail on this jacket is phenomenal, i looooove the hyper-pointy shoulders. everything i’ve bought in the past (and everything i bought today, mweheh) is of exceptional quality && this jacket is tailored so nicely with lovely prim work. it was easy to fit, too, which is always nice. sometimes i have trouble with jackets that include prim lapels, just because they are usually fitted on a model with a.. ahem… larger chest than i’ve got. but this fit almost perfectly right out of the box!

my top is actually a dress that i just… decided to wear as a long, low cut, zippered top instead of as a mini dress. either way, it’s pretty cute. it’s from vextra fashion, which is a new brand to me, but this dress is totally my style. and just as a head’s up, the red version of this dress? so super hot. 😉


the boots i’m wearing are.. mmm mmm mmm, so delicious. they are from sini style && knee-high boots period are always sexy. these however are covered in belts ‘n buckles and actually come with a thicker stacked heel (i’m wearing the optional shoe base that turns the lower part into a platform), which make them *that* much more awesome. they look like kickin’ ass sorta boots, don’t they?

and my hair…. ah, good old truth never seems to disappoint. every single week, his releases just get better && better. there has yet to be a release where i haven’t found a hair i love, though typically.. there’s two or three (or in the case of last week? all six!) that i’ll adore. this week, the hair i’m wearing today is by far my favorite. even though you can’t see it, ’cause i made it invisible for this look ;3, there’s a little color-change tie that’s right by the neck in the front. and the streaks… just… unf. streaks + truth = insta-love for vixxie. ❤

add in, probably, my favorite makeup on a skin ever from laq, a few accessories from love soul && loulou&co, and just a peek of the tattoo i’m wearing from aitui… while i may be channeling some hardcore 80’s with my shoulder pads, my look for today totally gives off the i may be tiny, but i can totally kick your face in sorta vibe. 😉


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup 08 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth lila streaked in swedish
tattoo; aitui sacred pain
eyes; ibanez tranquil eyes in evangeline (subscribo gift)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; star piercing tea
dress; vextra zipped leather dress in black
jacket; ricielli misseiling jacket in black
jeans; aleida ale jeans in burleywood
boots; sini style deception boots
nails; love soul sexy girl in red
necklace; loulou&co like blood (subscribo gift)
horns; epic fantasy fusion faun horns