heaven ablaze in our eyes
we’re standing still in time
the blood on our hands is the wine
we offer a sacrifice


with hell freezing over in our eyes
gods kneel before our crime

come on, and show them your love
rip out the wings of a butterfly
for your soul, my love
rip out the wings of a butterfly
for your soul

don’t let go


skin; pink fuel alena in honey
hair; magika draw
tattoo; hysteria anatomy of a killer
piercings; hod mess of metal spinal/tailbone
wings; plastik naira wings safarii
horns; illusions nivicola mystica horns

pose; glitterati

dye ’em black

she’s in love with herself…
she likes the dark…

and on her milk white neck…
the devil’s mark


well, when i called her evil…
she just laughed
well, cast that spell on me…
boo bitch craft


lovin’ you was like lovin’ the dead…


skin; nuuna’s voodoo people w/ tattoo eyebrows #6
hair; ploom valyra 2
eyes; repulse nocturnal eyes in green
ears; illusions mystic ears drow
horns; illusions sibirica horns
piercings; hod cathaldus
jacket; cynful soho blazer in white
corset; sn@tch what goes around corset in black
stockings; sheer stockings 16 torn stripe
boots; opium extreme ankle boots
necklace; amorous fatum
claws; amorous lacerate

poses; glitterati (sale going on right now!)
location; falmouth

urban succubus

platform stilettos + a li’l black dress + bat-like head wings…


equals a simplistic but super sexy “demoness” vixxie! \o/

the main components of the look i’ve got on today (shoes, dress, stockings, necklace && hair) are all *new* and are things i’ve accumulated in the last few days. luckily for me, when i was trying it all on, it just worked and i ended up with something… *succubus* inspired~

i can’t seem to get dressed in world anymore without wearing at least something in mesh. and today, i’ve got *two* bits of mesh on — the hair, in an *amazing* new dip-dyed color pack, from magika (that i hope sticks around for even more new releases, i love this blonde/pink/blue combo *so hard*) && this sleek, sexy dress which is one of the latest releases from cold logic. both are fantastic, in construction && in textures, and i love the shape this dress gives me!


the necklace i’ve got on today, with all those gorgeous hot pink stones, is a new release from amorous — one of my absolute favorites for pretty, intricate pieces of jewelry. in my last post, i wore the wooden version of the bangles and rings included in this set, but the necklace is like… big, yummy && draws the eyes right there.. if you know what i mean. 😉 and!! there *might* be a really awesome reason(!!) to stop there in the next few days if you’ve never been…

and these shoes… from n-core… are like sex on stilts, for reals. i do believe these are the highest heels i now own && i absolutely love them. i’m actually wearing the black pair, believe it or not, but almost every part of the shoe are color change (minus the area that’s still black), which includes the heel, the straps, the platform, the heel cap && the sole. and i could not resist going for bright pink — especially since it not only tied in the color of my jewelry, but also the back-of-the-calf detail on the stockings i’m wearing, from onyx wear (and can i just say how much i *love* this idea? the pink cross is fabulous && it gives me a reason to shoot my behind!).

i added some head wings from illusions, some *new* color-change nails from virtual insanity && some lipstick from pididdle just to darken up my makeup.. and… voila. i’m channeling some sort of sexy human-demon hybrid, but i am totally okay with that!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in spellbound
hair; magika dare
tattoo sleeves; vestigium skull half sleeves
tattoo wrists; hod fallen wrist tattoo
eyes; insufferable dastard @ grunge soul project intense eyes in green
lip color; pididdle i have a secret
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
wings; illusions demon headwings
piercings; hod silentium
dress; cold logic savage in black
stockings; onyx wear aktiv nylons in black cross
heels; n-core emporium in pure black
bracelet; hod nothing’s bracelet
nails; virtual insanity square nails in plain spring 2012
necklace; amorous aubade in kissed

location; district 8

ripped nylons

first of all! i’m back on plurk! if you haven’t added me you reeeeeeeeally should. i always need more friends! ^^

but aaaaaaanyhoozles, onto more important things. a look for today!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

taking an idea of one of my favorite fashionistas, i’m wearing the dress by house of fox out @ the dressing room blue as just a skirt rather than a full-on sequin dress… && paired it with the *new* mesh cardigan by pumpkin and a freebie tee from onyx wear. just a hint of glitz in an otherwise sorta urban-casual look works pretty well… in my humble opinion. 😉

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i am *so* late when it comes to hair from burley, but this style i’m wearing here is just gorgeous. i’ve seen it all over the feeds && in world and resisted the urge to go demo, just because i need more hair like i need more skins or more tattoos (read: i don’t, lolol) but i finally gave in. and i love it. i’m wearing the shorter version here, but there’s one that’s so much longer and full of glorious waves. it’s incredibly well-made, i really am sad i’ve not taken advantage of this brand sooner~

and i’ve got some good ole staples from my inventory on with this look… things i always seem to fall back on. finger tapes from sini style, platform boots from the abyss, horns from illusions && gartered socks from league. i’ve probably featured them 3249347 times here on my blog over the time i’ve had it, and definitely worn them in world more times than i can even count, but nice accessories never go out of style no matter how long you’ve had them! ❤❤

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in spellbound w/ juicy gloss in strawberry
hair; burley euphoria in platinum 01
tattoo; vestigium @ xyroom skull invasion
eyes; insufferable dastard neon eyes in blue
blush/teeth; dead apples anime girl makeup
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod dimpled
piercings 2; cobrahive ouchie
tee; onyx wear t-shirt tiger (hunt prize)
sweater; pumpkin unbuttoned cardigan
skirt; house of fox @ tdr blue night out dress
boots; the abyss stompers in black
stockings; izzie’s tights in torn
socks; league gartered socks in black
gloves; sini style taped fist
nails; candy nail basic prim nails in monotone 10
horns; illusions grumble horns
necklace; kosh oversea necklace
bracelets; mandala takara bangle

poses; magnifique
location; horizon dream


ah, sales… how i love thee..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

lots of the items i’m wearing today were discounted heavily either through an event or through a sale && it’s a beautiful thing!

the latest store that i’ve heard of to be having a *huge* sale is ricielli — all the clothing, shoes, && accessories are all marked down to just 50L. there’s lots of high-fashiony goodness there at a nice, steep discount && i went the other night (with bff vivi!) and snagged several things for super cheap.. including the top, necklace and belt i’m wearing here in this look. i also grabbed a couple jackets, some jeans, a handbag, and a dress… because… well. why the hell not? x3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the jeans i’m wearing here, in all their bright red glory, are from willow out @ collabor88.. so you know these were discounted too, down to *88L*. since it’s the end of the month (and! trivia for you! today is justin timberlake‘s birthday! xD just in case you wanted to know~ *fangirl scream*), that means the collection will be rollin’ over in about a week or so.. and i made one last pass through to grab a few last minute things from the offerings in this round. i love the color on these pants, it’s a pinkish red and so vibrant that it made for a nice *pop* of color in the sea of black && gray jeans in my inventory.

and even better discounts? the skully scarf i’m wearing was *freeeeeee* from emery (it’s on a board in the middle of all the new releases and is part of a holiday gift of freebies && cheapies, so i dunno how much longer it’ll be there!) && the black fingerless gloves were a dollarbie from hermony.

sale prices make me go all squealy — if there’s a sale somewhere on the grid, you *know* i’ll be all over it. all of the clothing i’m wearing, and a good portion of the extras i’ve got on too, were snagged for a lovely discount. and making an entire look work, down to even matching accessories, with just sale goodies is a glorious thing!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in scene w/ glam lipstick in vamp
hair; raw house willow redux in light blonde 05
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose (store closed, creator is silver milneaux)
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tatt
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in blue/gray
eyeliner; mock cleo soot liner (past group gift)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten (mouth/nose), dimpled (cheeks) && mass of metal (tummy)
top; ricielli deadmm sweater in white (50L sale)
jeans; willow @ collabor88 cropped pants in warm blush (88L)
belt; ricielli ryna belt in black (50L sale)
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
necklace; ricielli silver butterfly skull necklace (50L sale)
gloves; hermony leather gloves in fingerless black (dollarbie)
nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails
scarf; emery silk scarf in holly (freebie)
earrings; illusions safety pin earrings (past lucky chair prize)
plugs; virtual insanity ear plugs collection in oh my goth
horns; favole lorne

poses; glitterati
location; sick

fundamentally loathsome

fundamentally loathsome

shoot myself to love you…


…if i loved myself, i’d be shooting you



skin; curio airhead in moonbeam
hair; shag bombshell in powder
tattoo; para designs dusk leg sleeve
lip color; tea time graytone lips in super dark
piercings; hod bitten
corset; the abyss pruriency corset
panties; sakide amourette lingerie in black
boots; purrfect 10 aphrodite black leather & lace thigh boots
claws; amorous lacerated
collar; amorous ave satanas
blindfold; illusions silk blindfold
tears; porcupine love bloody tears
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french

sound of winter

it’s all in your face
i see you break
it’s like the sound of winter
the bleeding love, the silent escape
you’ve got to hang on to yourself

i am so fucking obsessed with this song lately. i mean, gavin rossdale is *delicious* (srsly i’d lick this man up and down, goodness) && i just… love.. this song. it’s pretty much been on repeat for me all day and i’m looooovin’ it~ haha. so jam with me, kay!

but now onto the actual point of my post… a lotd!


with the turning of 2012, i’ve made myself a couple sl-resolutions that i’m hoping i can actually keep up with. one.. is to get my inventory in better order. i’ve got it all organized in folders && subfolders && subfolders of subfolders, but. there’s a lot of old things shoved away in there that i just don’t wear anymore. i don’t have issues with my inventory loading *knocks on wood* or items disappearing.. or with taking snapshots yet due to the number of items i’m hoarding, but i definitely need to do some boxing and deleting. it’s tough, though! i’ve gotten rid of a good 5-6k today alone && it’s takin’ some serious willpower to figure out what i want to keep and what i know i won’t wear anymore.

the other resolution i’ve made.. is to actually wear the things i keep. i always forget what i have and/or it’s pushed to the bottom of my inventory when i come across new releases that i must have. and even if it’s a li’l older, there are some things in my inventory that i bought and wore once (or, even worse, bought and *never* even wore!) that def need some loving. case in point.. this pigtail hair i’ve got on today from lelutka. it came out for hair fair over the summer and i blogged it once && haven’t worn it since. and it’s a *shame* ’cause this hair is soooo cute. i rediscovered it today while organizing and i can’t believe i let this cute ‘do sit in my inventory untouched for so long.

bad, bad vixxie.


but that doesn’t mean *all* imma blog is older stuff i’ve found in the dredges of my inventory, lolol~ in fact, i’ve got two *new* things on today just to make up for it. ;p the plaid shirt i’m wearing is a new(-ish?) release from ronsem that i saw on the feeds && immediately went to snag for myself. aaaaand the mini skirt i’m wearing is out @ the dressing room by ricielli (and is all of *70L*). it’s mesh and studded and ripped and wonderful. it’s nice && short without being too short.. and the price coupled with the fact that it’s mesh.. there’s really no way i could resist it.

there are lots of discounted goodies, as always, at the dressing rooms.. but this round seemed to be particularly sweet. which was bad for my new years resolutions, but awesome for my need to have all the things. it’s a catch-22~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ sheer balm in bite
hair; lelutka angela in powder
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6 (stumblebum item!)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
top; ronsem work shirt in black
skirt; ricielli @ the dressing room denim miniskirt in black
socks; league thermal stockings in dark grey
boots; ju kboots in black
gloves; c.smit satin gloves in black
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses (srsly cannot take these off)
horns; illusions nivicola mystica horns
knife; virtual insanity the knife legband

poses; fayse
location; sinners heaven

wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

happy halloween! ahh, my favorite holiday of the year! \o/ i’ve been listening to these two songs all day, pretty much on repeat. *dances like the zombies* and i seriously need to watch hocus pocus at least once before tonight is over..

anyway~ x3

bff vivi && i were definitely in the spirit of halloween today, so i’ve got *two* sets of looks to show off to you. one set of more.. costumed looks, and one set of something casual. but both are awesome, so let us begin!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

while not exactly.. halloween, vivi && i sorta took to “día de los muertos” inspired looks.. which is around halloween but definitely not the same holiday. still, i’d seriously rock the sugar skull look for halloween if i was more talented in the ways of costume makeup irl, but i can do it in sl so easily! 8D

vivienne went with a skin from pink fuel that was out last year, that is just as awesome now as it was back then. the detail on the face is gorgeous && as always, has the lovely skintone and shading and quality that we both love pf for.

but we still halloween’d it up && did more stylized, costume looks rather than trying to go for authentic day of the dead attire.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my skin still has that skull feel, but is from nuuna’s instead && ohhh boy. can you see how amazing it is? i hope you can, because it is. and you can see the contrast between my skin && vivi’s, black and white and then colorful, and how both still work for the looks we’re going for. vivi is more.. sylvia ji, while i went darker and more “typically” halloween.

we’re both wearing goodies from sakide, too! vivi’s blood-stained dress && my corset and lace top are both from sakide. and if you *still* need something to wear to a halloween get together in sl, sakide is seriously the first stop you should make. there is an entire shack outside the main store that’s full of new halloween-y stuffs, including both vivi’s dress && the outfit that includes my corset, as well as mini dresses.. jeans… tattoos… even full witch costumes that are ridiculously adorable.

anddd.. the second looks!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

not only is it a holiday, but it’s *also* been quite a while since bff vivi posed with me for blog pictures. and even though her outfit doesn’t exactly scream halloween.. it was far too cute not to photograph. and! it worked quite well for the halloween-inspired poses we’re using. so it’s win-win. :3

her top is from blah and going into that store is like going into cute overload. *so* many cute designs on tees and accessories, it was enough to put me into sugar shock without the aid of a pillowcase full of candy. xP and my top, in a very appropriate shade of orange, is from epic.. one of my all-time faves for clothes && for fantasy bits and bobs.

but the poses are the real stars.. the knife pose, which cracked us both up the first time we hopped on the pose balls, is out @ ploom (i think for project themeory? so hurry if you want it!) and the standing pose is from magnifique which is actually made for a good vs bad.. angelic and devilish costumed look. both amusing for halloween-ish photoshoots and, as evidenced by the second photo up there, for non-halloween related pics too~

sooo! i hope y’all have a supremely creepy halloween! watch scary movies && wolf down the candy, ’cause i know that’s *exactly* what i’ll be doing this evening..

look one:
on vixxie (white hair) ::
skin; nuuna’s calavera skin
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 fight in white 05
tattoo; para designs the written word
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night (past group gift)
piercings; hod bump in the night
corset && lace; sakide raven gown corset (part of a dress)
skirt; pixeldolls velvet skirt in black (not sure if this is still available, but there are similar skirts there!)
collar; cobrahive metaru collar
horns; illusions grumble horns
wings; ni.ju glow dragon wings in cyber web (past lucky chair prize)
bracelet; hod the crosary bracelet

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; pink fuel dia de los muertos (rose)
hair; ploom asch
eyes; repulse rage eyes
dress; sakide bloody allure dress
heels; g field strap shoes alex in red
necklace; hod the crosary
nails; love soul prim nails cracks in long
hair accessories; sauce @ collabor88 pin up roses

look two:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in misery
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 fight in blonde 02
tattoo; para designs the written word
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night (past group gift)
piercings; hod bump in the night
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
top; epic basic open striped henley in rusty
jeans; moloko jeans black in torn
shoes; haut monde maizi flats in gray plaid
bracelet; hod the crosary bracelet
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
necklace; loulou&co little bat necklace (zombie popcorn hunt prize)

on vivienne (black hair) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in fauntastic
hair; ploom asch
eyes; insufferable dastard vip gift 13 (group gift)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
top; blah my cozy cute shirt in black sheep
jeans; zaara classic jeans in indigo
shoes; teefy stripey bw flats
glasses; epic cute nerdy glasses in black

poses (first look pics); glitterati && marukin
poses (second look pics); magnifique && ploom

oh hay~

so it’s been two weeks && i am all.. refreshed and rejuvenated. true, my break was a li’l longer than anticipated, but! it was just was i needed. i’m excited to get back to blogging && photographing.. and i have a *lot* of awesome shit to catch up on.

like for instance…

click to see it larger @ flick!

new stuffies from hod && nuuna~

it makes me *so* giddy when two amazing designers collab on something. it always turns out that much more awesome in the end. and the piercing sets i’m wearing are just that. \o/ aydan darcy took care of the piercings, while nuuna nitely made coordinating facial makeup tatts and oh. my. god.

nuuna’s skins and makeups are quickly becoming some of my faves.. they are unique && always beautifully flawless. some of the looks i’m most proud of from the past (*cough cough*) have centered around her skins and they totally make everything else i’ve worn along with them *pop*. her gothic && pale skins are my personal favorites, but i guess what would be considered as her “normal” skins (though, tbh, what’s “normal” is all subjective — perhaps it’s better said that i mean her more natural skintones?) are just as lovely.

but while all three skins i’m wearing are nuuna’s — two of which are freebies(!) — i’ll give you a better look at the new piercings from hod

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the one on the left is om shanti, the one in the middle is silentium, && the one on the right is cathaldus. and honest to god, i don’t think i could pick one that stands out to me from these three. all of them are perfection and i really, really like the new *colorful* textures aydan’s done. ❤❤

as i said, they all include coordinating facial tatts.. and i’m wearing two of the complete sets. the pictures above where i’m wearing the silentium && cathaldus piercing sets also show off the matching makeups, but the makeup for om shanti is just as awesome. you’ll have to go sneak a peek @ hod if you’d like to see what that entire set looks like. 😉

plus! did i mention two of the skins i’m wearing are *freebies*?! i think i did, but it totes deserves a second mention. the skins i’ve got in with both of the shorter hairstyles (which btw, the shortest one from elikatira was only 88L @ collabor88… omgahhh) were freebies from nuuna’s. the spider choker i’m wearing? also a freebie, thanks to the subscribo @ g field — which is just a *part* of a larger halloween-themed gift. aaaaaaand my delightfully creepy eyes were a vip group gift from insufferable dastard.. which is seriously worth the joining fee for how generous && for how often gifts are sent out. i’ve worn ID eyes almost exclusively since i discovered the brand && i’ve not been disappointed since.. either with a gift *or* with a purchase. if you’re needing some zombie-like eyes, which.. c’mon.. who doesn’t need zombie eyes in their slife, these are a really awesome pair to snag from the group.

get the look yourself:
skins; nuuna’s halloween skin (freebie), skins expo freebie (..freebie xD) && fever
curly hair; truth tess in crow
short hair; elikatira @ collabor88 shine in black 04
long hair; lamb @ collabor88 heart in ink
tattoo; para designs creeper
eyes; insufferable dastard tortured in white (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
horns; illusions sibirica horns
headwings; illusions demon headwings
piercings && makeup; hod om shanti, silentium && cathaldus
lingerie; sakide amourette lingerie in black
choker; g field spider choker (subscribo gift)
nails; onyx wear anti-arcade nails

poses; glitterati


yes, can’t think of a title, so it gets a number. can you believe there are 167 posts of my boobs ramblings on this blog?! i sure can’t.


when i find a song i like, i listen to it.. over and over and over and over. and as soon as i discovered a remix of one of my favorite songs, it’s pretty much been on *constant* repeat in spotify. the song, while i loves it, in reality has very little to do with my look for today.. but watch, i’ll stretch && make it tie in. ;3


you see those earrings? kiinda hard not to, they are massive. and animated. and sparkly. and omgah i love them *so much*. big vinyls on my ears, what is not to love? they are by entropy designs && i gladly traded in my elfy ears for these instead. i don’t own much vinyl in my first life, i guess i’m not hipster enough for that (right, kystria? ehe~), but these make me *want* to spin records. and and and, albums right? remix!? not so much of a stretch, yes?!!



my top && vest are courtesy of grixdale.. and in case you haven’t heard, it’s *closing* at the end of the month. biiiig sad face. 😦 there is a sale going on, where everything is marked way down (including skins. SKINS. teagan && ren are def worth picking up while you can!), but i couldn’t even take advantage of the sale happily. i mean, i *did* take advantage of the sale, but i was one big frownie while doing so. i really like grixdale, the clothes && skins are so pretty and girly and wonderful, and will be very sad to see it close.

at least i have a ton of new clothing to roll around in after it’s gone. ;.;

and my shoooooooooooes. zebra print shoes with *hot pink* soles. it was like love at first sight. ❤❤ these pumps are from nardcotix and the shoe cap is color-change. naturally, i chose pink.. y’know.. for something to break up all the black && gray, not ’cause i like pink or anything ;), but the other colors are just as vibrant and just as awesome. i always squee when nardcotix has new releases, because they are *consistently* amazing, but these zebra shoes had vixxie will love these before she even puts them on written all over ’em.

plus, you can just wear *boring* shoes when you’re channeling some sort of .. rockstar-in-a-parking-lot. amirite?! rockstar with vinyls in her ears and half her head shaved. \m/ O_O \m/


get the look yourself:
skin; laq jennie2 fair in makeup 04
hair; 99 hair kerry v1
tattoo arms; para designs fairy tales
tattoo ears; para designs black skull ear tattoo (freebie)
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
makeup; miamai decoshadow 01 (subscribo gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
earrings 1; illusions safety pin earrings (lucky chair prize)
earrings 2; entropy designs 45rpm earrings
piercings; hod bitten
top; grixdale motor oil sleeveless in basic grey (closing sale)
vest; grixdale miller’s wife vest (closing sale)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in gunmetal
belt; acid & mala white belt w/ pyramid studs
heels; nardcotix shana unleashed in zebra’d
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
bracelets; league wanderer in black
necklace; collisions paranormal necklace

poses; bent @ fashionably late
location; paper