rainy days

with the turn of the seasons, my rl weather has been cold, gloomy and soaked with rain. watching it storm outside my real windows inspired me to bring all those chilly raindrops into the virtual world with me..


i *love* the rain. the best weather for getting a good night’s sleep is when it is cool && rainy… and i really love listening to raindrops fall on the roof. but having to go out in it is a whole other story…

luckily, tea time released this set of mesh trench coats which were *perfect* for creating a rainy day kind of look in-world. i love the combo of this warm brown color with accents of deep red. the subtle pattern on the cut-outs on the side add a bit of interest && all the li’l details (the metal buckles, buttons, and belt at the waist) make this a really well-made piece.


wearing a hat, with this red mint mesh hair && a gorgeously patterned umbrella from the sea hole completes my rainy day attire… and with those, i added in accents of a dark teal. these colors together — deep brown, crimson, teal and khaki — all look *so* nice together (at least, imho! ;P) and really look like autumn to me. more subdued colors, in richer tones, work so well for fall.. and, as a whole, i really like the way this look turned out!

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hat && hair; red mint no.06 in nordic nacre
eyes; insufferable dastard bliss eyes in aqua
lip color; pink fuel elly glam lipstick in vamp
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod lisbeth
jacket; tea time autumn long jacket in brown/red
leggings; maitreya allure tights in cerulean
skirt; mon tissu oxford pencil skirt in beige
heels; elikatira move pumps in burgundy (sale going on right now!)
necklace; amorous suspend in abalone bronze
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails french
umbrella; the sea hole heron parasol in clayberry

poses; magnifique
location; cupcake

up, up && away~

this latest round of stumblebum is so cute. the colors are perfect for summer: bright pink, cool cyan, lime green && a very juicy shade of orange. and with a theme of *insanity*, you can just tell the designers this round had lots of fun putting their items together.


click to see them larger @ flickr!

these balloon poses, for instance, are from glitterati… and oh my god, i about died over these! how cute are they!? the balloon prop is color change and every single pose is just adorableness. what is *not* to love about flying around with a brightly colored balloon in your hand?

the tee, bracelets, mesh shorts, tank top && necklace i’m wearing above are also all stumblebum items.. from rezipsa loc, handverk, e! && dark mouse. the palette this round worked *so* nicely together — every single color reminds me of summery, fruity drinks or icy cold popsicles and, of course, i am such a sucker for that specific shade of bright pink.

colors like this just scream happiness.. it is hard to *not* smile when you surround yourself with such bright, vibrant hues. and balloons, too.. it is definitely hard not to smile when toting around a balloon on your finger. weeeee!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in baby doll w/ pop lipstick in proton
hair; exile @ culture shock groove theory in stefani
tattoo; vestigium japanese gods
eyes; insufferable dastard reflection eyes in sunset (group gift)
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod tv piercing 1 (face) && downward spiral gauges (ears)
tank top; e! alice tank top in candy stripes (stumblebum item!)
tee; rezipsa loc insane in the membrane tshirt (stumblebum item!)
green shorts; e! holli shorts checked in gummy (stumblebum item!)
pink shorts; elly running shorts in pink
shoes; tea time @ best designer’s exile galaxy sneakers
necklace; dark mouse simply dressed sparkling pendant (stumblebum iten!)
nails; virtual insanity ankh nails
bracelets; handverk strand bracelet in crazed cerulean && manic maize (stumblebum item!)

poses && props; glitterati (stumblebum items!)



being purposely mismatched can be so fun sometimes! \o/

not that there’s anything wrong with wearing different shades of orange && lime green together normally…


warmer weather just seems to *need* brighter colors.. the more vivid, the better.. so i dressed to match that sort of feeling with some vibrant hues, but still tried to keep it “springtime appropriate”.


it all started with this mesh jacket from cold logic, which i grabbed because i was drawn to this yummy orange shade. i *always* gravitate towards grayscale, i often find myself picking up items in black or white or gray only… so i’ve been trying to incorporate more *colors* into my virtual wardrobe lately. and it seems to be working, my eyes are drawn to brighter colors.. and this jacket (which actually comes with a tube top that you can wear with the jacket, or separately too! three pieces in one! \o/) came in so many pretty choices that i actually ignored the darker shades~

the soft, sherbet-colored tee underneath is actually a dress from avale that seemed to work just as well as a longer shirt… or, tucked into a pair of mesh jeans like i’m wearing here. i’m guilty of doing this often — wearing mini-dresses as longer shirts — but it’s *such* a good idea (not to toot my own horn, ahaha, it def wasn’t my idea first!). it essentially doubles your wardrobe && i am all about the versatility when it comes to my sl clothing choices.

and is it wrong that i matched my hair to my shoes? suppose that’s a question that only works in second life… haha. i’m not sure if it’s some sort of fashion faux pas to match the color in your hair streaks to the color you pick for your shoes, like matching your belt to your handbag? but! i am in *love* with these dip-dye colors from ploom && needed a reason to use these candy-colored streaks. i’ve loved streaked hair from the beginning (fun fact: the first prim hair i bought was blonde with black tips && ever since then, i’ve pretty much always leaned towards streaked or two-tone hair) and the latest releases from some of my hair faves like magika, burley && of course ploom have made me so happy! moooooore streaks && crazy colors, i say!

plus, this super cute bun hairstyle is out for stumblebum — which means it’s discounted && *so* worth picking up while it’s on sale!


bright orange && neon green… reminds me of fresh citrus fruit. colors that taste as good as they look are always win imho~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in amazon w/ doll gloss in beestung
hair; ploom spunki (stumblebum item!)
tattoo; vestigium japanese gods
eyes; insufferable dastard basics in light blue
eye makeup; vestigium eyeliner in orange
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod om shanti (chest, nose) && lisbeth (lip, nose, brow)
top; avale anelle in peach
jacket; coldlogic combo in clementine
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; n-core coquette
necklace; flightless geronimo skull feather necklace
nails; ey:no colorful nails
bag; tea time mesh clutch vintage bag

poses; y’s art&poses @ pose fair
location; alirium


soooo… what happens when you’re just hangin’ out with a friend? maybe standin’ around on a platform, just chit chattin’ about nothing in particular?

well, when said friend is *vixxie*.. you inevitably end up taking pics for her to blog, that’s what happens.


braden daines probably had no clue that eventually, he’d be listening to my orders && posing for me while i snap away… but ahh, such is the life of one of my friends. 😉

he and i really had no theme this time, i just decided to photograph what we both were wearin’ at the time. and luckily for me, braden always looks good enough to eat (ahem).


i thought we both just looked… everyday. casual wear at its finest. and considering i gave braden no warning that i would be takin’ his piccy today… he looks pretty damn good, i havta say~ like the boy can actually dress himself or something!

he also seems to be about as big of a brand whore as i am — his jeans are from entente, his *gorgeously* long hair is exile, his piercings are from hod (and i wonder who gave him the recommendation to look there for piercings? hmmmmm..) && his super sexy tie is mandala. nothing exceptionally new, but nice nonetheless!

plus is it just me, or is braden channeling some serious skrillex inspiration with his look today?


but while braden was all shades of gray, i on the other hand… am rockin’ some yellow pants!

tank top, jeans, boots.. and my usual ink && piercings… i’d say this kind of look is pretty much what i’ve got on the vast majority of the time. i do indeed parade around in whatever look i’ve blogged for the day, because it *is* in fact my look of the day.. but when i’m not blogging, when i’m not photographing, && when i’m just *hangin’ out*, this kind of look is what i’m typically in. nothin’ fancy, just somethin’ simple.

the life of a blogger *might* be all about the opportunity to snap some pics, and this includes unwitting friends as well…


…but considering my choices in *everyday wear*, it definitely isn’t all glam (lol, like my blog is ever glam to begin with) after the “camera” shuts off!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meloncauli w/ juicy gloss in petal
hair; truth tammy in swedish
tattoo; para designs highroller
eyes; insufferable dastard beach eyes
makeup; mock raspbetreuse/chartberry eyeshadow (group gift)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
top; onyx wear lucid tank in black
jeans; tea time @ stuff in stock rockabilly pants
boots; gos triumph boots in worn
bracelet; hod crosary bracelet
knees; sn@tch knee pads in black
nails; virtual insanity cyber queen nails
necklace; virtual insanity fang yin necklace
earrings; amorous enslaved
gloves; loulou&co enigma

on braden daines ::
skin; tableau vivant noctis tone 6
hair; exile andrej in moonlight
tattoo; para designs mash up
eyes; insufferable dastard snowfall eyes
facial hair; nanuk birken beard
piercings; hod lure
tee; hermony paisley vneck shirt in black/gray
jeans; entente classic jeans in seafoam
gloves; hermony leather gloves fingerless in black (dollarbie)
shoes; jp dsg sneakers multichange (group gift)
glasses; alphavillain the ipcress glasses
tie; mandala smexy tie necklace in urushi black
vest; boom gray vest

all poses; evolve


let me just get this out of the way now, at the beginning, so i don’t spend the *entire* post gushing.

the new mesh jeans from mon tissu are amazing and i love them. obligatory keymash from excitement… go!



these jeans are pretty close to perfect. i will say that while i absolutely adore them, they are not completely perfect. they are, however, as close to a perfect pair of mesh jeans that i’ve seen thus far in sl && i am really, really pleased with them. i’ve not been as excited to try a pair of jeans like i was for these in… well.. ever, really.

my only complaint, though, is that they give me a bit of a.. leg gap. it’s not an obvious one, and it’s not even a terribly bad one, but in one of the pictures below.. you can see the gap at the thighs fairly well. i typically do not have a thigh gap, unless i’m in a really strange pose, so to me.. my shape looks different than i would in normal, clothing layer jeans.

with that said… everything else? indeed, pretty damned perfect. i can live with the gap because the cuffs are wonderful, the texture is realistic && the fit is fantastic. the extra small size fit me correctly in all the right places, without me having to adjust a single shape slider.

plus the new sim for mon tissu && celoe is breathtakingly beautiful. just looking around, i was very impressed. if it hadn’t been as packed as it was, i would’ve posed for my bloggity pics there because it was just that pretty… but alas, i’ll probably have to wait a while until the lag dies down to do so.


but now, onto the rest of my look!

the top i’m wearing is also (partly) mesh, and is out @ collabor88 from tres blah. i really like the fact that the top is half clothing layer, half mesh.. i don’t have to worry about my boobs being too small (yes, too small.. i’ve run into this problem with a couple mesh tops!) and the bottom half moves nicely with animations. plus the colors were gorgeous, i love these shades of mauve-purple-pink.

and the colors just so happened to match this specific pair of coquette platform heels i’ve been eying, from n-core && the wall colors in this super cute house from cheeky pea (which is out for stumblebum!). i love it when i pick something up that not only gives me an excuse to buy *new shoes*, but also makes it easy for me to have a pretty backdrop for photos. makes my blogging life so much simpler!

but the jeans… are definitely the highlight of my sl-day today. of my sl-week, even. i foresee several other colors *somehow* finding their way into my inventory in the very near future, because i like them that much. one small complaint does not overshadow how nicely made these are, at least to me, and as often as i’ve worn the lou lou jeans from mon tissu here on my blog… i can definitely say these new mesh jeans will be a pair i reach for just as frequently~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure
hair; ploom whinxie (stumblebum item!)
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (chest, freebie!) && fairy tales (sleeves)
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
makeup; chelle mix and match in pink/yellow
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod fallen
top; tres blah @ collabor88 ombre tank in sunrise
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; n-core coquette platform in dark pink
necklace; lagyo adriel necklace in silver
bag; tea time world bag in birdy
nails; cheap makeup glitter nail polish (stumblebum item!)

poses; long awkward pose
house; cheeky pea (stumblebum item!)


if i can’t have the sunshine && warmth of spring in my rl..


..at least i can dress like i have it in sl.

a new stumblebum round started the other day, which means new items in some *gorgeously* bright && happy colors. and this top from paper.doll, in all its golden yellow glory, was absolutely perfect to perk up my i’m so sick of winter blues. yellow usually is not my first choice when it comes to colors, but this top just *spoke* to me. i love this shade, it’s like bright sunshine-in-a-fabric && i actually picked it out over the hot pink and black versions. who would’ve guessed that, hmm? ;P


i was actually feelin’ the whole colorful thing today too, so i paired the yellow top with a *gorgeously* colored mesh bag from aura out @ the back to black event, some super cute yellow anchor earrings by intrigue co which are out for collabor88, a pretty necklace from amorous and some super fun eyeliners from cstar. i’ve actually got *three* eyeliner tattoos on, because they were so nice for layering. each wing is a separate tattoo and the rainbow-y top liner is the third, which make such a unique shape.. and of course, add some extra color to my makeup, too~ the nice thing about these liners is that they *aren’t* limited like the skins usually are @ cstar, so you can go grab these at your leisure (though i *highly* recommend them, they are great for adding a bit of extra interest to the eye makeup on your favorite skins!).

i’ve done two rather dark looks the past couple of days, so i thought brightening it up a bit for a change would be fun. and it was, i adore the way all the colors i have on look together. it may be a li’l premature, and i’m sure i’ve said it a couple times recently, but i am sooooo ready for spring to be here. and colors like this remind me exactly why, *nothing* says spring like some vibrant, happy yellow and it makes me even more excited for warmer days to get here!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure
hair; elikatira abbey in blonde 05
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry 3
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
eye makeup; cstar h.b.i.c, spectrum && underline eyeliners
lip color; a.e. meth matte lip tint in rose
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
top; paper.doll pandora in honeysuckle (stumblebum item!)
jeans; sakide vintage shiny jeans in foliage taupe
belt; tea time bullet belt in brown
heels; n-core coquette glitter edition in gold
necklace; amorous oceanic reloaded
nails; rezipsa loc lemondrop nails
bag; aura @ back to black spirited mesh bag in green
glasses; artilleri meredith glasses in bronze
earrings; intrigue co @ collabor88 anchor earrings in sunshine

super casual

today is just… one of those days. i’ve got about half of a foot of snow and ice outside in my rl, it’s cold && dreary.. and i am just feelin’ a good sweater day.


i’ve gotten some decent luck with gatchas as of late.. *knocks on wood* ..and have been getting colors i’ve wanted when trying the machines. this top from addict at the seasons gatcha winter event was a surprise when i won it in teal on my first try. as i’ve said in the past.. i just don’t wear enough teal in world. and honestly other than pink, it’s one of my favorite colors. so needless to say, i was quite pleased with this shade! and the fact that it’s really cute && nicely made just makes it even better! \o/


these *new* thermal leggings from tea time matched quite nice && i really like the contrasting gray color-blocking at the bottom. ❤ and i decided to accessorize with some black bits && pieces, wearing another gatcha item from teefy in this suuuper cute purse, a pair of tied up boots from death row designs && some lovely hod jewelry with both the piercings and the bracelet.

it’s def nicer than a slubby long-sleeved tee && sweatpants (which is totally what i’d *want* to be wearing on a cold day like this), but still *easy* enough that i’m happy to hop around the grid like this for the day. a messy ponytail, lazy boots, and an oversized sweater.. honestly, it doesn’t get more comfortable than that!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ juicy gloss in peach
hair; red mint no 19 in scandinavia blonde
tattoo; insanya your geisha
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten && dimpled
top; addict @ seasons gatcha winter lucille sweater dress in teal
leggings; tea time winter pant rudolph in teal
boots; death row designs lazy heel in black
cuff; hod the crosary bracelet
nails; candy nail punk skull
bag; teefy @ seasons gatcha winter mini crossbody bag in leather black
necklace; amorous suspend in onyx pearl

poses; glitterati


so other than good ole bff vivi && one post where lars bleac‘s perdy face graced my blog, i’ve not had a lot of guests here! i’m hoping to change that, though, and will force ask some of my other friends to stand around and pose for hours with me. ’cause my friend allarik decided he wanted to brave the scrutiny of posing for my blog with me && it was so much fun!


he’s such a gentleman, ahahah~

truth be told, there was a lot more goofing off with arik than there is with vivienne — she’s so used to posing with me by now that she pretty much knows the entire routine. but arik.. not so much. i had to wrangle him in a couple times (without strangling him, which was a task in and of itself), to save him from wandering off && exploring without me while i was trying to snap photos!


luckily, he cooperated with me long enough to capture a few pics. ;p

since i’ve been obsessed with the half-rim eyeglasses i picked up from mr. poet not long ago, and have been wearing them almost constantly in world (and in *several* posts here on my blog, too!), i decided to take arik there for a bit of shopping. truth be told, for all the guy friends i have in world.. i don’t pay much attention to “trends in male fashion” or even where some good stores for guy stuffs are. :X does that make me a bad fashionista? …buu~uuut, i remembered that mr. poet was mostly a man-fashion shop && when i actually took the time to look around there with allarik, we discovered this delicious jacket / vest / puffy shirt combo that is so so lovely.

so he paired it with some basic black jeans from ronsem && some mesh boots that were out for the last flf from fir & mna.. and suddenly, arik looked very … fashionable. ruffly, but fashionable!


but since allarik looked so nice, i had to step it up && look polished too. i mean, c’mon.. i can’t let the boy look prettier than i do! so i decided to match his *ruffliness* with an older tank from surf couture with a ruffly bit at the chest && a fuzzy coat from aoharu.

he && i were sorta goin’ with the whole gray/ black theme, so i tried to match him as best i could with the rest of my look — a furry clutch from tea time, black jeans from luck inc, some of my favorite boots ever from elikatira, and jewelry from amorous.

i think he still outshines me, which i guess is okay. i mean, he is a gorgeous li’l thing, isn’t he? thank you, arik, for posin’ with me! ❤❤ you make a wonderful man-prop. ;3

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in gunmetal w/ glam lipstick in smoked plum
hair; ploom mimi
tattoo; para designs reverence
eyes; insufferable dastard spring eyes in wet sand
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod reach
tank; surf couture hermana tank in dark gray
coat; aoharu fur coat in black
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise jeans in washed black
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black
boots; elikatira secret boots in smoke
cuff; amorous galvanized
necklace; amorous zodiac necklace in pisces (my irl sign! ;D)
earrings; pekka montis ear piercings
nails; candy nail army black
clutch; tea time foxy bag royal in black

on allarik ::
skin; the body co hunter in medium
hair; drot andy in smoke
eyes; insufferable dastard december gift in blue/green (freebie)
piercings; hod eternal
jacket && top; mr. poet peacoat + pleated shirt in black/gray
jeans; ronsem black jeans
boots; fir & mna the orann boots in gray
glasses; epic kyoot nerdy glasses in gray (dollarbie gatcha)

location; sentinel dreams

fundamentally loathsome

fundamentally loathsome

shoot myself to love you…


…if i loved myself, i’d be shooting you



skin; curio airhead in moonbeam
hair; shag bombshell in powder
tattoo; para designs dusk leg sleeve
lip color; tea time graytone lips in super dark
piercings; hod bitten
corset; the abyss pruriency corset
panties; sakide amourette lingerie in black
boots; purrfect 10 aphrodite black leather & lace thigh boots
claws; amorous lacerated
collar; amorous ave satanas
blindfold; illusions silk blindfold
tears; porcupine love bloody tears
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french

irresistible force

i go through phases of loving the hell out of a song && listening to it nonstop on repeat. the other day it was bush && today it’s jane’s addiction. and i promise you, i *do* like artists for their actual music (i swear it!) and not just for the hot members of the band… but god damn dave navarro. such a pretty man, he is. *O* and his solo is pretty sweet in that song, too.


but before i get all hot ‘n’ bothered thinking about sexy guitar players.. why don’t i show you the look i’ve got for today. xD


this look all started with the *super* cute denim jacket from tea time. i’m usually not a big fan of jean jackets, but this one wasn’t your typical washed-out denim. i love the colors, the striped inner lining, and all the delicious li’l details. you see those buttons on the lapel? adorable, right!? the turned up cuffs and the side pockets, too. and this jacket was in a hue i don’t own much of, which was nice for a change.

the leopard print eyeshadow (which oooomgah, i am so *in love* with!) is also from tea time — which is just one of many makeup tattoo layers available. i love nice tattoo makeup, it makes my skins that much more versatile. and while the skin i’m wearing already has a pretty soft blue eyeshadow, which is out for a *huge* discount @ the dressing room blue by atomic btw, i really liked how just a deeper, smokey eyeshadow completely changed the look of the skin. looks more night out with the leopard eyeshadow and it’s all thanks to *one* tattoo! \o/


i’m also wearing some newwww earrings from hod. these gauges srsly make my insides happy. @_@ i mean, hod jewelry *always* does, but these earrings… hnnnggh. ❤❤ the larger ring is always black, but there are several choices (in aydan’s fabulous selection of textures) for the smaller rings. the design is amazing && much more visually interesting than a simple large captive hoop. and of course, it’s in the quality i’ve always come to know from all the haus of darcy goodies i already own. it’s out *right now* for the zombie popcorn brand, slurl of which will be listed in the styling credits, so i hii~iighly suggest you go snag these~

but since i was already wearing earrings, i thought i might as well overdose on other accessories… putting on a *gorgeous* necklace && bracelet from amorous, and a set of nails and rings so packed with bits && bobs from wtg that it’s a wonder i can raise my hands. ;p look at all those beautiful li’l details on that cross pendant and it’s texture-change as well! — same with the varnish color on the nails i’m wearing. they totally work for the overall look i was going for, but the details on all of the jewelry i’m wearing — necklace, rings, earrings && piercings — are what really do it for me. makes you wanna alt-click && *zoom in* just to take it all in, riiiight? ;D

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic @ tdr blue grace buff in winter kiss
hair; truth leesa in swedish roots
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window in blue/grey
makeup; tea time amour makeup in leo
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 1 (freebie)
piercings; hod dimpled && the crux
top; kyoot soft resolution top in white (stumblebum item — go grab it while it’s on sale!)
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in light
jacket; tea time jacket denim in stripes pink
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt
boots; eleanor rigby combats in floral
cuff; amorous hard
necklace; amorous fatum
nails && rings; wtg c+@ nails
earrings; hod dragon spirals
bra; sakide everyday lingerie in white

poses; marukin
location; scrub