start wearing purple

there are some colors i wear *all* the time (cough black coughcough), but there are others that i rarely wear. and for whatever reason, purple is a rarity for me.

it’s not like i don’t enjoy purple, either. it’s the color of my birthstone <3, it’s one of my best rl friend’s favorite colors… hell, purple is even a color associated with royalty && nobility. so wtf gives? i can’t honestly say.. but! this is my ode to wearing purple, i put on the violet just for you~ 😉

plus that song… makes me go xD irl. lmfao.


the bulk of my purple is thanks to this gorgeous corset from fk virtues. i wear a lot of corsets, both in world && in this blog, because.. well. i loves them. but these corsets from fk virtues, which yes i have blogged in the past in a different color, are by far my favorites. the texture is delicious and the colors are so vibrant and lovely. and the detail on the back, complete with a prim bow attachment (not worn), i think these corsets are some of the nicest on the grid.

not only that, but it’s such a beautiful shade of purple~ hopping out of my norm to wear this color? not so hard when it’s as pretty as it is.


the pericings i’m wearing are from loulou&co and amused me greatly. i may not be the most vain avatar out there, but i can say the so hot message underneath my nicely glossed lips (thanks to the *NEW* elly skin from pink fuel that i am in looooooveeeee with~) is definitely fitting. ehe.

and my tattoos…. one, the sleeves that are free from actchio, adds a little extra pop o’ subtle purple to the look. but the second tattoo, across my clavicle, is actually… *ahem*… from fayse. it’s something i’ve been working on, a series of song lyric tattoos scattered over the body (currently, i’ve made ones for the shoulderblades, abdomen, hips, lower back and obviously, the collarbone), but they aren’t released just yet. soon though! \o/ i’m excited!

of course, once they are fully released, i’ll blog all about it. ;3 *and* offer a freebie && cheapie to boot! woohoooooo ❤


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel @ the circle project elly amaterasu in chai
hair; truth sienna 2 in swedish
tattoo upper 1; fayse fundamentally loathsome (coming soon~!!)
tattoo upper 2; actchio sci-fi superhero tattoo classic (for the love of science hunt prize)
blindfold; illusions silk blindfold
horns; illusions grumble horns
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; loulou&co so hot
corset; fk virtues retro dreams corset in purple
harness; kyoot addicted to dopamine harness in black
jeans; izzie’s grunge jeans in white
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt
hooves; epic fantasy fusion faun boots in bowie lace black
nails; page 3 pretty hands in attitude
bracelets; loulou&co addiction

like a riot like a riot

i know i’ve mentioned it like a billion times, but music really helps with the blogging process. and i’m the kinda person that finds a song && it just gets *stuck* on repeat.

the song i’ve been listening to (and am currently listening to!) is by phoenix && i am so obsessed with it. so you couuulldd say today’s post.. sponsored by lisztomania. \o/

on with the look!


every couple of weeks, i get so pumped for new stuff at the dressing room. i know i always post about sales, discounts, gifts, freebies && cheapies… but TDR && TDR blue are like the mecca of discounts. so many fantastic designers and quality items set out for ridiculously low prices.

and today, my look features several things i’ve picked up from the dressing room collections!

the top i’m wearing is by fishy strawberry from TDR and at first, i sorta thought the design on the front was a ribcage (which, honestly, is why i bought it.. ehe) but it’s.. actually not. i’m not sure *what* exactly the design is supposed to be, lulz, but the top itself is really cute! the part across the boobies is actually a prim, giving a lot of depth to what could be a flat clothing-layer only. and plus, you could technically cam down my shirt with the prim piece on. y’know, if you wanted to. 😉

my eyes && lashes too are from TDR, by glam affair and glow studio. glow studio always has lots of goodies set out and these lashes are delicious. they were *so* easy to fit (and lashes are one of the things i have most trouble with ;/) and i love how dramatic, but realistic, they look.

and the eyes.. oh goodness. it’s no secret that my eye color of choice is blue, but my *favorite* color for eyes is icy, frosty, so-light-it’s-almost-white sorta blue. like fiona apple blue and these eyes from glam affair are that exactly. <333


my piercings today are a *new* release from hod. the lovely adyan darcy just keeps releasing more && more amazing jewelry and these piercings… i want to hump them. the set i’m wearing is called bump in the night (loooooove the name, too!) and even though my hair is covering it, there’s four eyebrow rings included in the set, too. there are two other, different piercing sets out as well and an exclusive fatpack of all three right here if you’re interested~

the bracelets i’m wearing, along with my cute orange nails, are from my mall-mates edge grafica && pulcino. the bracelets are *free* and the nails are from a 5L gatcha, both incredibly good deals and very nicely made. i love the safety pin detail on the bracelets and… really.. i think i own *all* of pulcino’s glove-layer nails. i’m a sucker for nails, both prim & glove versions, and when they are cheap and well-made.. it’s like a nailgasm for me.

plus, they’re both in the same mall my new store fayse is currently set up. support for the designers with good taste in location is a plus, hmmm? ;D


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola sunkissed in makeup 4
lipstick; lelutka lola lipstick in orange
hair; truth danielle streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs reverence
eyes; glam affair @ the dressing room stella eyes
lashes; glow studio @ the dressing room innocent eyelashes
piercings; hod bump in the night
top; fishy strawberry @ the dressing room tube top in parade gray
jeans; remy high psy denim in syrim
shoes; duh sneaker boots in bleached white
nails; pulcino gacha nails in choco-orange
necklace; kanival dog tags (freebie)
bracelets; edge grafica 37 bracelet in black && white (freebie)
belt; blitzed classic belt
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded

yew haz such a purty fayse

so! two weeks ago, i posted a quick blog, mentioning that something exciting was in the works for me.

truth is, it’s been something i’ve been working on for *months* now. and finally… finallyFINALLY i have enough of my work done to be pleased to announce….

.::faYse::. Logo

…the opening of .::faYse::. shapes~!! \o/ \o/

see! told ya it was exciting!! 😀 at least, it’s *totally* exciting for me, haha.

it’s a play on words, fayse is pronounced just like face. the name stems from the simple fact that i wanted to be able to tell customers enjoy your new face! without sounding creepy, eh heh.

since i take quite a lot of pride in the fact that my avatar is itty bitty in height, i decided that if i were to open a store selling shapes… i’d sell petite shapes *exclusively*. not everyone wants to be a 7-foot tall glamazon && while that seems to be the norm nowadays in second life, i figured i’d cater to the niche that my own avatar fits into. :3

having a quality, well-made shape is just as important for your overall look as it is to have a quality, well-made skin.. hair.. clothing.. or shoes. your shape is the base for everything to fit onto. if your shape doesn’t look good, your skin won’t look good. you’ll have trouble fitting hair or piercings or belts or prim skirts. and having a proportionate, versatile shape means more skins will work with your shape without having to tweak the sliders.

a *full post* showcasing my shapes (with the help of good ole bff vivi) is coming in the next week or so, but i got so pumped about having most of my work finished that i couldn’t wait to blog about it. 8D;;

but! there is a dollarbie shape set up for sale both inworld and on xstreet (links below) to celebrate the opening of .::faYse::.. her name is jo..

.::faYse::. Jo Shape

…and she was made with another *dollarbie*! the skin from mother goose is only 1L, get an entire new look for only 2L *total*!

you can visit my flickr stream to see previews of the rest of my shapes.

you can visit my store in world at the ys mall @ wyrlsong to pick up some demos (and clicky the subscribo ;)). please ignore the sparse decoration, it’s not finished yet!

and you can view all my shapes on xstreet if you’re not in world.

and live in harmony harmony oh love

amazing how out of it you can feel when you don’t blog for a couple days!

i needed a day or two to, um, *recuperate* from vivi’s birthday festivities, eheh. but while i feel only mildly rusty, i decided to do a nice && easy look for today. something i’d call… casual faun?


my jeans && hooves all in one is from epic, which is fast becoming a favorite of mine for the faun-bits. these jeans are cute on their own, but when you have the option of wearing full jeans all the way down to the foot and still be a faun without having to wear your legs *over* the jeans (lulz, sounds so odd!) makes it nice. plus, i’m a sucker for distressed && ripped up jeans, so these were kinda a no-brainer for me.

the top i’m wearing (that oddly reminds me of robot unicorn attack, hence this post’s title) is from aitui && is part of a sale solely on women’s clothing. while it sort of makes me sad that aitui is doing away with the women’s collection, the sale makes me a wee bit happy on the inside. and besides, there are *plenty* of stores out there that cater only to stuff for the ladies, so aitui selling only men’s is a good thing. the guys need some love, too!

plus, as long as the ears && tattoos stay unisex, i am a happy camper. :B


my *huge* cupcake bling, that i found out about thanks to a slexy fashionista, is from shade throne && is aaaaaaawesome. and for only 10L, it is a welcome addition to my massive folder of jewelry. i love that it almost looks like a large gangsta pendant, but in cupcake form. golden cupcakes totally give you street cred. ..totally.

the nails i’m wearing, i’ve worn a few times before. they are from xplosion && i *love* the rings on these nails. they’re so unique and i don’t own another pair that includes rings down by the fingernails like these. plus, they are color-change and that’s always a good thing. buying something cute in one color is sweet, but buying one item that comes in a shit ton of colors is *even* better!

so i took a *small* break, due to laziness and maaaaaaybe a hangover, but getting back into the swing of blogging daily isn’t that tough. especially when you enjoy it the way i do. rambling about cute stuff && plastering the feeds with my lovely face ;).. c’mon… it’s not insanely hard work~


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; truth justine in swedish
tattoo; para designs leopard spots tattoo
eyes; amacci real eyes in purple (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
fangs; porcupine love vampire teeth
piercings; iced piercing set 11
tee; aitui baseball tee in unicorn red
jeans && hooves; epic low rise mini jeans skirt in zebra grey
nails, rings && bracelets; xplosion gallant in black
necklace; shade throne the big love necklace (only 10L!)
ears && horns; sanu succubus basics in black
tail; pera fluffeh bow’d tail in black
chain wallet; dustarzz suede wallet


so not a normal post for today! because i definitely won’t be sober enough to post anything later on.. this is all ya get for the 24th of august, 2010. :’D

you see, i have a very important birthday shout-out to give. and it’s totally fitting to do so on my blog because the birthday girl has posed many, many times for pictures with me here on my blog.

vivienne tailleur is both my bestie in first life && second life. i’ve known her for eons (or, since we were 5 :B) and she is a lot more to me than just a friend. she is a sister, my partner in crime, the best friend i’ve ever had and probably will ever have. and it’s because of my pestering that she’s even in second life, to show off her perdy face to anyone that happens to read my blog (you’re welcome~ ;)).

bff's bday

so! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVI!! thank you for letting me bully you into taking pictures with me for my blog. without your encouragement, this blog wouldn’t even be here. and then wtf would i do with *all* of my time?

i hope you have an amazing day, because you deserve it. and i cannot wait to totally beat you at beer pong && give you birthday punches. ❤

if you see vivi in world, do not be afraid to spam her with happy birthday IMs. juuuuuust sayin’.

and, uh. to pretend this is a normal post.. have my styling credits.. >_>

get the BIRTHDAY!!!!! yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in candy
hair; truth layla streaked in swedish
tattoo; katatonik very cherry panda tattoo sleeves
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in universe
lashes; cheap makeup liner + lashes #1
piercing; buried basic piercings, septum (dollarbie)
face stickers; pink fuel heart stickers in light blue
tank; honey kitty giraffe tank in banana
necklace; chuculet i heart u necklace in fire
nom; love soul polaroid frame (lucky chair prize)


i fail ;(

do you ever forget what date it is? or, rather, lose track of the date? conveniently forget what the date is for a short period of time? i mean, don’t get me wrong.. i was fully aware that yesterday was august 22nd && it was the last day for the shoe fair. i knew it, i absolutely did… and yet… i totally forgot to include these *amazing* baiastice shoes in my blog somewhere before it ended.

and it has now ended, but i didn’t remember until *after* i’d photographed this look. still, i am blogging them anyway (cause i love them) && thus, i fail. ;(

though! i am in time, i hope, to post about the 50% off sale going on at emery before *it* also ends. /me crosses her fingers…


my cropped jacket && paint-splattered jeans are from the delicious sale at emery. all these sales, while fucking *amazing*, are seriously killing me! i cannot keep up! i know lelutka is also having a sale on skins.. and the sale at truth that i keep going back to… and.. @_@;

it is enough to run one ragged.

however, it does make blogging fairly easy when there are lots of discounted goodies to pick up. i cannot pass up a good sale, lagged be damned, and because of it my inventory will probably implode in on itself veeeeeery soon, haha.


the skin i’m wearing today is a *group gift* from dutch touch. yri is a new release and oh my, she is gorgeous~ there is a 250L fee to join the group but it is so worth it! this skin has a group-exclusive makeup, comes with two lipstick tattoos, hairbase tattoos, lashes and comes with and without freckles (i’m wearing the freckled version). plus, the caramel skintone i’m wearing isn’t even released yet! so go, right now >:O, and join the group to get yourself some yri. you won’t be disappointed. ❤

and… yes… v.v the shoes. like i mentioned, they are from baiastice && i have *no* idea if they’ll be available ever at the mainstore. but this bright green color and the unique wrapped fabric around the ankle… i had to have them. and i had to blog them. and i hate blogging limited items past their availability.. butbut… so cuuuute. i sorry, but goddamn these shoes are awesome.

so while i can’t tell you to run off to the shoe fair to get yourself a sexy pair of heels… i can tell you to hit up the sale at emery && get yourself a gorgeous new *discounted* face at dutch touch.. is that good enough to make up for my flub? ;__;


get the look yourself:
skin; dutch touch yri caramel in soft cl1 w/ freckles (group gift)
hair; truth lourdes in swedish
tattoo; dead carrot you can’t tell i’m cocky
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in universe
lashes; cheap makeup liner + lashes #6
piercings; hod fallen v2 (new location!!)
tank; identity hubby beater in white
jacket; emery cropped top bonehead in gray
jeans; emery denim quarry #04
heels; baiastice damasamba in apple green (shoe fair exclusive, unsure if it’s available anymore! ;()
nails; pepper gecco in black w/o tips
ears; epic elfy ears in bowie studded
bracelet; favole the wandering (gypsy spirit hunt prize)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt


so last night, bff vivi && i went a little zombie crazy and tackled a good portion of the zombie popcorn hunt. the list of participating stores is *massive* and *awesome*, but we didn’t get to everything. which is okay, because it’ll give us something to do for the rest of the weekend. \o/


anything zombie-related is usually pretty win with me. one of my favorite movies of all time is the night of the living dead remake from the 90’s, though the original directed by george a. romero from the late 60’s is pretty sweet, too. the 1990 remake *and* the original were both filmed not far from where i live in my first life 😉 aren’t you jealous?

and so vivienne && i are feeling the whole “they’re coming to get you, barbara..” vibe and are embracing our inner-zombie.

or.. at least i am. ;/ vivi just looks cute. but we’re both covered in *freebie* prizes from the hunt!


almost everything you see me wearing is a prize from the hunt! my hair (which actually comes in a two pack && includes a black version with blonde streaks) is the prize from exile. the cut is really cute and i like the sandy-blonde color, obviously.

my amusing tee is from intrigue && my comfy pj pants are part of the prize from woe. flippy floppies are courtesy of it’s cake, my tattoo is by para designs, necklace from concrete flowers, bracelet by blitzed, eyes from repulse && the fringed bag is the prize from sn@tch.


vivienne is *also* dressed up almost entirely of hunt prizes. she went ginger for her look today simply because the hair, which is the prize from mina hair was so cute. the cut is adorable && the carrot color is very pretty, not too orange and not too red.

the dress she’s wearing is the prize from loulou&co with the other half of the prize from mv in the form of a second pair of bright leggings. the pair i blogged the other day are also included in the prize, you get *two* pairs of leggings!

her necklace is the hunt prize from frippery, the nails are from virtual insanity, her tattoo is by koqstar, the piercings are from ipoke && the pretty pair of purple eyes she has on are the prize from amacci.

plus! there are even some *pose* prizes. in this post.. my half of the first picture, the right half of the second picture, and the last picture of both vivienne && myself below are poses i picked up for free from adorkable, doll && mannequin. yayyy for nice, freebie poses! that include zombies!

the hunt this time around is aaaaaawesome. i mean, it was awesome before, of course, but the prizes this time are just amazing. everything i picked up was worth keeping and was *so* generous for a freebie. so if you haven’t done the hunt yet, what are you waiting for!?!?

do i have to coerce you into it? >:|


’cause i will.

get the *braaaaaaaaaaiinnnsss* yourself:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; mynerva plumkiss in caramel
hair; exile maggie in sandstorm (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
tattoo; para designs snakebite (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
eyes; repulse post mortem eyes (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; mandala takayama
tee; intrigue co free hugs tee (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
pants; woe purple pajamas (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
shoes; it’s cake end of summer flip flop (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
nails; love soul zombie square in red
necklace; concrete flowers shelly necklace (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelet; blitzed legacy bracelet (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bag; sn@tch doubletap bag (zombie popcorn hunt prize)

on vivienne tailleur (redhead) ::
skin; pink fuel ember gyaru in nudey
hair; mina hair puk in orangina (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
tattoo; koqstar f*%$ hipster (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
eyes; amacci real eyes in purple (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
piercings; ipoke deadrose (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
dress; loulou&co zombie dress (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
leggings; mv space invader leggings (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
heels; n-core @ shoe fair cherie special edition xtremeheel in zebra
ears; epic elfy ears in kawaii mushie
nails; virtual insanity eye ring & nails (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
necklace; frippery poisoned daisies necklace (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelets; sigma sani bangles in charcoal (platinum hunt prize)

rock me

so after speaking with the lovely augusta carver (while at the turth sale, no less!), i was reminded of a store i’ve heard of many times && yet… had never visited. but all that changed earlier today! rock me amadeus has some nice separates, lingerie && dresses and today i’m showcasing a few of the things i picked up there!


the look on the left, in black && white, features a tank top and cute lounge pants from rock me amadeus. sad to say, i don’t own many sweatpants or yoga pants (though hoodies, i have plenty of!) so these fit a niche quite nicely in my inventory. the cuffs on the pants are sculpted and the cami (which actually comes in a pack of two with a similar black tank) is just one of those items i can never seem to have enough of.

on the right, in bright fuschia-red, the corset && the short-shorts are also from rock me amadeus. i am such a sucker for corsets, i own *so* many. but more are always welcome 😉 and this corset has a nice scooped hem that helps with the cinched-waist look. and the shorts… well… what’s more appropriate for summer than some booty baring cut offs?

i’m also wearing a gorgeously textured && sculpted jacket from aoharu, accessories from boom and iced, *freebie* sneakers from tyranny and a pair of the adorable espadrilles from gos that i bought in such a bright, summery color. i’ve been waiting to wear these heels && they match the jacket so well. yaaaaaaay~ \o/


get the looks yourself:
black && white ::
skin; pink fuel ember chai in candy
hair; maitreya apple 2 in platinum
tattoo; plastik feathers
eyes; ibanez baby blue eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; kowp envy
tank; rock me amadeus cami in white
pants; rock me amadeus sporty pants in black
shoes; tyranny sneaks in swamp thing (freebie)
nails; pulcino border nails in black && pink
necklace && earrings; iced adalia jewelry set (available for 50L until sunday only!)
bracelets; boom a bangled mess in rainbow

red ::
skin; pink fuel ember chai in fate
hair; truth audrey in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; ibanez baby blue eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 12
piercings; loulou&co kali
corset; rock me amadeus wicked corset in black
jacket; aoharu @ the dressing room roll up open shirt in red
shorts; rock me amadeus ripped shorts in blue
heels; gos espadrilles in fuschia
nails; pulcino border nails in black && red
necklace; iced nadya jewelry set (comes with earrings, available for 50L only until sunday!)
earrings; boom ion earrings in rainbow (subscribo gift)
bracelet; ha! spiked leather cuff

ohay dj

juuuust kidding. i’m not cool enough to be an actual dj. lucky for me, in sl.. at least i can pretend. ;p


my look for today (or, to be more precise: my look for *yesterday* the 20th, as i was lazy and didn’t get around to photographing until it was technically the 21st already.. ^.^) all circles around the adorable new headphones && hair combo from magika and a cute, cute newly released dress from onyx wear.

the hair && headphones are all one attachment, which makes it amazing in my opinion. hats, headbands, headphones, even some of the horns that i so love to wear… all can get a bit *wonky* if not worn with the right hairstyle. and even then, sometimes certain poses or animations from my AO can make parts disappear into the mass of blonde hair on my head. so when i got notice that this hair was released as a combo-effort by magika && cobrahive, i immediately went and picked it up. i didn’t have to waste time trying to get the headphones in the *exact* right position to where they don’t disappear because it was already done for me. yaaaay! \o/

the headphones are color-change separately, so i could have had one ear be pink and the other ear be bright green. which would’ve been cute, but i went with solid pink. plus the star design on the headphones are very cute. this hair gets two thumbs up from me~ anything really that frees up an attachment point for me to wear other accessories by combining two pieces into one.. gets two thumbs up from me.

aaaaaaaaaaand the dress. as i mentioned, it is brand new from onyx wear. and this dress totally spoils you when it comes to options. in pink, i am currently wearing it as a mini dress with short sleeves. but! there’s a long sleeve option as well, with prim cuffs. and a completely different bottom to turn the dress into a jumper with rolled-up cuffs for shorts. and the belt? it is *also* included and is color-change with about a billion choices. lots of ways to mix && match one garment!


the rings i’m wearing are from lacie cakes && are a prize for the platinum hunt. for 10L, honestly, this hunt is a *cannot miss*.. if you haven’t done it, why the fuck not!? these rings alone are amazing and worth so much more than the tiny price to get them. the stones are color-change, the metallic parts are color change… you can even go further and tint the stones on top of the colored texture. plus the big ring on my middle finger has three *huge* square-cut stones && looks totally vintage. totally packin’ the carats on my hands with this set of rings.

my piercings are a new release from twee as well. verinne did *such* a lovely job on these && i love them because they are rainbow. raaaaaainboooowww!! the set i’m wearing, called harmony, comes with two different choices for rings at the nose.. and i know i’ve mentioned before about my love for septum piercings. <333 making it rainbow only doubles (see what i did there? double? rainbow? anyone..?) the *awesome* of these piercings.

so i’m colorful && i’m channeling, perhaps, a very.. quirky dj. hm..

/me starts singing.

“if god is a dj, life is the dance flooooor~ love is the rhythm, you are the music…”


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup07 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair && headphones; magika dejaine in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku give me poison
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in onyx
piercings; twee harmony
dress && belt; onyx wear bellerz dress in pink
jacket; coco cardigan in black
leggings; mv funky camo leggings (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
shoes; ubu porn star xtra high-tops
nails; candy nail basic nails in blue02
rings; lacie cakes glitteriffic multi-ring set (platinum hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
eye patch; cobrahive eye wrap in white (only 10L!)
horns; favole lorne

sales && skins

…make me *so* happy. and *so* broke! \o/

it seems like this week is international week of sales, with perhaps a subtitle of that also make vixxie go into linden-debt. but believe me, it is *more* than okay. when i can get loot at ridiculously low prices to make me look this good? totally not a problem. 😉


so first, the sale at maitreya. 50% off = shopgasm to my ears. the jacket, belt && sexy shoes with tights i’ve got on are all from maitreya. they are but a small portion of the goodies i snagged while there, but these three things were probably my favorites. gorgeous red heels, a low slung leather belt && meticulously tailored jacket.. there’s not much better than maitreya’s prim and texture work. looooooove them~

my shorts are from identity which sadly is closing. ;( but the entire store is marked down (i didn’t see anything over 50L!) && i picked up these high-waist shorts that are *delicious*. really, it’s no shocker.. since i’ve mentioned it about a billion times.. that anything high-waisted is an insta-win with me. these shorts are no exception.

the tank i’m wearing underneath the maitreya jacket is part of, kinda, the sale at tyranny. true enough, there’s a sale going on at both locations, but! there are also hidden freebies scattered across the normal vendors. i picked up a couple pairs of shoes, a dress, some denim capris && this tank all for freeeee~ free! sale + freebies is one of my favorite combos.

and, as if you haven’t heard.. there’s a sale going on at a little store called truth. all the fabulous hairstyles there are for sale at halfprice, making a pack of beautiful light blondes in the style i’m wearing (called seraphina) a big whopping *125L*. amazing deal and so worth the intense lag. remember to de-prim && de-script yourself before you try to go! running around trying on truth demos in a bikini is what i did. 😉

now, for the second half of my title… skins. the talented rebeca dembo of candydoll has been on a roll lately. cute, flirty tops *and* a new skin release?

a skin with stunning makeup choices?

i think i’ve died and gone to heaven~

please click to see it larger!
makeups from left to right ::
cream, nude eye, killa, lila, pinkysh && peach

bianca comes in 4 skintones (the tone i’m wearing is tan) && six beautiful makeups. the eyes are just so very pretty && no one does pouty, glossy lips the way candydoll does. i love these faces (and *hello* but the killa makeup? my absolute favorite) and while i didn’t snapshot it, the body is just as lovely. you’ll have to grab a demo and see for yourself!

a sexy new face && covered in sale goodies…. i don’t think there’s much else i love more. unless, of course, we’re talkin’ food. then the only thing that could make my day better is *maybe* some chocolate. anyone wanna share some with me? :3


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll bianca in tan
hair; truth seraphina streaked in swedish
tattoo; huz loveluck
eyes; ys&ys @ the dressing room intense eye in ice
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; hod bitten
tank; tyranny melon fest in crenshaw (freebie)
shorts; identity sailin shorts in black
jacket; maitreya camden jacket in white
heels && stockings; maitreya allure in red w/ neutral01 tights
nails; virtual insanity basic nails && rings in black (subscribo gift)
necklace; acid&mala messed memory wire set (platinum hunt prize)
bracelets; burroughs gianna bracelets
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded