so yesterday.. how i said i was a big fat tease with the new red mint skin?

i am a tease no more!


prime is the new skin line from red mint && ohhhhh boy. deliciousness all over. several skin tones to pick from, a *ton* of makeup && body options, and a sculpted, chiseled physique like i’ve never seen on a skin before. would take me years to get my abs that toned irl… on sl, much much easier. ;p

and lemme show you these makeups..

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

the first three are on the plain pale skin, but the last two are shown on the skin with freckles. freckkllleesssss! ❤❤

now, as you’ll see below, prime *does* have options for more… normal eye shadow/lipstick makeups, but honestly.. the last two are my absolute favorites. they are unique, they are very fantasy && would go great for roleplay or just taking photographs. i love the super-contoured cheekbones and the smudgy, smokey eyes prime has all the way through. gives you an *intense* kinda look.. squinty, sultry bedroom eyes.

prime also has a very.. mature face. adult. i’m used to the sweet, youthful look that pink fuel && curio give my shape (both of which i’ve been wearing a LOT lately).. but this skin is anything *but* cute and innocent. and i like that. i like the change. i think the face fits the body, fits the makeup choices, && fits the sorts of looks i’d wear with this particular skin. this isn’t the kind of skin i’d wear dolly pink lips && fuzzy slippers with.. this is the sort of skin i’d wear with mecha-wings and a sword strapped to my back and thigh-high boots and corsets and deep, low-cut dresses and.. well. you get the picture~

but these are just the skin makeups, there are even *more* add-ons with tattoo layers. \o/


please click to see them larger @ flickr!

each makeup tattoo comes with the option to wear just the eye makeup, the eye makeup && lip makeup together, or wear the eye makeup with the lips that are parted. it should be no surprise that i adore the teeth-y look, so it was hard to photograph some of these makeups *without* the parted lips ;p but i wanted to show off both options for wearing the tattoos. but while i prefer the open mouth, the makeup is still just as nice with a closed mouth too.

and again, the first set of five = my favorites out of the bunch. especially the first two && last two. when you start accumulating an entire *wardrobe* of skins.. where you could wear a different skin, in a different makeup, every day of the week for a month and not ever wear the same one twice.. finding something unique to add to the bunch is a plus. the first two are just.. amazing && i love them (and blogged the second tattoo yesterday!), and the very last one in the first row looks.. geisha to me. which is also looooove~

the second set of makeups, while they are indeed “typical” eye shadow && lipsticks, give a shape to the eyes that is unique on their own. cat eye, feline almost. and the colors range from dark && smokey to bright && vibrant. and pink and green, like in the second photograph, look awesome together.

so you’ve got skin tone choices, freckle && no freckle choices, dark and light brows, makeup on the skins, extra tattoo layers with options within them, aaaaaaaaand…


cleavage! 8D

i’m showing the cleavage layers here on the pale freckled skin tone && the tan skin tone, as well as the tan skin without the boobie enhancement. i’ve been wearing a lot of paler tones lately, like i’m reverse sun-tanning or something, but the tan is *gorgeous* too. i had to show it off!

these skins are stunning, seriously. you practically drown in options to completely customize your look down to every last li’l detail. moni schulze did a fatabulous job with these skins… and i want to lick her for making them so awesome. 😉

get the SKIIINNN (&& everything else!) yourself:
skin; red mint prime pale/tan no.06 (no freckles) && no.07 (with freckles)
hair; truth jordan streaked in oasis
tattoo; para designs pink rock
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings cheeks; hod dimpled
piercings lip; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
lingerie; fishy strawberry polka tulle in white
collar; red mint studded collar no.03
heels; paper couture suede platform pumps in black

poses; fayse

latex && leather

who says bubblegum weekend has to always = super duper kawaiiii~?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

not me, that’s for sure. ;p

i mean, parts of me are super duper kawaii. but as a whole.. i’m definitely not channeling the cutesy side of vixxie today. and i am totally okay with that.

my look for today is kind of an amalgamation (SAT word for ya~) of things i’ve had in my inventory forever && a few newly acquired goodies. sometimes, i try to work with what i’ve got for a blog post.. just ’cause there’s *so much* in my inventory that i’ve not blogged or even worn in world. i’m a bad, bad impulse shopper. ;( and once i do actually put it on, i wonder wth was wrong with me for never breaking it out of the box it was packaged in.. ’cause it’s just that awesome. i knew i bought it for a reason, after all.

the upper half of my look today is from graves && omgah. i am sure everyone on the entire grid has been aware of this store for years (has it been around for years? i don’t even know lol), but it’s definitely new to me. new and amazing. i loovvveee what i picked up there. lots of leather ‘n latex, kinda goth.. kinda bdsm.. kinda sci-fi… all wrapped up into full outfits of ridiculous sexiness.

click to see it larger @ flickr!
seriously, do it. larger is betterrrrr~ especially for this picture!

and yes, i am a big tease. big fat tease. the skin i’m wearing is *new* from red mint && i know, i’ve basically covered it all up in this look. but! a full show off/review is comin’, i’m workin’ on it, but i could not wait to wear it. it seemed rather fitting for this look, considering the shit ton of makeup options you get with this skin. the body is incredible, too, but. i’ll keep my mouth shut on that until i can show it off better. 😉

and! yeah, bubblegum weekends and all, i couldn’t resist adding just a sliver of cute in my look. the hair i’m wearing is also *new* from wasabi pills… and srsly, this store kills me with cute hair. spiral-y pigtails && the option to streak half my hair in a different color?! hells yeah, i needed it. and in a pretty pink like this, y’know, not only was it fitting for the challenge but fitting for me as a whole. as much as i likes the uber-white blonde hair, i likes me some pink hair too. and the occasional black. and brown is a pretty color too, though so is a nice dark auburn, and i’d definitely rock some purple hair… /me trails off

get the look yourself:
skin; red mint prime in pale w/ makeup no.02
hair; wasabi pills ryoko in jellyfish
tattoo upper; virtual insanity anatomy
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tattoo
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
makeup 1; cheap makeup gutter liner
makeup 2; boom liquid glaze lashed in hot pink
ears; illusory elven ears a4
mask; n1co teaser
shrug; graves paradox 03 in black
latex undershirt; graves defence
pants; luck inc leather pant lowcut in fleur
belt; chuculet low waist leather belt in black/silver
boots; the abyss stompers in black
nails; mandala milky way nails in gaga black
necklace; hod fallen v2

poses; studio sidhe
location; fairlight


it may not be your birthday (or it could be, i dunno!), but at least you can celebrate like it is! \o/

aikea rieko of the plastik is always *incredibly* generous with gifts.. and so generous, in fact, that she even gave out prezzies on her own birthday. and the gifts, either from the group or through the subscribo, are so ridiculously amazing that bff vivi && i had wee heart attacks while unpacking it all.

absolutely everything in the pics below that’s from plastik were *free*. 8D wonderfully free. if you haven’t slapped the subscribomatic or joined the group, what on earth are you waiting for?! i’ve no clue how long either gift will be available, so go. go right now. gogogogoogogogogo! >;O

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (white hair):
skin; plastik ataciara elven muted cumulus in stargazer (subscribo/group gift)
hair; magika blind in white (sale!)
tattoo; collisions quoth the raven
makeup; soleil running mascara
lip color; pididdle i have a secret
ears; plastik elven ears secret garden (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; hod bitten v3
corset; plastik ambrice corset in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda capri (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in depths (subscribo/group gift)
heels; nardcotix absinthe in black/white (past gift)
bracelets; acide enlace moi
ring; virtual insanity sub rosa ring
nails; love soul silver french dark color in blue
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara elven nautical in smudge (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom sysca 2 in black out (sale!)
tattoo; para designs apocolypse
makeup; dead apple’s little shop clown a3
eyes; plastik jerusalem in frozen (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik boudoir dress in seq (subscribo/group gift)
stockings; n-core tights in dark seam 2 (freebie)
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
necklace; loulou&co ling ling
nails; a&a fashion metal nails
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; olive juice

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; mynerva plumkiss in caramel
hair; ploom kisha
eyes; plastik vae collection in mermaid (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs mystical
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
piercings; hod cast off
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
top; plastik ambrice scant in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
skirt; plastik aeda mini split in stark (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in dark aqua (subscribo/group gift)
heels; gos platform pumps in just black
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
sock; sassy kitty missmatch high knee warmers in white

poses; jumphearts (group gifts)

on vivienne (black hair):
skin; laq olivia in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom fluffcake in black out (sale!)
eyes; l.fauna charm eyes in rainbow
tattoo; para designs salvation
makeup; miamai deco shadow
lip tattoo; buyme black heart lipstick
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && snake
necklace; hod the crosary
jeans; plastik aeda capri in noir (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik koahkuma in gray (subscribo/group gift)
heels; n-core coquette
nails; mandala milky way nails in white

poses; studio sidhe

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (light hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; lamb wild nothing in washed out
eyes; plastik oni collection in lilac && cloudless (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 1; plastik drown tattoo (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 2; huz arm bands (old project donate item; unsure if it’s available anymore! ;( )
makeup; nuuna cast off makeup (part of a hod piercing set)
piercings; acide mike
necklace; @ the gatcha festival thoreau necklace in bronze
top; plastik prototype top torn low in dots (subscribo/group gift)
corset; plastik ambrice corset in willow ruffle (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in moss (subscribo/group gift)
boots; elikatira secret boots in umber
belt; pepper basti belt
armband; loulou&co willow

poses; long awkward pose

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in melody (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom amerlee
eyes; plastik jaded collection in grass (subscribo/group gift)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
tattoo; plastik painted tops tattoo in lalea (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
necklace && bracelet; league wanderer in black
jeans; plastik aeda slacks flare in nautical (subscribo/group gift)
top; plastik ezerach top in summer (subscribo/group gift)
shoes; fir & mna @ the gatcha festival the twine shoes in green/white
nails; mandala milky way nails in sun gold

poses; porcupine love

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue coy in stefani mix
eyes; plastik vae collection in looking glass && beam (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; soleil faerie fuck
makeup; plastik ataciara makeup in body freckles && smudgy shadow (subscribo/group gift)
face/body tattoo; plastik atoma full demon fades (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
choker; red mint studded collar no.05
dress; plastik lungless symphony in wings of angels (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic fantasy fushion faun boots in bowie laced
bracelet; finesmith swirl b&w
horns; k.p. shadow faun

poses; olive juice

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in hymn (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; maitreya apple 2 in pitch
eyes; plastik light collection in whizz (subscribo/group gift)
face tattoo; plastik atoma face (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs beautiful bouquet
piercings; hod sideswept
necklace; loulou&co zombie (old hunt prize)
dress; plastik lungless symphony in blinding light (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic socked faun legs
nails; love soul marina long

poses; adorkable

location for all pics; two sisters

gatcha gatcha

the gatcha festival @ albero is open again && i have been soooo looking forward to it. i picked up so many adorable things last year (and discovered a lot of new stores, too!), so when i saw on flickr that it was reopening.. i was super excited to visit again and throw my lindens into the machines.

lots of awesome stuffs this year \o/ and i packed on many of my new goodies for my look today~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

let’s see… my earrings, necklace, ring… shoes, anklet && tank are *all* from the gatcha festival. and yaayz for me, i seem to have fairly decent luck when it comes to gatchas because all of the items i got seemed to go together pretty well. at least, i think so~ ;p

the tank, which is by teefy, i actually bought many of. not trying to get any color in particular, but just because… cute, inexpensive tanks? helloooooo, i need you. they come with the chest prim && prim ruffles too for the shoulders that i decided not to wear… simply because my feather earrings and the extra ruffles didn’t seem to get along very well. and i *love* these earrings; i have a thing for feather earrings. and feather earrings that were 25L a try from make me love them even more. especially since the pair i’m wearing are one of the rare colors!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’m *also* wearing some freebies today, too! the hair && hat combo is from the latest subscribo gift by lelutka and ooomgah. loves. ❤❤ the gift comes with an entire ensemble too, but this haaaaaair. how adorable, right?! it comes in a nice selection of colors, one of which is my preferred shade of blonde (winning!), and the fact that it’s free just makes it that much better. plus, there’s a fatpack of hair as a gift when you join the subscribo.. if you’re like me && never joined it for whatever reason. dunno how or why i missed that, but yay for more new hair!

and the piercings are free too, from ni.ju. the other day, bff vivi && i were stalking the lucky chairs at the mainstore, the letters switch out often and several of the boards have wings as prizes. pretty, colorful wings. i have an entire wardrobe of wings now thanks to vitani jun. ;D but this freebie is actually set out @ a newly opened mall location and where ever there are free piercings… i will be there. they are cute && were really easy to fit.. and did i mention they were freeeeeeeeee?!

now, while i’m pleased with my haul from the gatchas… there are still a pair of rainbow twine shoes from fir & mna with my name on it. so if you’ll ‘scuse me, i’ll be in hyssop.. tossing lindens into the gatcha until it gives me the shoes i want! /me shakes a fist

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic lien buff in lotus4b
hair; lelutka breeze in sweeden (subscribo gift – in history!)
tattoo upper; para designs color of love
tattoo lower; para designs cherries (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
makeup; mock borealis night shadow (past group gift)
lip color; rozena dolly lip in tomato w/ teeth (it’s all mia pow‘s fault that i am OBSESSED with these now!)
earrings; @ the gatcha festival feather earrings in peacock
piercings; ni.ju izm mall snake bites (freebie)
top; teefy @ the gatcha festival summer ruffle cami in beam
shorts; mon tissu greta in dark
necklace; owl toast @ the gatcha festival surfer necklace
shoes; fir & mna @ the gatcha festival the twine shoes in white/gray
cuff; naminoke @ the gatcha festival anklet #6
ring; pestle & twig @ the gatcha festival plastic rose ring in pink
nails; pulcino girly dot nail in pink/gray

poses; glitterati
location; cupcakes

summertime hunt madness

i have been working on this post for days. daaaaaaaaays and days and days and days! it’s hard to mesh schedules with bff vivi sometimes… with jobs && real life commitments (whatever those are..).. and of course, i have to let her spend time with her boooooooyfrieeenddd (lolololol ;p). but we finally got around to it, i finally got the pictures all cropped and shit, and i have one *epic* post to show off some of our fave freebies from several of the hunts going on right now.

since there are so many items && lots’a pics.. i’m just gonna stop my rambling here. items will be marked if they are hunt prizes && you can find more info on the hunts vivienne and i participated in here:
the seasons hunt
skull n bones : the pirate hunt
the greedy hunt
the waffle fox hunt

enjoy lookin’ at our loot ;p and good luck huntin’~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in daze1
hair; truth lacey streaked in swedish
tattoo; actchio realm of the gods (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green (group gift)
makeup; cheap makeup an indie summer (hunt prize)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && bull’s ring
top; nyte ‘n’ day layering tank in gray
skirt; so many styles summer beach skirt (hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
bracelet; duh colors of summer (hunt prize)
necklace; finesmith wild necklace
hair accessory; clawtooth fancy pants hair flower (hunt prize)

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq olivia in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; truth orchid in crow
tattoo; damned ureshii
eyes; plastik vaecoll in fool (subscribo gift)
makeup; chelle glamorpuss
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
earrings; pididdle coral earring (hunt prize)
top; sur+ creamsicle bodysuit (hunt prize)
shorts; the secret store summer beach shorts in coral (hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
bangles; grixdale summer bangles in sunrise
nails; candy nail tye dye mix
necklace; caroline’s jewelry sea necklace (hunt prize)

poses; olive juice (hunt prize)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in tease2
hair; truth summer in swedish
tattoo body; v tattoo lucky you
tattoo face; damned funny face stickers (hunt prize)
eyes; faces studio anna eyes (hunt prize)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
tongue; evil bunneh pinned tongue (hunt prize)
top; nestle my bosom tigre shirt (hunt prize)
jacket; coco shirt & parka in check red (group gift)
pants; willow linen pants (hunt prize)
shoes; suzy tartan check shoes (hunt prize)
belt; kristica belt gray (hunt prize)
necklace; collisions goonies are good ’nuff necklace (hunt prize)
nails; love soul silver french dark color in red
bracelets; lagyo cocoa tropic bangles (hunt prize)

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (purple hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; magika natalie
tattoo; para designs rainbow stars
eyes; hoot beachball eyes (hunt prize)
makeup; mozz glittery smokey eye
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; hod celtic swirl dimples (hunt prize)
swimsuit; toxic kitty cruel summer (old lucky chair prize)
jacket; pivaaca linen check shirt (hunt prize)
jeans; suzy loose jeans (hunt prize)
shoes; in her shoes flip flops (freebie)
nails; candy nail birth stone pearl (past group gift)
necklace; cobrahive sabishinju necklace
nom; atypical mouthies impaled toast (hunt prize)

poses; tram (group gift)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in gold digger1
hair; raw house kannibal
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard summertime reflections in the woods blue (hunt prize)
lip color; pididdle peach schnapps
lashes; boom liquid glaze lashed in black
piercings; hod celtic swirl dimples (hunt prize)
top && nom; sassy kitty yellow fruits summer dress w/ lemon slice (hunt prize)
pants; kyoot eibo trousers in white/yellow (hunt prize)
shoes; a.d.d andel fruit flats in lemon
bag; berries inc summer bag (hunt prize)
necklace; primalot gravitation annulee 2.0
earrings; brb freshy melon earring (hunt prize)

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; plume exotica in onyx (hunt prize)
hairbase; catwa hairbase in night (freebie)
tattoo; para designs summer breeze
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in stargazer
dress; paperdoll aria (hunt prize)
shoes; deco meadow flats (hunt prize)
nails; candy nail resort beach (group gift)
bracelet && earrings; duh colors of summer (hunt prize)
necklace; primalot fairy dust necklace

poses; fayse (freebies)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in dreamy2
hair; raw house lauren (hunt prize)
tattoo; sonic death monkey artimuss (hunt prize)
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green (group gift)
swimsuit; o sailor tankini (hunt prize)
shoes; fir & mna the twine shoes (hunt prize)
necklace; jd all u need
hair accessory; croire navajo feather extension in teal (hunt prize)
nom; downdowndown foxing waffle (hunt prize)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in blue

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; truth sarita streaked in crow
tattoo upper 1; para designs tatsu
tattoo upper 2; american bazaar waffles tattoo (hunt prize)
tattoo lower; para designs geisha leg sleeve
eyes; willow yellow sun eyes
lip color; pididdle don’t stop yet
swimsuit && top; tres blah summer bikini outfit (hunt prize)
shoes; epoque season pumps in floral (hunt prize)
nails; pulcino choco strawberry
glasses; bubble wacky glasses (hunt prize)
headband; ancayi waffle fox hair band (hunt prize)

scooter; pda ca plane pour moi (hunt prize)

all photographs were taken inside a hunt prize from umwelt, the tropico skybox.


i tend to wear a lot of jeans… and shorts… and tiny mini skirts.. here on my blog. but! yes, i can actually dress like a *proper* girly~girl from time to time, thank you very much.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

it’s a nice change every once in a while. ;p

my super feminine look today actually is thanks to the adorable haru skirt from rebel xtravaganza. i am gonna be honest && say that i don’t own many skirts like these, they’re *usually* not my personal cup of tea. but after the lovely rouge darcy dropped these on me && i actually tried them on… i realized how fucking adorable they are! how can i say no to such a cute skirt?! it’s even flower print, for goodness sake.. you can’t get much girlier than that. this particular design was my favorite color combo too, surprisingly, because when given a choice… 9 times out of 10 i’ll grab for black rather than light blue floral. but this one is so pretty && i loved it as soon as i put it on.

the skirt is one sculpted piece, which can make fitting it a little difficult. luckily for me, it fit almost exactly right out of the box.. which was nice, for a change. anything that goes around the waist (belts, especially!), i tend to have a hard time getting to fit correctly. they either end up too wide around the hip but fit fine in the front && back, or wide enough around the hip but not the right shape for my waist. this skirt, however, was *just* the right shape to settle nicely on my hips with a li’l tweaking. \o/ having a butt/hip alpha helps with fitting, too. i had one in my inventory from another skirt (the seasons hunt prize from so many styles includes a butt alpha if you need one!) and it made a big difference.

my only complaint is that there aren’t matching glitch pants, which wasn’t an immediate problem with my own AO or while posing.. but. if you have an …*active* AO, your legs && butt might poke out from time to time. otherwise though, it’s suuuuper cute && comes in a ton of color choices.. definitely worth checkin’ out if you’d like to prance around with me and be a girl for a change. 😉

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this week must be, like, *the* week to have a sale if you happen to sell hair in sl… i blogged over the weekend that magika was having a sale && now ploom is, too! many, many hair styles are discounted to half off and bff vivi && i hit up the sale to snag some new ‘dos. i’m always amazed when a store i *love* is having a sale… and not for a reason you might think. i mean, yeah, you tend to see some.. uh… interesting people at big sales like 50% off. your lindens go further && you come home with a ton of new goodies. but, sometimes you end up forgetting just how cute some of the items are that you haven’t seen in a while. or, in my case, you actually demo hair styles you never would’ve thought you’d like.. and then you end up buying them because they are even cuter than you imagined they’d be. *o* i definitely tend to give *everything* a try when there’s a sale on, even things i never paid attention to, and it’s like everything is all new && wonderful again!

i couldn’t even remember seeing the hair i’m wearing when it was released.. but i snagged it in blonde so fast, it would’ve made your head spin~ i picked up quite a few pink hair styles too, y’know, to stock up for bubblegum weekends~ ;3

all i need now is for truth to have a massive sale and my inventory would asplode with hair awesomess from my top 3 faves for hair. oh, wouldn’t that be lovely… *hint… hint hint… hinthinthinthinthint*

get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor medium in twilight
hair; ploom like a pony in swedish (sale!)
tattoo upper; aitui aggression
tattoo lower; para designs cupcake madness
eyes; a.d.d andel love affair eyes in celestial
piercings; hod bitten
top; layering tank in blue
skirt; rebel xtravaganza haru skirt in floral blue/cream belt
sandals; maitreya flip flops in lucid w/ boho anklets
ring; addiction butterfly freedom ring
hair clip; addiction butterfly freedom hair accessory
nails; mandala basic skin nails (only 99L on the marketplace!)
necklace; pixelmode pearl necklace (subscribo gift)
scarf; emery @ the dressing room blue silk scarf in holly salmon

poses; long awkward pose
location; faery magic

yes, that’s my butt

new poses out @ fayse!

fayse ~ yes, that's my butt...


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totally casual

i’ve been *so* busy the last few days working on an epic blog post for either tomorrow or monday that i haven’t had much time to do any blogging in the meantime. 😦 sad face.

so i decided to make the time to blog a suuuuuuuuper easy && casual look for today, just in time for bubblegum weekend. \o/ i totally did not forget this week, go me~~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

jeans, tank top && sneaks.. doesn’t get much more casual than that. ;p

my tank is actually a *freebie* from boom @ their store on the juicy sim. how fitting, considering the design on the tank. eh heh. but it’s adorable, just as are most of the things i’ve picked up from boom, and it’s piiiink. a lovely shade of pink at that! i am sure the color choice was not by accident *ahem* but lucky for me, i likes the pink.

and my jeans.. okay, i know i’ve blogged ’em once already. isn’t it, like, a blogging sin to wear the same pair o’ pants twice in seven days? i’m sure i’m breaking some kind of unwritten rule, but i changed the cuffs okay!? and besides, these jeans from zaara have been glued to my tiny butt in the last several days anyway. they are so nicely made, they kinda trump most of the jeans in my sl-wardrobe. :s plus they make my ass look good, that is all that matters in the end.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the dark pink hair i’m wearing (which, yeah, i realize looks kinda red in the photographs..) is from magika and.. in case you weren’t aware, there is a *sale* going on there. 8D all of the older styles are 99L for a fatpack, and the even older && already discounted styles were dropped even lower than they were before. i’ve no idea how long this sale will last, but it’s definitely worth a visit if there are a few hair ‘dos you’ve been wanting (like me and the blind hair, mmmm) that you’ve not yet gotten. ’cause from what i understand, they will be gone for good when the sale does end! it was packed when bff vivi && i visited last night, but if you can handle the lag then gooooo… gogogogogogo!

quickie post, i know, but as i said… buu~uusy. i promise by the beginning of next week, i’ll be back on a more regular bloggity schedule. x_x but i’m working hard on another post, i swears it, and it’ll be worth it. .. i hope.

/me slips the baguette out of her bag, nomnoms, && goes back to work…

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in rockabilly w/ sheer balm in lingerie pink
hair; magika allison in wild pink (sale!)
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; ys&ys @ the dressing room glam eyes in blue
piercing; cobrahive nose swirl
top; boom juicy girl tank (freebie)
jeans; zaara classic jeans in dirty
bag; bonne chance dorothy bag in lacy pink (35L gatcha, in a stall outside pink ribbon 21)
shoes; reek ikat swell sneaks
bracelet; hod nothing’s bracelet (out for la venta eventa this weekend!)
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace (sale!)
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
hair accessory; pink ribbon 21 star hair band (was out for twinkle night bazaar, dunno if it’s still available! ;( )
glasses; miel hipster peepers in tortoise shell

location; love soul


well, not technically nothing. it’s a really *awesome* something

but.. er.. you’ll see what i mean in a moment~

la venta eventa for this weekend includes.. *drumroll*.. hod, with some fuckin’ amazing *unisex* braclets.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’ve gushed often about aydan darcy’s jewelry, my excitement should really not come as a surprise. but these nothing’s bracelets are so so awesome. the design is so unique. i own a literal metric ton of simple black bracelets, ranging from pearls to chains to bracers to rosaries.. i think i even have a few handcuffs somewhere in my massive black hole of an inventory.. *cough*. but, i own *nothing* that looks like these. the curved crosses are designed beautifully and lay on my wrists juuuuust right. and since they’re unisex (and on sale!), i may have to pressure a guy friend or two to go pick ’em up as well..

the matching nothing’s necklace i’m wearing, both the version you can nom && the version that lays flat on the chest, are also on *sale* along with the bracelets. aaaaaand if that weren’t enough, the freebie dimple piercings from the waffle hunt are still there, too. discounted && freebie hod goodies make my happy parts tingle. i naturally assume that it will do the same for you. ;3 but if you’re gonna go, then do so quickly! the discount is only good from friday the 22nd (that’s today!) until sunday the 24th~

your chariot to HOD awaits!

needs a name

this…. this thing i’ve decided to do, bein’ all *non-vixxie* && whatnot.. it needs a name. kinda like explosion wednesdays, if that were a thing (bonus points if you get the reference!), or even bubblegum weekends.. though i’ve been a total twit and forgotten a few times to participate in recent weeks. x.x;

but yeah. totally needs a name. outside the realm of my norm is a thing now damnit && it needs a name! it’s kinda ended up being vixxie turns into a goth for a day or vixxie dyes her hair black for a day, but that wasn’t exactly my original intent. ._. while i think of a name, or try to anyway, i shall show you two looks today in my… “theme”. one of those looks is starring bff vivi, too! \o/

let us start with her, hmmm..?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my bestie is so perdy, rii~~iiight ❤❤

vivienne sorta went on the cutesy side of… of .. darkness. i guess. i mean, her dress from katatonik is *so* adorable (as is everything from katatonik!) and yet it reminds me so much of something you’d see on a creepy, ball-jointed doll too. li’l skulls along the hemline, frilly collar && puff’d sleeves.. all she needs is some marionette strings and some bloomers and she’d be so sweetly nightmarish. x3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the skin && eyes she’s wearing, which are exceptionally fitting with her look, are both subscribo *gifts* from the plastik. i’ve been blogging a few of the other eyeballs in the gift, but sweet jesus — you get a TON of stuff just from slapping the subscribomatic. it’s insanity! there’s many many manymanymany skins (that include a few for the men, too) and eyes, a couple dresses, tanks for the gentlemen, elven ears, and an exclusive pattern for the new line of aeda jeans in all the ways you can wear ’em. amazingly generous && every item in the gift is wonderful. plus you get updates on when the plastik gets new goodies, just an added bonus. ;3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

now if you know me, you’ll know that i rarely.. if ever.. wear a full outfit all together. i like to mix && match and prefer to put things together the way i like it. but then.. there are times… when an entire outfit is so incredibly sextastic (yes i made up a word, shh) that i *have* to wear it together. i can’t not wear it all together.

the dress and the corset and the shrug are all from violent seduction and *unnffff* i love it. i love the way it looks on me. it’s gorgeous and super sexy and when i saw it there, i literally keymashed all over everything. y’know, the whole ksjdghksjdghksdg.. couldn’t even type, i was so in love.

it comes with a ton of different ways to wear it, with bloomers (not shown!) and a strappy bra-top (also not shown!), as well as everything else i’ve got packed on. but did i mention that i looooooveeeeee it?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the sim vivi && i were photographing on was absolutely beautiful. we barely explored and found *two* large castles to run around in and take snapshots. there was a gorgeous waterfall, a ship in the water off of one of the islands, and even a li’l bird guy (in a santa hat no less) perched up on the top of a building. x3 i love exploring, seeing beautifully built sims, and of course.. scoping out cool places to take pics. 😉 that’s the first thought that usually comes to mind when i see, say, a nice beachy spot.. a wonderfully weathered building.. beautiful architecture && creative textures.. is man, that’d look awesome as a back drop for a photograph.. and i usually end up there the next day to blog.

it also helps when said beautiful sim allows visitors to rez so i can plop down some pose balls and..

click to see it larger @ flickr! all cute with vivi! 8D

get the look yourself:
on vixxie (streaked hair) ::
skin; curio airhead moonbeam in fluff2
hair; truth clementine streaked in crow
tattoo; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night v2 in colorless (group gift)
blood; l.fauna vampire tattoo in fed
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
gag; glue ink shush gag
ears; illusions mystic ears
wings; illusions demon headwings
piercings; hod cast off
outfit; violent seduction la morte imp in death
pasties; luck inc duct pastie tape
collar; collisions morphing through time choker
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
nails; onyx wear double flick b&w nails

get the look yourself:
on vivienne tailleur (updo) ::
skin; plastik ataciara betta in song (subscribo gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; milana lacie1
tattoo; para designs punk ass
eyes; plastik jerusalem in carousel (subscribo gift)
makeup; mozz glittery smokey eye in silver
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
lip color; pididdle lost my keys
piercings; hod sideswept
dress; katatonik striped dollie
stockings; katatonik black && white trim stockings
boots; violent seduction debauchery boot
gloves; toxic kitty raven gloves
bracelets; acide enlace moi
wings; favole cawthorne melanic
flower; loulou&co lady in nostalgia

location; annon