ah, november… even though it is undeniably autumn now that halloween is over, and i’ve woken up every day recently in my rl to typical fall weather with cold winds && lotsa rain (damn you, hurricane sandy!), i wasn’t really feelin’ the whole bundled up sort of look for today.


and it has a *lot* to do with these shoes. but i’ll get to that in a moment~

most of this look is made up of things i’ve had floatin’ around in my inventory for a li’l while, which is.. refreshing to do, sometimes. i know i talk a lot here about the black hole that is my virtual wardrobe and even though at the moment it is mostly organized, there still are things i rediscover in there that i forgot i had. it’s nice to go shopping in my own inventory && put together a “new” look with stuffs i’ve bought in the past. y’know, give them fresh new life and all that!


i grabbed this bra from sn@tch, during a recent sale. i *think* the sale has ended ( sorry, blogger fail ;( ) but this lingerie set was pretty and *leopard* and caught my eye. i picked up a few other things during that sale… as i do with most sales. can’t just buy one thing, right? ;P but i felt like blogging the lingerie without doing a *typical* lingerie post. because i’m sure the last thing ya’ll want to see is me in my panties, riiiiight?

so i threw on a blazer, because.. it’s classy, okay? and this one from house of fox is *super* cute. the shape is wonderful, i love the collar && the draping folds of fabric, and it showed just enough of the bra to appease me while still keeping me .. mostly .. covered up. i grabbed for these maitreya jeans to pair with the bra ‘n’ blazer, because honestly? they are probably my absolute favorite mesh jeans to date. they fit in such wonderful ways and the butt is fantastic.. and since i was already wearing some *new* maitreya goodies, i figured the jeans would be a perfect fit.

and yes, now will commence the gushing over these shoes..


hi, my name is vixxie, and i am in slove with these wedges. these are the *new* maitreya sandals called suave and they are amaaaaaaaaaazing. while i chose to wear ’em here with this look as solid black sandals, they actually come with a lot of options for customization.

the wedged heels come in four different texture choices (two are shown above) *and* these shoes can be worn with socks or without. the socks come in eleventy billion color options, too, which made me *squee* with joy. wedge sandals aren’t typical fall and winter footwear but these socks make them *awesome* for layering with leggings and jeans.

when i saw the ad on onyx leshelle‘s flickr i was honestly expecting the sock && no-sock versions to be separate… so imagine my glee when i realized they are all-in-one. and believe me, i agonized over which color to grab. i finally settled on this black pair, because you cannot go wrong with black, but the hot pink raspberry color && the deep red oxblood color also called my name… i have a feeling i will be *forced* to go back && pick them up, too.

maitreya’s mesh items are so fantastic and these shoes are no exception. expect to see them here often on my blog, because they will be *glued* to my feet for a while i’m sure.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel kumi peach in defined w/ lip tint in swoon
hair; dela moelleux in blonde 01
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire in wispy blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod compassion (chest, w/ the heart tattoo), dimpled (cheeks), end of the night (lip/brow), mess of metal (stomach/lower back), thrust (hips)
nose piercing; cobrahive nose swirl
jacket; house of fox scarlet blazer in black
bra; sn@tch wild child lace bra in peach
jeans; maitreya zipper skinny jeans #8
shoes; maitreya suave in raven
necklace; maxi gossamer cross of assisi
watch; amorous @ tomorrow today silence
nails; wtg c+@ nails
earrings; maxi gossamer @ collabor88 handcuff earrings
cigarette; nikotin cig lady in white/black
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral

poses; glitterati
location; pretty island


shake it


my very good friend, kystria aura, has been releasing lots’a new tattoos through her store, kys this… and the one i’m showing here is probably one of my favorites thus far. shake it like an etch-a-sketch… don’t mind if i do. ;P

and lucky for me, i had the perfect top to wear *just* to show off the lower-tummy tatt~

sakide has released some basic mesh tanks in a bunch of colors… and i am always looking for tank tops. i firmly believe you can *never* have too many basics, especially when it comes to tanks — they are so easy to wear && mix ‘n’ match with. when i don’t know what to put on? I search for a tank top and these from sakide are super cute!

aaaaand these tops give you options, too. check it out:


each color has two ways to wear it. the shorter, cropped style that shows off the stomach && a longer, more ruffled style (achieved with a second mesh add-on) as shown in the middle up there for some extra coverage.

i’m only showin’ off three colors here, but there are lots of other colors to pick from. basics *never* go out of style and if you’ve got some funny, quirky, sexy new tummy ink to show off.. these tops work out perfectly~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel alena honey in scene
hair; exile kiss me in chardonnay
arm tattoo; para designs gothic kiss
stomach tattoo; kys this etch-a-sketch
eyes; insufferable dastard gleeful eyes in turquoise
tongue; cobrahive tongue type 02 pierced
piercings; hod reach
top; sakide the basic tank
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise jeans in taupe gray
boots; gos aviator boot amelia in worn
necklace; mg @ collabor88 marrakech heart
nails; mstyle long nails in funny bunny
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
bracelet; amorous bangled
glasses; izzie’s oversized sunglasses

poses; glitterati



i’m doing my best impersonation of a cybernetic officer today.. and i’m really likin’ it. with so much inspiration out there in the blog-o-sphere (mainly thesefourgorgeousladies [edit: oops i mean five!] who do it *far* better than i do), i’ve been embracing my.. *sci fi* side more && more lately.

so raise your weapon (fitting for an officer of the space law, hm?) && jam with me while i ramble about my look!


this look would not have come together at all if not for this skin i picked up @ wear gray for a day from glam affair. the silvery tone made me think of metallic skin more so than a simple human who just happens to be colored grey. and this leah face is one of my favorite skins right now.. it really was a win-win to grab it.

if you haven’t visited wear gray yet, there’s still time to do so! the bloggy link up there will take you to the official blog, where you can learn about the charity wear gray is for.. and you can see some of the *other* awesome things you can grab. gogogo!

so, with the skin… since i was already channeling somethin’ spacey, i went with the theme && paired a dress i scooped from sys in all its deliciously tailored glory with some ridonkulous boots from neurolab inc (that are currently half off in this lovely shade of hot pink!). all i needed were some stockings and a pair of animated glasses (which my still photographs really do not do any justice for — both lenses on these glasses are animated and awesome), both of which are from graves.

while i technically do not have a weapon to raise (couldn’t find a cyber nightstick to wave around!), i still think i fit the part pretty well. now where did i put my glowy laser handcuffs…..

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair @ wear gray leah gray skin w/ lipstick #22 (lipstick sold separately)
hair; elikatira shine
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in flash pink
face makeup; nuuna’s kaia makeup (this is actually the white version, tinted hot pink to match)
eye makeup; cstar envy eyeliner
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; amorous die schlacht
earrings; amorous enslaved
dress; sys lady in pink
stockings && glasses; graves mainframe in black/magenta (part of a full outfit)
boots; neurolab inc fatality boots in pink
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails

poses; evolve @ pose fair
location; hangars liquides

lil bit boho

long, to-the-floor skirts aren’t *typically* my thing. i tend to like my skirts on the shorter side of the spectrum. short enough to show some leg, but not so short to show absolutely everything (if you catch my drift, ahem). but of course, tastes can change.. and in trying out something i didn’t think i’d like at first, i actually ended up falling in loooove~


it’s a wonder how mesh can change your opinion on a garment, hmm? ;p

the skirt i’m wearing is indeed mesh && it’s from sakide.. and i am so in love. i really like the shape of the skirt, the length of it (cause it’s not all the way down to the floor, it hits just above the ankle!), and how nicely it moves. it comes in a bunch of colors if black isn’t your first choice (the light pink version of this skirt is *so* cute!) and could totally work for a more dressed up sort of look, as well as a bit more casual like i’ve styled it here.


the top i’ve got on… which is out @ collabro88 from kyoot, i thought fit *perfectly* with the look i was going for. it’s cropped, it’s pretty, and i love the cut-out details on the collar. a full length top might have been too much… a li’l too covered up. but the shorter hem on the top actually shows some skin && makes the skirt look very.. boho to me. boho in all black, of course, but still lovely && feminine all the same!

a wide belt, from nyte ‘n’ day, some bronze && black accessories from league and amorous, a *gorgeous* wavy hair style that was out for stumblebum last round (that i totally derped on and forgot to blog while it was on sale… facepalm) from truth && some ankle boots from maitreya complete the look. kinda simple, but i really like the way it turned out! and i’m really, really glad i gave this skirt a chance. pieces you didn’t think you’d like originally can surprise you sometimes, in very.. very good ways!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in rockabilly
hair; truth lana in swedish
tattoo; para designs soul survivor
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in blue/gray
lip color; a.e. meth matte lip tints in brown
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod reach (face) && mess of metal (tummy)
top; kyoot @ collabor88 plath blouse in black
skirt; sakide casual skirt in black
belt; nyte ‘n’ day ginger belt in black w/ silver studs
boots; maitreya alexa wedges in black
bracelet; league wanderer in black
nails; mstyle long nails in funny bunny
necklace; amorous simplicity
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral

poses; marukin
location; zaara


i love the way you look at me
i feel the pain you place inside
you lock me up inside your dirty cage
well i’m alone inside my mind

i’d like to teach you all the rules
i’d get to see them set in stone
i like it when you chain me to the bed
but then your secrets never shone

i love the way you look at me
i love the way you smack my ass
i love the dirty things you do
i have control of you


skin; curio candy petal in licorice whip 2
hair; magika andarial
tattoo; aitui sacred pain
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in blue
eyeliner; mock exotica in black (past group gift)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod parasitic (face) && symphony (chest)
corset; j’s lace up corset
panties; sakide amourette lingerie in black
stockings; sheer tights 12 torn vines
boots; slink tall leather thigh boots in black
gloves; izzie’s leather gloves in black
nails; mstyle long nails classic in french
gag; glue ink shush gag
collar; red mint studded collar no 03

pose; siel xpression

it’s a boy

this is a first for me. O: in the entire.. what… year-and-some-months that i’ve been blogging, i’ve yet to have a boy pose with me. or anyone other than bff vivi, even. i always feel kinda *awkward* asking, like… “you wanna stand around on a pose stand with me for an hour or two while i perve-cam your face and… ask you to adjust your prims 9,000 times?! SOUND LIKE FUN?!”, but. sometimes it’s worth it. even if i’m a… boy-blogging-virgin.

/me eeps!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

at least he’s a pretty boy! 😉 just lookit that li’l face.. /me wants to smuuuush it

but really, while lars bleac is some arm candy for me, the real focus is.. and always will be.. me. aha! i mean, he looks nice in his suit and all, but this dress i’m wearin’. it is *smoking* hot. i picked it up at insanya (after seeing it on another fantastic blog) && the long sleeves with the suu~uuuper short skirt make it one of the sexiest dresses i now own. it comes in a bunch of colors and contrasting sleeves, but the solid dark gray looked ridiculously hot. it’s like a literal.. little black dress and unfff, i love it.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and nothing makes a sexy dress even sexier like killer heels. the ones i’m wearing i’ve blogged before, yes, but they definitely deserve a round two. they are from nardcotix && are just delicious — i adore the way the entire shoe looks, but the soles on the bottom are unique (as you can kiiinda see in the pic below!), and the fact that i had an insanely easy time tinting these make them a pair of go-to heels in my inventory.

and this haaaaaaaaaaaairrrrr omgah is from truth @ collabor88 and it has roots. ROOOTSSSS. my *new* hair color(s) of choice from some of my favorite hair designers tends to be ones that include roots.. not sure why, but i really like the way they look. so now that truth is making root textures too? gorgeous root textures at that, where my *usual* shade of blonde has roots now too? soollldd!! \o/

the entire collabor88 event is *amazing* though. i’m sure vivi && i will show off our goodies (from the event! get your mind out of the gutter..) in a post coming soon, haha. it’s just a shame there isn’t anything for the gentlemen out now, but i’m hopeful that the next round will. ’cause the guys need love too!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

err.. *coughs* not that kinda love. love in the hair && clothes department. but close enough~

if you want lars bleac’s styling info, you’ll have to pester him in world for it. which i *highly* suggest doing anyway, just for shits && giggles. … 😉

get *my* look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03
hair; truth @ collabor88 gabriel in swedish w/ roots (only 88L for the *fatpack* omgggggggg)
tattoo; actchio peony dragon
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; twee liska
dress; insanya cotton shirt dress w/ dark sleeves
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2
heels; nardcotix mana rosa maria in black
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
nails; rezipsa loc snowy white nails
necklace; addiction journey necklace

location; annon

needs a name

this…. this thing i’ve decided to do, bein’ all *non-vixxie* && whatnot.. it needs a name. kinda like explosion wednesdays, if that were a thing (bonus points if you get the reference!), or even bubblegum weekends.. though i’ve been a total twit and forgotten a few times to participate in recent weeks. x.x;

but yeah. totally needs a name. outside the realm of my norm is a thing now damnit && it needs a name! it’s kinda ended up being vixxie turns into a goth for a day or vixxie dyes her hair black for a day, but that wasn’t exactly my original intent. ._. while i think of a name, or try to anyway, i shall show you two looks today in my… “theme”. one of those looks is starring bff vivi, too! \o/

let us start with her, hmmm..?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my bestie is so perdy, rii~~iiight ❤❤

vivienne sorta went on the cutesy side of… of .. darkness. i guess. i mean, her dress from katatonik is *so* adorable (as is everything from katatonik!) and yet it reminds me so much of something you’d see on a creepy, ball-jointed doll too. li’l skulls along the hemline, frilly collar && puff’d sleeves.. all she needs is some marionette strings and some bloomers and she’d be so sweetly nightmarish. x3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the skin && eyes she’s wearing, which are exceptionally fitting with her look, are both subscribo *gifts* from the plastik. i’ve been blogging a few of the other eyeballs in the gift, but sweet jesus — you get a TON of stuff just from slapping the subscribomatic. it’s insanity! there’s many many manymanymany skins (that include a few for the men, too) and eyes, a couple dresses, tanks for the gentlemen, elven ears, and an exclusive pattern for the new line of aeda jeans in all the ways you can wear ’em. amazingly generous && every item in the gift is wonderful. plus you get updates on when the plastik gets new goodies, just an added bonus. ;3

click to see it larger @ flickr!

now if you know me, you’ll know that i rarely.. if ever.. wear a full outfit all together. i like to mix && match and prefer to put things together the way i like it. but then.. there are times… when an entire outfit is so incredibly sextastic (yes i made up a word, shh) that i *have* to wear it together. i can’t not wear it all together.

the dress and the corset and the shrug are all from violent seduction and *unnffff* i love it. i love the way it looks on me. it’s gorgeous and super sexy and when i saw it there, i literally keymashed all over everything. y’know, the whole ksjdghksjdghksdg.. couldn’t even type, i was so in love.

it comes with a ton of different ways to wear it, with bloomers (not shown!) and a strappy bra-top (also not shown!), as well as everything else i’ve got packed on. but did i mention that i looooooveeeeee it?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the sim vivi && i were photographing on was absolutely beautiful. we barely explored and found *two* large castles to run around in and take snapshots. there was a gorgeous waterfall, a ship in the water off of one of the islands, and even a li’l bird guy (in a santa hat no less) perched up on the top of a building. x3 i love exploring, seeing beautifully built sims, and of course.. scoping out cool places to take pics. 😉 that’s the first thought that usually comes to mind when i see, say, a nice beachy spot.. a wonderfully weathered building.. beautiful architecture && creative textures.. is man, that’d look awesome as a back drop for a photograph.. and i usually end up there the next day to blog.

it also helps when said beautiful sim allows visitors to rez so i can plop down some pose balls and..

click to see it larger @ flickr! all cute with vivi! 8D

get the look yourself:
on vixxie (streaked hair) ::
skin; curio airhead moonbeam in fluff2
hair; truth clementine streaked in crow
tattoo; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night v2 in colorless (group gift)
blood; l.fauna vampire tattoo in fed
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
gag; glue ink shush gag
ears; illusions mystic ears
wings; illusions demon headwings
piercings; hod cast off
outfit; violent seduction la morte imp in death
pasties; luck inc duct pastie tape
collar; collisions morphing through time choker
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
nails; onyx wear double flick b&w nails

get the look yourself:
on vivienne tailleur (updo) ::
skin; plastik ataciara betta in song (subscribo gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; milana lacie1
tattoo; para designs punk ass
eyes; plastik jerusalem in carousel (subscribo gift)
makeup; mozz glittery smokey eye in silver
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
lip color; pididdle lost my keys
piercings; hod sideswept
dress; katatonik striped dollie
stockings; katatonik black && white trim stockings
boots; violent seduction debauchery boot
gloves; toxic kitty raven gloves
bracelets; acide enlace moi
wings; favole cawthorne melanic
flower; loulou&co lady in nostalgia

location; annon

laundry day

y’know what saturdays are good for (and yes, it’s saturday atm in my part of the world!)? chores. i feel like i am *forever* tryin’ to play catch up on chores, but the worst is when it comes to the laundry.

i don’t dislike doin’ the laundry. in fact, i’d rather do laundry than wash dishes, dust, sweep the floors… but without fail, every time, i procrastinate on doing the laundry until i’m down to nothing left to wear

click to see it larger @ flickr!

well, almost nothing. ;p

luckily for me i had something to throw on! and it just so happens to be cute as *fuck*. the boyfriend shirt is new from maitreya && is ridiculously adorable~ all the prim pieces are expertly scuplted and textured, which is no surprise when it comes to maitreya goodies, and it’s juuuuuuust long enough to keep the bits covered while i hang clothes on the line to dry. \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

if you know me, then you know that i likes to *pack on* the accessories — doing chores is no exception. i’m wearing some awesome ones today, too. ;3

both my fabulous ring && the dangly bracelet i’m wearing are *freebies*! the ring i picked up in a pack of three (yes, three!) at the twinkle night bazaar, from hani. there’s a green and a purple in the set too, but this bright blue was just so perdy. and the bracelet, which has been all over the place is a *free gift* when you join the subscribo @ miel. the letter beads are all changeable && it just so happens that ❤vixxie❤ ❤vultee❤ fits perfectly on the bracelet. wahee~

my socks were a *dollarbie* at the twinkle night bazaar, too. and are super duper cute.

and what makes my accessories even better, you ask (cause you did, i know it)?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

’cause i can leave ’em on when the top goes in the wash.

..what? it was dirty too, okay!?

get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead sundust in pure2
hair; head mistress @ hair fair wind in the willows in pink
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in pink before you leap
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; hod symphony
top; maitreya boyfriend shirt in black
panties; glue ink white undies
socks; pink ribbon 21 @ twinkle night bazaar lace socks in white (dollarbie)
heels; kristica diamond in red-black
bracelet; miel chum bracelet (subscribo gift)
ring; hani @ twinkle night bazaar flower ring in blue (freebie)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in kiwi

love is in the air~

in case you haven’t heard, there is a hunt going on at ricielli. an *amazing* hunt. twenty different pieces, from shoes to separates to jackets to *skins*, dotted around the store for $15L each.

now, i may not be a math whiz (far from it, actually >.>).. but 20 new items for 15L each means *redonkulous* deal. you can expand your wardrobe considerably for the mere price of 300L total. it is fucking awesome!

and you know bff vivi && i were all over that like white on rice. you should be too, ’cause i have no idea how long these deals will last! the hunt is for valentine’s day celebrated in brazil, which was *yesterday* the 12th, so gogogogo and get your inexpensive fash’ on…

…after you read my post 😉 of course.


vivienne’s look all centers around some super hot pink. she && i both made drooly, glazed over faces when we realized *two* of the hunt items we’d picked up were shoes — and the ones vivi is wearing are a lovely magenta. they are the sophia pumps, of which i already own a pair, so i knew even before she put ’em on that they were gonna be sexy.

so she paired it with the maria jeans && la diva tank that’s in a nice, complimentary shade of fuchsia. it’s *quite* low cut, has the always beautiful marilyn monroe emblazoned across the front, and includes some fantastic prim and texturing — something i’ve come to know from ricielli. some of my favorite pieces (jackets!!!) are from ricielli && it’s because of their prims. always so well made and always very easy to fit.


my look was built around these smexy leopard print, high-waist paints. i’ve probably said it a thousand times on this blog, but i *love* high waists on clothing. skirts, shorts, pants.. it always looks sexy. combine that with animal print && it’s very, very *rawr*.

and the shooooooes! the heels i’m wearing are in a style i didn’t already own && i have no idea why. the bright orange carmelia pumps are *so* vixxie — chains, spikes and li’l crowned skulls right at the toe. i want to lick these shoes (carefully…), i adore them. plus in a fun color like this bright tangerine, it adds a bit of a *pop* on the feets — something that i’m guilty of doing *all the time*~


vivi && i accessorized it up with some prim nails (duh, it’s rare that we *don’t* wear prim nails).. hers, by candy nail and mine, by virtual insanity. vivienne’s are all cute && girly in pink with butterflies, while mine are more animal print. what can i say.. when i’ve got a theme, i really run with it. ;p

both of our tattoos are by para designs and the eyeshadow we’re both wearing is from virtual insanity, but while i opted for a more subdued set of *freebie* piercings from glue ink, vivi on the other hand went all out with a ton of holes in her face courtesy of hod.

it just goes to show you that *quality* pieces can…. transcend styles. sure, i can totally picture ricielli fashions in the highest-of-the-high style magazines, but they can still work for two punky li’l elf girls. we may not be toothpick-legged, nine foot tall haute couture models, but we can rock the ricielli goodies just as well as anyone. and for 15L a pop, it’s *def* worth giving it a try. i mean, just for those orange shoes alone….. /me sighs dreamily && gets lost in thought…


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; al vulo miha peach in pink
hair; maitreya faye in beach blonde
tattoo; para designs neptune
eyes; ibanez horizon in tropics && blue jay (lucky chair prize)
lashes; glow studio innocent lashes
eyeshadow; virtual insanity mermaid in canary
eyeliner; mock smokey c eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; glue ink face piercing (freebie)
top; ricielli carola top in black (15L hunt prize)
pants; ricielli clarissa highwaist jeans in leopard (15L hunt prize)
heels; ricielli carmelia pumps in orange (15L hunt prize)
nails; virtual insanity bengal nails
bracelets; primalot keera bracelet
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 02
hair; lamb cinnamon in ink
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; luck inc eyez in golden
eyeshadow; virtual insanity mermaid in coral
eyeliner; kyoot cateye 1 in fever 1
piercings; hod agony in razor
tank; ricielli la diva tank in fuchsia (15L hunt prize)
jeans; ricielli marie jeans 01 (15L hunt prize)
heels; ricielli sophia pumps in cerise (15L hunt prize)
nails; candy nail japanese soul in pink
necklace; burroughs victoria necklace

two looks, 1 girl

it’s not usual that i put *two* looks together on myself for just one post. i usually leave the whole two looks thing for when i am able to photograph bff vivi && i together. but today, i had so many fucking sweet things to show off that.. well…

let’s just say costume changes on SL make blogging two looks a pain in the damn ass. ;p but i did it!


i’ll start with the look on the left, in gray.

now i blogged some red mint goodies the other day, but the lovely moni schulze dropped *even more* amazingness on me. quite a few pieces i’m blogging today, in both looks, are from red mint. i don’t typically cover myself head to toe in one designer — i like to mix && match items, it makes it more fun and more versatile that way. but when those items are as nicely made as those from red mint, it is hard not to want to roll all around in mint-y goodness~

my skin is divine, i love the way it’s shaded && the tan color i’m wearing is just delicious. perfect for summer, even if there are a few makeup’d snowflakes on my cheek. x3 the ears are red mint as well (as is the nom i’m munchin’ on, it came with the ears!) and they saved me *so much work* because they are scripted to flawlessly match their line of skins. one click && i had seamlessly matched ears. yaaaaay! \o/


for the look on the right with glasses, i am giving ya’ll a li’l tease of the upcoming grunge soul project. it doesn’t officially open until june 13th, but luckily.. that’s not too far off. ;D and the best part? i didn’t spot anything there over *100L*. most of the things i scooped up were waayy below that, too! skins, shapes, accessories, clothes — for the girls && the guys!

the brightly colored minidress is set up at gsp by suicidal unborn. i love their clothes && the design on this dress was an insta-sell for me. neon, 80’s colored zombie? oh *hell* yes! it comes with a bunch of different options for less or more shreds and the halter back, for me, makes it unique enough to totally justify yet *another* minidress in my virtual closet.

the tattoo-layer makeup i’m wearing is from damned && comes with a *ton* of options, too. you can wear just the eyeshadow, with the cheek dots, or just a pouty lip color in three different color choices. i am such a sucker for makeup tattoos and the best part? i can splurge on eleventy billion different makeups && not break the bank in second life — unlike in my first life. /me shakes an angry fist at mac for being so perdy and so hard on the wallet

and the sharp knife i’ve vicariously got perched between my lips is also set out at gsp, by delicious. i’m not sure a dagger blade would be all that tasty to nom upon, but i suppose it’d save my hands from having to hold it. and i wouldn’t wanna mess up a *fierce* manicure like the one i’m wearing from a&a. with nails like that, i suppose i wouldn’t even need the dagger, tho..

now, as long as you leave a few lindens leftover for the grunge soul project *tomorrow*, then i say it’d be totally worth it to stop by red mint. and who knows, you may even see me there, burning the last few bucks i’ve got on more awesomeness. 😉


all slurls leading to the grunge soul project will be updated on the 13th, when the event opens!
all slurls updated! go check the gsp out!
get the looks yourself:
on the left, in gray ::
skin; red mint no.09 frost in tan
hair; elikatira mood in blonde 02
tattoo upper; actchio cupcake ponies
tattoo lower; actchio peony dragon
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
lashes; glow studio innocent lashes (past TDR item)
makeup; cheap makeup liner + lashes #6
ears && nom; red mint ears no.05 w/ heart on a pin
piercings; kowp mercury
tee; onyx wear long tee f.o.
jacket; niniko long jacket in black
skirt; khush skanky skirt
socks; league thermal knee warmers in frayed black
boots; red mint shoe repair punk boot in black
nails; candy nail basic nails in pink01
necklace; cobrahive razortag necklace

on the right, in glasses ::
skin; league taylor blonde sunkissed in feline
hair; red mint no.03 in champagne
tattoo upper 1; para designs cute kitty (freebie)
tattoo upper 2; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeve
tattoo lower; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; poetic colors moroccan nights (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
makeup; damned @ grunge soul project queen of d in gray
piercing; cobrahive bull’s ring
dress; suicidal unborn @ grunge soul project more brains tank dress
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
stockings; sheer tights 31
glasses; glow studio @ TDR blue no lences reybey in white
heels; nardcotix gloria wedges in cerise
nails; a&a metal nails in blue
necklace; boom gumball necklace in grape
bracelet; amkr bullet bracelet (dollarbie)
nom; delicious @ grunge soul project dagger
hair clips; lcky demon wing hairclips in black