so yesterday.. how i said i was a big fat tease with the new red mint skin?

i am a tease no more!


prime is the new skin line from red mint && ohhhhh boy. deliciousness all over. several skin tones to pick from, a *ton* of makeup && body options, and a sculpted, chiseled physique like i’ve never seen on a skin before. would take me years to get my abs that toned irl… on sl, much much easier. ;p

and lemme show you these makeups..

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

the first three are on the plain pale skin, but the last two are shown on the skin with freckles. freckkllleesssss! ❤❤

now, as you’ll see below, prime *does* have options for more… normal eye shadow/lipstick makeups, but honestly.. the last two are my absolute favorites. they are unique, they are very fantasy && would go great for roleplay or just taking photographs. i love the super-contoured cheekbones and the smudgy, smokey eyes prime has all the way through. gives you an *intense* kinda look.. squinty, sultry bedroom eyes.

prime also has a very.. mature face. adult. i’m used to the sweet, youthful look that pink fuel && curio give my shape (both of which i’ve been wearing a LOT lately).. but this skin is anything *but* cute and innocent. and i like that. i like the change. i think the face fits the body, fits the makeup choices, && fits the sorts of looks i’d wear with this particular skin. this isn’t the kind of skin i’d wear dolly pink lips && fuzzy slippers with.. this is the sort of skin i’d wear with mecha-wings and a sword strapped to my back and thigh-high boots and corsets and deep, low-cut dresses and.. well. you get the picture~

but these are just the skin makeups, there are even *more* add-ons with tattoo layers. \o/


please click to see them larger @ flickr!

each makeup tattoo comes with the option to wear just the eye makeup, the eye makeup && lip makeup together, or wear the eye makeup with the lips that are parted. it should be no surprise that i adore the teeth-y look, so it was hard to photograph some of these makeups *without* the parted lips ;p but i wanted to show off both options for wearing the tattoos. but while i prefer the open mouth, the makeup is still just as nice with a closed mouth too.

and again, the first set of five = my favorites out of the bunch. especially the first two && last two. when you start accumulating an entire *wardrobe* of skins.. where you could wear a different skin, in a different makeup, every day of the week for a month and not ever wear the same one twice.. finding something unique to add to the bunch is a plus. the first two are just.. amazing && i love them (and blogged the second tattoo yesterday!), and the very last one in the first row looks.. geisha to me. which is also looooove~

the second set of makeups, while they are indeed “typical” eye shadow && lipsticks, give a shape to the eyes that is unique on their own. cat eye, feline almost. and the colors range from dark && smokey to bright && vibrant. and pink and green, like in the second photograph, look awesome together.

so you’ve got skin tone choices, freckle && no freckle choices, dark and light brows, makeup on the skins, extra tattoo layers with options within them, aaaaaaaaand…


cleavage! 8D

i’m showing the cleavage layers here on the pale freckled skin tone && the tan skin tone, as well as the tan skin without the boobie enhancement. i’ve been wearing a lot of paler tones lately, like i’m reverse sun-tanning or something, but the tan is *gorgeous* too. i had to show it off!

these skins are stunning, seriously. you practically drown in options to completely customize your look down to every last li’l detail. moni schulze did a fatabulous job with these skins… and i want to lick her for making them so awesome. 😉

get the SKIIINNN (&& everything else!) yourself:
skin; red mint prime pale/tan no.06 (no freckles) && no.07 (with freckles)
hair; truth jordan streaked in oasis
tattoo; para designs pink rock
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings cheeks; hod dimpled
piercings lip; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
lingerie; fishy strawberry polka tulle in white
collar; red mint studded collar no.03
heels; paper couture suede platform pumps in black

poses; fayse

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