i tend to wear a lot of jeans… and shorts… and tiny mini skirts.. here on my blog. but! yes, i can actually dress like a *proper* girly~girl from time to time, thank you very much.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

it’s a nice change every once in a while. ;p

my super feminine look today actually is thanks to the adorable haru skirt from rebel xtravaganza. i am gonna be honest && say that i don’t own many skirts like these, they’re *usually* not my personal cup of tea. but after the lovely rouge darcy dropped these on me && i actually tried them on… i realized how fucking adorable they are! how can i say no to such a cute skirt?! it’s even flower print, for goodness sake.. you can’t get much girlier than that. this particular design was my favorite color combo too, surprisingly, because when given a choice… 9 times out of 10 i’ll grab for black rather than light blue floral. but this one is so pretty && i loved it as soon as i put it on.

the skirt is one sculpted piece, which can make fitting it a little difficult. luckily for me, it fit almost exactly right out of the box.. which was nice, for a change. anything that goes around the waist (belts, especially!), i tend to have a hard time getting to fit correctly. they either end up too wide around the hip but fit fine in the front && back, or wide enough around the hip but not the right shape for my waist. this skirt, however, was *just* the right shape to settle nicely on my hips with a li’l tweaking. \o/ having a butt/hip alpha helps with fitting, too. i had one in my inventory from another skirt (the seasons hunt prize from so many styles includes a butt alpha if you need one!) and it made a big difference.

my only complaint is that there aren’t matching glitch pants, which wasn’t an immediate problem with my own AO or while posing.. but. if you have an …*active* AO, your legs && butt might poke out from time to time. otherwise though, it’s suuuuper cute && comes in a ton of color choices.. definitely worth checkin’ out if you’d like to prance around with me and be a girl for a change. 😉

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this week must be, like, *the* week to have a sale if you happen to sell hair in sl… i blogged over the weekend that magika was having a sale && now ploom is, too! many, many hair styles are discounted to half off and bff vivi && i hit up the sale to snag some new ‘dos. i’m always amazed when a store i *love* is having a sale… and not for a reason you might think. i mean, yeah, you tend to see some.. uh… interesting people at big sales like 50% off. your lindens go further && you come home with a ton of new goodies. but, sometimes you end up forgetting just how cute some of the items are that you haven’t seen in a while. or, in my case, you actually demo hair styles you never would’ve thought you’d like.. and then you end up buying them because they are even cuter than you imagined they’d be. *o* i definitely tend to give *everything* a try when there’s a sale on, even things i never paid attention to, and it’s like everything is all new && wonderful again!

i couldn’t even remember seeing the hair i’m wearing when it was released.. but i snagged it in blonde so fast, it would’ve made your head spin~ i picked up quite a few pink hair styles too, y’know, to stock up for bubblegum weekends~ ;3

all i need now is for truth to have a massive sale and my inventory would asplode with hair awesomess from my top 3 faves for hair. oh, wouldn’t that be lovely… *hint… hint hint… hinthinthinthinthint*

get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor medium in twilight
hair; ploom like a pony in swedish (sale!)
tattoo upper; aitui aggression
tattoo lower; para designs cupcake madness
eyes; a.d.d andel love affair eyes in celestial
piercings; hod bitten
top; layering tank in blue
skirt; rebel xtravaganza haru skirt in floral blue/cream belt
sandals; maitreya flip flops in lucid w/ boho anklets
ring; addiction butterfly freedom ring
hair clip; addiction butterfly freedom hair accessory
nails; mandala basic skin nails (only 99L on the marketplace!)
necklace; pixelmode pearl necklace (subscribo gift)
scarf; emery @ the dressing room blue silk scarf in holly salmon

poses; long awkward pose
location; faery magic

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