dark side

welcome to my dark side…


…as if you’ve not seen it already. ;P

there’s *new* stuffs from some of my favorite brands && all of it is so perfect for halloween. or, y’know, everyday-wear if you’re me.

the skull-face tattoo && the multi-ring ear piercing i’m wearing above are new as a collab by nuuna’s and haus of darcy… and i cannot tell you how hard i fell for both. the piercing is partially mesh — the long spiked piece in my earlobe is mesh and awesome — and includes the facial tattoo in varying degrees of opacity for both men and women.

it’s available @ the fair event, the collection just rolled over to some really great new goodies, and if you’re anything like me.. you *need* this set. it is to die for (haw, no pun intended).

now, the skin i’m wearing underneath nuuna’s beautiful skull-face…


…is just one of *many* released from glam affair. this appropriately named dark side collection features some beautiful makeups on a range of skins from dark and mysterious to light and haunting. and they are absolutely gorgeous.


there’s two of glam affair’s most recent faces here — both ginny and roza. and each one is stunning. i could not pick a favorite out of these, each one is uniquely different. i love the full, dark red lips on one of the super pale skins, i love the stitched mouth on the darker gray skin, i love the two with bright pink blush dusted across the cheeks and eyes…


these are wonderful for halloween looks (which you already know i’m a fan of!), but could just as easily work for a fantasy avatar.. or something decidedly goth. these sorts of skins are a big part of the reason why i’m such a fan of glam affair — aida ewing does soft and pretty so well, but also indulges the opposite side of the spectrum quite often. i adore the skins.

and when these skins are paired with aydan darcy‘s wonderful piercings && nuuna nitely‘s amazing makeup… it is a trifecta of fan-fucking-tastic.

get the looks yourself:
skins; glam affair dark side collection
black hair (first pic); raw house urban savage
white/black hair (second pic); magika secretive
red/black hair (second pic); magika tendency
white hair (second pic); elikatira shine in white 05
blonde/white hair (third pic); red mint mesh hair no.03 in platinum blonde/white
blonde hair (third pic); lelutka blake in powder
black/purple hair (third pic); wasabi pills alice in licorice
black/purple/red hair (third pic); ploom aria
black/blonde hair (third pic); exile set free in blackgold
navy hair (fourth pic); lamb blue velvet in obsidian
black/purple hair (fourth pic); truth uma in elvira
purple/pink hair (fourth pic); burley zia 2
teal hair (fourth pic); red mint mesh hair no.02 in dark teal
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; insufferable dastard @ cinema classic alien eyes in abyss
ear piercings/face tattoo; hod/nuuna’s @ fair lost souls
facial/chest piercings; hod bitten (lips/nose), dimpled (cheeks), corona radiata (chest)
corset; insanya perdita mesh corset in black
skirt; sakide nuance folded skirt in black
boots; the abyss stompers in black
tongue; r.c. twisted tongue
nails; virtual insanity naboo sharp claws in redrum

horned && adorned

shiny, dangly, metallic and embellished…


…sometimes, i feel like a magpie when it comes to pretty things. i must have them all.

would you believe this entire look came about because i *needed* an excuse to wear these horns? they are from the plastik and are some of the most wonderfully ornate things i’ve seen in a long, long time. the textures are flawless — and my pictures here, sadly, do not even do them enough justice. the pair i snagged, called constellar are dotted all over with an almost glittery, stars-in-outer-space sort of pattern. and when combined with the absolutely *amazing* jeweled adornments, i fell in love. hard.


this cropped mesh vest from red mint gave me instant elvish-attire sorta vibes the second i tried it on. the clasp at the neck and the dangling jewel fringe seemed appropriate to dress in a very *fantasy* sort of way, though i can totally see this vest working for something more modern day too. perhaps paired with a tank or tee underneath and some roughed up denim?

but i took the fantasy theme && really ran with it — using an opalescent teal glam affair skin that i picked up at one of the dressing room rounds a few months back, adding a pair of claws from ni.ju that i adore, some lovely new bronze bangles from amorous, a couple of facial tattoos from nuuna’s that fit for the look i was going for and an all-over ancient text tattoo from para designs.

true enough, it is not the most practical of fantasy wear but… when is fantasy wear ever really practical, anyway? ;P

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair leah in fantasy (past tdr item) w/ lips #22
hair; lamb our deal in washed out
tattoo; para designs the written word
eyes; insufferable dastard mutant eyes 2
face makeup; nuuna’s makeup v8 in #12 && lipstripe 2
lashes; miamai catwalk lashes in twinkle
piercings; hod provocation && omega nose gauge
vest; red mint lavish vest no.06
panties; real fashion string mesh panties in black leather
hands; ni.ju claws
horns; plastik arachzis horns in constellar
bracelets; amorous bangled

lucky girl

skulls, fishnets, amazing new leather boots && a pistol strapped to my thigh..


i’m *fairly* certain that qualifies me for badass status, but i suppose i could be wrong. ;P

in my seemingly never-ending quest to catch up on all the goodies i’ve missed out on in these last few months, i’ve been reminded again && again just why i seem to be so out of the loop. it’s because all my favorite stores, and arguably some of the most well-established brands in sl, consistently and frequently release awesome shit. and i was greeted yesterday by a notice from maitreya that i seriously flipped out over.

the mesh boots i’m wearing in this look today are *divine*. they are new from maitreya and… i must say: even if all their latest mesh releases haven’t been my taste (can’t please everyone with everything, right?), i cannot deny how gorgeous && how high-quality said releases have been. like, even if i personally wouldn’t wear something, i can’t say it’s because it’s not beautiful.. it’s just not my style. their releases have been better and better and better each time…. and these boots, they are no exception. i grabbed ’em in this sand color because i instantly fell in love with the demo pair i tried on, but the rest of the color choices are just as awesome. …and i may be back for these in black because i like them so much. they are scrunchy, they are wonderfully textured, and they are season-appropriate for just about any time of year. love them.


other mesh goodies i snagged for this look include the lucky girl tank top from suicidal unborn && a pair of high-waisted denim shorts from teefy that are currently out @ fameshed. a few accessories from hod, amorous, sakide, onyx wear and loulou&co round out the look, while this super sexy wavy hair from lamb adds back in a bit of girlishness. i topped it off with some really juicy lip gloss from pink acid && by far, my favorite skin ever from pink fuel and indeed, i think i accomplished the whole badass look rather well.

badass with some amazing new boots. i cannot wait for fall to hit so i can wear these with sweaters and leggings. or winter, where they’ll still work with jeans and a heavy jacket. …is it wrong that i am excited for the change of season simply because i look forward to the sorts of looks i can put together? heh, probably!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in rockabilly
hair; lamb blue velvet in powder
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; insufferable dastard flare eyes (group gift)
lip color; pink acid skittles lip gloss in orange
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; maitreya mesh lashes (group gift)
piercings; hod dragon spiral (ears), tv piercing 10 (chest) && tv piercing 4 (face)
top; suicidal unborn lucky girl tank top in red
shorts; teefy @ fameshed abbey highwaist used denim shorts
garter; loulou&co pistolero
boots; maitreya stagioni boots in sand
necklace; amorous love strung choker
nails; virtual insanity pin up nails
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights in black rip
socks; acid & mala urban tube socks in dark red
gloves; sakide skull gloves in white
bracelet; onyx wear @ vintage fair mae bracelet

poses; glitterati
location; the nest

want some fries with that shake?

onyx wear released an entire metric ton of new mesh goodies… including a super cute tube top that comes in a rather large handful of designs && colors. but among all the choices, there was one in particular that i wanted to show off in a lotd…


…that features *french fries* and red ‘n’ white stripes. and i am lovin’ it (bada bah bah bahhh… see what i did there?!?!).

all cheesy puns aside ;p these new tops are made of awesome… i have been living in this one for at least the last 48 hours. it may be a testament to the fact that i’d totes eat at least ten pounds of french fries in a single sitting if i had them available, but this design was by far my favorite out of the bunch. so cute!


instead of goin’ with a pair of short shorts, i grabbed for a pair of longer cuffed shorts i grabbed at sn@tch… which is having a sale all weekend long (that ends on the 30th!).

i absolutely *love* sn@tch (ahaha), because for me.. it’s a one-stop shopping sorta store. i love that ivey deschanel embraces so many different styles of clothing — from goth to girly to cyberpunk && back again — all of which i enjoy depending on my mood. if i want a latex bodysuit, sn@tch has it. a frilly skirt, sn@tch has it. cute tank tops, jeans, flowy dresses… pretty much anything under the sun. like it’s catered to me personally, someone whose personal sense of style seems to change with the time of day.

so when bff vivi && i heard about this sale, she and i pretty much made a beeline for it. these shorts i’m wearing here, which has color-change cuffs && comes in black denim and the blue i’m wearing here, were just one of many.. many… manymany things i scooped up. i am drowning in sn@tch (lolol, insert 14-year-old sense of humor here), but i could honestly *not* be happier about my haul.

new onyx wear mesh, sn@tch sale goodies, and oh! the super cute ponytail hairstyle i’m wearing is *new* from lamb — one of four released the other day. i am really enjoying lamb’s latest mesh releases && these ponytail styles are no exception. this style is *perfectly* messy and sits just right on the shoulder.. wonderful for the upcoming warmer weather. and these dip-dyed, multicolored shades are just gorgeous… nothing begs for an over-the-shoulder ponytail quite like bare shoulders, but i am honestly *stuck* on thinking about french fries rather than anything else.

/me wanders off to find a sl-version of mcdonkadonk

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hair; lamb little star in washed out
tattoo upper; vestigium blue vibe
tattoo hip; para designs spring heart tan (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard neon eyes in blue
eye makeup; boom liquid glaze in yellow
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
all jewelry; hod bitten (piercings, lip/nose), dimpled (piercings, cheeks), corona radiata (piercings, chest), nothing’s bracelet, dragon spirals (piercings, ears), thrust (piercings, abdomen)
top; onyx wear chube chop in fries
shorts; sn@tch amy jean shorts (sale going on right now!)
belt; pepper handcuff belt
boots; gos triumph boots in worn
glasses; mr. poet half-rim eyeglasses
nails; candy nail candy skull

poses; long awkward pose @ pose fair
location; virtual decay


so the lovely harlow heslop issued a challenge to go au naturale for some in world photography.

…no, i don’t mean in that way! but to use raw, unedited snapshots.. minus all the fancy schmancy photo editing. and since i enjoy blogging challenges, i decided to participate, too~


now, to be fair, there’s not a whole lot of difference between these raw snaps here (i only cropped ’em, put a border on ’em && spliced ’em together for a collage, that’s it) and the pictures i usually blog. my image editing skills are… pretty much non-existent. i’m def not as talented as some people out there on the feeds, and there is a *lot* of talent out there, but the most i ever do is soften some jaggy lines i get from odd avatar mesh contortions… and maybe brighten things up a bit by messing with color saturation.

that’s…. really it. other than for photos where i want to edit, like a contest entry for example, my usual bloggity photos are not post-processed to death.

needless to say, this challenge was a fairly easy one for me since i don’t do a whole lot of editing to begin with!


challenge aside… i’ve got two things i’d like to share about the look i put together for today.

one… the new lamb mesh hair is *amazing*. this powder hair color is the most perfect shade of white-white-blonde && i love these uneven, choppy bangs. there were three mesh styles to choose from, but this one was by far my favorite out of the bunch. i am so glad more designers are making mesh hair, it’s really spoiled me in the way it moves and fits.

and two… koketka is having a sale! everything in the store is just *60L* && i picked up this sweater when i visited to check out the sale. i like this chocolatey shade of brown a lot && the long tunic style paired with the bare shoulders made a sweater seem spring-appropriate. plus, it was an excuse to wear these knee-high boots from insanya once more here on my blog, just because they matched so nicely.

so, completely unedited vixxie really doesn’t look that much different than normal bloggity vixxie, hm? but it was a good challenge to take on nonetheless! it really shows how beautiful second life can be~

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in sugar town 2
hair; lamb sweet jane in powder
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose (store closed, creator is silver milneaux)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ fashion for life bold blue (donation item!)
eye makeup; tea time @ grunge soul project dark makeup in dark red/black
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod agony
top; koketka natali tunic in brown (sale going on right now!)
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise jeans in taupe gray
boots; insanya dama boots in creme
necklace; hod path to forgiveness
cuff && rings; amorous aubade in wood
nails; rezipsa loc chocolate ganache nails french

poses; marukin
location; gawk


i always enjoy a challenge && gogo‘s latest challenge for bloggers sparked my interest. i mean, *all* her challenges do — i miss you, bubblegum weekends! but this one in particular, about favorites in sl for jewelry, gave me the opportunity to take some artsy fartsy photos.. and that in itself was enough to wanna do it!

so here’s *my* top ten picks for jewelry in sl.. most of which just so happened to be necklaces. x3 but while gogo decided to simply let the jewelry shine on it’s own, i on the other hand… am far too vain not to put myself in a set of photos to blog. bwahahah~

my favorites have a bit of an edge to them. don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the girly-girly diamonds && platinum sort of bling every now and then.. but that’s just not *me* most of the time. the pieces below, however, are *me* and i am sure they will be no surprise to anyone whose seen my blog more than once~

from left to right ::
hod mercenary necklace, the crosary, symphony, nothing’s necklace && fallen

haus of darcy… is this really a surprise? ahaha! aydan‘s jewelry is just *gorgeousness*. there hasn’t been a set released as of yet that i’ve not instantly fallen in love with. i love the textures, how unique each && every piece is, and that each one seems to be tailor-made for my personal taste. rosaries are fairly easy to find in sl if you know where to look, but hod always has that one thing extra to really make their jewelry stand out from the rest. these are, by far, my go-to pieces when i need a necklace (or some body jewelry, which i am equally as fond of!) && will always hold a special place in my inventory for how much i love them.

from left to right ::
mandala hannya, hod the path to forgiveness, mandala shaka, mandala rushana && amorous fatum

mandala.. another one i love for how unique the jewelry pieces are. the sets i own from here are so intricately designed && packed with detail. the pieces i like from mandala are always large, statement kind of sets that practically drown my avatar in loveliness. i adore the way these pieces are constructed — there’s always lots goin’ on but it’s never *too* much — and for how realistic they look both in pictures && in world. i’ve never been disappointed in anything from mandala.. they are some of the nicest jewelers on the grid~

and.. last, but certainly not least (’cause these are totes in no particular order!), is amorous. i’ve featured this jewelry brand a lot lately here on my blog && even though it’s still fairly new-to-me, it’s taken a top spot in my list of favorites for jewels. they are so customizable, almost every set i own comes with *at least* a couple different textures for each part of the piece, and the detail on these as well are always superb. these claws i’ve blogged in the past are definitely up there too in my fave pieces from this brand, but the cross necklace i chose to showcase here is by far my top pick from their collection.

so! jewelry today! …and very little else. 😉 i enjoyed this challenge, not only because it gave me an excuse to go topless.. just to show off the jewelry of course!!.. but also because i’m really, really proud of how these pictures turned out. i’m wearing some awesome jewelry, though, so i guess it would’ve been kiiiiinda hard to mess it up~

other stuffs i’m wearing:
skin; glam affair amelie skin in contessa (past tdr item)
hair; lamb girlfriend in a coma in obsidian
eyes; fashism sunrise eyes in pale eggplant (store is closed atm, but these are a *group gift*! clicky right here to read how to get these for free, as well as several other sets too!)
makeup; nuuna’s parasitic (part of a hod piercing set by the same name)
eyeliner; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; lelutka curl lashes

poses; adorkable

it’s a wonderful feeling..

…feel the love in the room, from the floor to the ceiling! it’s that time of year, christmas time is here~


so, y’know, it’s been a while. i’ve been a terrible blogger && actually not *blogged* at all in the last.. oh… month or so. and i could totally make some excuse for myself to explain, but the fact is i’ve just been busy as all hell and haven’t had the time. but! i managed to set some time aside, and i also managed to persuade bff vivi to set some time aside as well, to blog just a li’l bit before the holidays. ’cause i’ve been listening to a certain song on repeat today that may or may not make my inner 14 year old squeal && i’ve gotten in the “holiday spirit”.. and stuff. so i felt like blogging some of the awesome holiday goodies floatin’ around on the grid.

yay! :3


wintery fauns!

while my look is all about the red && green.. vivienne on the other hand just looks *cute*. cute and mint green and snuggly warm in her over-sized hat. i took the whole christmas faun thing && just sorta ran with it, while she took a more.. subtle approach. x3


her adorable elephant hat && matching faun boots are by epic, which is the go-to place for both of us for all things fantasy. we both own a surprising amount of faun bits, but our favorites and the ones we both wear most often are from epic. the textures are nicely made, the pieces are always impeccably detailed, and even with new releases that are all *must haves*, it never breaks the bank to go on a shopping binge @ epic. and really, how can you even begin to say no to that adorable li’l elephant face? his big, poofy eyes stare into your soul…

her jeans && silken jacket are both from collabor88, which i’m sure have been all over the feeds already. and with good reason! the jacket, by tres blah, and the jeans by fri.day (which actually were part of an outfit that included a super cute top!) are ridiculously awesome deals. steep discounts on items from well-known designers are always welcome additions to my inventory && the fact that they looked nice together… it was just an added bonus~


several pieces from my outfit are from collabor88 as well. the mesh scarf, by surf couture, my nails and ring and bangles from the seal hole && my jeans from tres blah were all just *88L* each and pretty much.. were insta-buys for me && for vivi. if i’m right, the new collection should be going up soon (it changes on the 8th of the month, methinks) so if you’ve not gone && taken advantage of the awesome deals there already.. you really, really should. the price alone makes it *so* worth it!

my faun feets are from epic, just like vivi’s are, only mine… were free for group members. as i said, epic is amazing for feeding my need to have absolutely everything in the store, but jade winthorpe is also incredibly generous when it comes to gifts. joining the epic vip group is definitely worth the price to do so, if for no other reason than right now there are a ton of gifts under the tree for you to snag (and group-only lucky boards, too!). the faun boots i’m wearing are just one of several presents that include dresses, santa hats, li’l xmas-themed noms… if you’re needing some holiday spirit of your own, the group gifts from epic are seriously worth checkin’ out.

i may be a little behind in blogging… …aha.. or more like a *lot* behind, but posing with vivi && taking advantage of some awesome deals made it worthwhile to set some time aside and blog. i miss it, after all. ;.; and who knows, it may not be the only wintery post i make before getting swamped again with real life. … ;D


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in amazon w/ glam lipstick in cherry
hair; exile colette in stefani roots
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in hazel (group gift)
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
top; sakide see-through ribbed top in taupe
jeans; tres blah @ collabor88 juju jeans in black lace
belt; tdr blue red crocodile leather belt
faun boots; epic knit digi warmers in christmas (group gift)
bracelet, nails && ring; the seal hole @ collabor88 golden lucite bangles/ring w/ high shine nail varnish in noir
antlers; sakide sassy antlers
scarf; surf couture @ collabor88 infinity scarf in black (you need a mesh-compatible viewer for this!)
necklace; hod to love rosary

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in blush
hair; lamb cinnamon in ink
piercings; hod hoepless
tattoo; para designs fairytales
top; fri.day basic cami in white
jacket; tres blah @ collabor88 lace kimono in black
jeans; fri.day @ collabor88 classic jeans in evening
belt; pepper chained belt
faun boots; epic @ perfect wardrobe knit digi warmers
hat; epic @ perfect wardrobe kawaii knit elephant chapka
nails; candy nail mannish black
necklace; hod hoepless rosary

poses; glitterati
location; the nest

oh hay~

so it’s been two weeks && i am all.. refreshed and rejuvenated. true, my break was a li’l longer than anticipated, but! it was just was i needed. i’m excited to get back to blogging && photographing.. and i have a *lot* of awesome shit to catch up on.

like for instance…

click to see it larger @ flick!

new stuffies from hod && nuuna~

it makes me *so* giddy when two amazing designers collab on something. it always turns out that much more awesome in the end. and the piercing sets i’m wearing are just that. \o/ aydan darcy took care of the piercings, while nuuna nitely made coordinating facial makeup tatts and oh. my. god.

nuuna’s skins and makeups are quickly becoming some of my faves.. they are unique && always beautifully flawless. some of the looks i’m most proud of from the past (*cough cough*) have centered around her skins and they totally make everything else i’ve worn along with them *pop*. her gothic && pale skins are my personal favorites, but i guess what would be considered as her “normal” skins (though, tbh, what’s “normal” is all subjective — perhaps it’s better said that i mean her more natural skintones?) are just as lovely.

but while all three skins i’m wearing are nuuna’s — two of which are freebies(!) — i’ll give you a better look at the new piercings from hod

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the one on the left is om shanti, the one in the middle is silentium, && the one on the right is cathaldus. and honest to god, i don’t think i could pick one that stands out to me from these three. all of them are perfection and i really, really like the new *colorful* textures aydan’s done. ❤❤

as i said, they all include coordinating facial tatts.. and i’m wearing two of the complete sets. the pictures above where i’m wearing the silentium && cathaldus piercing sets also show off the matching makeups, but the makeup for om shanti is just as awesome. you’ll have to go sneak a peek @ hod if you’d like to see what that entire set looks like. 😉

plus! did i mention two of the skins i’m wearing are *freebies*?! i think i did, but it totes deserves a second mention. the skins i’ve got in with both of the shorter hairstyles (which btw, the shortest one from elikatira was only 88L @ collabor88… omgahhh) were freebies from nuuna’s. the spider choker i’m wearing? also a freebie, thanks to the subscribo @ g field — which is just a *part* of a larger halloween-themed gift. aaaaaaand my delightfully creepy eyes were a vip group gift from insufferable dastard.. which is seriously worth the joining fee for how generous && for how often gifts are sent out. i’ve worn ID eyes almost exclusively since i discovered the brand && i’ve not been disappointed since.. either with a gift *or* with a purchase. if you’re needing some zombie-like eyes, which.. c’mon.. who doesn’t need zombie eyes in their slife, these are a really awesome pair to snag from the group.

get the look yourself:
skins; nuuna’s halloween skin (freebie), skins expo freebie (..freebie xD) && fever
curly hair; truth tess in crow
short hair; elikatira @ collabor88 shine in black 04
long hair; lamb @ collabor88 heart in ink
tattoo; para designs creeper
eyes; insufferable dastard tortured in white (group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
horns; illusions sibirica horns
headwings; illusions demon headwings
piercings && makeup; hod om shanti, silentium && cathaldus
lingerie; sakide amourette lingerie in black
choker; g field spider choker (subscribo gift)
nails; onyx wear anti-arcade nails

poses; glitterati


/me avoids writing anything to do with boys && my yard…

it’s bubblegum weekend again and i am participating… with half my head. x3 that’s enough, right?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this hair, while technically isn’t fully “bubblegum”, was far too cute for me not to wear. i’ve been itchin’ to blog it since i bought it this past FLF from lamb. the colors remind me of strawberry-dipped pocky *nomnom* and was so pretty && so girly that it inspired the rest of my look for today. ❤

the pink && khaki flats, from haut monde, are actually on *sale* this weekend! as is everything else in the store. \o/ i didn’t notice anything over 75L — and that’s *including* skins. preeeettyyyy skins at that (which is just what i need more of, ahahah)! there are a ton of cute separates, too, and some really unique shoes. i totally fell in love with these flats though — and plan on goin’ back for another color or two before the sale ends on monday just ’cause they’re so adorable.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

aaaaaaaaand speaking of perdy skins… the one i’m wearing today is *new* from mother goose’s. just look at that adorable face, mmmmmh. i love it. so soft, so lovely… with *freckles* (and y’all have to know by now how much i love me some freckles!) and a very nice set of lipstick choices that come with or without teeth. i will sacrifice things i don’t like for things i *do* like when it comes to skins — if a skin has a super cute face, i tend to overlook other things in favor of killing you all with my adorableness. 😉 the chest on this skin isn’t my favorite, and each skin includes cleavage which isn’t something i wear often due to my avatar’s… cup size, but the faaaaaaace. i could not say no. and the fact that it was only 600L for the entire pack, which comes with a shape && eyebrow shaper that i’m not wearing, made it a very easy choice for me. plus mother goose’s is always generous with an entire wall of *free* skins on the lucky boards, so while i was staring at myself in the demo, i also nabbed two other skins for 0L in the process. wiiin~

get the look yourself:
skin; mother goose’s trudy 3
hair; lamb honey in milkshake
tattoo; para designs pirates (hunt prize — go get it! it’s aaaaawesome)
eyes; insufferable dastard shine eyes v2 in blue-green basic
makeup; grixdale fiji in current (store closed ;( but these *were* free before it closed!)
bandaid; grixdale ouch in melon (store closed ;( but these *were* free before it closed!)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod dimpled
top; whippet & buck elle top in pearl (i modded the sleeves to be shorter than the hoodie’s)
jacket; epic hoodie fleece jacket in baby pink
shorts; cheerno suruali shorts in denim light
shoes; haut monde maizi flats in honeysuckle (sale!)
watch; miel bff ticker
nails; rezipsa loc hot hot pink nails

prop && poses; magnifique (the standing pose in the first full body pic && the crossed arms pose in the second pic were *subscribo gifts* !)


wooow, it’s already september. o.O months seem to fly by anymore, amirite? summer only has a few short weeks left (eeep)! makes me sad to see the warmer weather on it’s way out, i had a blast this summer~

but it’s inevitable. shorts && flip flops will soon be phased out for thick jackets and heavier fabrics (unless you’re like me && wear flip flops all year round.. teehee). so my look today *kind of* reflects the change in season. at least when it comes to wearin’ layers, anyway..

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i just really wanted an excuse to wear this denim overshirt from aoharu that i picked up during their sale. some of my fave jackets are from aoharu && it’s always because of the lovely detail and texturing on their pieces. i’m not usually a denim jacket kinda girl, but this one with it’s layered undershirt && the fact that it’s just so *niii~iiice* left me without a choice. i had to have it. >:O

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yeah, i’ve already said it.. probably.. at least 3942342834 times here on my blog but. my favorite color? hot, hot pink. i have a really hard time resisting anything in that shade of pink and even though i’m a li’l late to the party when it comes to these heels from mstyle, my eyes were drawn to this magenta and stayed there ’til i finally caved && bought ’em. the toes were super easy to tint and the texture is so shiny and delicious that it makes the pink *pop* even more. and to top it off, these heels are, i think, the highest i own. added a good six inches to my height… totally makes me feel like less of a shrimp when around the general sl populace! \o/

and my top, which is *new* from onyx wear.. i know is a bit hard to see under my jacket so…

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…you’re welcome. 😉

insaaaaanely hot, right! you not only get the wet shirt, but also a full dress as well. and while i didn’t add ’em on, there are two prim attachments that make it seem like you’re really cold with your wet tee on… if you catch my drift. ;3 frank windlow does sexy so well && this top is ridiculously hot. there’s a black version too that’s just as sexy, but. i mean. come on. wet tee always makes you think of see-through white! and while you could go the modest route and wear a bikini or somethin’ underneath, y’know.. after takin’ a nice dip in the pool perhaps.. that’s just not as fun, is it?

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in gunmetal w/ glam lipstick in bubblegum
hair; lamb boyfriend in powder
tattoo; onyx wear steampunk
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; twee liska
top; onyx wear feucht shirt in white
jeans; zaara distressed jeans in black
jacket; aoharu vintage denim jacket in washed
heels; mstyle rivea pumps in magenta
necklace; hod the crosary
nails; tgis safari nails

poses; glitterati
location; the mother road