/me avoids writing anything to do with boys && my yard…

it’s bubblegum weekend again and i am participating… with half my head. x3 that’s enough, right?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this hair, while technically isn’t fully “bubblegum”, was far too cute for me not to wear. i’ve been itchin’ to blog it since i bought it this past FLF from lamb. the colors remind me of strawberry-dipped pocky *nomnom* and was so pretty && so girly that it inspired the rest of my look for today. ❤

the pink && khaki flats, from haut monde, are actually on *sale* this weekend! as is everything else in the store. \o/ i didn’t notice anything over 75L — and that’s *including* skins. preeeettyyyy skins at that (which is just what i need more of, ahahah)! there are a ton of cute separates, too, and some really unique shoes. i totally fell in love with these flats though — and plan on goin’ back for another color or two before the sale ends on monday just ’cause they’re so adorable.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

aaaaaaaaand speaking of perdy skins… the one i’m wearing today is *new* from mother goose’s. just look at that adorable face, mmmmmh. i love it. so soft, so lovely… with *freckles* (and y’all have to know by now how much i love me some freckles!) and a very nice set of lipstick choices that come with or without teeth. i will sacrifice things i don’t like for things i *do* like when it comes to skins — if a skin has a super cute face, i tend to overlook other things in favor of killing you all with my adorableness. 😉 the chest on this skin isn’t my favorite, and each skin includes cleavage which isn’t something i wear often due to my avatar’s… cup size, but the faaaaaaace. i could not say no. and the fact that it was only 600L for the entire pack, which comes with a shape && eyebrow shaper that i’m not wearing, made it a very easy choice for me. plus mother goose’s is always generous with an entire wall of *free* skins on the lucky boards, so while i was staring at myself in the demo, i also nabbed two other skins for 0L in the process. wiiin~

get the look yourself:
skin; mother goose’s trudy 3
hair; lamb honey in milkshake
tattoo; para designs pirates (hunt prize — go get it! it’s aaaaawesome)
eyes; insufferable dastard shine eyes v2 in blue-green basic
makeup; grixdale fiji in current (store closed ;( but these *were* free before it closed!)
bandaid; grixdale ouch in melon (store closed ;( but these *were* free before it closed!)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod dimpled
top; whippet & buck elle top in pearl (i modded the sleeves to be shorter than the hoodie’s)
jacket; epic hoodie fleece jacket in baby pink
shorts; cheerno suruali shorts in denim light
shoes; haut monde maizi flats in honeysuckle (sale!)
watch; miel bff ticker
nails; rezipsa loc hot hot pink nails

prop && poses; magnifique (the standing pose in the first full body pic && the crossed arms pose in the second pic were *subscribo gifts* !)

moves like jagger

mesh is aaaaaaaawesome. it went gridwide last week && i’ve been havin’ a blast trying on goodies in mesh. i love how easily it moves with my avatar and how much *nicer* it can look than prims && system clothing can because it’s all one piece. no need to worry about avatar-to-prim seams! \o/

for it being so new, there’s quite a lot on the grid thus far in mesh. and some of it is even free 😉 which makes me a happy girl!


this jumpsuit from hucci was sent out to subscribo members and was the first thing i had to test out mesh for myself. it moves with my AO or with dance animations or with static poses like real clothing would and that is so, so sweet. when wearing mesh clothing, you have to wear an alpha for the body part(s) covered by the garment and the actual piece is all in one. there’s no moving && no editing the mesh once it’s on (which is nice, in a way, because you don’t have to worry about fiddling with prims.. but i do wish i could nudge bits and pieces just a li’l bit). luckily, i didn’t have to edit my shape to fit.. which i’ve read is sometimes necessary depending on your body shape.. but whatever shape the mesh is in is what you’ve got. so while wearing this jump suit, i have quite the.. *ahem* ample bottom which is much different than my actual shape is.


this dress is also from the subscribo @ hucci && it is *smokin’* hot. mini dresses like this really, really benefit when made from mesh.. because that li’l crotch prim that never seems to sit quite right once you’ve got your AO on? it’s gone! gooonnneee~~! the dress is almost like wearing a system skirt, except without the bloated hips && booty, and it will stretch and move with your legs or hips or butt. i really like the way skirts and dresses look with mesh if for no other reason than the typical miniskirt prim isn’t needed. 8D


jane already has quite the selection of mesh loveliness up for sale and i was rather impressed with everything out. there’s a pair of wide-legged pants that are super cute, but i ended up going with this hoodie && a pair of shorts. you can really see how nice having mesh clothing can be when you look at the sleeves on the hoodie i’m wearin’. there’s no seam, there aren’t multiple attachments to give me the long, baggy sleeves (which i love, btw, how the cuffs come down over the wrists — all my irl hoodies are like this too!).. it’s all one piece. granted, even the small size is a wee bit big for my avatar… but that’s to be expected. i’m definitely not the norm when it comes to sl-size. but i’m totally okay with that, ’cause who doesn’t have an oversized comfortable sweatshirt?


these jeans, from slink are *free* until the end of the month — and are seriously worth grabbing if you need a guinea pig item to test out mesh. they come in the three colors shown above and just walking around in them, you can see how nicely they move with your avatar. there are no cuffs to adjust (and i am *always* having to adjust jean cuffs for my short self) and they even come in various sizes to help you get a decent fit.

the best thing, imho, about mesh… is the fact that prims no longer get all wonky on you when you’re moving around. some things tend to look a li’l strange depending on what pose or animation you’re in but with mesh… that worry is lessened considerably. sometimes things *still* can get wonky, but the fact that i don’t have to worry about legs or arms pokin’ out of stuff? makes it a total *win*~ it’s definitely not perfect, yet, but it makes me excited about things to come!
dancing around in mesh clothing, just to watch it move, makes me pretty excited too. x3

get the mesh goodies yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ sheer balm in nude
hair; truth juliette in swedish
tattoo; para designs carpe diem
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; grixdale moores eyeshadow (closing sale!)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
earrings; collisions in bloom earrings
piercings; hod the crux
tees; t junction good girls && i’m too epic to fail
jeans; slink boot cut jeans (freebie)
dress; hucci triple ruffle mesh mini dress (subscribo gift)
jumpsuit; hucci eau de hucci mesh jumpsuit (subscribo gift)
hoodie; jane zipper hoodie in spectrum pewter
shorts; jane bobby shorts in charcoal
heels; n-core coquette
sneakers; 2real pure
flats; milk motion my cute plastic flats
necklace; sigma aurora necklace (platinum hunt prize)
long nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails
short nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in melon

poses; long awkward pose


the platinum hunt was *amazing* this year. and there’s only a few more days left to grab the goodies set out for just 10L at the participating stores — the hunt ends on august 31st! so bff vivi && i thought we’d show off a few of the prizes you can snag for super cheap just as a friendly li’l reminder to get ’em while you can! it’s definitely worth doing and *so* not hard at all.. we finished it in just a couple hours and that’s including a lot of goofing off!

if you need a list of slurls && hints, you can find that right here.. and good luck hunting! ❤❤

click to see it larger @ flickr!

look one:
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in fluff2
hair; elikatira parade (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; rozena platina eyeshadow in grey (platinum hunt prize)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; acide pique
piercings; ipoke morta (platinum hunt prize)
top; riddle mini lace tank in grey (platinum hunt prize)
skirt; riddle high waisted skirt in reverse black (platinum hunt prize)
heels; g field flower pumps eve in black
necklace; loulou&co crazy coco in purple (platinum hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc taste the rainbow nails (dollarbie)

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; laq alva in peach
hair && hat; loq bonomo (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; para designs morning dew
lip color; pididdle don’t stop yet
dress; paperdoll taylor in gold (platinum hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
nails; mandala milky way nails in sun gold
necklace; chuculet ina pearl necklace in white (only 5L)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

look two:
on vixxie (purple hair) ::
skin; curio airhead petal in fluff2
hair; exile buffy in passion roots (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo para designs gothic kiss (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (group gift)
makeup; rozena platina eyeshadow in purple (platinum hunt prize)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; acide pique
piercings face && chest; ipoke morta (platinum hunt prize)
top; atomic dotty tank in white (platinum hunt prize)
jeans; cynful eve britches (subscribo gift)
shoes; fir & mna @ the gatcha festival solas shoes in black
belt; maitreya old leather belt in black

on vivienne tailleur (pink hair) ::
skin; laq alva in peach
hair; raw house lauren in momoiro (platinum hunt prize)
eyes; l.fauna charm eyes in gray
tattoo; para designs lucky stars (past hunt prize)
piercings; cobrahive snake
makeup; rozena platina eyeshadow in pink (platinum hunt prize)
dress; grixdale/aura inked mini (platinum hunt prize)
jeans; luck inc tyra lowrise
heels; anexx strap wedge bootie in black/white (sale!)
necklace; cobrahive aro necklace

poses; di’s opera && synt (platinum hunt prizes)
location; waterway new york

pop of pink

i am guilty of doing it all. the. time. if you browse through the pages of my blog, you’ll see the same theme time && time again. but it’s a look i really happen to like (and i seem to do it frequently without even realizing it!) — wearing neutral or dark colors all over and having one item really stand out in a totally different, contrasting hue.

this time, it just so happens to be my hair!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i tend to go with accessories, like shoes && jewelry, for my *pop* of color in looks… but since it’s bubblegum weekend and all, i figured it only appropriate to have my hair be shocking pink instead. i picked up this style from exile not long ago and decided to give the unnatural colors a try… and just like the light blondes i love so much, exile’s pinks and purples and blues are totally gorgeous. ❤❤ and now that i’ve participated in bubblegum weekends a few times, i actually seek out the odd colors instead of just honing in on the white-bright-blondes. it’s all gogo’s fault.. /me shakes a fist!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

but not to be outdone by my super bright hair, the accessories i am wearing add a lil fierce && a lil cute to my look.

the necklace, which is from a really inexpensive gatcha @ love soul (of which i spend *far* too much time stalking lucky chairs!), and it’s just… adorableness all over. i mean, it’s like a handheld-toy-sized bunny, on a big ass chain around my neck. what’s not to love?! the fact that it was only 35L a play made it that much better… and may or may not have caused me to have a whole *wardrobe* of big bear and big bunny necklaces sitting in my inventory. eh heh.

and the shoooooooooes. just look at them. spiked and black and hot pink soles! \o/ they were only 10L from nardcotix.. because they are the prize there for the platinum hunt. i haven’t even started the hunt fully, i’ve just snagged a few prizes from stores i’ve visited since it started, but if these shoes are any indication of the prizes waiting for me… then this go ’round of the hunt will be just as amazing as the last one was. bff vivi && i will probably tackle the hunt together next time we have a large chunk of free time together (and i’m sure i’ll rope her into blogging goodies with me, tee hee), but maaaaaaan. i love these shoes. i always love shoes from nardcotix, but insanely cheap shoes with *spikes* on them… these really should have vixxie written on the sides. srsly.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in spellbound w/ glam lipstick in noir
hair; exile valerie in babydoll roots
tattoo; para designs dark night (was out for super bargain saturday, but if you hurry it *might* still be out for a discount! gooooo!!)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod bump in the night
tank; grixdale simply tank (closing sale)
sweater; doppelganger inc drew cardigan
jeans; katsucide @ grunge soul project gsp jeans
heels; nardcotix iceli spiked stiletto (platinum hunt prize)
necklace; love soul rabbit 4 (cheapie gatcha!)
nails; mandala milky nails in gaga black

poses; glitterati (sale!)
location; runestone

88 is a magic number

collabor88 is an awesome thing. like, so awesome i wish i could give a big ole hug to *all* the designers participating. granted, it made my inventory overflow.. but in really, really good ways. \o/

you could give yourself an entire makeover for very few lindens at this sale. there’s shapes, eyes, hair, skins, shoes && a ton of cute clothes. on top of furniture and poses, too. @_@ all for so cheap, it’s almost redonkulous.

bff vivi && i were there the first night it opened, scoopin’ up cheapies.. so i thought we ought to show off some of the stuffs we acquired. any excuse to use some super cute gliteratti poses (which, btw, is having a SALE atm!! weeee~).

click to see it larger @ flickr!

grixdale has a goodbye pack set out @ collabor88 and it is stuffed full of goodies. several dresses && makeup tattoos… makes me both happy and sad. but the dresses vivi && i are both wearing are from the grixdale pack and are *super* cute. so girly in pastels, with frills and adorable patterns… and the lovely texture && prim work that tyr rozenblum is so very good at.

and our hair… it has been all over *everything*, and with good reason. both of these styles are from elikatira && are just so pretty. my favorite of the two is definitely the one vivi is wearing, it’s so soft and whispy and all the colors are just .. gorgeous. and for 88L per color pack? vivi && i totally stocked up — i even bought colors i don’t even wear because it’s just so cute.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

boom and whippet and buck also have awesome (and inexpensive) items at collabor88. the top vivi is wearing is actually part of a set of *two* that you get from boom — all in bright ice cream inspired colors. and the top from w&b that i’m wearing is actually something i debated back and forth on buying. i wasn’t sure if it was me, but it was cute, and then i couldn’t pick a color… but i am *so* glad i eventually bought it. it even has poofy sleeves! who can really, honestly say no to poofy sleeves?! when they are nice as these, i know i sure can’t. ;p

if you haven’t been, you should definitely go. it runs for a month, until september 8th, when the collection will change. it makes me excited, if it’s a recurring sale, ’cause the first round? was a total win imho!

get the looks yourself:

first pic
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pearl
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 changes in blonde 05
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; a.d.d andel love affair eyes in celestial
makeup; grixdale @ collabor88 rock’n’rolla in oil slick
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
nom; kue! amigurumi kuma choco nilla bonbon
dress; grixdale @ collabor88 wolf and i
heels; n-core coquette
nails; mandala option long nails
necklace; magic nook shoo be doo in chocolate

on vivienne tailleur (brown hair) ::
skin; laq alva in peach
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 breeze in brown 05
tattoo; katatonik sugar rush sleeves
eyes; plastik jaded collection in calypso marina
dress; grixdale @ collabor88 sun of a gun vintage doll
heels; gos espadrilles in peach
necklace; @ the gatcha festival thoreaux necklace in bronze
nails; candy nail japanese soul in gold
bracelet; league pearls and lace bracelet

second pic
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pearl
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 changes in blonde 05
tattoo; para designs fairy tales
eyes; a.d.d andel love affair eyes in celestial
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; ni.ju izm mall snake bites (freebie)
top; whippet & buck @ collabor88 kate blouse in blossom
jeans; haute monde adror jeans in midnight
shoes; maitreya flip flops in lucid
nails; rezipsa loc powder pink nails
necklace; pixelmode pearl necklace (past group gift)

on vivienne tailleur (brown hair) ::
skin; laq alva in peach
hair; elikatira @ collabor88 breeze in black 04
tattoo; tattoo; para designs stars and swallows
eyes; plastik jaded collection in calypso marina
lip color; insufferable dastard fade gloss in light pink
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
top; boom @ collabor88 ice cream tank in strawberries and cream
jeans; iunno jeans in regular wash
shoes; teefy callias soft leather simple flats in white
necklace; league pearls and lace necklace
nails; candy nail color french in pink

poses; glitterati (sale!)


every once in a while, bff vivi && i like to run around the grid as fauns. it’s a beautiful thing when you wake up one day and say, “self.. i think today would be a good day to spawn some goat legs and horns..” and, y’know, it’s *actually possible*.

only in second life, hmm?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

epic has become a favorite of ours for all things faun && the newly released sock’d faun feets are so so cute. they come in an entire slew of pretty colors and offer two different leg types, as well as different colored garters && hooves. they are adorable and we both had a li’l fit over them. i totally need every. single. color. ’cause a faun likes to match her feets to her clothes, right?! ;p

click to see it larger @ flickr!

vivienne was immediately drawn to the baby pink color, so she dressed around her legs (ahahaha xD) in varying shades of matching pink. her halter is also from epic, which meant the color palette matched the pink on her socks.. and that’s always a win, and the jacket she’s wearing over it is from grixdale. i am still sad face 😦 about grixdale closing, but vivi && i both have visited the sale many many times so far. slowly the entire store will make it’s way into my inventory && i am *totally* okay with that. the hoodies are especially nice because, quite literally, the prim pieces disappear when you put them on. depending on lighting there’s *no* seam between avatar clothing && prim attachments, no color difference… absolutely flawless. ❤

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’ve been dying for an excuse to buy a pair of the new high-waisted shorts from the secret store && showing off my legs was the perfect reason. ;3 i picked up purple because i love this shade of lavender, so i decided to be all matchy matchy with vivi and dress in shades of violet.

the tee i’m wearing is *new* from onyx wear && was a nice surprise. the bottom half includes an optional undershirt that’s color change and i.. was not expecting it. i thought i had to buy the colors separate (silly me!), so when i bought the shirt.. and actually looked? talk about *squee* moment. options you didn’t think you had but actually do have is aaaaaaawesome. there’s a ton of colors for the undershirt, and the actual tee comes in black or white. you can wear some extra cuffs on the arms too that are color change, which is nice, but i liked just the white sleeves myself.

besides, it might’ve been purple overload with extra lavender on my arms and nobody wants that!

get the look yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pearl w/ juicy gloss in apple
hair; truth zaria streaked in swedish
tattoo; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeves
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
horns; favole lorne
piercings; hod bitten
top; onyx wear bianka shirt in light
shorts; the secret store summer hibi shorts in purple
legs; epic leather faun garter socks in grape
bracelet; primalot springhassprung
nails; rezipsa loc lavender nails
necklace; love soul yummy necklace in pink
hair accessory; love soul honey bee hair pin (lucky chair prize)

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq olivia in peach
hair; truth rylan streaked in crow
tattoo; para designs shadows
eyes; insufferable dastard shine eyes v2 basic in blue/green
makeup; chelle glamorpuss in pink
ears; acide punky elf
tongue; cobrahive tongue type 1
top; epic stayed halter in baby pink
skirt; grixdale lazy denim skirt (closing sale)
jacket; grixdale my sunshiney hoodie in barbie (closing sale)
legs; epic faun garter socks in baby pink
necklace; love soul shake necklace in strawberry

poses; magnifique
location; wonderoaks


in case you haven’t heard… sassy kitty designs is now.. sakide. there’s a new build to go along with the new name, but there’s the same clothing we’ve come to know.. just a new brand!

i honestly thought sakide was just.. y’know.. a random name. maybe a word or a phrase that meant something to the owner, kinu mayako. but then a friend mentioned something and i had a OMG DUH moment. sakide… sassy kitty designs. talk about being blonde (even though i have pink hair here, shh)… ahaha.

anyway! to celebrate the new store, there are a ton of gifts set out. all you have to do is join the subscribo group if you haven’t already && clicky the signs. \o/ and i am gonna show off all the goodies, ’cause they’re just that awesome.

classy lines top blue in white && black worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans

disjointed tops worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans

hallow’s heart dress, skulls dress, empire dots dress

playful top worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans, playful body suit without && with the lace bodice

*all* of the clothing above from sakide is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. FREE! and i’m not even showin’ it all. 😉 the red empire-waisted dress comes in a solid red fabric && dotted with white instead of black as i’m wearing it… and the skulls dress comes with another skirt option that’s poofy && adorable!

go celebrate the reopening && rebranding with some great freebies. and while you’re there… take a visit to the third floor, where all the body suits are…

&& the livin' is easy... (( CHS Four Seasons Photo Contest ))

you *may* see a familiar booty on display, modeling a body suit, in a picture frame in a corner. i’m juuuuuuust sayin’. *tee hee*

oh!! and one last thing~~ the tattoo i’m wearing in the pictures above is out for super bargain saturday @ para designs. it’s *amazing* and ridiculously cheap, you neeeeeeed iiiiiiittttttttt.

get the look yourself:
skin; grixdale teagan sugar in finch (closing sale)
hair; ploom rourke in pink elephant
tattoo; para designs high roller
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
piercings; hod mezzanine
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
ALL clothing; sakide (subscribo gifts — join the subscribomatic && click the signs in the front of the store!)


for the last several posts, i’ve had girly hair. cute updos, long && curly, ponytails, headbands, braids… if it’s feminine, i’ve been wearing it.

so for the past few days in world, i’ve been feelin’ the *butch* hair for a change. shaved sides, lots’a spikes, super short. don’t get me wrong, i like the whole girly thing. i can rock it just as well as the next chick. but i’m not always a girly-girl. i can grunge it up && punk it out every once in a while when it comes to hair!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

my entire look today was built around my hair. raw house is fast becoming a favorite of mine for spikes && streaks. *tons* of stores sell softer hair, styles that are sweet and lovely and … y’know… all wispy tendrils and shit. but the hair i like from raw house is on the total opposite side of the spectrum from that && i am lovin’ it (bada ba ba bahh).

plus, okay, i know it’s really shallow of me but hellooooooo hotties in the vendor ads. having attractive avatars in the vendors *totally* makes me wanna buy just ’cause. and i am a sucker for guys in that body co skin … mmmh. /me is tempted to lick the picture….

click to see it larger @ flickr!

plurk is just.. so awesome sometimes (and not just cause i’m on it addmeokaythanks), because *two* of the items i’m wearing are from suggestions i got from plurk friends.

first, is the skin. it is a group gift from chain and vine — a brand i sadly hadn’t heard of before. but thanks to harlow heslop, i am now in *love* with this face. i know, i know.. i did go a little nutty with the makeup tattoos on top of it, but you’ll just have to join the group && snag the skin yourself to see what it looks like sans eye shadow/lipstick. it’s gorgeous though, you won’t be disappointed. and, best part about it? it comes in an entire range of skin tones! \o/

and my sneakers. i plurk’d, asking about new sneakers.. and aly warwillow suggested 2real. and what a suggestion it was, these sneakers are freakin’ killer. absolutely every li’l bit of these shoes are texture change via hud, a nice && easy to use hud at that, with a slew of different fabrics from plain to patterned. definitely worth the price, ’cause you get.. like… eleventy billion options all in one shoe. options = love && i enjoy customizing the hell out of an outfit.

besides, just clicking textures and picking parts of the shoe to colorize was fun. i could’ve been in my skybox for *days* making myself 32482348 new pairs of shoes. weeeeee~

get the look yourself:
skin; chain and vine lael in tone 1 (group gift)
hair; raw house urban savage w/ razored hairbase
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green (past group gift)
eye makeup; miamai decoshadow 03 (subscribo gift)
lip color; mock dr pepper lip jelle (past group gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; acide @ grunge soul project acidulesets’z
top; t junction glam rock
jacket; nanuk erland sweatshirt in grey
skirt; grixdale lazy denim skirt in smog (closing sale)
socks; emery socks in grey (group gift)
sneakers; 2real pure
nails; pixelmode sculpted nails v2

poses; olive juice
location; old new york


yes, can’t think of a title, so it gets a number. can you believe there are 167 posts of my boobs ramblings on this blog?! i sure can’t.


when i find a song i like, i listen to it.. over and over and over and over. and as soon as i discovered a remix of one of my favorite songs, it’s pretty much been on *constant* repeat in spotify. the song, while i loves it, in reality has very little to do with my look for today.. but watch, i’ll stretch && make it tie in. ;3


you see those earrings? kiinda hard not to, they are massive. and animated. and sparkly. and omgah i love them *so much*. big vinyls on my ears, what is not to love? they are by entropy designs && i gladly traded in my elfy ears for these instead. i don’t own much vinyl in my first life, i guess i’m not hipster enough for that (right, kystria? ehe~), but these make me *want* to spin records. and and and, albums right? remix!? not so much of a stretch, yes?!!



my top && vest are courtesy of grixdale.. and in case you haven’t heard, it’s *closing* at the end of the month. biiiig sad face. 😦 there is a sale going on, where everything is marked way down (including skins. SKINS. teagan && ren are def worth picking up while you can!), but i couldn’t even take advantage of the sale happily. i mean, i *did* take advantage of the sale, but i was one big frownie while doing so. i really like grixdale, the clothes && skins are so pretty and girly and wonderful, and will be very sad to see it close.

at least i have a ton of new clothing to roll around in after it’s gone. ;.;

and my shoooooooooooes. zebra print shoes with *hot pink* soles. it was like love at first sight. ❤❤ these pumps are from nardcotix and the shoe cap is color-change. naturally, i chose pink.. y’know.. for something to break up all the black && gray, not ’cause i like pink or anything ;), but the other colors are just as vibrant and just as awesome. i always squee when nardcotix has new releases, because they are *consistently* amazing, but these zebra shoes had vixxie will love these before she even puts them on written all over ’em.

plus, you can just wear *boring* shoes when you’re channeling some sort of .. rockstar-in-a-parking-lot. amirite?! rockstar with vinyls in her ears and half her head shaved. \m/ O_O \m/


get the look yourself:
skin; laq jennie2 fair in makeup 04
hair; 99 hair kerry v1
tattoo arms; para designs fairy tales
tattoo ears; para designs black skull ear tattoo (freebie)
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
makeup; miamai decoshadow 01 (subscribo gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
earrings 1; illusions safety pin earrings (lucky chair prize)
earrings 2; entropy designs 45rpm earrings
piercings; hod bitten
top; grixdale motor oil sleeveless in basic grey (closing sale)
vest; grixdale miller’s wife vest (closing sale)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in gunmetal
belt; acid & mala white belt w/ pyramid studs
heels; nardcotix shana unleashed in zebra’d
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
bracelets; league wanderer in black
necklace; collisions paranormal necklace

poses; bent @ fashionably late
location; paper

summertime hunt madness

i have been working on this post for days. daaaaaaaaays and days and days and days! it’s hard to mesh schedules with bff vivi sometimes… with jobs && real life commitments (whatever those are..).. and of course, i have to let her spend time with her boooooooyfrieeenddd (lolololol ;p). but we finally got around to it, i finally got the pictures all cropped and shit, and i have one *epic* post to show off some of our fave freebies from several of the hunts going on right now.

since there are so many items && lots’a pics.. i’m just gonna stop my rambling here. items will be marked if they are hunt prizes && you can find more info on the hunts vivienne and i participated in here:
the seasons hunt
skull n bones : the pirate hunt
the greedy hunt
the waffle fox hunt

enjoy lookin’ at our loot ;p and good luck huntin’~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in daze1
hair; truth lacey streaked in swedish
tattoo; actchio realm of the gods (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green (group gift)
makeup; cheap makeup an indie summer (hunt prize)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && bull’s ring
top; nyte ‘n’ day layering tank in gray
skirt; so many styles summer beach skirt (hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
bracelet; duh colors of summer (hunt prize)
necklace; finesmith wild necklace
hair accessory; clawtooth fancy pants hair flower (hunt prize)

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq olivia in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; truth orchid in crow
tattoo; damned ureshii
eyes; plastik vaecoll in fool (subscribo gift)
makeup; chelle glamorpuss
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
earrings; pididdle coral earring (hunt prize)
top; sur+ creamsicle bodysuit (hunt prize)
shorts; the secret store summer beach shorts in coral (hunt prize)
heels; n-core coquette
bangles; grixdale summer bangles in sunrise
nails; candy nail tye dye mix
necklace; caroline’s jewelry sea necklace (hunt prize)

poses; olive juice (hunt prize)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in tease2
hair; truth summer in swedish
tattoo body; v tattoo lucky you
tattoo face; damned funny face stickers (hunt prize)
eyes; faces studio anna eyes (hunt prize)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
tongue; evil bunneh pinned tongue (hunt prize)
top; nestle my bosom tigre shirt (hunt prize)
jacket; coco shirt & parka in check red (group gift)
pants; willow linen pants (hunt prize)
shoes; suzy tartan check shoes (hunt prize)
belt; kristica belt gray (hunt prize)
necklace; collisions goonies are good ’nuff necklace (hunt prize)
nails; love soul silver french dark color in red
bracelets; lagyo cocoa tropic bangles (hunt prize)

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (purple hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; magika natalie
tattoo; para designs rainbow stars
eyes; hoot beachball eyes (hunt prize)
makeup; mozz glittery smokey eye
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; hod celtic swirl dimples (hunt prize)
swimsuit; toxic kitty cruel summer (old lucky chair prize)
jacket; pivaaca linen check shirt (hunt prize)
jeans; suzy loose jeans (hunt prize)
shoes; in her shoes flip flops (freebie)
nails; candy nail birth stone pearl (past group gift)
necklace; cobrahive sabishinju necklace
nom; atypical mouthies impaled toast (hunt prize)

poses; tram (group gift)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in gold digger1
hair; raw house kannibal
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard summertime reflections in the woods blue (hunt prize)
lip color; pididdle peach schnapps
lashes; boom liquid glaze lashed in black
piercings; hod celtic swirl dimples (hunt prize)
top && nom; sassy kitty yellow fruits summer dress w/ lemon slice (hunt prize)
pants; kyoot eibo trousers in white/yellow (hunt prize)
shoes; a.d.d andel fruit flats in lemon
bag; berries inc summer bag (hunt prize)
necklace; primalot gravitation annulee 2.0
earrings; brb freshy melon earring (hunt prize)

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; plume exotica in onyx (hunt prize)
hairbase; catwa hairbase in night (freebie)
tattoo; para designs summer breeze
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in stargazer
dress; paperdoll aria (hunt prize)
shoes; deco meadow flats (hunt prize)
nails; candy nail resort beach (group gift)
bracelet && earrings; duh colors of summer (hunt prize)
necklace; primalot fairy dust necklace

poses; fayse (freebies)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; curio airhead petal in dreamy2
hair; raw house lauren (hunt prize)
tattoo; sonic death monkey artimuss (hunt prize)
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in green (group gift)
swimsuit; o sailor tankini (hunt prize)
shoes; fir & mna the twine shoes (hunt prize)
necklace; jd all u need
hair accessory; croire navajo feather extension in teal (hunt prize)
nom; downdowndown foxing waffle (hunt prize)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in blue

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; truth sarita streaked in crow
tattoo upper 1; para designs tatsu
tattoo upper 2; american bazaar waffles tattoo (hunt prize)
tattoo lower; para designs geisha leg sleeve
eyes; willow yellow sun eyes
lip color; pididdle don’t stop yet
swimsuit && top; tres blah summer bikini outfit (hunt prize)
shoes; epoque season pumps in floral (hunt prize)
nails; pulcino choco strawberry
glasses; bubble wacky glasses (hunt prize)
headband; ancayi waffle fox hair band (hunt prize)

scooter; pda ca plane pour moi (hunt prize)

all photographs were taken inside a hunt prize from umwelt, the tropico skybox.