pop of pink

i am guilty of doing it all. the. time. if you browse through the pages of my blog, you’ll see the same theme time && time again. but it’s a look i really happen to like (and i seem to do it frequently without even realizing it!) — wearing neutral or dark colors all over and having one item really stand out in a totally different, contrasting hue.

this time, it just so happens to be my hair!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i tend to go with accessories, like shoes && jewelry, for my *pop* of color in looks… but since it’s bubblegum weekend and all, i figured it only appropriate to have my hair be shocking pink instead. i picked up this style from exile not long ago and decided to give the unnatural colors a try… and just like the light blondes i love so much, exile’s pinks and purples and blues are totally gorgeous. ❤❤ and now that i’ve participated in bubblegum weekends a few times, i actually seek out the odd colors instead of just honing in on the white-bright-blondes. it’s all gogo’s fault.. /me shakes a fist!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

but not to be outdone by my super bright hair, the accessories i am wearing add a lil fierce && a lil cute to my look.

the necklace, which is from a really inexpensive gatcha @ love soul (of which i spend *far* too much time stalking lucky chairs!), and it’s just… adorableness all over. i mean, it’s like a handheld-toy-sized bunny, on a big ass chain around my neck. what’s not to love?! the fact that it was only 35L a play made it that much better… and may or may not have caused me to have a whole *wardrobe* of big bear and big bunny necklaces sitting in my inventory. eh heh.

and the shoooooooooes. just look at them. spiked and black and hot pink soles! \o/ they were only 10L from nardcotix.. because they are the prize there for the platinum hunt. i haven’t even started the hunt fully, i’ve just snagged a few prizes from stores i’ve visited since it started, but if these shoes are any indication of the prizes waiting for me… then this go ’round of the hunt will be just as amazing as the last one was. bff vivi && i will probably tackle the hunt together next time we have a large chunk of free time together (and i’m sure i’ll rope her into blogging goodies with me, tee hee), but maaaaaaan. i love these shoes. i always love shoes from nardcotix, but insanely cheap shoes with *spikes* on them… these really should have vixxie written on the sides. srsly.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in spellbound w/ glam lipstick in noir
hair; exile valerie in babydoll roots
tattoo; para designs dark night (was out for super bargain saturday, but if you hurry it *might* still be out for a discount! gooooo!!)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod bump in the night
tank; grixdale simply tank (closing sale)
sweater; doppelganger inc drew cardigan
jeans; katsucide @ grunge soul project gsp jeans
heels; nardcotix iceli spiked stiletto (platinum hunt prize)
necklace; love soul rabbit 4 (cheapie gatcha!)
nails; mandala milky nails in gaga black

poses; glitterati (sale!)
location; runestone

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