in case you haven’t heard… sassy kitty designs is now.. sakide. there’s a new build to go along with the new name, but there’s the same clothing we’ve come to know.. just a new brand!

i honestly thought sakide was just.. y’know.. a random name. maybe a word or a phrase that meant something to the owner, kinu mayako. but then a friend mentioned something and i had a OMG DUH moment. sakide… sassy kitty designs. talk about being blonde (even though i have pink hair here, shh)… ahaha.

anyway! to celebrate the new store, there are a ton of gifts set out. all you have to do is join the subscribo group if you haven’t already && clicky the signs. \o/ and i am gonna show off all the goodies, ’cause they’re just that awesome.

classy lines top blue in white && black worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans

disjointed tops worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans

hallow’s heart dress, skulls dress, empire dots dress

playful top worn with grunge unbuttoned studded jeans, playful body suit without && with the lace bodice

*all* of the clothing above from sakide is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. FREE! and i’m not even showin’ it all. šŸ˜‰ the red empire-waisted dress comes in a solid red fabric && dotted with white instead of black as i’m wearing it… and the skulls dress comes with another skirt option that’s poofy && adorable!

go celebrate the reopening && rebranding with some great freebies. and while you’re there… take a visit to the third floor, where all the body suits are…

&& the livin' is easy... (( CHS Four Seasons Photo Contest ))

you *may* see a familiar booty on display, modeling a body suit, in a picture frame in a corner. i’m juuuuuuust sayin’. *tee hee*

oh!! and one last thing~~ the tattoo i’m wearing in the pictures above is out for super bargain saturday @ para designs. it’s *amazing* and ridiculously cheap, you neeeeeeed iiiiiiittttttttt.

get the look yourself:
skin; grixdale teagan sugar in finch (closing sale)
hair; ploom rourke in pink elephant
tattoo; para designs high roller
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
piercings; hod mezzanine
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
ALL clothing; sakide (subscribo gifts — join the subscribomatic && click the signs in the front of the store!)

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  1. Kystria Aura

     /  08/06/2011

    I almost didnt recognize you! šŸ˜€ but you look good in any color hair hehehe ā¤ TY for this blog now i dont have to try everything on to see where they go! hahaha. That was soooo awesome though and Vixxie isnt kidding at all..theres SO many gifts and even a greenhouse FULL of freebies outside!! we spent a very productive/unproductive afternoon there! haha Heartchu gurl!!


      and thaaaaaaank you <33

      yes it totally was …productive. standing around and talking totally counts as productive!


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