we’re all mad here


a smile like the cheshire cat.


happy halloween.

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair dark side ginny 01
hair; ploom @ my attic mila
eyes; insufferable dastard zombie mesh eyes (group gift)
teeth; gauze nightmare uneven
piercings; hod fallen v2 (modded)
straight jacket; dilly dolls silently
bodysuit; whippet & buck sweet day bodysuit in black (sale going on right now!)
feet; slink women’s mesh feet
blood; suicidal unborn bloody knees 04 (freebie!) & luck inc cuts (part of a dress set)

poses && backdrop; adorkable


the effects of boredom && smeared lipstick

so. for the lingerie challenge, i’ve been trying to recruit my friends into posing with me.. just because it’s def more fun that way. you get *double* the dose of undies if i’ve got a friend here with me && that is always a good thing! so far i’ve gotten bff vivi && lars to pose, and today.. i convinced my friend braden daines to strip down to his unmentionables and take some time out to pose with me for some piccies.


…the only trouble is, i *just* started re-reading the harry potter books (and i’m currently on goblet of fire, my favorite out of the series!) && you know how it is when you first dive into a book that captures your interest — you pretty much want to *read* and nothing but and well. my attention was on the book more so than on braden.

his attention span, sadly, is like that of a goldfish. if he doesn’t have something immediately in front of him, braden gets bored… and gets bored fast. but i wanted to finish just one more chapter (which was after i’d already used the just one more chapter excuse.. two chapters previously) && braden was getting antsy.


look at mr. whiny mcwhinyface, who saw fit to pout about how bored he was getting.

y’know, the whole.. “why isn’t she paying attention to me? ;_; …. WHY ISN’T SHE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!?? DX” drill. he thought plopping down on the end of the bed and sniffling loudly might grab my attention back, or that sitting *right* on top of me to melodramatically wail about his sorrows would have me put the book down… but neither plan worked.

..until he threatened to leave, because it was sooooo rude of me to invite him to take pictures and then leave him behind for a book. which, to be fair, is kiiiinda true~

so i put the book down, however reluctantly, and gave him some much-needed attention.


funny how a few kisses can suddenly turn a pouting boy into a happy man, isn’t it?

once we got started… it was sorta hard to stop. just like with the book, when something is *good*.. you don’t really wanna pull away. for a li’l while, braden && i completely forgot we were supposed to be taking pictures (oopsies!) and instead, got caught up in the moment.

but! being the *professional photographer* i am (heh, hardly!), i reigned us both in before things got too heated. we had a shoot to finish, after all, and my blog is totally just as important as dotting braden’s entire body with kisses. ..wait, i mean… …*ahem*.

so! without hesitation, we fixed the bed 😉 and hopped out to take one last snap so i’d have the pics to blog with..


but i totes shoulda checked my makeup first. ah well…

get the look yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in amazon w/ glam lipstick in vamp
hair; elikatira abbey in blonde 05
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue
smeared lipstick; chelle als let’s make out moar
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
lingerie; whippet & buck @ collabor88 tess bra && knickers in mossy lemon
heels; ingenue @ collabor88 gatsby heels in citrine
bangles && rings; the sea hole @ collabor88 nausicaa bracelet && rings set in peridot
nails; pixel mode sculpted nails v2
necklace; earthstones @ collabor88 classic romance necklace in emerald/gold

on braden daines ::
skin; tableau vivant noctis in tone 6
hair; maitreya green 2 in pitch
tattoo; para designs mash up
facial hair; nanuk birken beard in black
eyes; insufferable dastard snowfall eyes in hazel
piercings; hod reach
necklace; hod collective dog tag chain (part of the mercenary necklace)
undies; ronsem boxer briefs in olive green
kiss marks; rezipsa loc kisses (body) && izzie’s lipstick kiss (face, subscribo gift!)

furniture; trompe loeil @ collabor88 novel decor bedroom duo


nnngh, monday. not feelin’ the start of the week this time around… i’m tired, i’m *cranky*, && i’m seriously wishing the weekend lasted just one more day. why is it that the weekend seems to just fly right by, but the weekdays just crrrrrawwwwllllll on forever!?

not fair. ;|

so to help make myself feel a li’l better, i decided to dress myself head-to-toe in cute. cute hair, cute clothes, cute boots, cute accessories… and y’know… it actually worked. all this cotton candy pink brightened not only my outfit, but also my mood~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

having myself some sugar really helps chase away the monday blues, too! :D

these overalls i’m wearing, from monso, were the basis for this look today — they are baggy, wonderfully detailed && *mesh*.. and i had to have them. i really am a sucker for anything mesh lately, it’s spoiled me so badly with how easily mesh pieces are to wear, so when i realized that the straps wouldn’t be disappearing into my shoulders or that the flap wouldn’t move oddly with my AO on like overalls have for me in the past when just made from prims… i was sold. i’m really happy with these, i love the way they fit~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

so i paired them with some *delicious* pink work boots i picked up @ gos (during the truth district sale!) && some layered shirts from whippet & buck and t.whore.. just to go all matchy matchy. some cute (and affordable ;)) accessories in the form of *free* subscribo-gift earrings from miel, a *lucky chair* prize lollipop from pink fuel that i think i’ve had forever && some *free* lucky board valentine’s day nails + rings from candy nail.. all of which were in complimentary shades of pink! glasses, messy piggy-tail buns, and a new tattoo from vestigium completed the look && i felt so goddamned adorable once i had it all on that it was hard to stay meh about monday.

perhaps that is the secret! feelin’ bleh… dress so cute that it makes it hard not to smile.

or, spend some time acting silly with a friend…

..either way!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in green apple 2
hair; raspberry aristocrat khloe in blonde bliss
tattoo; vestigium mermaid’s enchantment
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod cast off
top; t.whore hot blouse in light pink
tank; whippet & buck kipparing tank in nude
overalls; monso my overalls in dark blue
socks; izzie’s over knee socks in beige
boots; gos gtfo boots in bubblegum
bracelets; boom bangled mess in platinum
necklace; addiction moonstone cascading swirl necklace
earrings; miel uva earrings (subscribo gift)
nails; candy nail love to you in pink (lucky board prize)
nom; pink fuel star lollipop (lucky chair prize)
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

poses; olive juice (closing sale!)
location; banksy

hoarders: sl edition

soooo, anyone remember my sl resolutions? no worries if you didn’t, but *i* certainly remembered.

the biggest one was to pair down my inventory to a more manageable size. i started out strong, right after new year’s, and went about boxing && deleting quite a lot of stuff. but as the days went by, my enthusiasm waned…. until earlier this week.

i started with right around 50k items in my inventory. honestly? not as bad as it could have been. i’ve always been sorta good at keeping things organized and tossing/boxing what i didn’t think i’d use. but in the last few months, my organization went to shit && it was just getting overwhelming. and i knew that i could get my inventory size down by half, i was determined to do it, ’cause even though at some point i loved every last one of those 50,000 items… there’s no way i need *that* much now that most of those items are older.

AND I DID IT!! my current inventory count is…. *drum roll* …. 21k. that’s more than half gone!! i haven’t had an inventory around 20-ish-k for a looooooooong time. this makes me so super excited!

cue the music && pardon me while i hop on my coffee table to do a victory dance!


inventory sorting && purging is, really, a taxing task. and it can be so bewildering when you first start out. luckily, i’ve been sort of.. anal… about keeping things in folders and subfolders for a while now so i didn’t have to worry about organizing so much… other than sorting through my most recent acquisitions. but since i got my inventory number down, i know you can do it (yeah, *you*!).. so i can offer some advice!

1. get your favorite music playing. having it in the background will give you a bit of a distraction && will really help with how monotonous sorting and organizing can be. open itunes, make a playlist on youtube, use pandora or spotify… it srsly helps!

2. strip down and try *everything* on as you go. yeah, i’m sure if my neighbors were caming me… they would’ve been rather amused at a naked, bald, tattoo-less vixxie standing on a pose stand and changing from one shirt.. to another shirt… to another shirt… over and over again. but this is a big help too for several reasons. if it’s an item you’ve had for a while, but haven’t worn in a bit, you might remember it being nicer than it *actually* is (case in point, i had several pairs of jeans from a now-closed store that i wore out a couple years ago. i fully intended on keeping these because i remembered loving them so much… until i tried them on. they really paled in comparison to the more recent jeans i have and thus, the older pants were easy to toss). trying things on as you go will also help you organize (see the point below!) && if the items aren’t named in the most descriptive way, you’ll be able to easily see what they are.

plus, it’s much easier to make a judgement on whether you want something or not by seeing it on!

3. if you don’t already have your inventory sorted into folders, start *right now* while you’re trying to pair down! believe me, it makes things so much easier in the long run — making an outfit is so simple when you can hop from one folder to the next instead of trying to search through everything for what you want. i did very basic folders at first — pants, tops, sneakers, heels, piercings, tattoos, etc. then, once everything was sorted into those folders, i made more specific subfolders inside the basic folders — by brand for large folders (like tattoos for instance, of which i have about a billion, are sorted by brand this way) or by type for more broad categories (my jewelry folder for example is subdivided into smaller folders for necklaces, earrings, rings, and so on).

since you’re already trying everything on as you go (riiiiight? ;)), sorting into separate folders on top of it really isn’t that tough!

4. have two inventory windows open. it makes moving folders of items up and down through your inventory a lot easier.

5. take frequent breaks!!!! i didn’t do it all in one sitting, or even all in one week, and it can easily become even *more* overwhelming if you try to do it all in one go. my inventory wasn’t even that large to begin with, so if your number is substantially higher than my starting point was… yeah… definitely make sure you take a break from it! do one category at a time — start with, say, pants.. once those are done, do something else for a bit, then come back to sorting. doing it this way will help you from feeling discouraged when it seems like you’re not even making a dent after being at it for hours at a time!

6. landmarks && notecards — hidden *huge* numbers! i had sooooo many duplicate LMs and all those subscribo-notice notecards in my inventory it was ridiculous. my total number went down, literally, 2k after i got rid of every single notecard i didn’t need && went through my landmarks and deleted outdated/duplicate ones. using the inventory filters is great for this — set your filter to only show landmarks, then sort by name.. and you’ll be able to easily see LM dupes. you’ll also be able to see those LMs that sneak by in folders when you purchase something new!

demos too, if you hang onto them (or forget you even have them), then searching for “demo” in your inventory might reveal some just sitting there taking up space!

7. extra clothing layers. now that we can wear multiple undershirts, jackets, pants, etc layers at once… having, say, a t-shirt on a thousand different layers really isn’t needed. i appreciate the content creators out there that do this, that make their products on every layer available for easier mixin’ && matchin’, but when it comes down to it… i just don’t need them all. for example, take a tattoo. from para designs, you usually get a black version of the ink in light, medium, and dark intensities. then you get the same tattoo in color in the same three versions. when you have *all* of those on every possible layer — jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants, underpants, glove and tattoo — the numbers really start to add up. since i only ever wear them on the undershirt/underpants layer, or glove layer if it’s needed (since my actual tattoo layer is never used for tattoos xD and is normally used for nothing but makeup!), i got rid of every other layer i didn’t need. this added up to a lot of unnecessary clutter gone from my inventory!

8. double-check your trash before you empty it. …yeah, i may have derp’d && deleted something i honestly didn’t mean to. eh heh. :X

8b. …but when you *do* empty your trash, keep an eye on the numbers && watch ’em fall! there is nothing more satisfying than emptying your trash, knowing everything in there is something you don’t need or want anymore, and seeing your inventory number go down by several thousand. it’s a lovely feeling!

such a lovely feeling that you, too, could be dancing with me on my coffee table.. with a freshly sorted, organized, and smaller inventory. woohoo! \o/ good luck if you go for it!


get the look yourself — but not before you sort! *points a finger*:
skin; curio @ truth district candy petal in tootsie 1 (50% off!)
hair; truth @ truth district addison streaked in swedish (50% off!)
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (group gift)
piercings; hod the crux
top; lark @ seasons gatcha winter enten shirt
jeans; tres blah juju jeans in worn out
boots; kookie muggy in brown (subscribo gift)
cuff; whippet & buck simple polished cuff
nails; rezipsa loc chocolate nails french
necklace; addiction grandpa’s pocket watch necklace

poses; long awkward pose

new new newness


this post.. is pretty much asploding with new stuffs! \o/

~ *new* skin from candydoll, in a set of four *new* skintones
~ a *new*-to-me hair brand, magari && some of their latest releases
~ the *new* dresses from whippet & buck out for stumblebum

…just to mention a few. ;3

so many goodies to show off, i’m just gonna jump right into it!

skin; candydoll foxy in latte, all makeups (left to right :: purple, peach, natural, green, brown, pink, blue) hair; magari bryn in faun dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in sparkle

skin; candydoll foxy cream in brown eye makeup && all lipstick tattoos hair; magari janelle 2 in chocolate dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in twilight

left side ::
skin; candydoll foxy choco in green w/ red lip tattoo (top), foxy choco in purple w/ nude lip tattoo (bottom) hair; magari alyssa 2 in bistre dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in pitch
right side ::
skin; candydoll foxy caramel in pink w/ brown lip tattoo (top), foxy caramel in peach w/ pinky lip tattoo (bottom) hair; magari alyssa 2 in majestic dress; whippet & buck the talk dress in coal

other stuffs:
tattoo; vestigium candy world
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha event snowfall eyes in blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bolted
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
necklace; miao joan vintage pen necklace
cuff; amorous hard
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french

poses; long awkward pose
all photos taken inside the sweet pea skybox from honey i’m home out for stumblebum

red && black


one of my favorite sims to snap piccies on is innsmouth. the entire sim is run down, dark && wonderfully frightening (especially the ambient sound!). it’s one of those places where just wandering around, looking at the build, completely inspires snapshots… it’s definitely a must-see if you’ve not been yet!

so bff vivi && i decided to head there in themed attire to take some photos. …well, not even *some*.. more like *a lot*, but. i decided to pair it down to just a few for blogging purposes. ;p


my look actually all started with makeup, believe it or not.. i built my outfit around the new leopard print tattoo eyemakeup from cstar limited. you can wear just the leopard spots to either side of the eye, or wear the spots with a deep smokey eye as well (which is how i’m wearing it here) && i looooooove it. there are a *ton* of colors to pick from, so of course along with the black.. i picked up the neon hot pink set as well, but they are in limited quantities! and @ *100L* a pop, these are going so so fast. if you love the leopard eye like i do, then go right now && snag a set for yourself. go. gogogogogogogo!

i really could have gone into leopard overload, but decided to only match the spots on my eyes with these sheer leggings from izzie’s, layered underneath the jacket && dress combo from aoharu and whippet & buck. some tall boots, a gun strapped to my thigh, && a freshly-fed vampiric skin from pink fuel make me look like some undercover demonic .. cop. but! at least it’s a cute undercover demonic cop? with some *fierce* leopard eye shadow! \o/


vivienne‘s look all centers around the *adorable* blackheart dress set from katatonik. there are so many options with this ensemble, it’s almost unreal. you get the dress, the stockings, the gloves && a li’l lopsided top hat (which is srsly so cute x3 even if vivi didn’t wear it!). then you get a sheer version of the top part of the dress, that you can wear as a shirt on it’s own, a sheer version of the skirt, *and* the matching lingerie. @_@ soooo very nice for the price, there’s a ton of mixin’ && matchin’ in there with all the pieces you get.

she’s also wearing the *new* hair from exile out @ the dressing room blue. this hair is just… all waves and deliciousness. the headband/bow combo is color-change && i adore perfectly messy it is. i got the pack at tdr blue too, even if it doesn’t come in my *preferred* blonde color, just because it was too cute to pass up. maybe i’ll be brunette for a day just to wear it since i love it so much, ’cause apparently i have no problems goin’ from blonde to pitch black. ;p

oh, and i *did* mention vivi’s outfit comes with the lingerie…

…right? ;D

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (all black) ::
skin; pink fuel elly cream in bloodthirsty
hair; lelutka mourray in pitch
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
makeup; cstar leopard print in black
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod celtic swirl dimples && parastic
dress; whippet & buck maybe knit dress in black
jacket; aoharu short trench coat in black
leggings; izzie’s tights in leopard
boots; sakide crocodile boots in black
gloves; izzie’s leather gloves in black
nails; candy nail basic nails in red 07
horns; rue horn’d fooldeux in ghost rigged
weapon; breach 92f
necklace; hod fallen
earrings; amorous gyroscope earrings

on vivienne tailleur (black && red) ::
skin; atomic grace ivory in lady
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue betty lou in midnight
eyes; suicidal unborn phantom eyes
tattoo; para designs desire
makeup; chelle glamorpuss in red
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
dress, stockings && gloves; katatonik blackheart in red
boots; g field short lace-up boots in black

poses; glitterati
location; innsmouth


fifty linden fridays are coming to an end! ;__; it makes me so bummed, i *love* these weekly sales. i’ve gotten some amaaazing deals from flf && have discovered brands i otherwise might not have. it’s something i’ve always looked forward to, so i am def sad to see it go.

but at least… it went out with a bang, forreals.


there are more stores included in this week’s flf than i think i’ve ever seen && these 50L bargains are so, so awesome. hair, shoes, accessories, tattoos, poses, furniture, skins.. i don’t think there’s a category not covered in this sale. it is *so* worth checking out, if for no other reason than to give flf one last hurrah!


i’ve packed on a lot of the 50L goodies for this look.. to try && give you an idea of the variety goin’ on: the hair i’m wearing is from clawtooth, the boots i’m wearing are from fir & mna, the mesh purse from maitreya (and there’s a pair of their new alexa wedges in brown for 50L too!), the cardi from fri.day (you get *three* colors for the price!), the tank from whippet & buck that’s actually part of a *50L fatpack*, the tattoo from the habitat, && the eyes and armwarmers and smudged black eyeshadow are from the plastik (these items as well — there’s three color choices and each pack comes with shoes, boots, skins, makeups, dresses, eyes.. omgaaaaahhh! if you only get one thing from flf this last week, get *this* from plastik!!!).

/me is out of breath

ridiculously good, i must say. ❤ all good things must come to an end, but what an ending it is!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ juicy gloss in peach
hair; clawtooth sounds of silence in wheat (flf item)
tattoo; the habitat crane (flf item)
eyes; plastik vae collection in starlight (flf item)
makeup; plastik ataciara makeup in smudgy shadow (flf item)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod lisbeth && dimpled
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03
tank; whippet & buck kipparing tank in nougat (flf item)
jacket; fri.day basic cardi in black (flf item)
jeans; zaara classic jeans in dirty (they also have a flf item out!)
boots; fir & mna the orann boots in gray (flf item)
gloves; plastik leo warmers in glimmer glam (flf item)
necklace; yummy mixtape necklace (part of a 100L grab bag — they also have a flf item out!)
nails; rezipsa loc goldenrod nails french
glasses; epic kyoot nerdy glasses in yellow
bag; maitreya leather satchel in mustard (flf item)

poses; olive juice (they also have a flf item out!)
location; the city

merry christmas

ah, my last post before the christmas! it’s christmas eve && i am *so* excited for the festivities to actually begin~ and since i’m in such a good, holiday mood.. i’d like to just talk about a few things other than fashion for once.


vivi && i have been trying as hard as we can to get absolutely everything done before tomorrow.. so we can actually relax && enjoy the holiday. all our gifts are wrapped and piled up in our living room, everything is cleaned and decorated, i even found the time to do *more* baking this morning just so i had nothing to worry about tomorrow. and i’m pumped!

halloween is still my favorite holiday of the year, but i can’t help getting into the holiday spirit around christmas, too. the familiar songs, the food, the friends && family, the weather (fingers crossed for a white christmas! whose with me!?).. there’s a lot to love about christmas. it all just gives me the warm ‘n’ fuzzies and it’s very, very easy to feel like an excited li’l kid again around the holidays.


our entire house spells like gingerbread && peppermint. the stockings are up, the fireplace is lit, and even our meeroos are in the holiday spirit with some festive costumes. there isn’t a single detail i left out this year, i’d really like to make this holiday for vivienne and i and our friends a good one~

if you celebrate, i hope you have a fun-filled, wonderful day tomorrow. ^_^ i hope you get all the gifts you’ve been wanting, i hope you get some time to relax && enjoy the time with your friends and family, and i hope your noms are as good as ours are gonna be! ;3

vivi && i both wish you a very merry, very *calm*, very joyful christmas this year~ /me raises her glass of eggnog ❤❤

get the look yourself:
skin; laq ebba peach christmas gift (subscribo gift!)
hair; lelutka rain in powder
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes in blue/green
makeup; boom liquid glaze in silver
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
piercings; hod reach
sweater; deetalez big collar sweater in snowman
pants; whippet & buck raisa lounge pants in warm ivory
boots; severed garden zuffy boots
ring; addiction diamond snowflake cocktail ring
nails; mandala pink skin long nails


pink && gold

towards the end of december, almost everything you see is red && green. but who says those have to be the *only* two colors for the “holiday season”?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

bff vivi and i happen to think sparkly gold && deep magenta work just as well. 😉

even though she && i live on a very beachy sim, complete with water right outside our front door… we decided we’d get into the holiday spirit and transform one of our rooms into *everything christmas*. it may not match, exactly, with the theme of the rest of our house (or on our sim, for that matter), but it looks cute! and thanks to lisp, where there’s all kinds of 10L holiday goodies to be had outside the store, and to ancayi for the centerpiece of our room with the tree && train combo, i think we happened to pull off the holiday explosion quite well despite our summery house! \o/

so naturally, we had to dress appropriately… for, perhaps, an impromptu christmas party?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

sure, you can wear the default red dress to a holiday get together… but when ricielli is having a *15L* discounted “hunt” (and i use the word “hunt” very loosely — all the prizes are super obvious && easy to find just by walking around the store! score!) and one of the prizes is a super sexy hot pink dress.. well.. y’know… pink can be holiday too, damnit! the dress she’s wearing here is one of said prizes, and the sparkly bodice, short hemline + the lacey overlay on it totally make it party appropriate. pair it with some seriously *sex kitten* hair from truth, some matching heels from n-core && some knee-high socks from g field to keep your legs warm ;p and you are good to celebrate!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the sequined dress i’m wearing is also a prize in the ricielli hunt and maaaaaaaan is it short! i don’t mind mini dresses that are only barely long enough to be considered a dress more than a long top, but in order to be even remotely discreet.. i decided to pair it with some *free to group members* leggings from insanya just for modesty’s sake. haha. i don’t normally go for everything supah shiny, but when trying on this dress… i dunno.. it just screamed festive at me. and if there’s ever an excuse to break out the sequins, around the holidays is perfect for it.

plus, i needed *something* to wear these glittery heels with! they’re the same coquette heels from n-core that vivienne is wearing — only covered all over in a complimentary shimmer. sooooo cute! and these gold ones were probably my favorite out of the bunch~

and, just in case you were curious….

click to see it larger @ flickr!

..after all the champagne && punch was gone, and all the guests went home, yes the party kept on goin’! and not only that, but vivi && i conveniently matched our undies 😉 to our outfits! so what if we decided to have a “slumber party” in the middle of the afternoon?!

besides.. nothin’ says christmas like some *25L* gift-wrapped panties from katatonik, lemme tell ya..

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in goldilux w/ juicy gloss in grape
hair; truth mylie streaked in swedish
tattoos; actchio birds in the skull of a rose && love has many faces (store closed?! ;( i couldn’t find it to grab the slurl!)
eyes; insufferable dastard december gift in green (group gift)
makeup; ricielli gold eyeliner (15L hunt prize)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; cobrahive gauged 03 && bull’s ring
dress; ricielli serena sequin dress in gold (15L hunt prize)
leggings; insanya tights in copper (group gift)
heels; n-core coquette glitter edition in gold
cuff; whippet & buck simple polished cuff
nails; candy nail twinkle in gold
lingerie; katatonik gift wrapped panties && bra in yellow (25L for the set!)
necklace; glow studio @ tdr blue crosses necklace in gold

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in eyeliner 4
hair; truth helena in crow
tattoo; para designs wisdom
eyes; insufferable dastard mirror eyes vivid in lilac (past group gift)
makeup; ricielli pink eyeliner (15L hunt prize)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
dress; ricielli camila minidress in carmin (15L hunt prize)
socks; g field button socks
heels; n-core coquette
necklaces; love soul bear white s10 && yummy necklace
lingerie; katatonik gift wrapped panties && bra in pink (25L for the set!)
nails; candy nail air in pink

poses; magnifique

mesh goodies

thick, bulky sweaters seem like mesh was made *just* for them. no longer do you have to worry about fixing prims, resizing them to fit, or having the prims go completely wonky on you while your AO is on…


..instead, you can simply plop a mesh top on and get as bendy as you like! \o/

bff vivi && i have been pretty much obsessed with all the mesh offerings on the grid lately. we’ve gotten *incredibly* spoiled by now nicely && how easily mesh garments fit.. and lucky for us, there seems to be no shortage of mesh items to pick and choose from.

in fact, if you’re still a newb to mesh (which, c’mon.. firestorm just did a full release of their latest viewer && it supports mesh! there’s no excuse now not to upgrade!), and looking to just test the waters a li’l bit… the large-collared sweater i’m wearing, by aitui, is out @ collabor88 for just *88L*. there’s two colors, the lovely emerald green i picked && also a nice subdued red, and a demo to test your size.. and it comes in a version for the guys.. aaaaand it’s incredibly inexpensive! i love cowl-neck sweaters irl and this one mimics that style perfectly — the fact that i didn’t have to fuss for an hour getting the prims to fit my small size is only icing on a delicious mesh cake.


vivi’s hair && long cardigan are also mesh.. both of which blend together nicely with normal clothing layers and prims. her hair, from wasabi pills, would be hell to wear && photograph even if it had split attachment points. there’s always something that sinks into shoulders or arms or chest with long hair… but with mesh, it always sits just right over her shoulders that only the *craziest* poses would make it break. i enjoy wearing mesh hair myself too, i just sometimes miss the movement prim hair can have.. but for photography? mesh hair makes things so much easier.

her mesh sweater, by mon tissu, looks *so* warm && soft. the textures on this piece, as with all of the pieces we both own from mon tissu, are reach-out-and-touch-it realistic. it shows just enough of the collarbone area to layer a tank or tee underneath, as vivi’s done here, and still is super cute for outerwear. the pretty shade of blue just looks wintery to me and mixes well with the shades of white && gray vivienne chose to accessorize with.

and i know it has little to do with the fashion aspect of my post, but how cute are these reindeer we found?! we even found rudolph!! they didn’t seem to mind at all when vivi && i used them like pose props and back drops.. and rudolph was exceptionally eager to have his photograph taken. who knew reindeer were so photogenic, hmmmm?

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meloncauli w/ glam lipstick in burgundy
hair; ploom kenni
tattoo; para designs dragon’s lair
eyes; insufferable dastard december gift in blue (group gift)
makeup; glamorize black candy eyeshadow in chocolate drop
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod bitten
sweater; aitui @ collabor88 the schofield femme in garland
pants; the sea hole @ collabor88 metalminx jeans in blackwood
boots; miel far boots
cuff; whippet & buck simple polished cuff
nails; rezipsa loc evergreen nails french
necklace; burroughs emily necklace

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; ploom @ kittycats advent calendar lea cream in snow kitten (freebie)
hair; wasabi pills aria in storm
eyes; insufferable dastard brooding eyes (past group gift)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
sweater; mon tissu rustic knit cardigan in blue
undershirt; kyoot two sugars top in white
leggings; anexx knit leggings in white
socks; g field button socks
legwarmers; g field leg warmer for heels in gray
heels; g field strap shoes alex in patent white
nails; candy nail twinkle in silver

poses; glitterati
location; cape poge