we’re all mad here


a smile like the cheshire cat.


happy halloween.

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair dark side ginny 01
hair; ploom @ my attic mila
eyes; insufferable dastard zombie mesh eyes (group gift)
teeth; gauze nightmare uneven
piercings; hod fallen v2 (modded)
straight jacket; dilly dolls silently
bodysuit; whippet & buck sweet day bodysuit in black (sale going on right now!)
feet; slink women’s mesh feet
blood; suicidal unborn bloody knees 04 (freebie!) & luck inc cuts (part of a dress set)

poses && backdrop; adorkable

playing favorites

so. when i go to post a look here on my blog, i am completely 100% satisfied with it. it is, at the moment, my favorite for the day. i never blog anything i don’t like (cause… that would be a little counter-productive) and what you see here is chalk full of things i think are awesome.

however! there are some looks that, to me, stand out more than others. and there are always posts that appeal to me more than the rest, even if i like everything i’ve put up here. but i gotta say… out of all 65(!!!) entries i’ve written so far, the look i have for today is my absolute favorite.


to me, i look like a mix between pink (and i love her times a hundred <3) and a very dapper dandy, with a little elf && vixxie thrown in. and i love it *so much*, i couldn’t wait any longer to post this up.

the look all started with the cane i picked up for 50L friday from deco. it was sort of an impulse buy. like, it’s only 50L, why not? but when i tried it on? i think i literally squealed. it comes with a built in AO so you literally walk with the cane. the run anim is too cute as well, running and holding it across your chest. plus, it’s got a goddamn golden duck head to hold! srsly, it’s amazing.

so i worked from the cane on up, picking out clothing an accessories that sorta matched the “theme”. silken pants from leezu worked in a lovely pastel shade, the ruffled tank (that i tooootally said in a blog post like.. 2 months ago that i’d be back to get and aha! i finally did!) from surf couture added some frills at the chest && gartered socks from pig worn with the fabulous oxford shoes from coco completed what i was going for in such lovely ways.


i really packed on the accessories for this look, too. as i said yesterday, i visited sanu *just* for the amazing monocle (but ended up buying, like, a ton of shit.. gotta love when that happens). the detail on on the monocle is beyond intricate, it boggles my mind how someone can pack so much realism into such a tiny piece. but it’s awesome && it fits and was exactly what i was looking for.

then, what’s a proper gentleman haha without a pocket watch? mine today is from skream and while the pants i’ve got on don’t.. have… a visible pocket, in my head it is dangling from the belt. because it was far too cute not to wear. okay? >:O

my tattoo from endless pain was the *perfect* addition, simply because of the pretty pastel colors worked through the sleeves. teeny little top hat, that i bought from dilly dolls also was a needed accessory, because.. well.. it only seemed fitting. plus it’s tiny and adorable and at a gravity-defying tilt. i loves it.

this look may be totally outside of my norm, but if i haven’t said it enough already… i absolutely adore the way it looks. and i also might have spent an entire hour just walking back and forth in front of my house, because the walk anim included with the cane amuses me way too much. 😀


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka sunkissed friday (past 50L friday item)
hair; ploom ana in swedish
tattoo; endless pain sweet little sin
eyes; lelutka reflections dew eyes (past 50L friday item)
makeup; porcupine love running mascara
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; surf couture hermana tank in white
vest; suicidal unborn diana vest in gray
pants; leezu nottingham pants in earth gray && mint
socks; pig socks mit suspenders in clean white
shoes; coco oxford shoes in two-tone
gloves; luck inc finger tapes (dollarbie)
necklace; cobrahive razortag necklace
monocle; sanu daydreams monocle in rose
watch; skream time stands still pocketwatch
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
hat; dilly dolls tippy top hat in white
cane; deco duckhead cane in white (past 50L friday item)