3. reviews

if you’d like me to review or showcase your items on my blog, i’d be more than happy to oblige. ;P

please make sure to include a LM or slurl to your store in what is sent to me!

i’ll highlight your items in my blog happily, but be forewarned:

– i currently only blog clothing/shoes/accessories/hair. my “style” is anywhere from grunge, punk, goth all the way to bright, flirty && kawaii.
– unless it’s a limited time offer (please let me know it’s limited in a notecard so i’m aware!), i’ll blog your items when i find an appropriate time to do so. however, most.. if not all.. items sent to me for review are blogged asap.
– there’s a chance i won’t blog everything sent to me. if i wouldn’t normally wear it around in world, chances are i won’t blog it. but i’ll do my best to include everything i can!

feel free to contact me about review copies in world through IM (my name is Vixxie Vultee), notecard, or through email: vixxievultee@gmail.com!

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