white on white

you were from a perfect world…


a world that threw me away today…


today… today to run away…


skin; belleza shyla masquerade
hair; elikatira listen in white 05
tattoo; vestigium fighting wolves
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire in wispy blue
piercings; hod end of the night
makeup; nuuna’s v8 lipstripe 3
top; glam affair @ fair openside top in white
undershirt; fri.day layering tank in white
bottoms; maitreya leggings in white
boots; ladies who lunch @ tdr blue pretender
necklace; amorous heilig
nails; virtual insanity round nails fall 2012 collection

giftie roundup

christmas may be over, but there’s still no shortage of gifts out there! we’ve got such generous designers in SL, i just gotta say. ❤ and with all the freebies && gifties out right now.. it’s super easy to give yourself a makeover for very little lindens! \o/

i put together *three* looks for today, mixing in many of the gifts i’ve come across from various designers. so if you’re in need of a whole new look, there are some subscribos && groups that you definitely need to be joining!


skin; curio angel sundust in happy holidays (group gift)
hair; shag pretty please in vodka (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard sparkle eyes in green
makeup; glamorize black candy in smoke
lashes; boom liquid glaze lashed black w/ lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
tank; candydoll plain tank in white
jacket; jane open hoodie in cherry (subscribo gift)
jeans; ricielli lia pants in blue (15L hunt prize)
boots; lassitude & ennui cupcake patchwork boots (freebie)
nails; candy nail snowman in white (group lucky board prize)
necklace; kosh the key necklace

pose; fayse coming soon!


skin; belleza lily in pale (group gift)
hair; exile veronique in autumn/fawn (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ philippines disaster assistance event secret window in hazel
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; cynful day off sweatshirt in snowflake (subscribo gift)
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in used
heels; purple moon lace pumps in white (subscribo gift)
necklace; g field flower necklace in ice blue (subscribo gift)
nails; rezipsa loc snowy white nails

pose; fayse coming soon!


skin; nuuna’s christmas 2011 skin (freebie)
hair; lelutka awe in coal mine (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs timeless
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
eyes; insufferable dastard @ four corners neon eyes in blue
piercings; hod the crux
dress; sakide scales party dress in white (hunt prize)
stockings; paperdoll tights in white
boots; gos @ kittycats advent calendar slouch boots in festive (freebie)
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
bracelet; hod the crosary bracelet
nails; rezipsa loc hot hot pink nails

pose; fayse coming soon!

sit back && unwind

it totes doesn’t feel like summertime ’til i hear this song. and fun fact! bff vivi *loves* her some will smith. i think he’s probably her favorite actor and singer. can’t get enough of ‘im.

/me coughs

went off on a tangent there, but i *did* have a point! that song by w.smith makes it insta-summer for me… and it’s the same with bright, bright colors.


you blind yet? ;p

this whole bubblegum weekends thing.. y’know.. it’s kii~inda hard to *not* wear bright colors. i mean, nothing screams “wear the most neon things you own” better than getting a lavender dye job, amirite? and what better season than the beginning of summer to go all rainbow!

vivid blue tee is from t.whore && was a perfect piece to build my look around. low-cut, but not too revealing. and i love this shade of blue, reminds me of crystal clear ocean… or maybe a beautiful, cloudless summer sky.. or both, together.. /me daydreams of the caribbean

and my hair, yeah, is not my typical white-blonde. but this is one of my favorite styles from truth that i bought a looong time ago in a second color pack that includes all the *non-natural* shades. which is rare for me, i usually pick up my default light blondes && am out. i love the double streaks, and the choppy sideswept bangs.. and in such a pretty pale purple, you really cannot go wrong.


the necklace i’m wearing from addiction isn’t even out yet. or at least, it wasn’t when i snapped these photos. it *will* be out however for lazy sunday in full set of jewelry for a super cheap price. i love the big, ornate silver pendant and the dark cord it’s hanging on.. and the fact that it comes on multiple attachment points, for those of ya’ll still not on v2 yet (and srsly why the hell not!?), makes it nice when you’re wearing other pieces. good for layering!

i know i blogged ’em yesterday with my huge makeup post, but i am *obsessed* with the lipstick tattoos by pididdle out @ kozmetika. they are in the most vibrant colors i’ve seen on lipsticks && come in such a huge variety.. from high fashion stripes to the darkest black… and this pink.. oh, i love this shade of pink. plus they come in matte && glossy versions, with or without teeth. the teeth on these tattoos are *adorable* and honestly, i am in love. expect to see these a whole *fuck* of a lot, mmkay~

being anti-blonde for a weekend is fun! i couldn’t do it permanently, but it makes it exciting to step out of the norm every once in a while. on the weekends… i can handle it. i just need to scope out some new hair in cotton candy colors…


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza erika in sunkissed (group gift)
hair; truth enix streaked in amethyst
tattoo; plastik feathers
eyes; ibanez horizon in green pea (lucky chair prize)
makeup; la malvada mujer @ kozmetika simple line + blush (freebie)
lipstick; pididdle @ kozmetika glossy princess rehab
piercings; hod symphony (part of an AMAZING set!)
tee; t.whore slouchy tee in scribbles pink 85
vest; spirit store pavlina vest in gray
skirt; onyx wear mini skirt stripe dark
socks; kyoot last thread socks in blue (freebie)
heels; mstyle goshi pumps in pink panther
nails; rezipsa loc @ kozmetika hot hot pink nails
necklace; addiction journey trio necklace
bracelets; league wanderer black bracelet

/me pretends she’s a makeup artist

so. makeup tattoos. anyone else as obsessed with ’em as i am? show of hands?

the kozmetika summer makeup event kicks off today && technically isn’t even open yet.. but… >.> if you promise not to tell anyone, i *might* have already visited and scooped up a few goodies to show off. y’know, just between you && me, right? ;3

makeup tattoos are amazing for customization. and with the added benefit of being able to pack ’em on in multiples with v2, there is literally *no end* to the amount of looks you can get. this is especially nice when you’re tryin’ to save some lindens — buy one base, makeup-free skin instead of the fatpack && go crazy with less expensive makeup tatts.

i’ve got three looks that aren’t clothes.. but rather makeup instead.. that completely transform the entire appearance of the skins i’m wearing.

oh, and! the non-blonde version of vixxie you see in this post is courtesy of a blogger challenge to go bubblegum on the weekends. what better opportunity to show off the *crazy* colored hair than with some *crazy* makeup?!

so yeah. first up… the look with pink fuel; enhancing the makeup you’ve already got!


the face on pink fuel’s ember skins are *to die for* adorable. and the entire collection comes with cute, bright && lovely sets of makeup. but what if you wanted to, maybe, take the perdy pink eyeshadow && add a li’l somethin’ extra?

here’s how i did it~


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin, pink fuel ember in chai, the makeup called candy.
02. freckles make *everything* cuter && i used a favorite of mine here, l.fauna extra freckles in tan.
03. my favorite color combo with pink is bright lime green, so i added the lime mystical shadow by a.e.meth that i picked up at kozmetika.
04. lip color! it’s not a drastic change, but it brightens up the lips. i used ag‘s bitten lipstain in beachen peachen.
05. next is eyeliner, to really make the eyes stand out even more. in this look i’ve used the foxy eyeliner by p.art.
06. finish off the look with some bold lashes and another layer o’ liner, in this case it’s the liquid glaze eyeliner && lashes by boom.

other products in this look :: hair truth marissa in bubblegum ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes poetic colors pink ocean ; tattoo aitui sacred pain

but what if the makeup on your skin is pretty, but not flashy enough for your tastes?

second look with grixdale; make it over the top!


the makeup on this teagan2 skin is already pretty~ bright yellow && a nice contrast of blue, with a soft pink lip. but if you’re in the mood to wear makeup so loud they’ll hear you coming?

well, here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin this time is teagan2 by grixdale in the honey skintone.
02. the addition is very, very subtle, but i’ve added an all over sunkissed bronzer by ag. i know it’s hard to tell, but it gives a nice summery glow to the face (and body!).
03. to add more eyeshadow, i’ve gone with a *freebie* one by mock called icon eyeshadow in blue and green.
04. next.. eyeliner && lashes. i added on the *free* liner from chelle at kozmetika and some of my favorite tattoo layer lashes from miamai.
05. the last lipcolor was.. quiet, but this one is anything but! it’s a lipwax by boom, called hot pink && is just as bright as the eyeshadow. wiiin~

other products in this look :: hair truth evangeline streaked in smurf ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes ibanez horizon in tropics (lucky chair prize)

and lastly… what if you *love* the skin you’re in (thx olay! ;p), but it’s not quite right for the look you’re goin’ for?

third look with belleza; take your skin in a whole new direction!


belleza skins always have gorgeous faces, but maybe the delicate makeup isn’t what you want for a certain look. maybe you wanna go a little darker, *mess* the lovely face up a bit.

here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base i worked with this time was one of the *group gifts* from belleza, melissa in sunkissed.
02. the piercings i’ve worn in all three looks are from hod && are extra special — they come with an added makeup tattoo by nuuna. in this look, i’m wearing the added facial tattoo.
03. okay, i know it looks silly.. but seriously, this is the best idea ever. glamorize put out this tintable lip destroyer at kozmetika && it is *amazing* for getting lip tattoos to fit properly. if you have a favorite lipstick but it doesn’t fit over the lips on your skin, pick this one up for 10L! && layer your lip color on top. i LOVE this.
04. and now for the lips! the ones i’m wearing are by pididdle, in the color called i have a secret.
05. final touches — running mascara by porcupine love && teeth by villena.

other products in this look :: hair sadistic hacker meltdown in pink ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes luck inc eyez in sapphire ; tattoo aitui aggression

five layers totally isn’t enough, but working with what we’ve got? it’s *so* easy to transform your favorite skins with some wonderfully made makeup && a li’l bit of creativity. who says you need to have an inventory stuffed full of skins, when you can wear one and change the look of it drastically from one extreme to the next?!

huntin’ for zombies

the zombie popcorn hunt is one of my absolute *favorites*. i missed the last installment, but bff vivi && i were able to take on number four together.

there are so many awesome things in this hunt. always are. some of my favorite shops are included && this hunt has helped me in the past, and has helped me this time around, find some new favorite places for cute shit (*coughcough* villena, i’m lookin’ at you~ *coughcough*).

she && i tried to pack on as many of the hunt gifts as we possibly could, so let us start with vivi’s half of the look for today…


vivienne’s look centers around the hunt prize from paperdoll. it’s so super cute && in a nice shade of dusty lavender. i’ve been blogging paperdoll goodies since i started and i’ve *never* been disappointed with anything i’ve gotten from there — hunt gifts included! the dress is adorable && even includes the little matching belt!

the nom && necklace is the gift set out by laciecakes && is in the brightest shade of bubblegum pink i think i’ve ever seen! hunt prizes of jewelry are always appreciated, i never seem to have enough necklaces.. bracelets.. rings.. and this one in particular is cute ’cause you can munch away on it. shame it’s not made out of candy~


the pretty silver ring vivi’s wearing is the prize from sigma && the piercings on her lips are from ipoke. wearing multiple attachments is so awesome because it allows you to wear some fierce nails (like the ones vivi’s sporting, from candy nail) with a separate ring, or wear two sets of piercings that would otherwise bump each other off. and vivienne is of the same opinion i am: the more holes in yo’ face, the better!

now while bff vivi is all cute && girly… i, on the other hand…


…am decidedly *not*. eh heh.

that’s the fantastic thing about the zombie popcorn hunt… the prizes vary. some are adorable and sweet and workable casual clothes. and then some are blood and safety pins in your nose and decaying eyeballs. which, suffice it to say, is something i quite enjoy. ;3

my torn up top && jean shorts are hunt prizes — the top is from ancayi, while the cute shorts are from american bazaar (both of which you might remember from a post i wrote the other day?) . the shirt is *really* fun for a li’l zombie cosplay, but the jean shorts? totally wearable, especially for this time of year. and — just as a head’s up — there are several cute pairs of shorts as hunt prizes this go ’round!

even though it’s covered in bruises, gashes, obscene amounts of blood && gore, the skin i’m wearing is the hunt prize from glam affair && is actually quite pretty. i don’t usually *do* tones this pale, but exceptions can always be made for skins like this. it’s gooooooooooorgeous~ this skin has two of the perdiest, juiciest lips i’ve seen on a freebie skin. and, to my surprise, came with *two* options for brows… the lighter ones i’m wearing && there’s a darker set as well.


i know it’s a li’l hard to see, ’cause i’ve got *so* much goin’ on in my look for today, but the knife strapped to my arm (y’know, cause a zombie girl’s gotta protect herself, right?) is the hunt prize from virtual insanity. it includes another goodie i’m not showing, so you’ll just have to go ‘n’ hunt it out for yourself to see~

the piercings i’m wearing are just.. amazing. i love them && they look so, so painful. they are the prize from razorblade jacket and come with a bunch of different options — including some bloody tattoo layers to make it look like the safety pins are freshly poked through. which works for what i’m going for, teehee, but the piercings look just as nice without the extra gore.

vivi && i have just about finished the hunt, but i am looking forward to number five.. ’cause… there will be a number five, right?(??!?!) hunts are amazing for more than just freebies, even if the freebies are the whole draw. you discover some new places, you get to check out some new stuffs from shops you’ve been to before, and if you do it with a friend?


..it’s some serious funtimes.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde zzommmmbbbiiieee) ::
skin; glam affair layla light skin in my sweet vampire (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
hair; truth joey streaked in swedish
tattoo; arnadi hell mex (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
eyes; damned survival eyes (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bruises; fallen doll cuff bruised wrist && neck (tmh hunt prize)
scratches; fallen doll back scratches (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
stomach wound; repulse infected stomach wound tattoo (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
scars; severed garden scar v2.0 (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
leg gash; dead carrot cicatrix
piercings; razorblade jacket safety pin face (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
top; ancayi zombie top (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
shorts; american bazaar capri in black (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
armband 1; severed garden armband (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
armband 2; virtual insanity the knife armband (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
shoes; bc322 slip-on sneaker (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
nails; sinistyle faded black nails

on vivienne tailleur (redhead) ::
skin; belleza aiko (group gift)
hair; truth tatum in marmalade
tattoo; para designs loyalty (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
eyes; plastik vaecoll in aegiscandy
makeup; kyoot cateye bardot
piercings nose; cobrahive snake in black/silver
piercings mouth; ipoke illuminati (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
dress; paperdoll blair (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
leggings; acid & mala metallic leggings in magenta
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in silver
nails; candy nail glitter ribbon in pink
necklace; laciecakes knotted pearls nomnom (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelet; candy nail wish bracelet in platinum
ring; sigma cast ring in silver (zombie popcorn hunt prize)

vivienne’s poses are from diesel works && the pose of us together is from seil xpression — both of which are zombie popcorn hunt prizes, too!

livin the life i was born to live

as i’m blogging, i am also watching this movie && it is probably in my top ten favorites, evar~ /me jams && ogles j.aniston

anyway~ the look i’ve got for today is chalk full of freebie && cheapie goodness, since the last two haven’t really included much. and that’s what i do, i scope out cute freebs ’cause i’m cheap like that. …teehee. :3

and, y’know, just as a head’s up. post comin’ this weekend will be full of so many freebies, it’ll make your head spin. no lie!


way back when i was a wee newb, i liked SL for the whole nifty 3D virtual world aspect. dressing my avatar was fun, but wasn’t what i focused on. i liked exploring, i liked chatting, i liked hopping from sim to sim && back again. i always wore freebie skins, freebie clothes, freebie hair… just ’cause it was there (&& ’cause i was still cheap even back then, go figure). but as i’ve said here in the past, the first avatar that really felt like me was neko. and then i slowly started to.. actually care about what my avatar looked like.

belleza was one of the first skin brands where it really clicked with me. the alyson skin, and then the elle line… it was like kismet. i wore those skins into the *ground*, i loved ’em hard. so when i made my triumphant return to SL earlier this week, belleza was a top priority to check for new skin deliciousness.

…and lemme just say, i was *floored* by the group gifts. floored! the skin i’m wearing here is erika && it reminds me a lot of elle. it’s probably why i love it so much. the lips are gorgeous, the skintone is perfect (i’m wearing sunkissed but the gift includes a lovely range in skintones!), and the makeup.. flawless as usual. and the fact that the tone of erika i’m wearing has blonde brows, it just. oh man. not gonna lie, i peed a li’l bit when i tried this skin on.


as for other freebies && cheapies, the necklace i’m wearing from burroughs is a new free gift. i’m always amazed by the quality from burroughs jewelry and this necklace is no exception. it’s color change and adorable and absolutely lovely~

plus! there’s a 99L sale going on right now at burroughs. if the freebie necklace doesn’t interest you, inexpensive but super high quality jewelry should. 😉

my tattoo is from my beloved para designs && is a hunt prize. i can never resist a good tattoo, but a *free* tattoo that only costs a bit of huntin’ time is an insta-win for me. there’s quite a few hunts going on at para designs (hinthint: zombie popcorn prize is nice too! but that’s for another post) && an entire table worth of freebies by the entrance, it’s totally worth a TP in to have a look around if you love ink the way i do.

the socks and eyeballs i’m wearing are past && present 50L fridays items, too from kyoot and plastik. and my tee, it cost a whopping 2L at the surf couture outlet. it’s really all about finding the right things to spend your lindens on, and finding some hidden good deals (see what i did there? hidden? hunt prizes? no? …kay) for the rest, and working it all together. being frugal can still have you lookin’ fierce, if you know where to go~ amirite?!


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza erika in sunkissed (group gift)
hair; truth robyn streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; para designs anchor (hunt prize)
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; plastik mnemonic in oolong (50L friday item)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
makeup; t.whore makeup 2 && makeup 10
ears; gauged elf ear in screwdriver
piercings 1; twee harmony
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03 (srsly cannot take these off @_@)
tee; surf co outlet save surf co fundraiser tee (2L)
vest; boom mini vest in white
skirt; t.whore burlesque skirt in black
socks; kyoot lacy white knee socks (past 50L friday item)
heels; r.icielli sophia pumps (past TDR item)
nails; mstyle perfect hands in long nails
necklace; burroughs lovingly burroughs necklace (freebie, plus there’s a 99L sale going on too)
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
belt; acid & mala biker chain belt
horns; rbcg my angry horns

all poses in this post are from juxtapose.

not silver, not gold…

…but platinum!

the feeds have been *a buzz* about the platinum hunt that started a couple days ago. and with good reason!! the prizes are fan-fucking-tastic and worth so much more than the tiny 10L cost to pick them up.

last night bff vivi && i went through most (not all, hunting is tiring work after all..) of the stops and snagged a *ton* of awesome shit. my inventory, it is literally bursting with new shinies.

but while vivienne would be here to show off all the goodies with me, she has silly real world obligations (wtf are those?) && had to work tonight. sad face. ;( so it was all up to me to bring you two looks. and it was damn hard work!

so first… drow-vixxie:


two things different should probably jump right out at you. 1, i’m not blonde.. big shocker. O: and 2, i’m silver-skinned!

the skin is the hunt prize from mynerva and is so very pretty. the gift as a whole is generous — you get two different makeups && three versions of each makeup, eyeliner, eyes and the matching elven ears. the face on this skin… drop dead gorgeous.

and my hair, it is the prize from magika. i typically don’t *do* dark colors when it comes to hair, but it seemed fitting for this particular look. especially to match the purple in my dress, which is the hunt offering from plastik. with purple hair, i look like someone else i know (i’m lookin’ at you, nira *ahem*) but it’s such a lovely shade of purple && the decorative rhinestones… i dunno, any color out of the huge fatpack gift is a good choice. this time, i just picked purple!

you can see a close-up of my beautiful face ❤ in this skin, along with my piercings prize from ipoke. in the package not only do you get the facial piercings, but piercings for your wrists and clavicle and belly and… just.. a *ton* of piercings. awesome~

my bangles were the gift from sigma and while my candy nail nails aren’t a hunt prize, they were *very* inexpensive (33L!) and are a limited-time offering to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. there’s also two new lucky boards at candy nail, y’know.. just as a head’s up. 😉

for my second look…


…i am channeling some sort of elven marilyn monroe/lady gaga hybrid. i guess. \o/

i am gonna go out on a limb && say that this blazer from atomic is by far my favorite prize from the platinum hunt. there’s a black version included in the package as well as the silver one i’m wearing. it should be no surprise that i love jackets, especially well-made jackets with lots of detail and easy-to-work-with prim attachments and this blazer… mm, is divine. i love the jeweled lapels && the cut of it and the fact that it was a two for one kinda deal makes it *that* much more awesome.

so underneath it, i decided to wear the bodysuit prize from sassy kitty. it also was a two for one, almost.. because there’s a solid silver suit included in the prize too. but! it *also* came with leggings and while i’m not wearing them, they are cute and match nicely with the top!

the shoes i’ve got on are the prize from heart & sole and made me a little giddy on the inside. they aren’t just pink, as i’m wearing them. ohhhh no. the shoe itself is color-change, the jewel is color-change, the metal bits are color-change, the toe nail polishes are color-change… for 10L, it’s like getting a gabillion shoes for an extremely piddly price. and they’re hot as hell, too!

my piercing for this look is also a hunt prize, from skream. as is my hair, from exile, that came in a huge fatpack too. and my necklace as well was the prize from ha!. the nails i’m wearing for this look, again, aren’t a hunt prize but… i love them. :3 and matched far too nicely not to wear. they are from love soul && include the pretty matching ring.

long post today, i know, but there was a lot to talk about! and it’s a shame i didn’t have vivi with me to show all the platinum goodness off. ;/ i *will* rope her into posing with me again soon…

/me grumbles about stupid work.


all poses used in photography today are from doll and are prizes from the platinum hunt, too!

get the looks yourself:
purple && black ::
skin; mynerva platinum blue lips w/ black eyeband (platinum hunt prize)
hair; magika diamond in purple (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; nosotr@s imperio (ink’d up hunt prize)
eyes; mynerva soulheart eyes in ceruleana (platinum hunt prize)
eyeliner; mynerva platinum drow eyeliner (platinum hunt prize)
ears; mynerva platinum drow ears (platinum hunt prize)
piercings; ipoke bautalia (platinum hunt prize)
dress && corset; plastik platinum hunt dress w/ ambrice corset (platinum hunt prize)
bra; t junction platinum glitzy bikini (platinum hunt prize)
ankle cuffs; luck inc ruffled cuffs in black (platinum hunt prize)
shoes; cynful platinum hunt flats (platinum hunt prize)
nails; candy nail anniversary in purple
collar; cobrahive metaru collar (platinum hunt prize)
bracelets; sigma sani bangles in charcoal (platinum hunt prize)

silver && black ::
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; exile samara in harlow (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in magical
makeup; stellar designer liner duo in purple/black
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; skream likes to modify (platinum hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
bodysuit; sassy kitty diamonds bodysuit in black (platinum hunt prize)
jacket; atomic ritzy blazer in silver (platinum hunt prize)
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; heart & sole sassy platinum (platinum hunt prize)
nails; love soul brilliant metallic in silver
necklace; ha! mustache pearls (platinum hunt prize)

like every made for tv movie should

i’m trying to focus but my eyes deceive me, yeah
focus, i’m witnessing history… repeating

incubus! *O* brandon boyd, the things i would do to you..

/me clears her throat.

i mentioned yesterday that my stop to cobrahive brought back a little bit of nostalgia. after my initial newb-ness in sl (that lasted *way* longer than it should have, eheh), the first avatar that really felt like me.. was neko.

i rocked the ears && tails for a long while and i can’t honestly say what made me decide to leave the kitty behind. i guess that’s the awesome part about sl — you can morph from human to neko to human to elf to human to faun (cause i *love* faun avatars too!) and anywhere in between.

but with the help of bff vivi, i am going back to my “second life roots” for a day and revisiting a look i wore for so, so long. just updated!


being part kitten, part human is undeniably cute. there’s just something about the twitchy ears && tail that appeal to the girly, kawaii part of me. though vivi and i decided to grunge it up a little bit, wearing neko bits *totally* works with cutesy, frilly dresses and bubble gum pink. that’s just not us anymore. 😉


my look is neko to the extreme. almost everything i’ve got on is feline-related. my tee from action has a cute black kitten sleeping on the front of it. my jeans are from sassy kitty. though the actual cat design is covered by my shirtsleeves, my tattoo from garden of ku has black cats up by the shoulders. even my hair… it’s gritty kitty.


vivienne on the other hand is wearing a few pieces from envious creations, a place we *both* shopped pretty exclusively in our neko days, haha. her eyes, from negaposi are slitted (and pink!) like a cat’s would be. though she went in the opposite sort of direction with her tattoo && instead of wearing a feline-esue tattoo, her ink from kanival features fishies instead. >;3 cute!

we may not wear the kitty stuffs much anymore, but we still appreciate it. and i’ll probably be wearing my ears && tail from cobrahive for at least a little while in world, just ’cause it reminds me of my good ole days. too bad i’ve long since deleted all my mewing and purring gestures, they were always fun to spam local chat with. mwahahah~


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; belleza alyson sunkissed 7
hair; gritty kitty bilirubin in blonde
tattoo; garden of ku lady cat
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; star piercing katja
tee; action women’s tee in white 005
vest; grasp hooded vest in black&&pink skull
jeans; sassy kitty corset jeans in blue
ears && tail; cobrahive rocker neko set in black
paws; cobrahive gothic neko paws
belt; cobrahive punk belt studded in checkered
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; pink fuel @ harajukubox skin fair ember gyaru in nudey
hair; kin oralee one bun in black
tattoo; kanival koi
eyes; negaposi neko eyes in momo
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; hod satellite
tank; emjay button tank in light gray
vest; action unisex plush vest in black
skirt; onyx wear mini gracie pink (midnight mania prize)
ears && tail; envious creations fishnet kitty (part of a set)
stockings; amerie loose leggings v.2
boots; katatonik bow legwarmer boots in black
nails; love soul pure in pink
necklace; gauged dogtags
bracelets; envious creations amelie bracelets (previous hunt prize)

casual && cute

i’m straying a li’l bit from my usual today, but sometimes that’s a good thing. not *everything* i wear has to be black. or dark gray. or really dark gray. or light gray.

sometimes, it’s awesome to branch out!


my look today centered around a few things. the cute tan pants i bought a little while ago from miel that i have been *trying* to put a look together for since they found their way into my inventory. i love the prim detail on these capris, they add another level of realism to the already lovely textures. plus the belt is flexi, so the ends move when you move. 😀

the top as well is something i wanted to wear today and is from crazy. i adore the corset (it comes in other colors too included!), but the white top can totally be worn by itself. versatility makes vixxie a happy girl~


now, my heels today are freeeeee from nardcotix and i’ll admit it, i squealed a little when i saw them. they remind me *so much* of “the wizard of oz” but kicked up a notch and are gorgeously made. for freebies, you canNOT get better than these heels. honestly. i want to hug them, i love them so.

nails are also free! a group gift from purple moon, *any* free nails are much appreciated. but these are so cute with the included rings on both hands, in a very nice silver.

and hair… is fabulous. from exile, but specially made for the dressing room blue, this style is curly and feminine and *two-toned*! if any of my past choices in hair have been any indication, it’s clear that i love streaked, highlighted and tipped hair. so the malibu style from exile was made for me! plus at it’s discounted price for *four* different colors, it’s beyond a bargain.


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue malibu in peroxide
tattoo; katatonik very cherry panda sleeves
eyes; ibanez blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; star piercing decosta
shirt&&corset; crazy elsa in white
pants; miel mo pocket pants in driftwood
heels; nardcotix kurvy red slippers (freebie)
nails; purple moon metallic silver nails (group gift)
choker; fishy strawberry brown wood choker (freebie)
bracelets; chuculet bangles thin collection in silver
ears; gauged stretched elven ears

ink && bikinis

tattoos, to me, are a very important part of my SL wardrobe. i almost always include at least one tattoo in every look i put together, the only exception being that no skin can be seen and wearing a tattoo is frivolous. but, i’ll be honest, the times when i’m that covered up are few and far between. 😉

i own *so many* tattoos (sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it? haha) that i tend to cycle through different ones every day. especially since all of those so many tattoos are awwesssome, it would be a shame to wear the same one all the time!

but with an inventory bursting with ink, there are.. sadly.. some tatts that don’t get the love they deserve. whether i forget i own them, or i end up putting on a different one because it suits a color scheme better… whatever the reason, there are certain tattoos i own that i’ve not yet blogged.

there are *more* tattoos i don’t even own yet.. but you see, that is where bff vivi comes in!


so my post for today showcases tattoos and bikinis (again, because i can). and, of course, my sexy best friend <33

first up…

on the left; garden of ku neo3
on the right; para designs black bloom (available at the black and blue fair)

the tattoo on me… is probably the most *interesting* tattoo i own. i’ve not seen anything like it since i bought it and i love it so hard. it’s kinda cyborg-esque and makes me think of microchips && the matrix oddly enough, but i love the way it looks.

on vivi, her tattoo is an exclusive item for the black && blue fair. it’s *very* sexy, the leg piece is gorgeous. i’m not typically a fan of solid black tattoos (i personally prefer muted colors to solid black), but this one i’ve seen her wear many times and it’s incredible.

on the left; para designs soulkeeper
on the right; luck inc sakura

vivi’s tattoo is so full of detail, it’s almost ridiculous. you can just barely see the demonic faces within the design, it definitely lives up to it’s name of “soulkeeper”. it looks like she’s got a dozen trapped souls etched under her skin (and wouldn’t that suck…).

my tattoo above is the prettiest shade of purple. and just as with every piece of clothing i own from luck inc, the tattoo quality is also superb. wearing a bikini with this tattoo is *perfect* because it really shows off my favorite part of this tatt — the beyond sexy stomach.

on the left; garden of ku la virgen de guadalupe
on the right; para designs cupcake

my tattoo is totally a step out of the norm for me, but… it was *far* too cute for me to resist. i love the cotton candy color scheme and there is no way i could’ve said no to hello kitty, my little pony, cupcakes && care bears. it’s so sweet, looking at it long enough might result in tooth decay, but c’mon. stare into the eyes of the pink bear on my thigh… he will suck you in as he did to me. there is no escape~!!

vivienne’s tattoo is on the complete opposite side of the tattoo-spectrum. cute && sugary on me, and.. fuck me hard on the back of her calf. \o/ the back piece on this tattoo from garden of ku is *flawless* and the design as a whole is just gorgeous. garden of ku makes some of my absolute favorite tattoos <33

on the left; para designs celestial
on the right; para designs seduction

this entire post is very para-designs-ful. but that’s because both vivi and i *adore* those tattoos. we buy them up faster than we can wear them, apparently.

vivi’s tattoo looks, to me, like very delicate lace. it’s beautiful work and the curvy layout of the design itself totally accentuates her shape, yes?

my tattoo is more whimsical. and if this post is any indication, apparently i rather enjoy tattoos with stars included, haha. the solid and outlined stars were just too cute and the vine-like crescent moon totally completes the starry sky.

now these aren’t *all* the tattoos we own, and certainly not every tattoo that i’ve yet to blog.. but it’s a pretty diverse group in design and color. and it was toooootally an excuse to show off the *freebie* fatpack of bikinis we both picked up from pig. win-win!

all that modeling is hard work though… it is now time to….


…./me coughs.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 18
hair; magika tanja in swedish
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; hod lure in obsidian
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in napkins && turqueal (freebies)
heels; heart & sole mile high
nails; candy nail gacha toy nails in blue

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; league taylor sunkissed in silverlining
hair; magika is in charcoal
eyes; vive9 gem blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; hod satellite
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in sunshine && watermelon (freebies)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in black
nails; candy nail runway in black