it seems like there have been so many sales in recent weeks. not that i’m complaining or anything cause… fashion is awesome, but *discounted* fashion is even better! \o/ and ricielli is the latest store i’ve heard of having a huge 50% off sale…

so naturally, i went && proceeded to buy one of everything! wee~


i can guarantee that in the next few days, my blog is gonna be filled to the brim with goodies i snagged from the sale at ricielli, so be forewarned! and my *fierce* 80’s-inspired, gold studded jacket in today’s look is from said sale.

the detail on this jacket is phenomenal, i looooove the hyper-pointy shoulders. everything i’ve bought in the past (and everything i bought today, mweheh) is of exceptional quality && this jacket is tailored so nicely with lovely prim work. it was easy to fit, too, which is always nice. sometimes i have trouble with jackets that include prim lapels, just because they are usually fitted on a model with a.. ahem… larger chest than i’ve got. but this fit almost perfectly right out of the box!

my top is actually a dress that i just… decided to wear as a long, low cut, zippered top instead of as a mini dress. either way, it’s pretty cute. it’s from vextra fashion, which is a new brand to me, but this dress is totally my style. and just as a head’s up, the red version of this dress? so super hot. 😉


the boots i’m wearing are.. mmm mmm mmm, so delicious. they are from sini style && knee-high boots period are always sexy. these however are covered in belts ‘n buckles and actually come with a thicker stacked heel (i’m wearing the optional shoe base that turns the lower part into a platform), which make them *that* much more awesome. they look like kickin’ ass sorta boots, don’t they?

and my hair…. ah, good old truth never seems to disappoint. every single week, his releases just get better && better. there has yet to be a release where i haven’t found a hair i love, though typically.. there’s two or three (or in the case of last week? all six!) that i’ll adore. this week, the hair i’m wearing today is by far my favorite. even though you can’t see it, ’cause i made it invisible for this look ;3, there’s a little color-change tie that’s right by the neck in the front. and the streaks… just… unf. streaks + truth = insta-love for vixxie. ❤

add in, probably, my favorite makeup on a skin ever from laq, a few accessories from love soul && loulou&co, and just a peek of the tattoo i’m wearing from aitui… while i may be channeling some hardcore 80’s with my shoulder pads, my look for today totally gives off the i may be tiny, but i can totally kick your face in sorta vibe. 😉


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup 08 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth lila streaked in swedish
tattoo; aitui sacred pain
eyes; ibanez tranquil eyes in evangeline (subscribo gift)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
piercings; star piercing tea
dress; vextra zipped leather dress in black
jacket; ricielli misseiling jacket in black
jeans; aleida ale jeans in burleywood
boots; sini style deception boots
nails; love soul sexy girl in red
necklace; loulou&co like blood (subscribo gift)
horns; epic fantasy fusion faun horns

if i loved myself i’d be shooting you

*jams* best part is 3 min in. ❤ you’re welcome. 😉

so i know i’m.. what… 5 hours late with this look? eheh. but i got ridiculously distracted yesterday && i’m awake (though don’t ask me *why* i’m awake at 5am), thus am posting late.

it’s okay though! i have some good music to keep me company while i ramble about the goodies i’ve got on..


let’s work from the top down, shall we?

first of all.. my tee. it is so *fucking* cute. anything with hello kitty on it, in second life or in my first life, i am drawn to it like moth to flame. there’s just something about her, the eyes.. the bow… her cute li’l ears. i cannot resist her. @_@ so when this tee from hot sense was dropped on me, i had a \o/ moment. but more on the tee later..

on top of the t-shirt, i’ve got on a fully prim vest from indyra originals. completely sculpted, prim clothing is something i also have a soft spot for. and when it’s done right? it’s like a clothes-gasm. this particular vest comes with sleeves (as i’m wearing it) and a sleeveless version that looks even more vest-y. but both are cute and beautifully made. and the back is *killer*, i love the chain details.


even if i love ❤ my tee, i took it off *just* to show you the full view of the tattoo i’m wearing. lean in real close. squint a little bit. take your eyes off my boobs. see it? yeah, it’s a fuckin’ pokemon tattoo and it’s so hardcore. haha. can i just say how much i love it? ’cause i do. i had to buy it.

over my jeans, that are from likea, i’m wearing one of my all-time favorite belts. there are two in my inventory that i wear constantly. one is from hermony && one is from acid&mala. the one i’ve got on today is a&m’s and yes, it totally says “kiss my ass”. that is why it’s one of my faves~ ;p

now! more on my tee. it’s a *new* release, along with several others (that i’m about to show you..!) that are just as cute as hello kitty. but i may be a little biased considering you’ll see my beautiful face modeling them for you on the vendors at hot sense. check ’em out!

from left to right ::
billionaire, meh, marilyn monroe zombie, hello kitty

see? cute as hell! go visit hot sense && show taivyn rhys some looooove. kay?

get the look yourself:
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 06 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; ploom iris in swedish
tattoo; anaphora ink pokemon splash
eyes; ibanez sylph in blueberry (midnight mania prize)
piercings; star piercing katja (new location!)
tee; hot sense hello kitty tee
vest; indyra originals bon charme jacket in noir/silver
capris; likea double waist denim in camo
belt; acid&mala biker chain belt in kiss my ass
heels; lelutka saffron pumps in neutral black
nails; pulcino girly dot nail no.5 (dollarbie gacha)
bracelets; leel modern love bracelets (part of a set)
arm cuff; loulou&co willow bracelets in black
ears; gauged elven stretched ears

playing favorites

so. when i go to post a look here on my blog, i am completely 100% satisfied with it. it is, at the moment, my favorite for the day. i never blog anything i don’t like (cause… that would be a little counter-productive) and what you see here is chalk full of things i think are awesome.

however! there are some looks that, to me, stand out more than others. and there are always posts that appeal to me more than the rest, even if i like everything i’ve put up here. but i gotta say… out of all 65(!!!) entries i’ve written so far, the look i have for today is my absolute favorite.


to me, i look like a mix between pink (and i love her times a hundred <3) and a very dapper dandy, with a little elf && vixxie thrown in. and i love it *so much*, i couldn’t wait any longer to post this up.

the look all started with the cane i picked up for 50L friday from deco. it was sort of an impulse buy. like, it’s only 50L, why not? but when i tried it on? i think i literally squealed. it comes with a built in AO so you literally walk with the cane. the run anim is too cute as well, running and holding it across your chest. plus, it’s got a goddamn golden duck head to hold! srsly, it’s amazing.

so i worked from the cane on up, picking out clothing an accessories that sorta matched the “theme”. silken pants from leezu worked in a lovely pastel shade, the ruffled tank (that i tooootally said in a blog post like.. 2 months ago that i’d be back to get and aha! i finally did!) from surf couture added some frills at the chest && gartered socks from pig worn with the fabulous oxford shoes from coco completed what i was going for in such lovely ways.


i really packed on the accessories for this look, too. as i said yesterday, i visited sanu *just* for the amazing monocle (but ended up buying, like, a ton of shit.. gotta love when that happens). the detail on on the monocle is beyond intricate, it boggles my mind how someone can pack so much realism into such a tiny piece. but it’s awesome && it fits and was exactly what i was looking for.

then, what’s a proper gentleman haha without a pocket watch? mine today is from skream and while the pants i’ve got on don’t.. have… a visible pocket, in my head it is dangling from the belt. because it was far too cute not to wear. okay? >:O

my tattoo from endless pain was the *perfect* addition, simply because of the pretty pastel colors worked through the sleeves. teeny little top hat, that i bought from dilly dolls also was a needed accessory, because.. well.. it only seemed fitting. plus it’s tiny and adorable and at a gravity-defying tilt. i loves it.

this look may be totally outside of my norm, but if i haven’t said it enough already… i absolutely adore the way it looks. and i also might have spent an entire hour just walking back and forth in front of my house, because the walk anim included with the cane amuses me way too much. 😀


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka sunkissed friday (past 50L friday item)
hair; ploom ana in swedish
tattoo; endless pain sweet little sin
eyes; lelutka reflections dew eyes (past 50L friday item)
makeup; porcupine love running mascara
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; surf couture hermana tank in white
vest; suicidal unborn diana vest in gray
pants; leezu nottingham pants in earth gray && mint
socks; pig socks mit suspenders in clean white
shoes; coco oxford shoes in two-tone
gloves; luck inc finger tapes (dollarbie)
necklace; cobrahive razortag necklace
monocle; sanu daydreams monocle in rose
watch; skream time stands still pocketwatch
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
hat; dilly dolls tippy top hat in white
cane; deco duckhead cane in white (past 50L friday item)

like every made for tv movie should

i’m trying to focus but my eyes deceive me, yeah
focus, i’m witnessing history… repeating

incubus! *O* brandon boyd, the things i would do to you..

/me clears her throat.

i mentioned yesterday that my stop to cobrahive brought back a little bit of nostalgia. after my initial newb-ness in sl (that lasted *way* longer than it should have, eheh), the first avatar that really felt like me.. was neko.

i rocked the ears && tails for a long while and i can’t honestly say what made me decide to leave the kitty behind. i guess that’s the awesome part about sl — you can morph from human to neko to human to elf to human to faun (cause i *love* faun avatars too!) and anywhere in between.

but with the help of bff vivi, i am going back to my “second life roots” for a day and revisiting a look i wore for so, so long. just updated!


being part kitten, part human is undeniably cute. there’s just something about the twitchy ears && tail that appeal to the girly, kawaii part of me. though vivi and i decided to grunge it up a little bit, wearing neko bits *totally* works with cutesy, frilly dresses and bubble gum pink. that’s just not us anymore. 😉


my look is neko to the extreme. almost everything i’ve got on is feline-related. my tee from action has a cute black kitten sleeping on the front of it. my jeans are from sassy kitty. though the actual cat design is covered by my shirtsleeves, my tattoo from garden of ku has black cats up by the shoulders. even my hair… it’s gritty kitty.


vivienne on the other hand is wearing a few pieces from envious creations, a place we *both* shopped pretty exclusively in our neko days, haha. her eyes, from negaposi are slitted (and pink!) like a cat’s would be. though she went in the opposite sort of direction with her tattoo && instead of wearing a feline-esue tattoo, her ink from kanival features fishies instead. >;3 cute!

we may not wear the kitty stuffs much anymore, but we still appreciate it. and i’ll probably be wearing my ears && tail from cobrahive for at least a little while in world, just ’cause it reminds me of my good ole days. too bad i’ve long since deleted all my mewing and purring gestures, they were always fun to spam local chat with. mwahahah~


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; belleza alyson sunkissed 7
hair; gritty kitty bilirubin in blonde
tattoo; garden of ku lady cat
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; star piercing katja
tee; action women’s tee in white 005
vest; grasp hooded vest in black&&pink skull
jeans; sassy kitty corset jeans in blue
ears && tail; cobrahive rocker neko set in black
paws; cobrahive gothic neko paws
belt; cobrahive punk belt studded in checkered
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; pink fuel @ harajukubox skin fair ember gyaru in nudey
hair; kin oralee one bun in black
tattoo; kanival koi
eyes; negaposi neko eyes in momo
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; hod satellite
tank; emjay button tank in light gray
vest; action unisex plush vest in black
skirt; onyx wear mini gracie pink (midnight mania prize)
ears && tail; envious creations fishnet kitty (part of a set)
stockings; amerie loose leggings v.2
boots; katatonik bow legwarmer boots in black
nails; love soul pure in pink
necklace; gauged dogtags
bracelets; envious creations amelie bracelets (previous hunt prize)

casual && cute

i’m straying a li’l bit from my usual today, but sometimes that’s a good thing. not *everything* i wear has to be black. or dark gray. or really dark gray. or light gray.

sometimes, it’s awesome to branch out!


my look today centered around a few things. the cute tan pants i bought a little while ago from miel that i have been *trying* to put a look together for since they found their way into my inventory. i love the prim detail on these capris, they add another level of realism to the already lovely textures. plus the belt is flexi, so the ends move when you move. 😀

the top as well is something i wanted to wear today and is from crazy. i adore the corset (it comes in other colors too included!), but the white top can totally be worn by itself. versatility makes vixxie a happy girl~


now, my heels today are freeeeee from nardcotix and i’ll admit it, i squealed a little when i saw them. they remind me *so much* of “the wizard of oz” but kicked up a notch and are gorgeously made. for freebies, you canNOT get better than these heels. honestly. i want to hug them, i love them so.

nails are also free! a group gift from purple moon, *any* free nails are much appreciated. but these are so cute with the included rings on both hands, in a very nice silver.

and hair… is fabulous. from exile, but specially made for the dressing room blue, this style is curly and feminine and *two-toned*! if any of my past choices in hair have been any indication, it’s clear that i love streaked, highlighted and tipped hair. so the malibu style from exile was made for me! plus at it’s discounted price for *four* different colors, it’s beyond a bargain.


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue malibu in peroxide
tattoo; katatonik very cherry panda sleeves
eyes; ibanez blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; star piercing decosta
shirt&&corset; crazy elsa in white
pants; miel mo pocket pants in driftwood
heels; nardcotix kurvy red slippers (freebie)
nails; purple moon metallic silver nails (group gift)
choker; fishy strawberry brown wood choker (freebie)
bracelets; chuculet bangles thin collection in silver
ears; gauged stretched elven ears

tgif \o/

so today, i am fucking thankful it’s friday.

not ’cause i have anything super-spectacular planned for the weekend, or that i’ll get any extra rest && relaxation, or that i’ve got a *hot date* tonight (though the night is still young, i suppose…), but rather because of fifty linden fridays.

or, more specifically, the fifty linden friday offering from plastik.


what i’m wearing from plastik is the skin && the ears — but that is not *all* you get. ohhhh no. see, the skin and ears alone would be generous for 50L, but beyond that? you get multiple skins with various options, a *ton* of clothing layers for a very cute blue outfit, arm warmers, eyes… the whole shi-bang. and it is SO FANTASTIC I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF OMG <33333333

the skin may be a little darker than my usual sunkissed, but osnap is it gorgeous. i had to make an exception and wear it. i even went so far as to shy away from my usual swedish blonde *just* to better match this stunning skin.

honest to god, i was tempted to blog nude today, haha. but i didn’t… sadly 😉

i dressed myself in a humorous tee from hermony (am loving this store lately!) && one of the *neeewwww* skirts from luck inc. seeing new releases from linc is almost as exciting as getting a ridiculously good deal on a sexy skin. the skirts may show a little more booty than i usually wave around, but the patterns and the panties and.. yeah, i could not say no.


continuing on my trek around the luck inc sim for my entire look today, my nails are by mstyle. i’ve blogged these twice so far *and* i’ve worn them in world at least 50 billion times, but with all the customization possible on these nails… it’s like wearing a new pair every time i put them on. plus no other nails i own include piercings on the knuckles!

shoes today are a new release from duh. i bought them in gray just because i don’t have many shoes in gray (but i have a *whole lot* in black), and it just so happened that they matched my hoodie from atomic nicely. i love the folded cuffs on these boots and duh spoils you with color choice and price.

a necklace from hod, non-bleached blonde hair from truth && a cute (lol, cute?) cigarette with purple smoke that i picked up at the gacha festival from n326 finishes off my dark-skinned, elven look.

am so pleased with myself today. funny how some amazing deals can put you in a good ass mood!


get the look yourself:
skin; plastik lionheart tale in cirrus w/ freckles (part of sohri avatar for 50L friday)
hair; truth tabatha streaked in seaspray
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in cobalt (right) && grave (left)
piercings; star piercing moh (previous hunt prize)
tee; hermony f*** y**
hoodie; atomic everyday hoodie in gray
skirt; luck inc slutty skirt w/ black string in persian indy
socks; league gartered socks in black
boots; duh gray leather booties
nails; mstyle perfect hands in long nails
necklace; hod the path to forgiveness
cigarette; n326 @ gacha festival cigarette in purple
ears; plastik elven ear in tale (part of sohri avatar for 50L friday)


yay for saturday \o/

yay for sunday too, though. i love fireworks \o/ \o/

but more on that tomorrow 😉 for today, i bring you hot pink pants!


my sexy pants today are from zoobong. they are the *brightest* shade of pink and i fucking love them, haha. slouchy and low-waist and piiiiiiiiiink, what is there *not* to love..

i paired the pinkness with an open shirt from niniko and a sheer wet tank from paperdoll. black, pink and see-through, with the headband && hair from the sadly closed kitsune couture makes for a very.. rockstar sorta look, dontch’a think?

what really shines though, are my accessories…


the *insane* necklace is by la gyo. i saw it at the dressing room and it was, pretty much, an instantaneous buy. it’s huge and texture-change and looks like my tiny self could probably jump rope with it. ;p but it’s awesome and i looooove it.

my nails are from t.whore and out of all the prim nails i own (and believe me, it’s … quite a lot) they are the *only* pair that are color-change per nail. i used the cyan&&pink, black&&white and black&&pink textures, but i could have made each finger a different color. and for that reason alone, t.whore’s nails rank right up there with my own personal favorites.

an amazingly colorful tattoo from huz, piercings from starpiercing and cute flip-flops from hucci round out the look, complete with a skin from curio that i’ve fallen in love with all over again. i may wear other skins, but there are some that are hard to beat.. and cupid is definitely one of them.


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; kitsune couture lacy in platinum plus (store closed)
tattoo; huz killer kroc
eyes; kosh eyes 117
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; paperdoll wet tank in white
overshirt; niniko retro blouse in open type black
pants; zoobong rockstar pants in hot pink
shoes; hucci flashy flip flop in white
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; lagyo @ the dressing room crystal long necklace
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)

can’t stop

full lips, nice eyes
everything’s the right size
girl my eyes are glued to you

when you find a new song you like, do you just sit and listen to it over and over and over and overandoverandoverandover? ’cause i do.. and right now i am *obsessed* with a song by love automatic. it’s appropriately called can’t stop and i’ve not stopped listening to it since i discovered it last night. \o/

so my look today is *kinda* inspired by it. kinda.


the song makes me think of, like.. being at a party with your friends. being stupid and laughing and maaaaaaaybe drinking, which explains the condom in my mouth, haha. so i dressed to sorta go with that theme.

my shirt is another freebie from t junction and is a prize for the fashion is love hunt. i’m slowly falling in love with t junction, ’cause this shirt.. it’s awesome. it reminds me of a shirt i owned a loo~oong time ago in my first life (when that existed, eheh) that said “i ❤ your mom” and i *loved* it. naturally, this shirt is perfect for me!

i paired it with a cute jumper from paperdoll and some fishnet-like leggings from fishy strawberry. and while i didn’t take a close up of my shoes like i usually do, my heeled sandals today are from j’s and the toes are *so* cute. the shoes come with lovely pedicures and toe-ring options and after a bit of fiddling, skin-tone matching was actually pretty easy to do.


my jewelry today is from rhedd night designs and all are freeeeebies. very nice freebies, at that! the bunch of bangles are a midnight mania prize and the necklace is from a freebie pack that came with a ton of accessories (it includes belly rings, yay!). it’s a brand spankin’ new store, so go show ’em some love! the jewelry from the freebies alone is very nice. 😉

with my new favorite song stuck in my head, cute new jewelry, and a condom in my mouth… i gotta say, i feel like partyin’. i need to round up some friends and hit up a club, definitely.

can’t stop, can’t stop myself from moving
when the beat drops, ohh ohh
and i can’t stop, can’t stop ’til i have you


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 14
hair; ploom rourke in swedish
tattoo; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeves
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; star piercing moh (previous hunt prize)
tee; t junction my other ride… (fashion is love hunt prize)
jumper; paperdoll suspender mini in black
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; j’s belt platform sandals in black
nails; adam&eve @ black and blue fair black & blue manicures (freebie)
necklace; rhedd night designs satin links in gold (freebie)
bracelets; rhedd night designs maroon mega bangle set (midnight mania prize)
condom; babel music condom in big gun (previous lucky board prize)
glove; arm warmer in black

check out love automatic!
their new song fight alone is pretty awesome too!

freebies make my heart sing

totally. 😀

there’s absolutely no excuse anymore for scrounging around for crappy freebies. there are *so many* designers out there that leave free items, group gifts, and dollarbies out in their stores. it’s very possible to look completely fashionista on a limited linden budget. and i acquire quite a lot of those quality cheapies in the course of a second life day.

i always try to include freebies or gifts in every single blog post of mine, but today i’m almost head-to-toe in them. and i for one (eheh) think i look pretty sweet. there’s nothing better than putting together an entire outfit and realizing, “wow.. most of my clothes were free. and i look fucking awesome!!” unless you *know* they’re freebies, there’s no way to distinguish the freebies i’m wearing from something i’ve paid out the nose for. and that, my friends, is what makes the generous designers in sl so amazing. ❤


my whole look today is based on the high waist shorts (loveeeee them) that are a group gift from r.icielli. there are always fabulous group gifts set out, but these shorts are so cute. i love the buckled belt and the tailored cuffs, and the color is such a pretty shade of teal.

the t junction subscribo dropped this adorable tee on me when i signed up. and i gotta say, it’s so glittery and *pink* and cute that i almost immediately slipped it on. my inventory is full of t-shirts (mostly from glad rags to be honest ;p), but one as cute as this was a welcome addition.


even my accessories include freebies!

the necklace is from baby monkey and is actually a past group gift. but pixieplumb flanagan is such a sweetheart <3333 that she sent me the necklace when i asked (rather frantically at that, lol) if i could purchase the necklace from her shop anywhere. i *love it*. the dolphin, heart, tassle, shoe and rose are all color-change and i no longer have to drool over vivi’s when she wears it, cause now i have one toooo~

keep an eye out for it, pixieplumb said she *may* set it out for sale! 😉

both my socks and my boots were freebie & cheapie, from emery and edge grafica. boots like these are awesome on their own, but at the price? you *cannot* beat it.

oh, and just as a head’s up… my piercings today are *new* from star piercing. go pick ’em up, they are great (just as the rest of the many piercings i own from there are) and help me pack in the metal on my face. ’cause i like doin’ that. obviously..

so freebies! go get you some. there are quality gifts scattered all over the grid at any given moment. you just gotta know where to look (or follow some awesome bloggers to the good stuffs).


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in cherry
hair; magika donna in swedish
tattoo; kanival koi red
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings; star piercing zebra metal
tee; t junction glitter head (subscribo gift)
shorts; ricielli eleanor high waist short in sea (group gift)
socks; emery socks in rose (freebie)
boots; edge grafica engineer boots (dollarbie)
nails; pixelmode sculpted nails v1 in french manicure
necklace; baby monkey multi-charm necklace (previous group gift)
gloves; sini style taped fist in full palm forearm gap

lovely lace

if yesterday wasn’t enough awesomeness from hyper culture for ya, today i’ve got more. ;D

as it was with the sale at, i cannot resist a good deal. and the clothes at HC are cute, bright, sexy and at 50% off… it only makes them that much more amazing!


i’ve actually got three pieces on for today’s look from HC, but it *kinda* only looks like two. that’s because the lace skirt and the lace tank, when worn over the light blue zebra leggings, end up looking like a fabulous little lace dress. i love it when two separates work together so well to make a whole new article!

with the lace and leggings, i accessorized with some a&a nails, a cute silver necklace from glow studio, some bracelets from iced and a kick ass belt from hermony.


my boots today are from surf couture and with their cute slouchy legwarmer toppers, they make my outfit today look very.. 80’s. which is always a good thing. as a child of the 80’s, i never mind a little throwback..

..which is why i thought this hair, from hal*hina worked so well. it’s big, it’s flouncy, it’s got lots and lots of flexi movement. it only adds to the 80’s feel, right?

/me dances like molly ringwald in the breakfast club.


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in royal
hair; hal*hina noa in platinum
tattoo; kanival phoenix
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 12
piercings nose; star piercing moh (previous make him over hunt prize)
piercings cheek; buried basic piercings monroe (dollarbie)
piercings lip; iced lip labret piercings
tank; hyper culture broad lace tank in victorian white
skirt; hyper culture black lace skirt 3
leggings; hyper culture summer frenzy tights in zebra love
boots; surf couture elsa boots in black
nails; a&a fashion metal nails in blue
necklace; glow studio diamond bear necklace (previously at the dressing room)
bracelets; iced black rope peace bracelets (groovy love hunt prize)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt in black