chewed bubblegum

since i got my new pc, i have been a second life explorer extraordinaire. i never really strayed from my house before (other than to *shop* of course~), because i could never see a sim’s build the way it was meant to be seen. but nooooow, i am hopping from region to region to region.. looking for neat places to snap some photographs.

it is a wonderful thing. and the destination guide has been great for showing off places in sl i never could have imagined looked so awesome!

click to see it high res @ flickr!

my inspiration for the look for today was bubblegum, cause y’know.. bubblegum weekends && all. but i didn’t wanna go the cutesy route. i likes me some kawaiiiii~ just as much as the next girl.. but i decided that today, i’d still be *pink* but a sexy 😉 pink instead.

and of all the crazy-colored hair i own, which is surprisingly a lot considering the swedish blonde is usually glued to mah head, this shade of bright hot pink from lamb is probably my favorite. it’s *so* vibrant, and as i’ve mentioned before my most favorite color is this color right hurr && the palette from lamb comes as close as i’ve seen to that specific color. i loves it~

plus the hat, i loves that too. x3

click to see it high res @ flickr!

as i mentioned the other day, ricielli is having a 50% off *sale* on just about everything — but it’s only up until the 27th (which is tomorrow!!). the cheapie 15L hunt is still goin’ on too, which is just an extra perk of visiting. i picked up a few goodies, including the fully sculpted satin vest i’m wearing. i am always impressed by how well-made everything is from ricielli.. which, by now, should really not surprise me. i’ve never been disappointed with anything i’ve purchased, but it still makes my inner shopping-fanatic giddy when i try something on && it fits just about perfectly right out of the box.

plus, i know i’ve been slacking on the awesome freebies department, but i’ve got several on in today’s look! i’ve been so overwhelmed with new computer, taking pictures, rebuilding my store && trying to organize my massive inventory that i’ve not done a lot of freebie huntin’ in the last few days. but bff vivi && i have plans to tackle the geekgasm hunt soon, so hopefully i’ll have some awesome and nerdy freebs to show off~

get the look yourself:
skin; illusory paige tan in winter b4
hair; lamb stargaze in chewed bubble gum
tattoo sleeves; illusory lucky bastard
tattoo chest; porcupine love true love stories never have endings
eyes; mythic maeve in rain (not open yet, but soon!)
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
lashes; mock smokey c eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
bandage; grixdale @ kozmetika oops in robin (freebie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; hod bump in the night
tank; onyx wear tank top black
skirt; luck inc mini high waisted skirt in zebra skullieh
vest; ricielli scarllet vest in white satin (sale!)
heels; baby monkey yvette leopard pumps (lucky board prize)
stockings; sheer tights 29a very torn black
nails; pulcino wing of swan black (black butler hunt prize)
nom; acide dark perly kiss

location; kowloon

oh my darling clementine

what says “sex, drugs && rock ‘n roll!” more than knee-high boots, zebra-print pants, feathers in yo’ hair and…


an orange? o.O;

i had this look all worked out down to every last li’l detail, but then bff vivi && i decided to check out the SLB8 sims for a while… so many awesome things to do && see there. and the best part? lots of freebies to be had! and this nomnom orange was one of ’em. it’s set up by a.d.d andel on the display from sanu (and protip: there’s a *cute* pair of minty green flats from sanu there too for free!) and i plopped it in mah mouf as soon as vivienne && i picked it up~

she and i only checked out *one* sim though (mainly for the free kittycat *ahem*), but there’s lots and lots to see. if you haven’t already gone, you most def should goooo!


the top i’m wearing, though it’s partially hidden by my (fabulous!) hair from truth, is a group gift from dead by sunrise. nothing is insta-*rockstar* like a cropped, rolled-sleeved t-shirt… that, y’know, says rock’n’roll on it. ;p the belt, from forsaken, is pretty rockstar too — and is set out at the pulse/sn@tch prom hunt for all of 5L. there’s all sorts of freebie && cheapies set up there, and i know it was supposed to end earlier.. but if you’re fast, you may still be able to scoop up some goodies.

and the arm tattoos… also *free*, from para designs. it’s a limited time freebie, so *go* while you still can (maybe after you visit the sn@tch hunt?). it’s totally worth it! i’m wearing it in black, but it comes in a colorized version too. and, as usual with para designs, comes in dark, medium && faded tones in both color and in black, on every layer imaginable. i know i blog these tattoos all the time, but it’s because i adore them *that* much. snagging a freebie this nice is like setting foot in tattoo heaven~ ;3 and if you loves the ink like i do, tattoo heaven sounds like a glorious place…


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll meili tan in vibe w/ red lip tattoo
hair; truth fiona in swedish
tattoo upper; para designs virgo (freebie)
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tattoo
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
makeup; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in black
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; twee liska
top; dead by sunrise s+d+r t-shirt (group gift)
jeans; onyx wear skinnys in zebra dark
belt; forsaken @ prom hunt leather strip belt (5L hunt prize)
boots; elikatira secret boots in smoke
cuff; ha! leather cuff in black
ring; ha! square ring in black/brown
nails; tgis safari nails
nom; a.d.d andel @ SLB8 clementine nom nom (freebie)
hair accessory; pididdle feather extensions in silent snow

queen of the world

i’m the fucking queen of the world.

damn right i am! mwahahhahaha~


so i mentioned yesterday about how i’d discovered && fell in love with a store called villena, right? bff vivi and i did some *serious* linden damage in that shop yesterday and came out with a ton of goodies. clothes that are cute aaaaaand surprisingly inexpensive is like a shopgasm for me and i scooped up a whole bunch of things.

my favorite of the entire haul though is the sweater i’m wearing. i bought it in ink, but vivienne picked it up in pink && i gotta say… i may need to go back and snipe it in that color, too. and i can *totally* justify wearing a knit sweater in the summer with two li’l letters: a && c. during the summer, i melt without the air conditioning. but when it’s on, i crank it && i end up buried under blankets like it’s the dead of winter. so yeah, i’d wear this sweater in june. would stop me from ac-induced frostbite.

plus it’s cute as hell. so. there ya go~


you see that ring i’m wearing? really, it’d be hard not to see it. but it’s fooo~ooood! nummy chinese food, no less~ it’s from love soul && while i was there stalking the lucky chairs (panda earrings, i waaaaant youuuu!!), i spotted a display of rings. large rings. large rings of noms. and i had to have it. it makes me hungry just looking at it.. /me listens to her tummy growl

so i went with the whole asian foods theme && put on a *freebie* necklace from rebel in the shape of an onigiri. a smiling onigiri, no less! he’s all cute and blushy and dangling there on my neck.. it’s adorable. and the fact that it’s free makes me love it eeeeeeven more!

and, of course, my tattoos. all asian inspired and whatnot, i decided to wear ink from a staple in my tattoo wardrobe: actchio. i have worn the first tatts i bought from actchio a hundred thousand jibillion (that is an exact number) times, so when i realized there were new ones there since i took my *ahem* hiatus from SL? i hurried my li’l ass over there so fast. hello kitty, and her signature hair bow, along with bright summery colors && the quality i’ve come to love from atchio.. i have a feeling i’ll be wearing these tattoos into the ground, too.

cute nom-y jewlery, a cuddly sweater && some (free!) denim shorts… why yes, i do think i am queen of the world, actually. i just seem to have misplaced my crown somewhere…


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; magika jess roots edition
tattoo upper; actchio suri kitty
tattoo lower; actchio sanrio rainbow
eyes; ibanez horizon in tropics (lucky chair prize)
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; cobrahive gauged 03
tee; beauty killer queen of the world shirt in pink
shorts; coco denim shorts (group gift)
socks; pig argyle socks in william
heels; ricielli @ TDR oxford 2 in grape
nails; tgis safari nails
necklace; rebel onigiri necklace (freebie)
ring; love soul chinese noodle ring
sweater; villena feel like home sweater in ink

livin the life i was born to live

as i’m blogging, i am also watching this movie && it is probably in my top ten favorites, evar~ /me jams && ogles j.aniston

anyway~ the look i’ve got for today is chalk full of freebie && cheapie goodness, since the last two haven’t really included much. and that’s what i do, i scope out cute freebs ’cause i’m cheap like that. …teehee. :3

and, y’know, just as a head’s up. post comin’ this weekend will be full of so many freebies, it’ll make your head spin. no lie!


way back when i was a wee newb, i liked SL for the whole nifty 3D virtual world aspect. dressing my avatar was fun, but wasn’t what i focused on. i liked exploring, i liked chatting, i liked hopping from sim to sim && back again. i always wore freebie skins, freebie clothes, freebie hair… just ’cause it was there (&& ’cause i was still cheap even back then, go figure). but as i’ve said here in the past, the first avatar that really felt like me was neko. and then i slowly started to.. actually care about what my avatar looked like.

belleza was one of the first skin brands where it really clicked with me. the alyson skin, and then the elle line… it was like kismet. i wore those skins into the *ground*, i loved ’em hard. so when i made my triumphant return to SL earlier this week, belleza was a top priority to check for new skin deliciousness.

…and lemme just say, i was *floored* by the group gifts. floored! the skin i’m wearing here is erika && it reminds me a lot of elle. it’s probably why i love it so much. the lips are gorgeous, the skintone is perfect (i’m wearing sunkissed but the gift includes a lovely range in skintones!), and the makeup.. flawless as usual. and the fact that the tone of erika i’m wearing has blonde brows, it just. oh man. not gonna lie, i peed a li’l bit when i tried this skin on.


as for other freebies && cheapies, the necklace i’m wearing from burroughs is a new free gift. i’m always amazed by the quality from burroughs jewelry and this necklace is no exception. it’s color change and adorable and absolutely lovely~

plus! there’s a 99L sale going on right now at burroughs. if the freebie necklace doesn’t interest you, inexpensive but super high quality jewelry should. 😉

my tattoo is from my beloved para designs && is a hunt prize. i can never resist a good tattoo, but a *free* tattoo that only costs a bit of huntin’ time is an insta-win for me. there’s quite a few hunts going on at para designs (hinthint: zombie popcorn prize is nice too! but that’s for another post) && an entire table worth of freebies by the entrance, it’s totally worth a TP in to have a look around if you love ink the way i do.

the socks and eyeballs i’m wearing are past && present 50L fridays items, too from kyoot and plastik. and my tee, it cost a whopping 2L at the surf couture outlet. it’s really all about finding the right things to spend your lindens on, and finding some hidden good deals (see what i did there? hidden? hunt prizes? no? …kay) for the rest, and working it all together. being frugal can still have you lookin’ fierce, if you know where to go~ amirite?!


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza erika in sunkissed (group gift)
hair; truth robyn streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; para designs anchor (hunt prize)
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; plastik mnemonic in oolong (50L friday item)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
makeup; t.whore makeup 2 && makeup 10
ears; gauged elf ear in screwdriver
piercings 1; twee harmony
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 03 (srsly cannot take these off @_@)
tee; surf co outlet save surf co fundraiser tee (2L)
vest; boom mini vest in white
skirt; t.whore burlesque skirt in black
socks; kyoot lacy white knee socks (past 50L friday item)
heels; r.icielli sophia pumps (past TDR item)
nails; mstyle perfect hands in long nails
necklace; burroughs lovingly burroughs necklace (freebie, plus there’s a 99L sale going on too)
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
belt; acid & mala biker chain belt
horns; rbcg my angry horns

all poses in this post are from juxtapose.

bunny! \o/

yes, bunny. cute, bright ass pink bunny at that. right, smack dab on the middle of my chest.

bask in it’s cuteness~


the brown && pink dress i’m wearing is from momo and was only… 1L. i’m not sure if it’s a secret hunt going on, or a sale, or what.. but! there are lots of dollarbie goodies hidden around the store, unmarked in their normal vendors. you gotta hover or click and hope you get lucky, but i picked up a ton of cute stuffs there. this dress was my *absolute* favorite, i lovelovelove the little bunneh face. so cute! \o/

so i worked my look around the dress, wearing a cardigan from atomic that would keep bare arms warm (since the dress is sleeveless!) and is such a pretty shade of mauve-pink. more of the bright, hot pink in the dress might’ve made my look blinding.. so the subdued, muted pink was a nice addition. plus, i’m on a sweater/cardigan kick lately… i love the way they look && sl’s designers have made some fabulous ones. to me right now, *everything* looks better with a sweater on top!

now, my skin for this look allowed me to almost overdose on adorable. i’m wearing the *newest* face from candydoll and i know i say it with every release i’ve had the pleasure of blogging but… ohmigaww… jasmina has such a sweet, youthful face with rosy cheeks and *gorgeous* makeup…. it was the perfect addition to this look.

just look at these makeup choices..

please click to see it larger!
makeups from left to right:
pink, purple, blue, natural, sun && double

such soft, pretty makeup. the variety in lipsticks (and ohoho, the lipsticks get *even better*, but more on that later!) combined with bright but not overdone eyeshadows, oh… jasmina is love. rebeca dembo honestly makes some amazing skins and this latest one is my favorite.

and the reason it’s my favorite? these skins come with tattoo layer lipsticks so you can mix and match and the lovely eye shadows && lip colors to really customize your look! ❤

please click to see it larger!
all lipsticks are worn on the double makeup choice.
lip colors from left to right:
double, pink, purple, sun, natural && blue

each lipstick layer corresponds with the makeup it’s from, so the lipstick from the “blue” makeup is called “blue” as a separate tattoo. i adore options like this. whether it’s eyebrow colors (hinthint, i would love more skin designers to make tattoo layer brows! in blonde!! :D), eye shadow colors or lip colors… mixing and matching and creating your own look is so appreciated. and because of these lipsticks, this skin makes vixxie a very, very happy girl.

it’s sad how excited new skins make me, haha. i switch in and switch out skins at the drop of a hat. but there are always ones i go back to time && time again and candydoll is one of those. this skin, however, i am loving right now. those lipsticks alone make me want to *dry hump* rebeca. 8D;

and the fact that the pink makeup matched my outfit, ehe… it’s like my mind was read before i even knew what i was gonna put on~


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll jasmina tan in pink
hair; ploom @ hair fair crush in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; by snow spring eyes in blue
lashes; adam & eve painted on lashes (freebie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; luck inc metal face piercings
dress; momo bunny minidress in brownie (dollarbie)
sweater; atomic cozy cardi in bubblegum
socks; honey kitty candy socks in baby pink, yellow && purple
shoes; ubu porn star xtra high-tops
nails; love soul gothic doll in pink
necklace; glamourous necklace in white

vixxie 101

so, guess what! i’m a doof. :3

my last post, fittingly enough that featured bff vivi with me, was my …. *drum roll*.. 100th post here in this blog! \o/ 100 posts may not be the most exceptional achievement, but i am definitely proud!

the only trouble is… i totally missed it. D; i was gonna mention it in my 100th post && i absolutely forgot! hence, the doof part. so this post, which is #101, shall be my belated celebration of 100 (plus one) posts of awesome *vix-osity*. yes, that’s a word.

*tosses around confetti* and i have an awesome look for today, too!


the dress i’m wearing is new from onyx wear and it’s so unique. the entire skirt part is one sculpted prim. there is no flap at the pelvis, or separate pieces for the fabric fold at the waist on the dress itself (though the pink belt *is* separate, more on that in a bit!), but from the hip down the entire thing is one sculpty. fitting it was a little tricky, but once i got it right… it’s really, really cute. it’s definitely different from the tons of mini dresses i own && there’s less annoying prim disappearance with a skirt like this than with the typical one prim skirt flap, especially with my AO on.

the belt i’m wearing is from onyx wear too.. and it’s a limited dollarbie. it’s color-change && texture-change and worth *so* much more than 1L. i highly suggest you go grab it~


the fantastic spiked cuffs i’m wearing are from mariposa, which i’ve blogged many many times in the past. felicity winslet is always generous with her freebies (there are a *ton* of amazing free pieces of jewelry && even some dresses there too, just as a head’s up!) and the quality is no different from her regular pieces to the ones she sets out as gifts. these bracelets are amazing ❤ the actual cuff part is color change and the detail on them is ridiculous.

and while i’m talking about jewelry, my necklace.. though it is most of the way obscured by the hair i’m wearing (which is by truth for project donate) is from magic nook. you can pick it up at the dressing room with a hefty discount && the entire set is adorable! everything i’ve gotten from magic nook is adorable though, so i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised~

so, y’know… i may be one stinkin’ post late on celebrating 100, but it’s still a big deal to me! i’m proud of myself for actually keeping up with my blog (and enjoying it in the process!) long enough to accumulate 100+ posts.

here’s to 100 more! 😉 *raises a glass*


get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 07 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth @ project donate aloha in swedish
tattoo; para designs curly swirly
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; kowp mercury
dress; onyx wear off-shoulder reloaded in black
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2 (dollarbie)
leggings; sassy kitty knit lace hot pants in dark gray (midnight mania prize)
heels; slink aveela stiletto
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails
necklace; magic nook @ TDR shoo be doo necklace in chocolate
bracelets; mariposa severus wrist cuffs
glasses; chuculet glassless glasses in geeky (dollarbie)
gloves; c.smit satin gloves no1 in black

last summer days

in my area, it is definitely feeling like fall already. i know it’s not technically autumn until the end of the month, but it’s been consistently chilly where i live for the last week and a half. warm-*ish* during the day && then really cool at night, which is absolutely beautiful weather for me. \o/ i love it~

still, the end of summer still makes me sad. ;( which is how it usually goes, isn’t it? maybe it’s force of habit from centuries ago when i was still in high school. you dread the end of summer, don’t you?

but during the baking-hot temperatures in the middle of summer, you’re wishing for snow and blizzards and below freezing highs. then in the winter, when you’re buried under snow, you cannot wait for that first thaw of spring. but *right* when the seasons change, when it’s not yet the next season && still not quite the previous one anymore, especially when it comes to summer… i dunno, i wish the cooler weather (no matter how much i enjoy it!) would hold out just a liiiiiiiittle longer~

so my look today is holding on tight to the warmth of summer, even if i’d be freezing my balls off wearing a tank && capris in my real life. ah, such is sl..


i made a few rounds today at the project donate sim && was awed by how many participating designers there were. it’s an amazing thing, both with the hair fair and with project donate, how many people step up to offer incentives to help out charities. i bought a whole lot of new stuffs, but the top i’m wearing is from addict at project donate. the design is adorable, the prim hem is very nicely made, and it fit perfectly with my theme for still hoping it’ll warm up again!

so i paired the tank with a pair of capris i bought from dp yumyum. seriously, how cuuuute is that store? the gatcha of ballerina flats was fun too, but these jeans were one of the nicest things i snagged. i love the extra-baggy cut on the pants && the prim cuffs add just enough detail. on my short self, they definitely look too big && if they were uncuffed… too long as well. definitely fitting for a boyfriend’s pair of jeans sorta look.


the fan-fucking-tastic necklace i am wearing is from burroughs. my inner nintendo-nerd has eyed it i don’t know *how* many times… and i finally bit the bullet && bought it. i am so glad i did, ’cause it’s insane how awesome the charm is. i couldn’t decide between changing the mushroom from red to a bright green 1up, but red won out in the end. the entire necklace is color change, though.. i could make up my own mushroom! 😀

my nails are new from candy nail && include three rings with the nails. i really like the design on them, subtle camo with some added jewels on the nail tips. plus rings with nails are always a good thing, doubling up on attachments when i can’t wear a separate set of rings… always appreciated~

it may be technically hoodie weather in my neck of the woods, but at least in second life.. it gives me the opportunity to live in perpetual sunshine if i want. which i probably won’t, but it’s nice to have the option. 😉 halloween is not that far off && has to be, by far, my most favorite time of the year. a few more days of pretending it’s 90 outside doesn’t hurt, though!


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in pure 1
hair; mustache @ hair fair aveli in platinum 4
tattoo; para designs cosmic garden
eyes; plastik frozen soul blue
makeup; glamorize diva eye makeup in olive
ears; gauged screwdriver elf ears
piercings; mandala takayama
tank; addict @ project donate jersey razorback in black bird
jeans; dp yumyum bf jeans 02
shoes; surf couture desert sandals
nails; candy nail army in black
necklace; burroughs pixel necklace
bracelets; chuculet thin collection bangles in silver (dollarbie)

i am no angel

i have a gun strapped to my thigh.

be very, very afraid. O:


haha, juuuuust kidding. i would never shoot you. ❤ it's there just for show anyway! but it's *fierce*, amirite? i picked it up from pepper today after gushing yesterday about how cute the necklaces && nails were. that whole store is awesome, just sayin’.

so today, i guess, my look sorta revolved (get it? revolved? revolver? no? ..okay) around said gun strapped to mah thigh.

the pretty patterned stockings i’ve got on are from footworks and sadly, the store is closing. ;( but, to lessen the blow at least a little bit.. the entire store has been marked down to 2L. hosiery, heels, flats, boots… all kinds of goodies for your feets ‘n legs. go scoop up the awesome stuffs before it disappears *forever*! i’m not sure when it closes exactly, but it’s open only until their tier runs out. so hurry!!


other than my gun, accessories for today include a deadly spiked backpack from nv. i don’t wear backpacks often, but this one.. it’s coffin shaped. how the hell was i supposed to pass that up?

my hair is from argrace && the attached cap only added to the i’ll kick your ass and you will like it sorta vibe my look has going on today. the hat is color-change and argrace makes some of the *nicest* hair and hat combos on the grid. plus i love their platinum blonde hair color. ❤

but with all the badassery in my outfit, i had to add *something* cute. and this comes in the form of my wide, huge glasses from duboo. while it’s a little glitchy with my hair (grumblegrumble), they are still fucking adorable. they make my face look so tiny, so i left ’em large. and conveniently, they come with several different copies all attached to different parts of the face. which really helped me out today, cause repositioning attachments can be such a pain and i really piled on the facial accessories today to boot.

so i’ve got my gun, my cigarette && my military cap. the only thing left to complete the look?

some ninja skills && my fists o’ fury. muahahahahahh~ >:O

seriously, i will slap a bitch.

get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in amore 2
hair; argrace military cap loose chignon in platinum
tattoo; v tattoo nightmarish
eyes; zombie popcorn drowned zombie eyes (subscribo gift)
piercing; buried basic piercings, lipring left (dollarbie)
tank; hucci bf beater in black (SALE this weekend! grab the 25% off giftcard from the subscribo!)
pasties; luck inc pastie tapes in black
dress; suicidal unborn rayha dress in red
stockings; footworks flower print tights in crimson (2L closing sale, gogogogo~)
boots; avz bolted boots
gloves; cheap makeup femme fatale fingerless gloves
necklace; iced katrina necklace
cigarette; sotd vintage cigarette
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
backpack; nv coffin skull bag
glasses; duboo dotty glasses in black
garter; pepper garter weapon

let’s get physical

so, uh. my look today ended up looking quite a lot like i’m some 80’s aerobics instructor. haha. i honestly didn’t intend for it to, but it so does. and i suppose that’s okay ’cause the 1980’s were the best decade. after all, i was born in the 80’s, so that makes it awesome for that reason alone!! \o/


from the picture above, i know it *kinda* looks like i’m running around pants-less. i assure you, i am not. 😉 i’m actually wearing a highwaist bodysuit-ish pair of bottoms i got from khush, but unfortunately.. with the poses && angles i used for my photography today, the bright magenta bottoms don’t appear to be there. they are though, just barely seen.

and it’s probably due to the fact that my top from berries inc is extra super long. even more so on my short self. but it was a 10L prize from the platinum hunt && was so cute that i decided to wear it regardless of the fact that i looks like i’m swimming in it. and/or wearing the top of a much taller girlfriend of mine. either way!

one of my tattoos (as well as some of the poses i’m using today) is from porcupine love && i went there last night to scoop up a few things i’ve been meaning to buy. like… the tattoo i’ve got on, haha. but while i was there, i met a lovely girl by the name of danni pfeffer who owns pepper accessories.

after talking a while with her, she dropped on me a few sets of nails && necklaces that are to die for adorable. so much so that i *have* to show them off to you.

first, the necklaces ::

please click to see it larger!
colors from left to right ::
colors, orange, silver, pink, olive, black && white

these are ridiculously cute. they come in a *ton* of colors and see the little pendant in the center? yeah, you can customize that completely with letters && symbols. i love it~ the one i was wearing around today in world says “vix” for.. obvious reasons, but i had a lot of fun playing around with sayings.

and the nails ::

again, please click to see it larger!
colors from left to right ::
gold, cherry, black, black w/o tips, white && pink

now, i really love me some prim nails. i own more than one girl would *ever* need. so when i say these nails from pepper accessories are awesome, believe me… i am not kidding. not only are the nails themselves nicely made, but they come with rings and matching bracelets. plus! the black pairs come with piercings for your fingers. always a plus with me. :’D

i’m torn between the cherry && pink pairs being my favorites. i love the yummy red color on one hand && the red pair (as well as the blacks && gold) have tiny little gecko decals inside a few of the nails. but the pink ones are multi-colored && the matching bangles are cute and beautifully textured. i dunno, it’s a toss up. both are pretty, maybe i can wear one on each hand like i did for the picture…

and if that wasn’t enough? there’s a really clever belt gift in the subscribo for *free* at pepper. slap the thing, get the belt, and say hi to danni while you’re there! ❤

so maybe i’m a.. well accessorized aerobics instructor? cute nails && necklaces are appropriate for ass-busting, ball-sweating, running-til-your-legs-fall-off kinda workouts… right? ;/


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva misti 1984 in caramel (yay 80’s! 1984 is my birth year ;))
hair; lamb oh sugar in powder
tattoo 1; porcupine love true love stories never have endings
tattoo 2; para designs gypsy (new freebie! GO GET IT!)
eyes; ibanez sylph in cuppy cake (midnight mania prize)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
piercings; hod fallen v2
tee; berries inc platinum hunt top (platinum hunt prize)
bottoms; khush gege in deep pink
stockings; sheer torn vines in black
shoes; blitzed vintage sneakers electric street edition
nails && bracelets; pepper gecco in pink
necklace; pepper basti name necklace in colors
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
headband; magic nook snow baby headband

if i loved myself i’d be shooting you

*jams* best part is 3 min in. ❤ you’re welcome. 😉

so i know i’m.. what… 5 hours late with this look? eheh. but i got ridiculously distracted yesterday && i’m awake (though don’t ask me *why* i’m awake at 5am), thus am posting late.

it’s okay though! i have some good music to keep me company while i ramble about the goodies i’ve got on..


let’s work from the top down, shall we?

first of all.. my tee. it is so *fucking* cute. anything with hello kitty on it, in second life or in my first life, i am drawn to it like moth to flame. there’s just something about her, the eyes.. the bow… her cute li’l ears. i cannot resist her. @_@ so when this tee from hot sense was dropped on me, i had a \o/ moment. but more on the tee later..

on top of the t-shirt, i’ve got on a fully prim vest from indyra originals. completely sculpted, prim clothing is something i also have a soft spot for. and when it’s done right? it’s like a clothes-gasm. this particular vest comes with sleeves (as i’m wearing it) and a sleeveless version that looks even more vest-y. but both are cute and beautifully made. and the back is *killer*, i love the chain details.


even if i love ❤ my tee, i took it off *just* to show you the full view of the tattoo i’m wearing. lean in real close. squint a little bit. take your eyes off my boobs. see it? yeah, it’s a fuckin’ pokemon tattoo and it’s so hardcore. haha. can i just say how much i love it? ’cause i do. i had to buy it.

over my jeans, that are from likea, i’m wearing one of my all-time favorite belts. there are two in my inventory that i wear constantly. one is from hermony && one is from acid&mala. the one i’ve got on today is a&m’s and yes, it totally says “kiss my ass”. that is why it’s one of my faves~ ;p

now! more on my tee. it’s a *new* release, along with several others (that i’m about to show you..!) that are just as cute as hello kitty. but i may be a little biased considering you’ll see my beautiful face modeling them for you on the vendors at hot sense. check ’em out!

from left to right ::
billionaire, meh, marilyn monroe zombie, hello kitty

see? cute as hell! go visit hot sense && show taivyn rhys some looooove. kay?

get the look yourself:
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 06 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; ploom iris in swedish
tattoo; anaphora ink pokemon splash
eyes; ibanez sylph in blueberry (midnight mania prize)
piercings; star piercing katja (new location!)
tee; hot sense hello kitty tee
vest; indyra originals bon charme jacket in noir/silver
capris; likea double waist denim in camo
belt; acid&mala biker chain belt in kiss my ass
heels; lelutka saffron pumps in neutral black
nails; pulcino girly dot nail no.5 (dollarbie gacha)
bracelets; leel modern love bracelets (part of a set)
arm cuff; loulou&co willow bracelets in black
ears; gauged elven stretched ears