last summer days

in my area, it is definitely feeling like fall already. i know it’s not technically autumn until the end of the month, but it’s been consistently chilly where i live for the last week and a half. warm-*ish* during the day && then really cool at night, which is absolutely beautiful weather for me. \o/ i love it~

still, the end of summer still makes me sad. ;( which is how it usually goes, isn’t it? maybe it’s force of habit from centuries ago when i was still in high school. you dread the end of summer, don’t you?

but during the baking-hot temperatures in the middle of summer, you’re wishing for snow and blizzards and below freezing highs. then in the winter, when you’re buried under snow, you cannot wait for that first thaw of spring. but *right* when the seasons change, when it’s not yet the next season && still not quite the previous one anymore, especially when it comes to summer… i dunno, i wish the cooler weather (no matter how much i enjoy it!) would hold out just a liiiiiiiittle longer~

so my look today is holding on tight to the warmth of summer, even if i’d be freezing my balls off wearing a tank && capris in my real life. ah, such is sl..


i made a few rounds today at the project donate sim && was awed by how many participating designers there were. it’s an amazing thing, both with the hair fair and with project donate, how many people step up to offer incentives to help out charities. i bought a whole lot of new stuffs, but the top i’m wearing is from addict at project donate. the design is adorable, the prim hem is very nicely made, and it fit perfectly with my theme for still hoping it’ll warm up again!

so i paired the tank with a pair of capris i bought from dp yumyum. seriously, how cuuuute is that store? the gatcha of ballerina flats was fun too, but these jeans were one of the nicest things i snagged. i love the extra-baggy cut on the pants && the prim cuffs add just enough detail. on my short self, they definitely look too big && if they were uncuffed… too long as well. definitely fitting for a boyfriend’s pair of jeans sorta look.


the fan-fucking-tastic necklace i am wearing is from burroughs. my inner nintendo-nerd has eyed it i don’t know *how* many times… and i finally bit the bullet && bought it. i am so glad i did, ’cause it’s insane how awesome the charm is. i couldn’t decide between changing the mushroom from red to a bright green 1up, but red won out in the end. the entire necklace is color change, though.. i could make up my own mushroom! 😀

my nails are new from candy nail && include three rings with the nails. i really like the design on them, subtle camo with some added jewels on the nail tips. plus rings with nails are always a good thing, doubling up on attachments when i can’t wear a separate set of rings… always appreciated~

it may be technically hoodie weather in my neck of the woods, but at least in second life.. it gives me the opportunity to live in perpetual sunshine if i want. which i probably won’t, but it’s nice to have the option. 😉 halloween is not that far off && has to be, by far, my most favorite time of the year. a few more days of pretending it’s 90 outside doesn’t hurt, though!


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in pure 1
hair; mustache @ hair fair aveli in platinum 4
tattoo; para designs cosmic garden
eyes; plastik frozen soul blue
makeup; glamorize diva eye makeup in olive
ears; gauged screwdriver elf ears
piercings; mandala takayama
tank; addict @ project donate jersey razorback in black bird
jeans; dp yumyum bf jeans 02
shoes; surf couture desert sandals
nails; candy nail army in black
necklace; burroughs pixel necklace
bracelets; chuculet thin collection bangles in silver (dollarbie)

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