i am no angel

i have a gun strapped to my thigh.

be very, very afraid. O:


haha, juuuuust kidding. i would never shoot you. ❤ it's there just for show anyway! but it's *fierce*, amirite? i picked it up from pepper today after gushing yesterday about how cute the necklaces && nails were. that whole store is awesome, just sayin’.

so today, i guess, my look sorta revolved (get it? revolved? revolver? no? ..okay) around said gun strapped to mah thigh.

the pretty patterned stockings i’ve got on are from footworks and sadly, the store is closing. ;( but, to lessen the blow at least a little bit.. the entire store has been marked down to 2L. hosiery, heels, flats, boots… all kinds of goodies for your feets ‘n legs. go scoop up the awesome stuffs before it disappears *forever*! i’m not sure when it closes exactly, but it’s open only until their tier runs out. so hurry!!


other than my gun, accessories for today include a deadly spiked backpack from nv. i don’t wear backpacks often, but this one.. it’s coffin shaped. how the hell was i supposed to pass that up?

my hair is from argrace && the attached cap only added to the i’ll kick your ass and you will like it sorta vibe my look has going on today. the hat is color-change and argrace makes some of the *nicest* hair and hat combos on the grid. plus i love their platinum blonde hair color. ❤

but with all the badassery in my outfit, i had to add *something* cute. and this comes in the form of my wide, huge glasses from duboo. while it’s a little glitchy with my hair (grumblegrumble), they are still fucking adorable. they make my face look so tiny, so i left ’em large. and conveniently, they come with several different copies all attached to different parts of the face. which really helped me out today, cause repositioning attachments can be such a pain and i really piled on the facial accessories today to boot.

so i’ve got my gun, my cigarette && my military cap. the only thing left to complete the look?

some ninja skills && my fists o’ fury. muahahahahahh~ >:O

seriously, i will slap a bitch.

get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in amore 2
hair; argrace military cap loose chignon in platinum
tattoo; v tattoo nightmarish
eyes; zombie popcorn drowned zombie eyes (subscribo gift)
piercing; buried basic piercings, lipring left (dollarbie)
tank; hucci bf beater in black (SALE this weekend! grab the 25% off giftcard from the subscribo!)
pasties; luck inc pastie tapes in black
dress; suicidal unborn rayha dress in red
stockings; footworks flower print tights in crimson (2L closing sale, gogogogo~)
boots; avz bolted boots
gloves; cheap makeup femme fatale fingerless gloves
necklace; iced katrina necklace
cigarette; sotd vintage cigarette
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
backpack; nv coffin skull bag
glasses; duboo dotty glasses in black
garter; pepper garter weapon

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