let’s get physical

so, uh. my look today ended up looking quite a lot like i’m some 80’s aerobics instructor. haha. i honestly didn’t intend for it to, but it so does. and i suppose that’s okay ’cause the 1980’s were the best decade. after all, i was born in the 80’s, so that makes it awesome for that reason alone!! \o/


from the picture above, i know it *kinda* looks like i’m running around pants-less. i assure you, i am not. 😉 i’m actually wearing a highwaist bodysuit-ish pair of bottoms i got from khush, but unfortunately.. with the poses && angles i used for my photography today, the bright magenta bottoms don’t appear to be there. they are though, just barely seen.

and it’s probably due to the fact that my top from berries inc is extra super long. even more so on my short self. but it was a 10L prize from the platinum hunt && was so cute that i decided to wear it regardless of the fact that i looks like i’m swimming in it. and/or wearing the top of a much taller girlfriend of mine. either way!

one of my tattoos (as well as some of the poses i’m using today) is from porcupine love && i went there last night to scoop up a few things i’ve been meaning to buy. like… the tattoo i’ve got on, haha. but while i was there, i met a lovely girl by the name of danni pfeffer who owns pepper accessories.

after talking a while with her, she dropped on me a few sets of nails && necklaces that are to die for adorable. so much so that i *have* to show them off to you.

first, the necklaces ::

please click to see it larger!
colors from left to right ::
colors, orange, silver, pink, olive, black && white

these are ridiculously cute. they come in a *ton* of colors and see the little pendant in the center? yeah, you can customize that completely with letters && symbols. i love it~ the one i was wearing around today in world says “vix” for.. obvious reasons, but i had a lot of fun playing around with sayings.

and the nails ::

again, please click to see it larger!
colors from left to right ::
gold, cherry, black, black w/o tips, white && pink

now, i really love me some prim nails. i own more than one girl would *ever* need. so when i say these nails from pepper accessories are awesome, believe me… i am not kidding. not only are the nails themselves nicely made, but they come with rings and matching bracelets. plus! the black pairs come with piercings for your fingers. always a plus with me. :’D

i’m torn between the cherry && pink pairs being my favorites. i love the yummy red color on one hand && the red pair (as well as the blacks && gold) have tiny little gecko decals inside a few of the nails. but the pink ones are multi-colored && the matching bangles are cute and beautifully textured. i dunno, it’s a toss up. both are pretty, maybe i can wear one on each hand like i did for the picture…

and if that wasn’t enough? there’s a really clever belt gift in the subscribo for *free* at pepper. slap the thing, get the belt, and say hi to danni while you’re there! ❤

so maybe i’m a.. well accessorized aerobics instructor? cute nails && necklaces are appropriate for ass-busting, ball-sweating, running-til-your-legs-fall-off kinda workouts… right? ;/


get the look yourself:
skin; mynerva misti 1984 in caramel (yay 80’s! 1984 is my birth year ;))
hair; lamb oh sugar in powder
tattoo 1; porcupine love true love stories never have endings
tattoo 2; para designs gypsy (new freebie! GO GET IT!)
eyes; ibanez sylph in cuppy cake (midnight mania prize)
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
piercings; hod fallen v2
tee; berries inc platinum hunt top (platinum hunt prize)
bottoms; khush gege in deep pink
stockings; sheer torn vines in black
shoes; blitzed vintage sneakers electric street edition
nails && bracelets; pepper gecco in pink
necklace; pepper basti name necklace in colors
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
headband; magic nook snow baby headband

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