sometimes, a girl just needs a dress…


..or two.

i am *not* the girliest girl, not by a long shot, but i can appreciate a dress every now && then. my taste in dresses is usually less.. ruffly and “lady like” and, rather, more… well.. less is more. so i decided to put together two looks for today, built around two short mesh dresses i’ve picked up this last week in world.


the first is from paper doll, which is out for stumblebum this round. it’s skin tight, *just* short enough, and comes in some lovely color choices.. including this fading white-to-pink one i chose to wear here. li’l dresses like this are perrrr~fect for the upcoming warmer months && look just as nice with a pair of high heeled pumps as it would with, say… a pair of wedge sandals and some sunglasses. plus since it’s stumblebum, that means it’s *discounted* (25% off, to be exact!)… which always makes dress shopping that much more enjoyable~


and speaking of discounts… this month’s round of collabor88 rolled over a few days ago. collabor88 is one of my *favorite* sales events and this month’s collection really bowled me over. there were so many cute things there this go ’round, it was honestly a li’l overwhelming! but i *did* manage to snag a few things amidst my bewilderment, including this dress i’m wearing here, from boom. which, tbph, is actually labeled as a long, baggy t-shirt… but to me? it looks like an adorable cotton minidress.. and worked rather well that way (but remember to wear panties, i’m *just* sayin’! ;)).

the earrings i’m wearing in both looks are also out @ collabor88, from intrigue co. the dangly charms are shaped like unicorns… unicorns(!!).. and come in sets that were made to mix && match colors. i probably didn’t pick the perfect hairstyle to show these earrings off (but i could not resist wearing this insanely cute style from ploom that i grabbed at culture shock), so you’ll just have to take my word for it. oooorrrr go try the earrings yourself to see! really, really cute.. and i did mention they were unicorns, right? because they are! unicorns!

get the looks yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ glam lipstick in hard candy (pink dress) && elly chai in tiara w/ juicy gloss in lingerie pink (blue/green dress)
hair; ploom @ culture shock maia
tattoo; illusory lucky bastard
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in bronze (pink dress) && rainshower shadow (blue/green dress)
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth (nose, lip), dimpled (cheeks) && om shanti (chest)
pink dress; paper doll charlotte in watermelon (stumblebum item!)
blue/green dress; boom @ collabor88 baggy backless tee in horizon
socks; doppelganger scrunch socks
white heels; n-core coquette
blue heels; gos pimp your pumps in point platform
necklace; addiction sweet romance necklace
nails; virtual insanity @ fibromyalgia awareness fair fibro nails (freebie)
earrings; intrigue co @ collabor88 unicorn daydream earrings

poses; exposeur


a li’l hunt called yolo started the other day (on the 1st!) && there’s some preeeeeetty awesome goodies up for grabs. some prizes are free, but some are not (the ones that aren’t free are nicely discounted, tho!), so make sure you look carefully before you buy~ it’s still a nice haul, freebies or not, so i thought i’d show off some of the items up for the taking!

you can find a list of participating stores && hints right here.. good luck hunting!

top; sn@tch marching orders corset in black
jeans; medley jeans in pink (hunt prize!)
belt; pepper yolo belt (hunt prize!)

top; belote top red leo (hunt prize!)
panties; nestle my bosom yolo panties (hunt prize!)

top; illusory dipped lace tank in ocean breeze (stumblebum item!)
jeans; aura class act jeans (hunt prize!)

items in all three looks:
skin; pink fuel elly in chai w/ juicy gloss in apple
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue ramona in hollywood
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in blue/green
makeup; kyoot feline in moss
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod tv piercing 12
jewelry; virtual insanity fang yin in gold/silver
nails; rezipsa loc lizard lime nails
feet; maitreya bare feet in tip toe

poses; adorkable

asian inspired

asian culture, clothing and food is something that’s always interested bff vivi && me. and while exploring (doing the cafe hunt no less), i found the perfect excuse to pay homage to something we both admire — lots && lots of asian-inspired prim food! 8D

so vivienne && i took this opportunity to dress in some gorgeous kimonos and have a blast playing around in… my linden home, surprisingly enough. who knew it would *finally* come in handy?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

it made for a very fitting backdrop for our geisha-esque photo shoot at least!

we’re both wearing *beautiful* kimonos from sweetaholic — which is a place i’ve been wanting to ravage since i stumbled upon it (while trying to get to grasp the first time, ahahaha :X). i’ve never really *needed* a kimono until now, but i am so sorry i didn’t cave in && indulge myself sooner. the shorter one i picked, which is better suited for summer than in the dead of winter, is just so adorable. and the one vivi has on, with its rich royal blue && purple, is stunning.

both of our kimonos came with sandals (called geta) && matching paper fans, but i decided to use this parasol (and corresponding poses) from magnifique, while vivi is actually wearing one of the three *group gift* fans from sweetaholic. our hair pieces are from sweetaholic too, mine was a separate purchase but vivi’s came *with* her kimono!

but enough about our clothes… the real point of this post..

click to see it larger @ flickr!

…is the noms!! :D!

as i said, i was doing the cafe hunt, and stumbled into a li’l store called poche. and oh my gooooooosh not only is the store insanely cute, but the items there were too! lots of nibbles all over the place, including several freebies (there’s a few scattered about the store, and a lucky board, as well as the hunt prize.. and if you go outside on the balcony and behind the main building.. there are even *more* freebies there too!) and all of it is nicely detailed && so fun to set scenes with!

so fun, in fact, that vivienne && i set ourselves a three course meal that’s bursting with food i had in my rl right about now. *O*

click to see it larger @ flickr!

our first course… some hot green tea, steamed rice, unagi (which is eel, and so unbelievably nom-able) && miso soup.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

then the second course.. more steamed rice (’cause i could seriously eat it by the *bucket* full), two steaming hot soups (one with tofu, the other with kirimochi i believe they are called?), and fruity soda to wash it all down~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and finally.. the best part: dessert! green tea ice cream parfaits, colorful macaron (not to be confused with macaroons — they are two totally different cookies!), hot chocolate for vivi, iced tea for me && custard pudding (puddi puddiiii!!).

are you hungry yet? 😉

so cute, right! and so fitting for us to sit in our lovely kimonos to devour every. last. bite. ’cause we so would, not even gonna lie. i would be stuffing it *all* in my mouth with no shame at all ….(that’s what she said).

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (short kimono) ::
skin; curio @ truth district candy moonbeam in pure 1 (50% off)
hair; wasabi pills ryoko in storm
tattoo; kanival koi red
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in brown
makeup; red mint makeup prime no. 05
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod dimpled
kimono && sandals; sweetaholic yukata karen in pink
socks; maitreya scrunched prim socks
hair accessory; sweetaholic kanzashi in pink
necklace; donna flora vivian
nails; candy nail basic nails in pink 01
food accessories; illusory dessert bunny in confetti fun, love soul grilled chicken stick && hiyashi chuka sesame tray

on vivienne tailleur (long kimono) ::
skin; ploom lea milk in violetta
hair; shag thai me up in obsidian
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 04
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
kimono, hair piece && sandals; sweetaholic hanagoromo in blue
fan; sweetaholic uchiwa 3 (group gift)
socks; kyoot lacey white knee socks
nails; candy nail basic nails in blue 01
jewelry; donna flora miss g
food accessories; love soul corned dog tray && mouthie

vivienne’s standing poses; marukin
vixxie’s standing poses && parasol; magnifique
food; love soul (two fruit sodas) && poche (all other foods, chopsticks, mats && utensils)
table; couverture
obi stands; sweetaholic
heart rug; candy nail (group gift)


the seasons gatcha winter event started the other day (the 14th, to be exact) && runs almost ’til the end of the month (the 28th!). there are *tons* of adorable wintery things there — scarves, mittens, ear muffs, more scarves, sweaters… pretty much anything you’d ever need to feel all warm ‘n’ cozy.

bff vivi && i have been poking around the gatcha machines since the event opened, trying our luck in getting items in our preferred colors… but by far, our favorite gatcha item (and the one that’s made the most of our lindens disappear) is the one set out by illusory.

just *look* at how adorable these animal scarves are! *-*


between the two of us, we have the entire set just by feeding the machine over && over.. trying to get all the rare pink ones. the white bear scarf is super cute, as is the orange tiger version too, but the pink panda.. the pink panda. oh it is insanely cute!


i couldn’t help but make an outfit around this scarf… i mean, i may have squealed out loud when the gatcha gods smiled upon me && i *finally* won it. just look at its li’l ears.. and its li’l eyes.. i am in love with it. ❤❤❤

so i dressed to suit the scarf, with a white dress (that i’m wearing as a long-sleeved tee here) from sakide && some gorgeous mesh pants i’ve been meaning to blog from celoe. i was also lucky enough to win the *rare* bunny ear muffs from the gatcha by willow, which is another machine i fully intended on feeding lindens until i went broke trying to get the rare pair. i *did* get the owl pair as well (which look adorable with the brown bear illusory scarf, btw~) && i still want the skunk set too… but the rabbit-y muffs are adorable enough that i am appeased. … for now.


vivienne dressed to match her scarf as well — going all over black-and-white with some wellington boots from needful things, a furry keychain from love soul (which is still having their half off sale, just fyi!), && another gatcha-win necklace from undefined lilies. her panda might not be pink like mine is, but he is just as cute! i love the way these are textured — they really do look soft and fuzzy and warm. and for only *50L* a try, it’s soooo worth trying your luck for one (or a few *cough* like we did) just cause they are so. damned. adorable.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in angelic w/ doll gloss in orange
hair; truth kendall in swedish
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in blue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod silentium
top; sakide ribbed t-shirt dress in white
pants; celoe lolong trousers in tapa
heels; n-core coquette
ring; addiction diamond snowflake cocktail ring
nails; mandala pink skin long nails
ear muffs; willow @ seasons gatcha winter woodland earmuffs in bunny
scarf; illusory @ seasons gatcha winter zoo friend scarf in pink panda
necklace; needful things anchor necklace

on vivienne tailleur (dark hair) ::
skin; laq tess 2 in peach (worn with the *freebie* skin lightener tattoo from chus)
hair; elikatira show in black 04
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ seasons gatcha winter snowfall eyes in gray
lashes; blah simplicity lashes
piercings; hod lure
sweater; epic fuzzy cardigan in gray
tank; jane intrinsic tank in milk (freebie)
pants; imbue leather leggings
belt; pepper embrace belt
boots; needful things sock wellies in black
nails; onyx wear flick
keychain; love soul fur tail keychain in black (50% off sale!)
necklace; undefined lilies @ seasons gatcha winter fur ball faces in creme
scarf; illusory @ seasons gatcha winter zoo friend scarf in panda

poses; magnifique
location; atrum complexo


in case you haven’t heard… stumblebum is *back*! \o/ i was so excited to see this event come back && to see that it include some of my favorite designers, too. every other week there will be a new color palette theme and a new set of designers from the list participating (and what a list it is! you can peep *all* the listed designers here).. along with a guest or two in the mix as well. and the items for new stumblebum && the new year did *not* disappoint!


the colors for this round were silvers and grays and teal.. and i gotta say, i am loving the palette. i just don’t wear enough teal in world, even if it’s def one of my favorite colors, so i had an excuse to cover myself head-to-toe in new turquoise hues!


in this look, i’m wearing several of the items out for stumblebum.. the pom-pom pigtail hair is from truth (and is discounted 50L per color pack, making it 200L each color.. so worth snaggin’ while the sale is going on!), the minty sequin dress is from illusory, the over-the-shoulder bag is from toki-doki, the gorgeously large earrings are from aura (and are mesh!), the eyes are from insufferable dastard && the open-arm pose i used in the first pic is part of the set out @ frooti.

all the colors are complimentary && look *so* good together. there are several choices in color for the clothing && accessories, if minty-teal isn’t your thing, and there is even furniture (from cheeky pea, that is absolutely adorable) and other sets of poses on top of clothing and accessories from the rest of the designers on the list. you can see the full haul o’ goodies here if you’re curious, but you should definitely pop around && visit the participating stores. lovely new items in such pretty colors.. celebrate the new year && stumblebum’s return with some 2012 shopping! 8D

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in misery w/ juicy gloss in peach
hair; truth velvet in swedish (stumblebum item)
tattoo; para designs ever after
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 4 (stumblebum item)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings nose; cobrahive bull’s ring
piercings lip; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
necklace; hod the crosary
dress; illusory new years dress in seafoam (stumblebum item)
jacket; fri.day long cardi in black
stockings; sheer zebra tights (freebie)
boots; maitreya alexa wedges in black
bracelet; addiction rejoice diamond bracelet
gloves; sini style taped fist
knee socks; sn@tch kneepads in black
nails; rezipsa loc minty fresh nails
earrings; aura down pour earrings in pearl (stumblebum item)
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses
bag; toki-doki stumble bag in mint (stumblebum item)

poses; first pic frooti (stumblebum item) && second pic magnifique
location; amia

they’re coming to get you, barbara

so! first things first. :3

i’ve decided that in order to keep my sanity, ’cause i’ve been reeeeeally busy irl lately.. instead of trying to blog everyday (which never happens anyway), i’m reducing my posts to 2-3 a week. still enough to *quell* the need to blog, but not so many that i drive myself fuckin’ crazy trying to juggle everything else on top of taking a few hours out to photograph && blog.

sound good? i hope so~!

but now, onto the post!

the zombie popcorn hunt started up again over the weekend && is a hunt i so look forward to. lots of horror, lots of zombies, lots of blood && gore.. but balanced with nice, non-zombiefied separates and accessories, all of which are *free*! \o/

so i’ve put together three looks for today, all usin’ goodies from the hunt, and will mark off the items i’m wearing that are hunt prizes.. as usual. if you need a list of stores, item previews && hints, you can find that here aaaaaand good luck hunting!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

skin; curio airhead petal in daze 2
hair; magika break
tattoo upper; huz love luck
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod silentium
top; belote hot dress (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
jeans; zaara distressed jeans in black
shoes; ducknipple flatters in skully (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelets; izzie’s angular bangles in tri-color pink (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc cherry red nails french
nom; annaa slave soap blood (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
weapon && weapon pose; magnifique (zombie popcorn hunt prize)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

skin; damned zombie popcorn skin (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
hair; ploom aisline in pumpkin (group gift)
tattoo; illusory pumpkin pie
dress; insanya irina dress (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
leggings; rezipsa loc punkin tights (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
boots; duh engineer boots (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelets; sigma layered bangles (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
mask; razorblade jacket bloody blindfold (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
nom; hod reformed (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
necklace; loulou&co little bat necklace (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
weapon && weapon pose; magnifique (zombie popcorn hunt prize)

click to see it larger @ flickr!

skin; pink fuel elly cream in blood thirsty
hair; truth marielle in crow
tattoo upper; para designs creeper
eyes; repulse undead eyes in silver
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
eye wound; razorblade jacket bloody blindfold eye wound (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
cuts; luck inc cuts (part of a dress set)
piercings mouth; virtual insanity morbid extravaganza (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
piercings nose/cheeks; ipoke element (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
piercings chest; hod om shanti
bodysuit, stockings, skirt, collar && gloves; sakide bloody baroque (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
heels; g field flower pumps eve in black
nails; onyx wear double flick b&w nails

remind me of the babe

so, show of hands! who else, that was born in the 80’s, had a massive crush on david bowie in labyrinth?

/me eagerly raises her hand

those pants, that awesome hair, those pannnntss, the voice… mmmmh. deliciousness all over, amirite? ^O^


and would ya lookit that.. i’m dressed *vaguely* like him. what a coinky-dink! 😉

my outfit, appropriately named jareth is from luni && yeah, it’s sex on a stick. i *love* tailored jackets for the ladies and the flared tail and high collar on the jacket totally remind me of the lovely goblin king. all i need is a ruffly-collared shirt underneath and i’d be good to go~

the color i’m wearing is available to purchase, buu~uuut. if you’re in the mood to hunt, there is a purple version out for the twisted hunt. which means it’s *freee*! \o/ i’ve not yet tackled the twisted hunt, but if it’s anything like the last time i participated.. you’ll probably be searching for quite a while, ahaha. but it’s worth it, especially if your favorite color is purple. ;D

and speaking of purple!

there’s a sale goin’ on @ luni too, on everything purple! hunt && snag some discounted goodies while you’re there~ win-win!


the incredibly pretty skin i’m wearing, even though i’ve makeup’d all over the gorgeous face, is from amd — a brand i’ve not yet explored when it comes to skins. and honestly? i have *no idea* why, this face is beautiful && i adore it. which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whose perspective you look at it from. from my own POV? it’s *awesome* ’cause i love skins && adding a new one to my massive collection is always a good thing. but for my wallet? not so exciting, ’cause now i want moar. ;p

and i know these boots have been all over everything, but oh man. the mesh boots from slink i’m wearing are so hot i could literally *lick them*. and having them in mesh has srsly spoiled me — wearing them around all day today has really made me realize how clunky prim boots can be. especially when they go thigh-high. but the mesh ones move beautifully with my legs && feet, and the heels are so high and spiked… and the textures are amazing and… and and… just… yes. glorious boots. ❤

get the look yourself:
skin; apple may designs kat in gothly
hair; ploom anetta streaked
tattoo face; plastik demon fades face atoma 2
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave && twilight
makeup; luni twisted fae makeup in purple
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 7 (freebie)
ears; illusory elven ear a4
tongue && piercings; acide @ the grunge soul project suck it
outfit; luni jareth in bubblegum
boots; slink tall leather thigh boots in black (you’ll need a mesh compatible viewer for these!)
collar; blitzed legacy choker
gloves; sini style taped fist && black nails

poses; glitterati
location; decay

latex && leather

who says bubblegum weekend has to always = super duper kawaiiii~?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

not me, that’s for sure. ;p

i mean, parts of me are super duper kawaii. but as a whole.. i’m definitely not channeling the cutesy side of vixxie today. and i am totally okay with that.

my look for today is kind of an amalgamation (SAT word for ya~) of things i’ve had in my inventory forever && a few newly acquired goodies. sometimes, i try to work with what i’ve got for a blog post.. just ’cause there’s *so much* in my inventory that i’ve not blogged or even worn in world. i’m a bad, bad impulse shopper. ;( and once i do actually put it on, i wonder wth was wrong with me for never breaking it out of the box it was packaged in.. ’cause it’s just that awesome. i knew i bought it for a reason, after all.

the upper half of my look today is from graves && omgah. i am sure everyone on the entire grid has been aware of this store for years (has it been around for years? i don’t even know lol), but it’s definitely new to me. new and amazing. i loovvveee what i picked up there. lots of leather ‘n latex, kinda goth.. kinda bdsm.. kinda sci-fi… all wrapped up into full outfits of ridiculous sexiness.

click to see it larger @ flickr!
seriously, do it. larger is betterrrrr~ especially for this picture!

and yes, i am a big tease. big fat tease. the skin i’m wearing is *new* from red mint && i know, i’ve basically covered it all up in this look. but! a full show off/review is comin’, i’m workin’ on it, but i could not wait to wear it. it seemed rather fitting for this look, considering the shit ton of makeup options you get with this skin. the body is incredible, too, but. i’ll keep my mouth shut on that until i can show it off better. 😉

and! yeah, bubblegum weekends and all, i couldn’t resist adding just a sliver of cute in my look. the hair i’m wearing is also *new* from wasabi pills… and srsly, this store kills me with cute hair. spiral-y pigtails && the option to streak half my hair in a different color?! hells yeah, i needed it. and in a pretty pink like this, y’know, not only was it fitting for the challenge but fitting for me as a whole. as much as i likes the uber-white blonde hair, i likes me some pink hair too. and the occasional black. and brown is a pretty color too, though so is a nice dark auburn, and i’d definitely rock some purple hair… /me trails off

get the look yourself:
skin; red mint prime in pale w/ makeup no.02
hair; wasabi pills ryoko in jellyfish
tattoo upper; virtual insanity anatomy
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tattoo
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
makeup 1; cheap makeup gutter liner
makeup 2; boom liquid glaze lashed in hot pink
ears; illusory elven ears a4
mask; n1co teaser
shrug; graves paradox 03 in black
latex undershirt; graves defence
pants; luck inc leather pant lowcut in fleur
belt; chuculet low waist leather belt in black/silver
boots; the abyss stompers in black
nails; mandala milky way nails in gaga black
necklace; hod fallen v2

poses; studio sidhe
location; fairlight

laundry day

y’know what saturdays are good for (and yes, it’s saturday atm in my part of the world!)? chores. i feel like i am *forever* tryin’ to play catch up on chores, but the worst is when it comes to the laundry.

i don’t dislike doin’ the laundry. in fact, i’d rather do laundry than wash dishes, dust, sweep the floors… but without fail, every time, i procrastinate on doing the laundry until i’m down to nothing left to wear

click to see it larger @ flickr!

well, almost nothing. ;p

luckily for me i had something to throw on! and it just so happens to be cute as *fuck*. the boyfriend shirt is new from maitreya && is ridiculously adorable~ all the prim pieces are expertly scuplted and textured, which is no surprise when it comes to maitreya goodies, and it’s juuuuuuust long enough to keep the bits covered while i hang clothes on the line to dry. \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

if you know me, then you know that i likes to *pack on* the accessories — doing chores is no exception. i’m wearing some awesome ones today, too. ;3

both my fabulous ring && the dangly bracelet i’m wearing are *freebies*! the ring i picked up in a pack of three (yes, three!) at the twinkle night bazaar, from hani. there’s a green and a purple in the set too, but this bright blue was just so perdy. and the bracelet, which has been all over the place is a *free gift* when you join the subscribo @ miel. the letter beads are all changeable && it just so happens that ❤vixxie❤ ❤vultee❤ fits perfectly on the bracelet. wahee~

my socks were a *dollarbie* at the twinkle night bazaar, too. and are super duper cute.

and what makes my accessories even better, you ask (cause you did, i know it)?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

’cause i can leave ’em on when the top goes in the wash.

..what? it was dirty too, okay!?

get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead sundust in pure2
hair; head mistress @ hair fair wind in the willows in pink
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in pink before you leap
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; hod symphony
top; maitreya boyfriend shirt in black
panties; glue ink white undies
socks; pink ribbon 21 @ twinkle night bazaar lace socks in white (dollarbie)
heels; kristica diamond in red-black
bracelet; miel chum bracelet (subscribo gift)
ring; hani @ twinkle night bazaar flower ring in blue (freebie)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in kiwi


sometimes, it’s not about all the pieces to an outfit.. but, rather, the look as a whole. and now that my compy can handle shadows and shaders and lighting, the look as a whole also includes scenery and backgrounds.

for a blog that’s supposed to show off cool things i find && love, i apologize in advance for the fact that some of the photographs are just too damn dark to see everything properly. but! call it.. artistic expression? maybe? teehee~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

atmosphere plays a big role in how i photograph now. i kinda.. take a step back, look at what i’m wearing, and decide what an appropriate backdrop would be. if i’m prancing around all cute && kawaii, being on a rusty steampunk sim just wouldn’t fit (no matter how much i like to mix contrasts!). and if i’m dark and *evil*, taking pictures by a pretty park fountain wouldn’t be right, either. finding the right *ambiance* can make a look really stand out, i think, but it’s actually finding it that’s the tough part.

i cannot tell you how many sims i bounced from while trying to take these pics — all while crashing roughly ten thousand times. but the result, in the end, is what matters. and it came out pretty perfect imho! \o/

see, it takes more work now than just puttin’ on a cute outfit and calling it a day. ;p

click to see it larger @ flickr!

dark && discolored though it may be, you can kiiiiiinda see my outfit.. right? xD

the pants i’m wearing are a *freebie* from whippet & buck for the opening of the truth district. the gift actually comes with two tops i’m not showing && is most def worth snagging. and, luckily for us, all the group gifts will be out an extra three days — until july 8th — so there’s still plenty of time to de-prim and de-script and battle the lag monster for some fantastic goodies~

the tank top i’m wearing is from hucci && i’ll be honest, i hadn’t even planned on popping in to hucci today. but eboni khan is always so generous to her subscribo members ❤ that she dropped a 100L gift card on us today. 8D with the discount, this tank was only *25L* && it’s super cute. i love the flowy look the hem has and the fact that it gives just a li’l peek of the tummy without being completely bare it all. the price i paid only makes it that much better!

and this hair… from magika at the hair fair.. i mean, i bought a shit ton of hair already && plan to go back tomorrow (shopping trip! \o/ woo!), but this one i think is *by far* my favorite. i’ve said it in the past, but no one does long && whispy like sabina gully does and this hair is just… wonderful. i love the added braided piece and it reminds me a lot of the ren style i already love so much. this one is just a bit wavier && extra *sexy*.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

right? riiight? extra sexy indeed! /me oozes sex appeal~ xP

get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 10
hair; magika @ hair fair luna
tattoo chest; fayse fundamentally loathsome (coming soon 😛 for real this time!)
tattoo arms; onyx wear akido
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
tattoo feet; flasher hearts of queens
eyes; illusory eyes 03
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; hod fallen v2
top; hucci carrie tank in black
jeans; whippet & buck @ truth district drew trousers in faded/lace pockets (truth district update group gift)
belt; pepper basti belt
heels; apple may designs animal pumps in dalmatian
necklace; concrete flowers strawberry necklace
ring; iced lorelei ring
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails
gloves; sini style taped fist

location; the lost city