chewed bubblegum

since i got my new pc, i have been a second life explorer extraordinaire. i never really strayed from my house before (other than to *shop* of course~), because i could never see a sim’s build the way it was meant to be seen. but nooooow, i am hopping from region to region to region.. looking for neat places to snap some photographs.

it is a wonderful thing. and the destination guide has been great for showing off places in sl i never could have imagined looked so awesome!

click to see it high res @ flickr!

my inspiration for the look for today was bubblegum, cause y’know.. bubblegum weekends && all. but i didn’t wanna go the cutesy route. i likes me some kawaiiiii~ just as much as the next girl.. but i decided that today, i’d still be *pink* but a sexy 😉 pink instead.

and of all the crazy-colored hair i own, which is surprisingly a lot considering the swedish blonde is usually glued to mah head, this shade of bright hot pink from lamb is probably my favorite. it’s *so* vibrant, and as i’ve mentioned before my most favorite color is this color right hurr && the palette from lamb comes as close as i’ve seen to that specific color. i loves it~

plus the hat, i loves that too. x3

click to see it high res @ flickr!

as i mentioned the other day, ricielli is having a 50% off *sale* on just about everything — but it’s only up until the 27th (which is tomorrow!!). the cheapie 15L hunt is still goin’ on too, which is just an extra perk of visiting. i picked up a few goodies, including the fully sculpted satin vest i’m wearing. i am always impressed by how well-made everything is from ricielli.. which, by now, should really not surprise me. i’ve never been disappointed with anything i’ve purchased, but it still makes my inner shopping-fanatic giddy when i try something on && it fits just about perfectly right out of the box.

plus, i know i’ve been slacking on the awesome freebies department, but i’ve got several on in today’s look! i’ve been so overwhelmed with new computer, taking pictures, rebuilding my store && trying to organize my massive inventory that i’ve not done a lot of freebie huntin’ in the last few days. but bff vivi && i have plans to tackle the geekgasm hunt soon, so hopefully i’ll have some awesome and nerdy freebs to show off~

get the look yourself:
skin; illusory paige tan in winter b4
hair; lamb stargaze in chewed bubble gum
tattoo sleeves; illusory lucky bastard
tattoo chest; porcupine love true love stories never have endings
eyes; mythic maeve in rain (not open yet, but soon!)
freckles; l.fauna serious freckles
lashes; mock smokey c eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
bandage; grixdale @ kozmetika oops in robin (freebie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; hod bump in the night
tank; onyx wear tank top black
skirt; luck inc mini high waisted skirt in zebra skullieh
vest; ricielli scarllet vest in white satin (sale!)
heels; baby monkey yvette leopard pumps (lucky board prize)
stockings; sheer tights 29a very torn black
nails; pulcino wing of swan black (black butler hunt prize)
nom; acide dark perly kiss

location; kowloon

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