i am forever looking for awesome new places to snap pics — it can often be harder to find a sim to stage my “virtual photoshoots” on than it can be to figure out what to wear. there are lots of detailed && wonderful builds out there in the metaverse, but *finding* them can be a bit of a problem!

i personally find inworld snapshots, rather than ones taken in my big white box, to be more… interesting. and while it certainly can be a challenge to find the right sim to use as a backdrop, it is a challenge i am willing to take on! because otherwise?


shots like this wouldn’t happen.

and it’s all thanks to ylva korhonen (and also ivey deschanel!) that i even know about this build. it is full of such amazing sci-fi gorgeousness that i about *died*.

cidatel is actually home a *new* roleplay opening soon… and while i myself am not a big roleplayer in SL, this spacey station is something that could reeeeeeeally tempt me.


especially if i had an excuse to dress like this more often! \o/

i knew i had to dress befitting of the ship’s scenery, so i based my look on matching this dress i picked up from ladies who lunch — with long latex gloves from sn@tch, makeup tattoos from miss shippe’s studio, cstar && ae meth, and some *killer* thigh-high mesh boots (that are so affordable!) from hoc.

i took these fashion shots on the ship’s hangar, but there was even more to explore. so i decided to take a few extra photographs, just to show off a li’l peek at the rest of the build. check ’em out!




if you’re interested in sci-fi roleplay, then visit the website for citadel && read up! but if you just wanna explore, then make sure you wear an observer tag.. and it’s definitely worth it to check out either way!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy moonbeam in sugar town
hair; elikatira listen in blonde 05
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
face makeup; miss shippe’s studio cyborgian inserts in aqua
eye shadow; a.e. meth mystical eyeshdaow in teal
eye liner; cstar rude lines eyeliner
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten (lips, nose) && dimpled (cheeks)
dress; ladies who lunch censored minidress in electric blue
boots; hoc thigh boots
collar; cobrahive parade collar
gloves 1; sn@tch tango latex gloves (tinted blue to match)
gloves 2; sini style taped fist
goggles; needful things aviator goggles in white

poses; glitterati
location; citadel



i’m doing my best impersonation of a cybernetic officer today.. and i’m really likin’ it. with so much inspiration out there in the blog-o-sphere (mainly thesefourgorgeousladies [edit: oops i mean five!] who do it *far* better than i do), i’ve been embracing my.. *sci fi* side more && more lately.

so raise your weapon (fitting for an officer of the space law, hm?) && jam with me while i ramble about my look!


this look would not have come together at all if not for this skin i picked up @ wear gray for a day from glam affair. the silvery tone made me think of metallic skin more so than a simple human who just happens to be colored grey. and this leah face is one of my favorite skins right now.. it really was a win-win to grab it.

if you haven’t visited wear gray yet, there’s still time to do so! the bloggy link up there will take you to the official blog, where you can learn about the charity wear gray is for.. and you can see some of the *other* awesome things you can grab. gogogo!

so, with the skin… since i was already channeling somethin’ spacey, i went with the theme && paired a dress i scooped from sys in all its deliciously tailored glory with some ridonkulous boots from neurolab inc (that are currently half off in this lovely shade of hot pink!). all i needed were some stockings and a pair of animated glasses (which my still photographs really do not do any justice for — both lenses on these glasses are animated and awesome), both of which are from graves.

while i technically do not have a weapon to raise (couldn’t find a cyber nightstick to wave around!), i still think i fit the part pretty well. now where did i put my glowy laser handcuffs…..

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair @ wear gray leah gray skin w/ lipstick #22 (lipstick sold separately)
hair; elikatira shine
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in flash pink
face makeup; nuuna’s kaia makeup (this is actually the white version, tinted hot pink to match)
eye makeup; cstar envy eyeliner
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; amorous die schlacht
earrings; amorous enslaved
dress; sys lady in pink
stockings && glasses; graves mainframe in black/magenta (part of a full outfit)
boots; neurolab inc fatality boots in pink
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
nails; mstyle perfect hand long nails

poses; evolve @ pose fair
location; hangars liquides

a study in narcissism

sometimes, funny things happen when you’re hanging around in world. funny things like… your best friend decides to put on a copy of your shape you gave her a while ago, only to turn herself into a twin of you. …which then inspires an *attack of the clones* kind of sci-fi photoshoot that looks like you’re posing with a dark-haired version of yourself.


you never realize just how vain you really are… until you have a clone (or maybe, a fraternal twin?) && the only thing you can think of is damn.. i’m hot.

so bff vivi is here, indulging my narcissistic side, and looking insanely hot in the process. 😉


she && i hit up insilico, where it’d be *so* fitting for some sort of cloning process to take place, and pranced around as our twinny selves. we tried to channel some sort of sexy clone cyborgs vibe, with lots of shiny latex from graves && mechanized eyes from negaposi.


since we both are wearin’ the same shape && skin combo (which, btw, the skin is the new leah face from glam affair and this particular tone/makeup is out @ the dressing room for an *insane* discount!), we tried to work in contrasts in other ways… to make each of our looks distinctive, while still similar. so while i’m in all black, vivienne is in white. she has dark hair, while i have light. her eyes.. red, and mine blue. we sorta look like good and evil, but which one is the good one… and which one is the bad one, hm? ;p


apparently we both have a li’l good and a li’l bad in us. teehee~

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (white hair) ::
skin; glam affair @ the dressing room leah in ethereal sadness
hair; truth tess in pearl
tattoo; garden of ku neo3
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod mess of metal
outfit; graves paradox
boots; sakide latex stompers in black
gloves; sn@tch tango latex gloves in black
goggles; needful things aviator goggles in silver

on vixxie #2 (aka vivienne tailleur – dark hair) ::
skin; glam affair @ the dressing room leah in ethereal sadness
hair; truth jordan in crow
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in red light
makeup; kyoot cat eye in catty
lashes; miamai catwalk lashes in twinkle
outfit; graves hydra in white
boots; slink tall leather thigh boots in black

couple poses (fourth pic); magnifique @ wear grey ~ all other poses; dare (store closed, creator is chance greatrex)
location; insilico

remind me of the babe

so, show of hands! who else, that was born in the 80’s, had a massive crush on david bowie in labyrinth?

/me eagerly raises her hand

those pants, that awesome hair, those pannnntss, the voice… mmmmh. deliciousness all over, amirite? ^O^


and would ya lookit that.. i’m dressed *vaguely* like him. what a coinky-dink! 😉

my outfit, appropriately named jareth is from luni && yeah, it’s sex on a stick. i *love* tailored jackets for the ladies and the flared tail and high collar on the jacket totally remind me of the lovely goblin king. all i need is a ruffly-collared shirt underneath and i’d be good to go~

the color i’m wearing is available to purchase, buu~uuut. if you’re in the mood to hunt, there is a purple version out for the twisted hunt. which means it’s *freee*! \o/ i’ve not yet tackled the twisted hunt, but if it’s anything like the last time i participated.. you’ll probably be searching for quite a while, ahaha. but it’s worth it, especially if your favorite color is purple. ;D

and speaking of purple!

there’s a sale goin’ on @ luni too, on everything purple! hunt && snag some discounted goodies while you’re there~ win-win!


the incredibly pretty skin i’m wearing, even though i’ve makeup’d all over the gorgeous face, is from amd — a brand i’ve not yet explored when it comes to skins. and honestly? i have *no idea* why, this face is beautiful && i adore it. which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whose perspective you look at it from. from my own POV? it’s *awesome* ’cause i love skins && adding a new one to my massive collection is always a good thing. but for my wallet? not so exciting, ’cause now i want moar. ;p

and i know these boots have been all over everything, but oh man. the mesh boots from slink i’m wearing are so hot i could literally *lick them*. and having them in mesh has srsly spoiled me — wearing them around all day today has really made me realize how clunky prim boots can be. especially when they go thigh-high. but the mesh ones move beautifully with my legs && feet, and the heels are so high and spiked… and the textures are amazing and… and and… just… yes. glorious boots. ❤

get the look yourself:
skin; apple may designs kat in gothly
hair; ploom anetta streaked
tattoo face; plastik demon fades face atoma 2
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave && twilight
makeup; luni twisted fae makeup in purple
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 7 (freebie)
ears; illusory elven ear a4
tongue && piercings; acide @ the grunge soul project suck it
outfit; luni jareth in bubblegum
boots; slink tall leather thigh boots in black (you’ll need a mesh compatible viewer for these!)
collar; blitzed legacy choker
gloves; sini style taped fist && black nails

poses; glitterati
location; decay

latex && leather

who says bubblegum weekend has to always = super duper kawaiiii~?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

not me, that’s for sure. ;p

i mean, parts of me are super duper kawaii. but as a whole.. i’m definitely not channeling the cutesy side of vixxie today. and i am totally okay with that.

my look for today is kind of an amalgamation (SAT word for ya~) of things i’ve had in my inventory forever && a few newly acquired goodies. sometimes, i try to work with what i’ve got for a blog post.. just ’cause there’s *so much* in my inventory that i’ve not blogged or even worn in world. i’m a bad, bad impulse shopper. ;( and once i do actually put it on, i wonder wth was wrong with me for never breaking it out of the box it was packaged in.. ’cause it’s just that awesome. i knew i bought it for a reason, after all.

the upper half of my look today is from graves && omgah. i am sure everyone on the entire grid has been aware of this store for years (has it been around for years? i don’t even know lol), but it’s definitely new to me. new and amazing. i loovvveee what i picked up there. lots of leather ‘n latex, kinda goth.. kinda bdsm.. kinda sci-fi… all wrapped up into full outfits of ridiculous sexiness.

click to see it larger @ flickr!
seriously, do it. larger is betterrrrr~ especially for this picture!

and yes, i am a big tease. big fat tease. the skin i’m wearing is *new* from red mint && i know, i’ve basically covered it all up in this look. but! a full show off/review is comin’, i’m workin’ on it, but i could not wait to wear it. it seemed rather fitting for this look, considering the shit ton of makeup options you get with this skin. the body is incredible, too, but. i’ll keep my mouth shut on that until i can show it off better. 😉

and! yeah, bubblegum weekends and all, i couldn’t resist adding just a sliver of cute in my look. the hair i’m wearing is also *new* from wasabi pills… and srsly, this store kills me with cute hair. spiral-y pigtails && the option to streak half my hair in a different color?! hells yeah, i needed it. and in a pretty pink like this, y’know, not only was it fitting for the challenge but fitting for me as a whole. as much as i likes the uber-white blonde hair, i likes me some pink hair too. and the occasional black. and brown is a pretty color too, though so is a nice dark auburn, and i’d definitely rock some purple hair… /me trails off

get the look yourself:
skin; red mint prime in pale w/ makeup no.02
hair; wasabi pills ryoko in jellyfish
tattoo upper; virtual insanity anatomy
tattoo lower; sn@tch revolver tattoo
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
makeup 1; cheap makeup gutter liner
makeup 2; boom liquid glaze lashed in hot pink
ears; illusory elven ears a4
mask; n1co teaser
shrug; graves paradox 03 in black
latex undershirt; graves defence
pants; luck inc leather pant lowcut in fleur
belt; chuculet low waist leather belt in black/silver
boots; the abyss stompers in black
nails; mandala milky way nails in gaga black
necklace; hod fallen v2

poses; studio sidhe
location; fairlight

pajama party~~

you know how sometimes, you && a friend will be doing a hunt… say, the geegkasm hunt. and you’re bouncing from store to store, snaggin’ goodies left && right. then you get towards the end of the hunt list and you see an item in a store that makes you, literally, squeal out loud… and suddenly you forget all about finishing the hunt and instead, you only wanna have a slumber party in your skybox?

no? is that just me and bff vivi?

click to see high res @ flickr!

i promise.. /me crosses her heart.. that i’ve got some lovely hunt prizes to show off to you later on. but today, vivi && i could not resist posing all cute ‘n’ cuddleh in these pajama sets from intrigue. i dunno where i was when these were released, but man i am really regretting not picking ’em up (ALL of them!) sooner!

absolutely everything is included — the slippers, the hoodies (and as vivienne is showing you, the hoods even come with hair attached!), both of our sets came with the massive && adorable glasses… and vivi’s panda also came with the bamboo nom. too cute!

click to see high res @ flickr!

vivi took the fact that my pajamas are in the form of a unicorn.. *way* too seriously. 😐

and while she was riding me around, two of our kittycats decided to come over && plop down for a snooze right in the thick of it. the siamese is isis, she belongs to vivi, and little ginger kitten is mine. his name is simon. :3 and i named him after another certain ginger that likes jaffa cakes and tnt.. /me coughs && will love you forever if you get that reference

i really don’t have much else to show you, other than one corner of my skybox (that i bought from magic nook @ the dressing room the other day.. it’s adorable!) && our pjs. but it’s cute, right? riiiiiiiight?! what possibly could be cuter than two petite ladies in animal pajamas, thwackin’ each other with pillows?

click to see high res @ flickr!

perhaps two petite ladies wearing animal pajamas, hugging. ..d’awwwwwww~ ♥

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in aqua w/ pop lipstick tattoo in electron
hair; deena in anxious blonde
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in grave
pajamas, slippers && glasses; intrigue unicorn pajamas

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 in peach
shape; fayse harlow (tentatively reopened — style cards need updated, so if you buy, i’ll send you the updated notecard once i’ve got ’em done!)
eyes; pestle & twig blue peepers
pajamas, slippers, nom, hair && glasses; intrigue panda pajamas
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04

rug, shelf && knick knacks; what next
pug painting; popart
pillows && feathers; intrigue
kittycats; be forewarned, they are addicting ;p

patience is a virtue

…it certainly is. especially when the wait was *totally fucking worth it*!

of course, i’m talking about the beautiful elly skin.. released yesterday by pink fuel.


elly is *stunning*. there’s such a huge variety of makeup choices — both in eye makeup && in lip colors. as i was unpacking everything, i realized just how many options you’ve got with this skin.

three brow colors (light, which i’m wearing, dark && red), freckles, no freckles, then about a billion lipstick tattoos for mixin’ && matchin’ with all the *gorgeous* eye makeups. there’s everything from bright, fun eye shadows to dark and rich lip sticks… to the opposite side of the spectrum with subdued, light eye makeup and just a hint of color on the lips with subtle glosses. *and* if that wasn’t enough, each lipstick tatt comes with && without teeth!

and i am SO in love. ♥♥♥ i want to hump mochi milena for finally releasing elly. is that bad?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this is just but a *sample* of the makeup choices you’ve got. from the top left i’m wearing the makeup misery with freckles && the hot pink doll gloss lip tattoo, next to it is the aqua eye makeup. on the bottom left is the bewitch eye makeup and beside it is the amazon makeup. in the full body shot (so you can see my cuuuuuuuute outfit && the sexy tummy elly has!) i’m wearing the tutu eye makeup and the lip color is pop lipstick in proton with teeth.

there were *so* many makeup choices that i woulda been photographing forever, haha. but that’s a good thing!! \o/ i love choice, i love customizing, and i love this skin. expect to be seeing it a whole hell of a lot on my blog, just as a head’s up~

aaaaand! the tattoo i’m wearing, from para designs is set out for super bargain saturday this week. *go* get it, right now, ’cause i am in love with this ink, too. i’m wearing it in the faded color version, but it comes in black too && in dark, medium and light shades. ridiculous for the price it’s up for, and it’s full-body too!!

get the SKIN (and everything else xD) yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly in chai
hair; elikatira garden in color 09
tattoo upper; para designs eclectic
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in ophelia
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 12
piercings; cobrahive ouchie in black/silver
top; belote little pony shirt
jeans; mon tissu denim lou lou in used
slippers; willow stud slippers in pink
nom; jd mouth buttons (part of a set)
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
earrings; boom skinny plastic door knockas in lipstick

location (in the first pic!); ande

perdy pinups

if i could describe today in one word.. it would be.. overwhelming. in a *really* good way.

pink fuel, as i’m sure the entire metaverse is aware, finally released elly && i fatpack’d that lovely face so fast. fifty linden friday was a good haul. i am so excited to blog this weekend and go all bubblegum again.. y’know.. if that’s still a thing… >.>

oh, and..


did i forget to mention i got an amazing new computer? 😉

said amazing new computer runs, literally, eleventy bajillion times better than my old one. i was stuck in a pose stand inside a white box to blog — just because i had to keep my graphics settings low at *all* times. but now?

now i can run with shadows on… with beautiful graphics.. and i can finally see how truly gorgeous second life can be. i can also see how truly gorgeous my avatar can be, too. …*coughs*

so today! i bring you pinup-esque awesomeness, complete with a cameo from the always wonderful bff vivi. and i am so pumped to show off pictures that i can’t even stand it!!

just.. please be kind. it’s my first time pretending i’m a second life photographer. ;p if things look a little wonky, just chalk it up to me being a photog-virgin, mmkay?


i love that vivienne indulges me sometimes. i mean, she patiently stands around.. in a static pose.. while i fiddle with shit && she’s happy to do so (at least, methinks she is..). but i think, perhaps, she *enjoyed* posing with me today. she was a li’l bit o’ eye candy while i played around with windlights and shadows and depth of field and blah blah blah..

the high-waist shorts she’s wearing are from ricielli and i swear.. that brand is out to kill my wallet. there’s currently a huuuuge sale going on, that i have yet to *ravage*, but vivi’s already visited and picked up an entire year’s worth of sexy stuffs. there was that cheapie hunt not long ago, and now the sale.. i promise you, the entire store will find its way into our inventories over the weekend.

she paired the shorts with a dollarbie top from toxic kitty. and i know, okay, fourth of july is still a ways off. but the whole nautical theme kinda goes hand in hand with *patriotism* && even though technically it was vivi’s idea to be sailor pinups


..i decided to go with it because of the *super* sexy new swimwear from candydoll.

the suit i’m wearing is red, white && blue.. but there are a bunch of other color choices. they all come complete with button detail on the front and *adorable* bow attachments for the chest and on the back. i love the way it’s designed, too — li’l cut outs on the side, the halter neck, and the textures are so smooth. i’d live in a swim suit like this, if i could.

and i suppose i actually can.. it is sl after all. x3

i know socks aren’t typical *beach wear*, but my heels from maitreya needed some love. i bought them last year during their sale (summer = sales, i swear!), but plopping ’em on today made me realize just how well-made these shoes are. so yeah, i’ll wear socks if i wanna while on the beach. they match && they look good. problem?!

i realize my post for today may be a bit… all over the place. but i’m still sitting here, as i type this post, looking very much like this :: @___@ ! and i promise, no more vixxie in a white box unless i’m doing skin-related stuffs, it’s easier to see the skin when it’s on a plain background. and you gotta know, a post for elly is in the works for this weekend. a skin i’ve waited this long for definitely needs it’s own post!


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in scene w/ glam lipstick tattoo in cherry (LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE <33!!)
hair; exile nomi in stefani roots
tattoo; huz loveluck
eyes; illusory eyes 03
makeup; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in red
plugs; pepper plugs stars
piercings; cobrahive gauged o3 && bull’s ring
swimsuit; candydoll vintage navy in red
heels && socks; maitreya allure in red w/ midnight socks
bows; kyoot lacey white kneesocks bows
nails; mstyle perfect long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03
hair; truth tina in crow
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry (past freebie)
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in cobalt
makeup; kyoot cateye in bardot
piercings; cobrahive gauged o3 && snake
shorts; ricielli joanne highwaist short (sale!)
top; toxic kitty hello sailor top (dollarbie)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in red
nails; love soul spirit long nails

to the cloudy town of hellview: population 96

yesterday was a sad, sad day for bff vivi && me. being two jackasses ourselves, it came as a pretty big shock when we heard about ryan dunn. so sad… and so unfortunate… and he was so very young.

so while my look for today technically doesn’t have much to do with jackass, or ryan, or bam or j.knoxville… or … anything even remotely related to them, you can at least rock out with me in memory of random hero.

to the lovely content creators out there :: someone really ought to make a t-shirt with the jackass logo on it. i’ll gladly purchase && rock it in a blog post.

but, anyway.. onto the look…


the hooded sweatshirt i’m wearing is from grixdale && just as a head’s up, there is a super cute white version of this same hoodie out for *freeeee* right now to celebrate sl’s birthday. go snag it while you can, ’cause i’ve no idea how long it’ll be out for free~ and for a hoodie as nice as this one, having one for free is quite a generous gift. the prim && texturing makes this sweater practically seamless and is soooo nice and comfy.

i like the whole… long sleeved top with short shorts (or mini skirts!), so i plopped on a *group gift* pair of shorts from insanya. while the group isn’t free to join, it’ll only cost you 113L to sign up.. and once you do, there is a plethora of awesome fatpack’d gifts set out. the shorts come in a ton of colors, but there’s also some suspenders && skirts and tights as well. sooo worth the cost to get in, especially if you’re in desperate need of some versatile separates!


i’ve been on a blue kick lately. my last several looks have centered all around blue bits && pieces.. and i’m not sure why. i mean, it’s not like i *dislike* blue, but it’s not my favorite color. i dunno, i’m just feelin’ the blue!

so the *new* tee from t junction fit perfectly into this look — both in style && in color. you really cannot go wrong with a nicely made t-shirt and all the ones i’ve ever worn from t junction have been just that. all of the new releases are cute (the one called schizophrenic gave me a gigglesnort too, just as an fyi), so if you’ve got a bunch of skirts && shorts from insanya.. y’know.. you’re probably gonna need a shirt or two to go with ’em. 😉

and this hair, from magika. since i returned to sl at the beginning of the month, i’ve been desperately trying to play catch up with my favorite designers. and magika has released some *amazing* long hair, though this one in particular… it’s so wispy && the ends are just a li’l uneven, making it one of the most realistic hairstyles i own. a messy, casual, ultra long pony… i wish my irl hair would grow this long and lovely.. /me grumbles angrily

i’m still a little sad today, especially since ya’ll have no idea how big of a part ryan dunn && the jackass crew played in my.. younger years. it’s probably a bit silly, but when you’re a big fan of someone (or a group of someones) you start to feel like you know ’em.. and the loss ends up hitting home for you even more. it’s a sad day for his family, for the family of the other passenger in the car… and for us fans, too. he gave us a lot of laughs && i am definitely gonna miss him. ❤


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup 03
hair; magika veruka 2
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in grave
makeup; estetica @ kozmetika effin’ streak
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in orange
horns; illusions grumble horns
piercings; ipoke kai
tee; t junction i just realised…
sweatshirt; grixdale my sunshiney hoody in smog
shorts; insanya open shorts in black (group gift)
hooves; epic fantasy fushion faun tube socks
collar; blitzed legacy choker
nails; candy nail tie dye mix

vixxie 101

so, guess what! i’m a doof. :3

my last post, fittingly enough that featured bff vivi with me, was my …. *drum roll*.. 100th post here in this blog! \o/ 100 posts may not be the most exceptional achievement, but i am definitely proud!

the only trouble is… i totally missed it. D; i was gonna mention it in my 100th post && i absolutely forgot! hence, the doof part. so this post, which is #101, shall be my belated celebration of 100 (plus one) posts of awesome *vix-osity*. yes, that’s a word.

*tosses around confetti* and i have an awesome look for today, too!


the dress i’m wearing is new from onyx wear and it’s so unique. the entire skirt part is one sculpted prim. there is no flap at the pelvis, or separate pieces for the fabric fold at the waist on the dress itself (though the pink belt *is* separate, more on that in a bit!), but from the hip down the entire thing is one sculpty. fitting it was a little tricky, but once i got it right… it’s really, really cute. it’s definitely different from the tons of mini dresses i own && there’s less annoying prim disappearance with a skirt like this than with the typical one prim skirt flap, especially with my AO on.

the belt i’m wearing is from onyx wear too.. and it’s a limited dollarbie. it’s color-change && texture-change and worth *so* much more than 1L. i highly suggest you go grab it~


the fantastic spiked cuffs i’m wearing are from mariposa, which i’ve blogged many many times in the past. felicity winslet is always generous with her freebies (there are a *ton* of amazing free pieces of jewelry && even some dresses there too, just as a head’s up!) and the quality is no different from her regular pieces to the ones she sets out as gifts. these bracelets are amazing ❤ the actual cuff part is color change and the detail on them is ridiculous.

and while i’m talking about jewelry, my necklace.. though it is most of the way obscured by the hair i’m wearing (which is by truth for project donate) is from magic nook. you can pick it up at the dressing room with a hefty discount && the entire set is adorable! everything i’ve gotten from magic nook is adorable though, so i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised~

so, y’know… i may be one stinkin’ post late on celebrating 100, but it’s still a big deal to me! i’m proud of myself for actually keeping up with my blog (and enjoying it in the process!) long enough to accumulate 100+ posts.

here’s to 100 more! 😉 *raises a glass*


get the look yourself:
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 07 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; truth @ project donate aloha in swedish
tattoo; para designs curly swirly
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; kowp mercury
dress; onyx wear off-shoulder reloaded in black
belt; onyx wear waist-hi belt v2 (dollarbie)
leggings; sassy kitty knit lace hot pants in dark gray (midnight mania prize)
heels; slink aveela stiletto
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails
necklace; magic nook @ TDR shoo be doo necklace in chocolate
bracelets; mariposa severus wrist cuffs
glasses; chuculet glassless glasses in geeky (dollarbie)
gloves; c.smit satin gloves no1 in black