irresistible force

i go through phases of loving the hell out of a song && listening to it nonstop on repeat. the other day it was bush && today it’s jane’s addiction. and i promise you, i *do* like artists for their actual music (i swear it!) and not just for the hot members of the band… but god damn dave navarro. such a pretty man, he is. *O* and his solo is pretty sweet in that song, too.


but before i get all hot ‘n’ bothered thinking about sexy guitar players.. why don’t i show you the look i’ve got for today. xD


this look all started with the *super* cute denim jacket from tea time. i’m usually not a big fan of jean jackets, but this one wasn’t your typical washed-out denim. i love the colors, the striped inner lining, and all the delicious li’l details. you see those buttons on the lapel? adorable, right!? the turned up cuffs and the side pockets, too. and this jacket was in a hue i don’t own much of, which was nice for a change.

the leopard print eyeshadow (which oooomgah, i am so *in love* with!) is also from tea time — which is just one of many makeup tattoo layers available. i love nice tattoo makeup, it makes my skins that much more versatile. and while the skin i’m wearing already has a pretty soft blue eyeshadow, which is out for a *huge* discount @ the dressing room blue by atomic btw, i really liked how just a deeper, smokey eyeshadow completely changed the look of the skin. looks more night out with the leopard eyeshadow and it’s all thanks to *one* tattoo! \o/


i’m also wearing some newwww earrings from hod. these gauges srsly make my insides happy. @_@ i mean, hod jewelry *always* does, but these earrings… hnnnggh. ❤❤ the larger ring is always black, but there are several choices (in aydan’s fabulous selection of textures) for the smaller rings. the design is amazing && much more visually interesting than a simple large captive hoop. and of course, it’s in the quality i’ve always come to know from all the haus of darcy goodies i already own. it’s out *right now* for the zombie popcorn brand, slurl of which will be listed in the styling credits, so i hii~iighly suggest you go snag these~

but since i was already wearing earrings, i thought i might as well overdose on other accessories… putting on a *gorgeous* necklace && bracelet from amorous, and a set of nails and rings so packed with bits && bobs from wtg that it’s a wonder i can raise my hands. ;p look at all those beautiful li’l details on that cross pendant and it’s texture-change as well! — same with the varnish color on the nails i’m wearing. they totally work for the overall look i was going for, but the details on all of the jewelry i’m wearing — necklace, rings, earrings && piercings — are what really do it for me. makes you wanna alt-click && *zoom in* just to take it all in, riiiight? ;D

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic @ tdr blue grace buff in winter kiss
hair; truth leesa in swedish roots
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window in blue/grey
makeup; tea time amour makeup in leo
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 1 (freebie)
piercings; hod dimpled && the crux
top; kyoot soft resolution top in white (stumblebum item — go grab it while it’s on sale!)
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in light
jacket; tea time jacket denim in stripes pink
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt
boots; eleanor rigby combats in floral
cuff; amorous hard
necklace; amorous fatum
nails && rings; wtg c+@ nails
earrings; hod dragon spirals
bra; sakide everyday lingerie in white

poses; marukin
location; scrub


remind me of the babe

so, show of hands! who else, that was born in the 80’s, had a massive crush on david bowie in labyrinth?

/me eagerly raises her hand

those pants, that awesome hair, those pannnntss, the voice… mmmmh. deliciousness all over, amirite? ^O^


and would ya lookit that.. i’m dressed *vaguely* like him. what a coinky-dink! 😉

my outfit, appropriately named jareth is from luni && yeah, it’s sex on a stick. i *love* tailored jackets for the ladies and the flared tail and high collar on the jacket totally remind me of the lovely goblin king. all i need is a ruffly-collared shirt underneath and i’d be good to go~

the color i’m wearing is available to purchase, buu~uuut. if you’re in the mood to hunt, there is a purple version out for the twisted hunt. which means it’s *freee*! \o/ i’ve not yet tackled the twisted hunt, but if it’s anything like the last time i participated.. you’ll probably be searching for quite a while, ahaha. but it’s worth it, especially if your favorite color is purple. ;D

and speaking of purple!

there’s a sale goin’ on @ luni too, on everything purple! hunt && snag some discounted goodies while you’re there~ win-win!


the incredibly pretty skin i’m wearing, even though i’ve makeup’d all over the gorgeous face, is from amd — a brand i’ve not yet explored when it comes to skins. and honestly? i have *no idea* why, this face is beautiful && i adore it. which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whose perspective you look at it from. from my own POV? it’s *awesome* ’cause i love skins && adding a new one to my massive collection is always a good thing. but for my wallet? not so exciting, ’cause now i want moar. ;p

and i know these boots have been all over everything, but oh man. the mesh boots from slink i’m wearing are so hot i could literally *lick them*. and having them in mesh has srsly spoiled me — wearing them around all day today has really made me realize how clunky prim boots can be. especially when they go thigh-high. but the mesh ones move beautifully with my legs && feet, and the heels are so high and spiked… and the textures are amazing and… and and… just… yes. glorious boots. ❤

get the look yourself:
skin; apple may designs kat in gothly
hair; ploom anetta streaked
tattoo face; plastik demon fades face atoma 2
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave && twilight
makeup; luni twisted fae makeup in purple
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 7 (freebie)
ears; illusory elven ear a4
tongue && piercings; acide @ the grunge soul project suck it
outfit; luni jareth in bubblegum
boots; slink tall leather thigh boots in black (you’ll need a mesh compatible viewer for these!)
collar; blitzed legacy choker
gloves; sini style taped fist && black nails

poses; glitterati
location; decay


most of the time, i will write (and write… and write… and write) here in my blog && enjoy every last lil bit of it. i like to write, as evidenced by the way i tend to ramble sometimes ;), so for me… the written part of blogging usually comes easy.

but sometimes… there’s nothing more to say than what can be said through the photos i’ve taken. sometimes… there’s nothing else i can better explain in words than i can show to you in pictures. and sometimes… i do a look for fun && have such a good time photographing it that i take a thousand snapshots and rambling on and on about it in words would.. only diminish how proud i am of how it all turned out.


click to see it larger @ flickr!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair @ the dressing room amelie in contessa
hair; lelutka editorial 02 in pitch
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia
eyes; insufferable dastard lightning strike && tequila sunrise (past grunge soul project items)
face makeup; nuuna’s cast off makeup (part of a hod piercing set)
eyeliner; boom we are siamese (previously free)
mascara; soleil running mascara in heartbroken tears
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 7 (freebie)
piercings; hod fallen v2
body suit; whippet & buck sweet day body suit in black
stockings; n-core tights in clear w/ seams (freebie)
belt && scarf; lelutka editorial scarves
boots; gos curvaceous boots in white

poses; dare (store closed)
location; sentinel dreams


tan && blonde. if you’ve read my blog.. ever, really.. you’ll know that tan && blonde is like my mantra. my motto. my way of life.

but this past weekend, bein’ all bubblegum has given me inspiration. def not a *permanent* inspiration (and truth be told, this probably is one of the rare times i’ll listen to said inspiration).. but it’s inspiration none the less!


yeah, both those looks? it’s li’l ole vixxie. dark hair && pale skin, it’s usually not my thing. but the new alizee face from candydoll is *sooooo* pretty that i could not help but embrace a vampire-esque kinda look. all i need is some heavy eyeliner, some fake teeth && a sim set on perpetual midnight and i’d be good to go! :K

in fact, it’s not just my skin(s), but the bulk of both of my outfits are from candydoll. the beautiful rebeca dembo is not only talented at making skins… but with super cute separates as well. the long-sleeved cropped tops are *new* && so are the low-cut capris — both in tons upon tons of color choices.

but the skin.. so gorgeous. and take a look at these perdy makeups~

click to see it larger!
from left to right ::
blue (my personal favorite :3), pink, smokey, natural, lila && green

now i’ve blogged candydoll skins in the past, so you know i already adore them. but there are two specific things i love about this skin brand.

one, no one on the grid makes skins with sexier stomachs than candydoll. hands down, all the skins i own && have tried from candydoll have the most perfect tummies out of my (large.. ahem) folder of skins.

and two, the lips. always so pretty && glossy. from really subdued, natural tones to bright and vibrant shades, the lips on candydoll skins are gorgeous.

alizee, however, includes mix&&match-able lipstick tattoos (win!).. so you can do as i’ve done and wear the smokey eye makeup with red lips in tan, or on the pale skin.. wear the blue eye makeup with the lipcolor from the lilac skin. customization is *huge* with me — i really like to customize to my own personal preferences. and makeup tattoo layers are such a big part of this.

oh, and! just as a head’s up to all you ladies like me who are less busty than the average avatar: alizee has several different cup-size options, all on tattoo layers. the base is less shaded around the boobies, but you can move up && down depending on what you’re wearing and how tittylicious you && your shape are feeling that day. plus, this skin… no matter which cup size you are.. has some *fantastically* sexy breasts. …i’m just sayin’.

i prefer to be perpetually *sunkissed*, but the paler tone is just as stunning. and looks great with dark hair, though *both* tones come with black && blonde eyebrow options. i will forever be a blonde at heart, but nothing is as gothic-sexy as alabaster skin and a contrast of deep black hair…


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll alizee tan in smokey w/ blue lipstick && alizee pale in blue w/ lila lipstick
hair blonde; exile @ TDR blue lucia roots in stefani mix
hair black; lamb oh sugar in ink
tattoo upper; para designs neptune
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in navy
plugs; pepper plugs stars
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && bull’s ring
tops; candydoll hottie in blue && black
corsets; sn@tch sookie corset in python && white leopard
capris; candydoll t.b jeans in black && white
heels; r2 kupulau (hunt prize)
nails; rezipsa loc @ kozmetika lemondrop nails
necklace; zenith feather necklace (hunt prize)
cigarette; hello dave smokes short


/me puuuurrs

for as obsessed bff vivi && i are with kittycats, i thought it only appropriate to regress for a li’l while.. to my neko roots.


maybe i’m, uh. a manx-y neko? xP no tail today, but i am sporting ears && some *amazing* kitty-paw boots!

said boots are from epic and that store, srsly, is appropriately named. i am slowly accumulating one of everything there. and these boots, they are ridiculous! they’re all mecha’d && full of complex detail — the inset tv screens even come complete with animated textures. even though i tinted ’em gray, the lights (and yeah, they glow too!) are color change and i just. there are no words. i love these boots in all kinds of ways.

so i went on a hunt for some cute kitten ears && found these at hocico. can i just say how adooooooo~oooorable they are!? they’re pierced with stars and they *wiggle* like a real cat’s would. and instead of being on top of my head, they’re right over where my actual ears would be (my poor normal ears get *so* neglected, eheh~). even if i’m not runnin’ around the grid all neko-fied, i can totally see myself wearing these just ’cause i like to be cute sometimes. :3


my amazing piercings && necklace are from twee. the lovely verinne asnar has always made nice jewelry — i’ve blogged her awesome piercings many times over. but with every set i end up with, i love her stuffs more && more. and the usb cable necklace? it’s a hunt prize, which means *freeeeeebie*! i actually dropped in to twee for the hunt prize and ended up coming out with some piercings… and some plans to go back for a pair of her super cute perso ears. ;D

the upper body ink, my sheer tank, jeans, bracelets && all the makeup layers i’m wearing were freebies too. it is *astounding* how generous designers can be in SL. ❤ whether they are hunt prizes, group freebies, subscribo gifts, dollarbies.. i am always happily surprised by the quality of freebies && cheapies set out for us. it makes me feel all spoiled and whatnot and that is always a good thing when it comes to free stuff!


get the look yourself:
skin; al vulo miha peach in pink
hair; truth june2 streaked in swedish
tattoo; la malvada mujer true love (hunt prize)
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
lashes; mock smokey eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
teeth; tuli parted lips 04 (freebie)
gloss; filthy lipgloss 03 (freebie)
ears; hocico neko ear metal star in black
piercings; twee liska
tank; belote white sheer tank (group gift)
bikini; cynful sweety top bikini (part of a 10L!! outfit)
jeans; acid & mala i ❤ my jeans (hunt prize)
boots; epic lost analog tv signal neko tech boots in black
belt; kristica belt diamond in black
nails; virtual insanity gacha nails pink (old gacha prize, unsure if available anymore ;/)
necklace; twee usb cable necklace (hunt prize)
bracelets; rotten toe urban bracelets (group gift)
ring; iced kayla ring
nom; meow style @ boom rubber in monkey

killer heels

quickie post for today. because i’m tired && feeling lazy. and it’s hot. not a good combination. :/


my shoes today are from stiletto moody and are a *free* re-release of the previous red heels given out as a group gift. lucky for me, i wasn’t able to pick them up back then… but i got them today. they are SO worth the immense lag to pick them up, they are incredibly nice. pretty pedis included, too!

and i just gotta say, i love the tee i’m wearing from intrigue co. it’s so cute && totally formal, haha. it reminds me of one of those shirts with a bare chest and boobs of a woman printed on the front, y’know? for a split second, you think the person wearing it has their titties hangin’ out until you realize it’s a tee. and in the case of this shirt, a tuxedo instead of titties. not that i wouldn’t walk around with my actual titties hangin’ out…..

just sayin’. coughcough.


accessories today include amazing nails i’ve worn many times in the past, from page 3, a sexy belt from spica, piercings from loulou&co and the lovely mercenary necklace from haus of darcy.

and… of course, the tattoo for this look comes from my beloved para designs. it’s a new release and is *so* sexy, i love it. go pick it up! and while you’re there, tell vicky werefox i said hi, mmkay?

/me blows her a kiss ;*

quick, half-assed post is quick and half-assed. …… 😀

get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola sunkissed in makeup 7
lipstick; lelutka lola lipstick in deep red
hair; magika darling in swedish
tattoo; para designs summer breeze
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
piercings; loulou&co kali
tee; intrigue co tuxedo shirt
vest; fishy strawberry sequin vest in black
skirt; onyx wear candee skirt in dark pattern
stockings; hello dave fishnet sleeve stockings in regular mesh
heels; stiletto moody bare lana anniversary (group gift)
nails; page 3 pretty hands in attitude
necklace; hod mercenary
bracelets; puarangi designs argyle bangle stack (dollarbie)
belt; spica batten belt
earrings; mariposa acat set, earrings (lucky chair prize)

not a newbie

but i’m pretending i am!

if only my avatar looked this decent when i *was* an actual newbie… i wore system hair far too long to admit readily. ;/

so what am i talking about? the lovely gogo issued a newbie style challenge to bloggers and it looked like fun! so i logged in to one of my newer alts and decided to accept her challenge. ;p

while i do tend to wear quite a lot of freebies && cheapies && gifts, making an entire avatar over without the aid of lindens (or, rather, with a budget of 20L) was a challenge even for me. but i’m pleased with the way my new alt turned out!


the total cost for the entire avatar? $1L. the only thing i purchased with that one linden dollar was a pack of piercings from buried. everything else my alt is rockin’ was free!

i didn’t even skimp on the accessories. she’s wearing nails, a necklace, wrist cuffs, tattoos, lashes, and of course.. the piercings. a gorgeous skin, *amazing* hair, cute boots, fluffy skirt.. all of it was free. and by first look alone, there’s no way you’d know i only paid a fraction of a cent for my alt’s look.

fun challenge, indeed! now all you need is someone to show off all the awesome entries into gogo’s challenge to *actual* newbies….


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola light (subscribo gift @ orta)
shape; made by me!
hair; black maria rius in black/blonde (freebie)
tattoo; actchio lady skulls (hunt prize)
eyes; tuli gem eyes in emerald (freebie)
lashes; sky everett eyelash w/ stars top&&bottom (freebie)
piercings; buried basic piercings in bridge && lipring center (dollarbie)
tank; onyx wear tank top in black sheer (subscribo gift)
overshirt; onyx wear off-shoulder “starr” top dark (lucky chair prize)
skirt; coco ruffle skirt in lace black (group gift)
stockings; sheer stockings in zebra (freebie)
boots; maitreya soho boots (subscribo gift)
nails; baby monkey sculpted nails zebra collection (freebie)
necklace; burroughs sunara necklace (freebie)
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)

can’t stop

full lips, nice eyes
everything’s the right size
girl my eyes are glued to you

when you find a new song you like, do you just sit and listen to it over and over and over and overandoverandoverandover? ’cause i do.. and right now i am *obsessed* with a song by love automatic. it’s appropriately called can’t stop and i’ve not stopped listening to it since i discovered it last night. \o/

so my look today is *kinda* inspired by it. kinda.


the song makes me think of, like.. being at a party with your friends. being stupid and laughing and maaaaaaaybe drinking, which explains the condom in my mouth, haha. so i dressed to sorta go with that theme.

my shirt is another freebie from t junction and is a prize for the fashion is love hunt. i’m slowly falling in love with t junction, ’cause this shirt.. it’s awesome. it reminds me of a shirt i owned a loo~oong time ago in my first life (when that existed, eheh) that said “i ❤ your mom” and i *loved* it. naturally, this shirt is perfect for me!

i paired it with a cute jumper from paperdoll and some fishnet-like leggings from fishy strawberry. and while i didn’t take a close up of my shoes like i usually do, my heeled sandals today are from j’s and the toes are *so* cute. the shoes come with lovely pedicures and toe-ring options and after a bit of fiddling, skin-tone matching was actually pretty easy to do.


my jewelry today is from rhedd night designs and all are freeeeebies. very nice freebies, at that! the bunch of bangles are a midnight mania prize and the necklace is from a freebie pack that came with a ton of accessories (it includes belly rings, yay!). it’s a brand spankin’ new store, so go show ’em some love! the jewelry from the freebies alone is very nice. 😉

with my new favorite song stuck in my head, cute new jewelry, and a condom in my mouth… i gotta say, i feel like partyin’. i need to round up some friends and hit up a club, definitely.

can’t stop, can’t stop myself from moving
when the beat drops, ohh ohh
and i can’t stop, can’t stop ’til i have you


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 14
hair; ploom rourke in swedish
tattoo; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeves
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; star piercing moh (previous hunt prize)
tee; t junction my other ride… (fashion is love hunt prize)
jumper; paperdoll suspender mini in black
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; j’s belt platform sandals in black
nails; adam&eve @ black and blue fair black & blue manicures (freebie)
necklace; rhedd night designs satin links in gold (freebie)
bracelets; rhedd night designs maroon mega bangle set (midnight mania prize)
condom; babel music condom in big gun (previous lucky board prize)
glove; arm warmer in black

check out love automatic!
their new song fight alone is pretty awesome too!

drowning in accessories

haha. it kinda looks like it, right?

“holy accessories, batman!!”


i’ve got, at least, 40 pounds worth of necklace, bracelet, ring and piercing on… and it’s *awesome*. 😉

today is one of those days where i picked my accessories out first, and dressed around them. i mean, i totally wasn’t walking around my house naked save for chains and bangles and a hair bow for a while as i went through my inventory lookin’ for clothes…

/me coughs.


now, i think my clothes are cute.. but it’s really the *other stuff* that stands out. like, for instance, the leash! from sissi. i’m a petite thing, i barely brush 5’5″ with flats on, and it’s a wonder i can stand up straight under the weight of this chain. but i had to wear it. sissi’s jewelry is always amazing, but this necklace is amazing times a hundred. ❤

and because it comes with multiple attachment points, i was free to wear *another* neck accessory — the “xoxo” choker from mariposa. it’s a new release, and you can find it both at mariposa *and* at onyx wear as part of a clothing && jewelry set, but i personally got the choker out of mariposa’s midnight mania. freebie, yayyy~


my spider ring set is another freebie, from kanival and the pink bauble ring on my other hand is a hunt prize from sigma. i loved these pieces so much i actually *took off* my prim nails and opted for a pair on the glove layer, just so i could pile on these fabulous rings.

the boots i picked to wear are from miel and are completely color-change. it might be a little warm to wear boots with thick socks inside, but they’re so cuuuuuute. fashion before comfort!

with piercings from louloud&co and buried, a thousand bangles from pink inc and one of the new releases from truth that *includes* another accessory in the form of a color-change hair bow.. yes, i piled on the shiny today.

i may or may not be part magpie… just sayin’.


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair&&bow; truth rayne streaked in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku sacred blood
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings lip; loulou&co venus
piercing nose; buried basic piercings septum (dollarbie)
tank; styligion inc smt shirt in black
vest; suicidal unborn alice vest in red
jeans; onyx wear jail bait jeans
belt; indy&co marina belt in silver
boots; miel far boots in solid
nails; candy nail basic nails in blue02
choker; mariposa xoxo choker (midnight mania prize)
necklace; sissi leash in silver
bracelets; pink inc gody girl bangles
rings left; kanival spider ring set (freebie)
ring right; sigma aurora ring in pink&&silver (fashion is love hunt prize)

lovely lace

if yesterday wasn’t enough awesomeness from hyper culture for ya, today i’ve got more. ;D

as it was with the sale at, i cannot resist a good deal. and the clothes at HC are cute, bright, sexy and at 50% off… it only makes them that much more amazing!


i’ve actually got three pieces on for today’s look from HC, but it *kinda* only looks like two. that’s because the lace skirt and the lace tank, when worn over the light blue zebra leggings, end up looking like a fabulous little lace dress. i love it when two separates work together so well to make a whole new article!

with the lace and leggings, i accessorized with some a&a nails, a cute silver necklace from glow studio, some bracelets from iced and a kick ass belt from hermony.


my boots today are from surf couture and with their cute slouchy legwarmer toppers, they make my outfit today look very.. 80’s. which is always a good thing. as a child of the 80’s, i never mind a little throwback..

..which is why i thought this hair, from hal*hina worked so well. it’s big, it’s flouncy, it’s got lots and lots of flexi movement. it only adds to the 80’s feel, right?

/me dances like molly ringwald in the breakfast club.


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in royal
hair; hal*hina noa in platinum
tattoo; kanival phoenix
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 12
piercings nose; star piercing moh (previous make him over hunt prize)
piercings cheek; buried basic piercings monroe (dollarbie)
piercings lip; iced lip labret piercings
tank; hyper culture broad lace tank in victorian white
skirt; hyper culture black lace skirt 3
leggings; hyper culture summer frenzy tights in zebra love
boots; surf couture elsa boots in black
nails; a&a fashion metal nails in blue
necklace; glow studio diamond bear necklace (previously at the dressing room)
bracelets; iced black rope peace bracelets (groovy love hunt prize)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt in black