to the cloudy town of hellview: population 96

yesterday was a sad, sad day for bff vivi && me. being two jackasses ourselves, it came as a pretty big shock when we heard about ryan dunn. so sad… and so unfortunate… and he was so very young.

so while my look for today technically doesn’t have much to do with jackass, or ryan, or bam or j.knoxville… or … anything even remotely related to them, you can at least rock out with me in memory of random hero.

to the lovely content creators out there :: someone really ought to make a t-shirt with the jackass logo on it. i’ll gladly purchase && rock it in a blog post.

but, anyway.. onto the look…


the hooded sweatshirt i’m wearing is from grixdale && just as a head’s up, there is a super cute white version of this same hoodie out for *freeeee* right now to celebrate sl’s birthday. go snag it while you can, ’cause i’ve no idea how long it’ll be out for free~ and for a hoodie as nice as this one, having one for free is quite a generous gift. the prim && texturing makes this sweater practically seamless and is soooo nice and comfy.

i like the whole… long sleeved top with short shorts (or mini skirts!), so i plopped on a *group gift* pair of shorts from insanya. while the group isn’t free to join, it’ll only cost you 113L to sign up.. and once you do, there is a plethora of awesome fatpack’d gifts set out. the shorts come in a ton of colors, but there’s also some suspenders && skirts and tights as well. sooo worth the cost to get in, especially if you’re in desperate need of some versatile separates!


i’ve been on a blue kick lately. my last several looks have centered all around blue bits && pieces.. and i’m not sure why. i mean, it’s not like i *dislike* blue, but it’s not my favorite color. i dunno, i’m just feelin’ the blue!

so the *new* tee from t junction fit perfectly into this look — both in style && in color. you really cannot go wrong with a nicely made t-shirt and all the ones i’ve ever worn from t junction have been just that. all of the new releases are cute (the one called schizophrenic gave me a gigglesnort too, just as an fyi), so if you’ve got a bunch of skirts && shorts from insanya.. y’know.. you’re probably gonna need a shirt or two to go with ’em. 😉

and this hair, from magika. since i returned to sl at the beginning of the month, i’ve been desperately trying to play catch up with my favorite designers. and magika has released some *amazing* long hair, though this one in particular… it’s so wispy && the ends are just a li’l uneven, making it one of the most realistic hairstyles i own. a messy, casual, ultra long pony… i wish my irl hair would grow this long and lovely.. /me grumbles angrily

i’m still a little sad today, especially since ya’ll have no idea how big of a part ryan dunn && the jackass crew played in my.. younger years. it’s probably a bit silly, but when you’re a big fan of someone (or a group of someones) you start to feel like you know ’em.. and the loss ends up hitting home for you even more. it’s a sad day for his family, for the family of the other passenger in the car… and for us fans, too. he gave us a lot of laughs && i am definitely gonna miss him. ❤


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup 03
hair; magika veruka 2
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in grave
makeup; estetica @ kozmetika effin’ streak
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in orange
horns; illusions grumble horns
piercings; ipoke kai
tee; t junction i just realised…
sweatshirt; grixdale my sunshiney hoody in smog
shorts; insanya open shorts in black (group gift)
hooves; epic fantasy fushion faun tube socks
collar; blitzed legacy choker
nails; candy nail tie dye mix

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