perdy pinups

if i could describe today in one word.. it would be.. overwhelming. in a *really* good way.

pink fuel, as i’m sure the entire metaverse is aware, finally released elly && i fatpack’d that lovely face so fast. fifty linden friday was a good haul. i am so excited to blog this weekend and go all bubblegum again.. y’know.. if that’s still a thing… >.>

oh, and..


did i forget to mention i got an amazing new computer? 😉

said amazing new computer runs, literally, eleventy bajillion times better than my old one. i was stuck in a pose stand inside a white box to blog — just because i had to keep my graphics settings low at *all* times. but now?

now i can run with shadows on… with beautiful graphics.. and i can finally see how truly gorgeous second life can be. i can also see how truly gorgeous my avatar can be, too. …*coughs*

so today! i bring you pinup-esque awesomeness, complete with a cameo from the always wonderful bff vivi. and i am so pumped to show off pictures that i can’t even stand it!!

just.. please be kind. it’s my first time pretending i’m a second life photographer. ;p if things look a little wonky, just chalk it up to me being a photog-virgin, mmkay?


i love that vivienne indulges me sometimes. i mean, she patiently stands around.. in a static pose.. while i fiddle with shit && she’s happy to do so (at least, methinks she is..). but i think, perhaps, she *enjoyed* posing with me today. she was a li’l bit o’ eye candy while i played around with windlights and shadows and depth of field and blah blah blah..

the high-waist shorts she’s wearing are from ricielli and i swear.. that brand is out to kill my wallet. there’s currently a huuuuge sale going on, that i have yet to *ravage*, but vivi’s already visited and picked up an entire year’s worth of sexy stuffs. there was that cheapie hunt not long ago, and now the sale.. i promise you, the entire store will find its way into our inventories over the weekend.

she paired the shorts with a dollarbie top from toxic kitty. and i know, okay, fourth of july is still a ways off. but the whole nautical theme kinda goes hand in hand with *patriotism* && even though technically it was vivi’s idea to be sailor pinups


..i decided to go with it because of the *super* sexy new swimwear from candydoll.

the suit i’m wearing is red, white && blue.. but there are a bunch of other color choices. they all come complete with button detail on the front and *adorable* bow attachments for the chest and on the back. i love the way it’s designed, too — li’l cut outs on the side, the halter neck, and the textures are so smooth. i’d live in a swim suit like this, if i could.

and i suppose i actually can.. it is sl after all. x3

i know socks aren’t typical *beach wear*, but my heels from maitreya needed some love. i bought them last year during their sale (summer = sales, i swear!), but plopping ’em on today made me realize just how well-made these shoes are. so yeah, i’ll wear socks if i wanna while on the beach. they match && they look good. problem?!

i realize my post for today may be a bit… all over the place. but i’m still sitting here, as i type this post, looking very much like this :: @___@ ! and i promise, no more vixxie in a white box unless i’m doing skin-related stuffs, it’s easier to see the skin when it’s on a plain background. and you gotta know, a post for elly is in the works for this weekend. a skin i’ve waited this long for definitely needs it’s own post!


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in scene w/ glam lipstick tattoo in cherry (LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE <33!!)
hair; exile nomi in stefani roots
tattoo; huz loveluck
eyes; illusory eyes 03
makeup; kyoot feline in basic black
lashes; boom @ kozmetika liquid glaze lashed in red
plugs; pepper plugs stars
piercings; cobrahive gauged o3 && bull’s ring
swimsuit; candydoll vintage navy in red
heels && socks; maitreya allure in red w/ midnight socks
bows; kyoot lacey white kneesocks bows
nails; mstyle perfect long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; laq tess2 peach in makeup 03
hair; truth tina in crow
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry (past freebie)
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in cobalt
makeup; kyoot cateye in bardot
piercings; cobrahive gauged o3 && snake
shorts; ricielli joanne highwaist short (sale!)
top; toxic kitty hello sailor top (dollarbie)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in red
nails; love soul spirit long nails

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