i’m kind of… accidentally patriotic with my look for today. powder blue isn’t *typically* the shade one associates with the good ole red, white and blue.. but that ended up being my color scheme for the day~


and it *all* started with this cherry print skirt.

i picked it up from teefy @ the new fameshed collection because… it’s cherries(!). this print is so cute and i love the way these skirts fit. high-waist skirts are always super sexy, especially when they’re nice and short like these are, but i chose to wear the skirt underneath a large ‘n’ comfy hoodie (from ispachi — this light blue color is wonderful!) for a more cute, casual look.


these shoes from g field were *perfect* for this look… because while i grabbed the black pair, most of the shoe is totally customizable. the upper half, the toe, the sole && the laces are all texture change, so i was able to change my shoes to match my red && blue look. these shoes are fantastically made (as is everything from g field), and really nice for casual wear.. and the fact that i can match them to just about *anything* make these a great bargain.

the sim i photographed this look on is so cute! i spied it first on juicybomb and made a mental note to visit when i had a look appropriate enough for the sim. and i have to say, the build there is *really* creative. almost everything is animated — there’s a cute li’l fisherman sitting on a bridge over the water and a lady peeking out of the window in her home, for example — and it all looks like the hand-drawn style of art found in a children’s book. big poofy clouds, oversized butterflies.. there were even swans floating around in a pond. not only is this sim wonderful for photographs, but it’s also just so *adorable* for exploring. check it out if you’ve not, yet!

get the look yourself:
skin; glam affair roza basic in america 02
hair; truth @ tomorrow today monday in surf
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard basics in dark blue
eye makeup; glamorize insanity eye makeup (tinted)
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercing 1; hod dimpled
piercing 2; cobrahive nose swirl
sweatshirt; ispachi freitas hoodie in blue
skirt; teefy @ fameshed highwaist short denim skirt in cherry
socks; g field dot socks kneehigh in blue
shoes; g field deck shoes in black
bag; hoc hemp bag
nails; rezipsa loc cherry red nails french
headband; beusy spiked headband in blue
ring; virtual insanity laduree ring
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

poses; glitterati
location; cica

double dose

/me gently wipes the cobwebs away

ohay! long time, no bloggity, hmm?

yeah, it’s been a really long while since i last posted… things just got *way* hectic for me in my rl. shit happens from time to time && i am def not immune to it. buuuuu~uuut, i did have some time this week to catch up on things in sl, so i thought i’d finally get off my lazy ass and put together a blog post!

and it’s not just me in this post, oh no. i’ve got two looks for you from myself and one of those includes bff vivi.. i thought it was a fitting way to maybe get back into the swing of blogging~



..a look i put together long before i took my hiatus. this makes me a very, very bad blogger && for that i apologize! i uploaded the pics of this look to flickr months and months ago… and then never put a post together for it. so here it is, finally!


polar bear hoodie, shark tee, and some bright hot pink. do you love it as much as i do? ’cause i gotta say, i love this look lots. i grabbed the tee from retro when i discovered them on a hunt aaaages ago. these tees were cute (each one was a different color w/ different animal motifs) and nicely textured… and sometimes i just cannot resist the cute. yes, this shark is cute.. don’t try to tell him otherwise~

the hood is mesh && i grabbed it from nacon’s on the marketplace. while i don’t recommend wearing a fuzzy hood and scarf in the middle of summer, it’s sl.. so i can do what i want! ;P it worked for the cutesy sort of look i was goin’ for and, as i said.. cannot resist the cute sometimes. i like the dark, grungy, and evil just as much as the next girl but there’s that part of me the just cannot say no to something with teddy bear ears. don’t judge me.

and for a more “recent” look, i dragged bff vivi in with me to pose..


you never really know how much you miss out on when you’re away from sl. sure, i knew designers and sales and events would be goin’ on without me.. but i didn’t realize just how much there would be for me to catch up on! @_@ it was only a couple of months && i feel like i’ve missed out on yeeeeeears of awesome goodies.

so she ‘n’ i hit up a few of our favorite stores, browsed several of the events going on, and tried our best not to be overwhelmed.


vivi built her cute && casual look all around this mesh tee she picked up @ collabor88, from tres blah. it’s perfectly tucked into her jeans and looks like a slouchy v-neck she’d steal from her boyfriend (if he let her into his closet, that is..). she looks comfy and yet still put together~

she’s also wearing a pair of flared jeans from maitreya, some fiiierce leopard heels (that were a freebie group gift!) from n-core, and a super cute owl necklace that’s also from collabor88 by maxi gossamer~


my look also centers around somethin’ i grabbed at collabor88, this time from auxiliary. this sugar skull design won me over completely, but all of the designs were awesome enough to pick up.. especially at the nicely discounted price of a mere 88L.

i paired the tank with some mesh shorts i picked up from mon tissu && a pair of gorgeous sandals from celoe — both of which are in nice, neutral shades. the shorts have a subtle pinstripe, making them more visually interesting than a simple pair of white denim shorts, and the shoes….. oh there are no words for these shoes other than love. the textures are realistic and delicious, tinting was a breeze && i instantly fell in love with this taupe shade. if only i had a pair of these irl, siiigh~

plus! the prop && poses vivi and i are using here, from glitterati, are on *sale* right now. everything is discounted to 100L and i went ‘n scooped up a whole bunch of things i’ve had my eye on, this prop included. i’m always on the lookout for new props and new poses, especially ones that are unique, and i’ve always liked this hallway prop. i’m glad i was able to grab it for an amazing deal!

sooo, three looks… and *maybe* a return to blogging for vixxie? we’ll have to see how rl treats me, but i’m hoping i’ll be able to get back into it! i miss my blog (and i miss those of you that read it ❤ honestly!) and i hate feeling like i’m out of the loop. so much new stuff to grab! @___@

get the looks yourself:

first set of pics
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hair; burley zia 2
tattoo; vestigium chinese rituals
eyes; insufferable dastard gleeful eyes in multi
makeup; chelle mix and match in blue && green
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod tv piercing 12
tee; retro shark t-shirt
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; mstyle rivea pumps in magenta
necklace; amorous torus necklace
hood; nacon’s furry bear scarf in polar
watch; hoc watch in pink

location; itutu

second set of pics
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; pink fuel alena honey in scene
hair; exile silent wings in stefani
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire eyes in wispy blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in beachen peachen
piercings; hod bitten
top; auxiliary @ collabor88 slouchy tank in sugar skull
shorts; mon tissu hanalei shorts in pinstripes
shoes; celoe aelia wedges in pinenut
necklace; mg @ collabor88 angelwings short
bracelet; amorous chimera in pink
nails; candy nail chidori in pink

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; glam affair roza in natural
hair; elikatira figure in brown 08
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
eyes; insufferable dastard glass eyes in aqua
piercings; hod compassion
top; tres blah @ collabor88 half-tucked tee in off-white
jeans; maitreya flare jeans
heels; n-core coquette platform in wild (group gift)
necklace; mg @ collabor88 jewelled owl short
nails; onyx wear flick bullet and flick pac-man

prop && poses; glitterati (sale!)


i am forever looking for awesome new places to snap pics — it can often be harder to find a sim to stage my “virtual photoshoots” on than it can be to figure out what to wear. there are lots of detailed && wonderful builds out there in the metaverse, but *finding* them can be a bit of a problem!

i personally find inworld snapshots, rather than ones taken in my big white box, to be more… interesting. and while it certainly can be a challenge to find the right sim to use as a backdrop, it is a challenge i am willing to take on! because otherwise?


shots like this wouldn’t happen.

and it’s all thanks to ylva korhonen (and also ivey deschanel!) that i even know about this build. it is full of such amazing sci-fi gorgeousness that i about *died*.

cidatel is actually home a *new* roleplay opening soon… and while i myself am not a big roleplayer in SL, this spacey station is something that could reeeeeeeally tempt me.


especially if i had an excuse to dress like this more often! \o/

i knew i had to dress befitting of the ship’s scenery, so i based my look on matching this dress i picked up from ladies who lunch — with long latex gloves from sn@tch, makeup tattoos from miss shippe’s studio, cstar && ae meth, and some *killer* thigh-high mesh boots (that are so affordable!) from hoc.

i took these fashion shots on the ship’s hangar, but there was even more to explore. so i decided to take a few extra photographs, just to show off a li’l peek at the rest of the build. check ’em out!




if you’re interested in sci-fi roleplay, then visit the website for citadel && read up! but if you just wanna explore, then make sure you wear an observer tag.. and it’s definitely worth it to check out either way!

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy moonbeam in sugar town
hair; elikatira listen in blonde 05
eyes; negaposi machina eyes in sky
face makeup; miss shippe’s studio cyborgian inserts in aqua
eye shadow; a.e. meth mystical eyeshdaow in teal
eye liner; cstar rude lines eyeliner
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten (lips, nose) && dimpled (cheeks)
dress; ladies who lunch censored minidress in electric blue
boots; hoc thigh boots
collar; cobrahive parade collar
gloves 1; sn@tch tango latex gloves (tinted blue to match)
gloves 2; sini style taped fist
goggles; needful things aviator goggles in white

poses; glitterati
location; citadel

i’m a damn tease

muahahahahahaha~ >;D

what i’ve got for you today is a little sneak peek of awesome stuff before the summer of love fair starts up. *lots* of fantastic designers are participating in the event and my post today is just a wee sampling of the stuffs you can find there.

while it’s not open to the public yet, it did open last night to bloggers and i gotta say… the selection && amount of items, plus the sheer number of designers offering items (all exclusives to the fair, too!) is incredibly overwhelming. it’s gonna be awesome \o/

the event is to bring awareness to mental health issues, a very noble cause. and if you’d like to read more about the fair itself, head on over to the trash fash blog to see all the info *and* the immense list of stores participating!

now, onto my tease…


skins, swimsuits<3, dresses, tanks, shorts… flip flops, heels, skirts, jewelry… looking around the fair made me feel like a little kid in a candy store. lots of bright colors, cute summery outfits, all condensed into one area. total fashion-gasm.

my three looks today include goodies from candydoll, t junction, izzie’s, just you, holli pocket, moloko && alexohol.. but that’s not even *all* the designers i’m wearing that are in the fair.

so be excited!! and be a little jealous that i’ve got goodies before you. ;p mwehehe~

plus, this skin..

7.15.2010 to die for gorgeous. if i could recommend one thing from the summer of love fair, it is this candydoll skin. loooooooooove it <3333

ALL poses used in my blog post today are from look @ me
and are also at the summer of love fair! ❤

get the looks yourself:
pink ::
skin; candydoll @ SOL fair adelina in tan
hair; truth enix streaked in swedish
tattoo; moloko @ SOL fair summer of love tattoo
eyes; kosh eyes 117
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings; ipoke kai
tank; alexohol @ SOL fair summerwind tank top in pink
shorts; holli pocket @ SOL fair summer of love fair bikini set in gray
sneakers; hoc lowtops in classic colors
nails; reale manicure in black (freebie)
necklace; line broken pearl necklace
bracelets 1; mandala summer pink bangles
bracelets 2; it’s cake frou frou bracelet (freebie)

gray ::
skin; candydoll @ SOL fair adelina in tan
hair; truth sylvia streaked in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku neo3
eyes; kosh eyes 117
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings; ipoke kai
dress; lp @ SOL fair olga dress in black
capris; rolled cargos in gray
flip flops; just you @ SOL fair flip flops summer love
nails; reale manicure in black (freebie)
necklace; spica pearl && silver rosary necklace
bracelet; grace azure bracelet black silver (freebie)
purse; chuculet maya bag in black
belt; indy&co marina belt in silver

red ::
skin; candydoll @ SOL fair adelina in tan
hair; truth sylvia streaked in swedish
tattoo; luck inc tell no tales
eyes; kosh eyes 117
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings; ipoke kai
tee; t junction @ SOL fair please talk to my face
undershirt; crazy elsa shirt
jeans; izzie’s @ SOL fair grunge jeans in black
shoes; hoc sneaker wedges in solid colors
nails; reale manicure in black (freebie)
necklace; hod mercenary
bracelets; grasp leather bracelets (group gift)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt in black

and don’t worry, i’ll update my links with the actual SLURL to the fair once it’s open. 😉

all SLURLs updated! 😀

tug on my tie

so yesterday, my look of the day was female to the extreme. i mean, my girly bits were poppin’ out all over the place. 😉 and while that’s *awesome* sometimes, other times… i don’t feel the need for short skirts and low necklines.

sometimes, i’m a little more modest. or in this case, a little more… tomboy.

just loungin around

i based my outfit today on the sequined vest from fishy strawberry. it’s girly enough to definitely be paired with a dress or a skirt, but when i saw it.. i was envisioning tie and suspenders and jeans. which is exactly the look i put together (how funny, huh?).

you like my bracelet?

both my bracelet *and* my gorgeous nails are freebies from infinite charm and candy nail respectively. the bracelet is adorable and comes with about a billion charms you can customize on your bracelet with an easy to use HUD. i set mine to say “vixxie ❤ vivi" and "best friends" and a couple other random charms that were cute, including a pair of pink stilettos and a butterfly and smiley faces.

and the nails, which include a ring, are the may picks gift from candy nail. go now if you'd like it, may is almost over!

pretending i'm a ballerina

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle sunkissed (group gift)
hair; red queen threats in blonde/onyx
tattoo arms; katatonik very cherry panda sleeves
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
piercings; luck inc metal face piercing (heavily modded)
tee; fallen style d46 music top
vest; fishy strawberry sequin vest in black
suspenders; league grandad braces in black&silver w/creases
jeans; zaara classic jeans in charcoal
shoes; hoc classic color lowtops
nails; candy nail emerald (picks gift)
tie; gransy fashion kiss 2 tie
arm warmer; acid & mala mini knitted arm warmer in striped blue (tinted darker)
bracelet; infinite charm 24 panel silver & gold bracelet (freebie)