if you know me, you know i *love* my prim nails. i’m almost never without them… i have this obsession with them. i think they add just a li’l touch of extra realism to my hands (which, let’s be honest, the second life avatar hands leave much to be desired) && i really, really like the way they look on. wearing prim nails has become as much of my outfit routine as wearing piercings, tattoos or blonde hair. i never feel *complete* without a pair on.


while my own personal taste in nails tends to lean towards super long, sharp and claw-like… more “normal” sets of nails seem to work best for everyday wear. and since a favorite brand of mine for prim nails, virtual insanity, has come out with several new collections of nails.. i thought it fitting to give myself a manicure here and show ’em all off. :3


the top row shows off three shorter sets of nails… which are perfect when you want a touch of color on your fingertips && glove-layer nails just aren’t cuttin’ it. these are called netty, fishy && tippy — named for their patterns (fishnet/mesh on the first two and plain nails with brightly colored tips on the last). and since each pair is color change, you really can match them to your outfit… or purposely mis-match ’em, like i tend to do.

the second row above shows the new fall collection of nails from v/i. these come in shorter versions like the first row, as well as longer (but not *too* long) sets in both square tips and rounded tips. these sets are color-change as well, in a selection of very autumn-appropriate colors ranging from hot pink to golden yellow to the gorgeous teal you see up there (which is one of my fave colors from the set).


these sets are called dita and are available @ perfect wardrobe to go along with the burlesque theme of this round. they’re short, can be worn with or *without* the black tips, and have a fishnet-like pattern across them. i like these a lot — for the versatility of wearing them with or without the black tips — and also for the discounted price you can snag ’em for.

if you like wearing prim nails as much as i do, the nails from virtual insanity are really very nice. all are color-change, with lots of choices to pick from, and you cannot beat that for the price!


also, one last li’l thing! these *mesh* yoga pants i’m wearing from evolve are currently on *sale*. in fact, the entire store is 50% off for a short time! these pants are awesome for lounging around (doing your nails!!) and i’ve been *living* in them for the last day or so. while i’m on the subject of nice-for-the-price with my nails, these pants are in the same boat! go check out evolve and snag some awesome deals!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel alena honey in scene
hair; truth siri in swedish
tattoo; aitui aggression
eyes; insufferable dastard bliss eyes in aqua
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in beachen peachen
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod tv piercing 4 (face) && counterpart (ears)
top; auxiliary mullet top in white
pants; evolve yoga pants in pink (sale going on right now!
feet; slink women’s mesh feet
nails (second pic collage); virtual insanity netty, fishy, tippy && fall collection 2012 nails
nails (third pic collage); virtual insanity @ perfect wardrobe dita nails

rug && nail painting poses; candy nail (past group gift)
all other poses; adorkable


double dose

/me gently wipes the cobwebs away

ohay! long time, no bloggity, hmm?

yeah, it’s been a really long while since i last posted… things just got *way* hectic for me in my rl. shit happens from time to time && i am def not immune to it. buuuuu~uuut, i did have some time this week to catch up on things in sl, so i thought i’d finally get off my lazy ass and put together a blog post!

and it’s not just me in this post, oh no. i’ve got two looks for you from myself and one of those includes bff vivi.. i thought it was a fitting way to maybe get back into the swing of blogging~



..a look i put together long before i took my hiatus. this makes me a very, very bad blogger && for that i apologize! i uploaded the pics of this look to flickr months and months ago… and then never put a post together for it. so here it is, finally!


polar bear hoodie, shark tee, and some bright hot pink. do you love it as much as i do? ’cause i gotta say, i love this look lots. i grabbed the tee from retro when i discovered them on a hunt aaaages ago. these tees were cute (each one was a different color w/ different animal motifs) and nicely textured… and sometimes i just cannot resist the cute. yes, this shark is cute.. don’t try to tell him otherwise~

the hood is mesh && i grabbed it from nacon’s on the marketplace. while i don’t recommend wearing a fuzzy hood and scarf in the middle of summer, it’s sl.. so i can do what i want! ;P it worked for the cutesy sort of look i was goin’ for and, as i said.. cannot resist the cute sometimes. i like the dark, grungy, and evil just as much as the next girl but there’s that part of me the just cannot say no to something with teddy bear ears. don’t judge me.

and for a more “recent” look, i dragged bff vivi in with me to pose..


you never really know how much you miss out on when you’re away from sl. sure, i knew designers and sales and events would be goin’ on without me.. but i didn’t realize just how much there would be for me to catch up on! @_@ it was only a couple of months && i feel like i’ve missed out on yeeeeeears of awesome goodies.

so she ‘n’ i hit up a few of our favorite stores, browsed several of the events going on, and tried our best not to be overwhelmed.


vivi built her cute && casual look all around this mesh tee she picked up @ collabor88, from tres blah. it’s perfectly tucked into her jeans and looks like a slouchy v-neck she’d steal from her boyfriend (if he let her into his closet, that is..). she looks comfy and yet still put together~

she’s also wearing a pair of flared jeans from maitreya, some fiiierce leopard heels (that were a freebie group gift!) from n-core, and a super cute owl necklace that’s also from collabor88 by maxi gossamer~


my look also centers around somethin’ i grabbed at collabor88, this time from auxiliary. this sugar skull design won me over completely, but all of the designs were awesome enough to pick up.. especially at the nicely discounted price of a mere 88L.

i paired the tank with some mesh shorts i picked up from mon tissu && a pair of gorgeous sandals from celoe — both of which are in nice, neutral shades. the shorts have a subtle pinstripe, making them more visually interesting than a simple pair of white denim shorts, and the shoes….. oh there are no words for these shoes other than love. the textures are realistic and delicious, tinting was a breeze && i instantly fell in love with this taupe shade. if only i had a pair of these irl, siiigh~

plus! the prop && poses vivi and i are using here, from glitterati, are on *sale* right now. everything is discounted to 100L and i went ‘n scooped up a whole bunch of things i’ve had my eye on, this prop included. i’m always on the lookout for new props and new poses, especially ones that are unique, and i’ve always liked this hallway prop. i’m glad i was able to grab it for an amazing deal!

sooo, three looks… and *maybe* a return to blogging for vixxie? we’ll have to see how rl treats me, but i’m hoping i’ll be able to get back into it! i miss my blog (and i miss those of you that read it ❤ honestly!) and i hate feeling like i’m out of the loop. so much new stuff to grab! @___@

get the looks yourself:

first set of pics
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hair; burley zia 2
tattoo; vestigium chinese rituals
eyes; insufferable dastard gleeful eyes in multi
makeup; chelle mix and match in blue && green
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod tv piercing 12
tee; retro shark t-shirt
jeans; mon tissu nora skinny jeans in faded
heels; mstyle rivea pumps in magenta
necklace; amorous torus necklace
hood; nacon’s furry bear scarf in polar
watch; hoc watch in pink

location; itutu

second set of pics
on vixxie (blonde) ::
skin; pink fuel alena honey in scene
hair; exile silent wings in stefani
tattoo; actchio love has many faces
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire eyes in wispy blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in beachen peachen
piercings; hod bitten
top; auxiliary @ collabor88 slouchy tank in sugar skull
shorts; mon tissu hanalei shorts in pinstripes
shoes; celoe aelia wedges in pinenut
necklace; mg @ collabor88 angelwings short
bracelet; amorous chimera in pink
nails; candy nail chidori in pink

on vivienne tailleur (brunette) ::
skin; glam affair roza in natural
hair; elikatira figure in brown 08
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
eyes; insufferable dastard glass eyes in aqua
piercings; hod compassion
top; tres blah @ collabor88 half-tucked tee in off-white
jeans; maitreya flare jeans
heels; n-core coquette platform in wild (group gift)
necklace; mg @ collabor88 jewelled owl short
nails; onyx wear flick bullet and flick pac-man

prop && poses; glitterati (sale!)

pose fair!

yayyy!! pose fair is *officially* open! \o/

the amount of work put into pose fair this year is absolutely astounding. the build is wonderful, but simple, and there are so many booths… and so many exclusives to take advantage of.

i’ll be showing off single poses i’ve grabbed from pose fair while the event is going on, but for the opening.. i thought it fitting to snag one of my favorite props 😉 ❤ to pose with me for a few pictures of just a small sampling of couple poses.

and believe me, this *is* just a handful of the poses out for pose fair. the choice really is awesome. so many brands — some of my own personal favorites && some new-to-me brands too — all in one place! it’s the sort of fair that you should take the time to wander around and demo everything, you never know what kind of awesome stuffs you’ll find!

but with that said, onto the pics! i’ll be including slurls to each specific booth at pose fair for the brands i’m featuring here, but at the bottom there will be a list of all the participating stores && slurls to their booths too, for easier browsing!

pose fair - evolve
lazy stroll, come onnn, carried

pose fair - ms. b. designs
ms. b. designs
brotherly love, night cap, tantalize
furniture not included — bench is from cheeky pea && chair is from mudhoney

pose fair - ms. b. designs
ms. b. designs
pipsqueak, control, into you

pose fair - what next, pulling strings, exposeur, wdk
what next eternity
wdk beside you, pulling strings bunny ears, exposeur something good

pose fair north
pose fair south
pose fair family

=random kitten=
::eXpression:: Poses

!bang poses
[ Omen ]
[Motivaction] Poses

{Ms. B. Designs}
{W&R} – {Witches & Rats}

{what next}


Adorkable Poses

Amat Animations

Digital Dezines

Aphrodite Shop
Apple Spice Poses
ArtiZan Creative Solutions
BehaviorBody Animations and Model Poses
Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute
Bounce This Poses
Candii Kitten
Captivity Co. Poses
Cheeky Pea
CIA Designs
CnS e-motions
Cracked Mirror
D.Luxx Poses
Del May
Dream Print
E2 Designs
Eternal Bliss
Eternal Dream
Fly Lily! Poses
Frozen Panty POSES
Gaeline Creations
Gifted Poses

Glorious Insanity
Gor-jus Animations
Hani & Lilu
Inner Peace
Isis Boutique
Juicy!!! Sex Animations

Just Say Cheese
Kabuki Creations


KamreK Creations
La Petite Morte
Label Motion
Larnia Kids
Lit .:. Poses & More
Long Awkward Pose
Look@me Poses
LostAngel Industries
Love Me Brutal
Morgane Batista Poses
Olive Juice
Oomph! Poses & Stuff
oOo Studio
PicMe Poses
Picture Me Pretty Poses
Pose Pirate
Pulling Strings
Rook Poses
Singed Feathers
Sparrowtree Studios Poses
Studio Sidhe
Sweet Sacrifice

The Kid Company
Three Birds Poses
Vanilla Poses
Weather! or not?

Y’s Art&Poses

other credits:
on vixxie ::
skin; glam affair leah in natural
hair; wasabi pills sybille 2 in sea foam
tattoo; vestigium japanese gods
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in sapphire
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in beachen peachen
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
top; rezipsa loc tank top in white
shorts; paper.doll rolled denim shorts in light wash
fishnets; blowpop seamed fishnet stockings
socks; sakide mismatch kneewarmers in white
shoes; super kingdom girl tops
necklace; hod fallen
nails; rezipsa loc @ wear grey lavender nails french
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses

on allarik resident ::
skin; the body co hunter in medium
hair; shag black jack in obsidian
hairbase; 99 hair shaved tattoo shorty in black
tattoo; para designs mayhem
eyes; insufferable dastard shades of green 1 (freebie)
top; entente classic tee in charcoal
jeans; sleepy eddy used grunge denim in black
boots; gos aviator boots in worn
necklace; mandala rushana in sumiiro black


soooo… remember how i said the other day that i was gonna ask more of my friends to pose with me?


insert friend braden daines!

he just recently gave his entire avatar — ao, shape, skin, even hair color choice — a *complete* overhaul. of course, i helped him in his quest for a new look… but the majority of it was all him! absolutely everything is different about his look && while it’s taken a li’l getting used to tbh (i am *so* used to the way he’s always looked!), i’m really loving his new pixels.

he’s such a pretty thing, amirite? ;3


my guy friends, apparently, are *receptacles* for me && bff vivi to dump our gatcha extras on. both braden && my friend allarik asked us for a good place for cheapie, but nice, glasses (probably has nothing to do with the fact that i like a man in glasses, clearly ;p), so vivienne && i pelted both boys with the surplus glasses we have from the *dollarbie* gatcha @ epic. i am sure these specs were made with the ladies in mind, but they turned out to be delightfully unisex!

the li’l monkey mouthie braden is nomnomnomin’ on is also from the gatchas at epic — another gift from our collection of extras. and thankfully, he was a good sport about wearing it! ehehehe~


since braden decided he wanted to be all browns && khaki for his first appearance on my blog, i dressed to match him. s’always the boys, deciding the color scheme for blog posts with me, when it *totes* should be the other way around. bunch of divas i’m friends with, honest to god!

i’m wearing a pair of the *new* supah sexy knee-high boots from insanya with this look. the color i have on is called creme, but it’s actually a very nice warm brown. it matched the garters on these socks from league && the leather straps on the sweater i picked out to wear from yopulga — all of which tied together the varying shades of brown and beige i’ve got on. khaki isn’t a color i wear often in world, simply because tan just seems so bland, but when you mix in different textures && different shades.. it’s suddenly not so boring! ..and rather hot, too, considering how amazingly unfff these boots are.

so that’s *three* guy friends in total now that have posed for my blog with me. not bad, considering how picky they all seem to be. ;p thank you, braden, for snappin’ these pics with me! and yes, you were much better behaved during the shoot than arik was. kudos. 😉

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; atomic @ tdr blue grace buff in winter kiss
hair; truth luana in swedish
tattoo; para designs eclectic
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes in deep blue (group gift)
lip color; ag bitten lip stain in that’s berry daring
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings 1; hod cathaldus
piercings 2; cobrahive nose swirl
dress; sakide crochet sweater dress in taupe
sweater; yopulga cream leather straps jacket
socks; league side-garter stockings in khaki
boots; insanya dama boots in creme
nails; virtual insanity stylish nails french text
glasses; needful things aviator goggles in brown
necklace; hod the crosary

on braden daines ::
skin; tableau vivant noctis in tone 06
hair; truth blair in raven (yeah, he’s wearin’ girl hair! x3)
tattoo; garden of ku carpe diem
eyes; insufferable dastard december gift in gray (freebie)
facial hair; nanuk birken beard
piercings; hod reach
sweater && belt; sleepy eddy long knit cutsaw in brown
pants; redgrave pants herringbone (thank you && you for blogging these! i made braden go get them because of you two ;D)
shoes; sleepy eddy gatcha sandal in suede sand
gloves; luck inc finger tapes (dollarbie)
nom; epic kawaii monkey business change-purse nom in white
glasses; epic kyoot nerdy glasses in faun (dollarbie gatcha)
necklace; hod mercenary necklace
cuff; amorous you (freebie)

location; insomnia station (snagged from harlow heslop’s blog — what a gorgeous sim!)

a mouse in the house

eep! a mouse?!

click to see it larger @ flickr!

can you spot it!? ;p

so it’s been a li’l while since i showed off my living room… new year’s eve, in fact, was the last time i posed for bloggy pics in this room. and since the christmas season is sadly loo~oong over, bff vivi && i decided to redecorate with less holiday and more us. and today, i thought it was complete enough to pose here for some snapshots!

our living room (which, to be truthful, is actually our second living room… the other “sitting area” hasn’t been changed since we finished decorating it after we got our land, ahah. seems like only *this* living room gets makeovers frequently!) is set up with furniture && various items o’ decor from several different places. the striped teal rug && coffee table, complete with the bowl of fruit and newspapers, are both from cheeky pea. the snowy window and two jar candles are from what next. the blue flowered jug, mustachioed lightbulbs and the two insanely cute bear mugs are from lisp. the *mesh* pink couch, end table, lamp, plant, and yellow candelabra are from tromp loeil @ collabor88. aaaaaand the three li’l kokeshi doll pictures are from callie cline, also out @ collabor88.

i really wish i could remember where the marilyn monroe painting was from, or where we got the large yellow rug too. i’d like to give those credits as well.. unfortunately, i cannot. ;(

but! thankfully, everything matched the vivid neon color palette we were workin’ with. \o/ i love our blindingly bright living room! someday, i’ll have to actually take the time to snap some pics of the rest of our house, ehe~


soooo, i put together a stay at home ‘n’ laze about on the couch kinda look for today. of course, in matching hot pink — with some gray && black mixed in as well. and it all centers around this *adorable* free gift for group members hat from toxic kitty. i am *such* a sucker for super cute things… and anything with a li’l animal face on it (ie, see the mugs in the first pic from lisp! x3) will inevitably find it’s way into my inventory. i was so stoked to find this hat for free, you should definitely go grab it ’cause i’ve no idea how long it’ll be out!

i worked in a *new* tank top from onyx wear, a sweater from jane && boots from love soul.. both of which i picked up *on sale* (i’m not sure if the jane sale is still going on ;.; but i *do* know that the love soul sale still is! gooooo!), and some accessories from amorous, hod && yummy.

so what if i wear a winter hat inside… it’s cute, okay!? and i honestly don’t think i could’ve taken it off even if i wanted to, it seems mysteriously glued to my head. it’s almost as if… i like it too much to take it off or something~ ;3

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pearl
hair; elikatira again in blonde 03
tattoo; para designs neptune
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in blue/gray
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in beachen peachen
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercing 1; hod celtic swirl dimples
piercing 2; amorous die schlacht
tank; onyx wear lucid tank top in pink
sweater; jane tailgate sweater in charcoal
jeans; suicidal unborn teen spirit jeans in black
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt
boots; love soul fur boots in gray (on sale right now!)
ring; yummy nail ring
headphones; amorous audiopunk headphones
nails; virtual insanity valentine nails
hat; toxic kitty angry mouse hat (group gift)

furniture; lisp, cheeky pea, what next && tromp loeil && calline cline @ collabor88
standing poses; glitterati

laundry day

y’know what saturdays are good for (and yes, it’s saturday atm in my part of the world!)? chores. i feel like i am *forever* tryin’ to play catch up on chores, but the worst is when it comes to the laundry.

i don’t dislike doin’ the laundry. in fact, i’d rather do laundry than wash dishes, dust, sweep the floors… but without fail, every time, i procrastinate on doing the laundry until i’m down to nothing left to wear

click to see it larger @ flickr!

well, almost nothing. ;p

luckily for me i had something to throw on! and it just so happens to be cute as *fuck*. the boyfriend shirt is new from maitreya && is ridiculously adorable~ all the prim pieces are expertly scuplted and textured, which is no surprise when it comes to maitreya goodies, and it’s juuuuuuust long enough to keep the bits covered while i hang clothes on the line to dry. \o/

click to see it larger @ flickr!

if you know me, then you know that i likes to *pack on* the accessories — doing chores is no exception. i’m wearing some awesome ones today, too. ;3

both my fabulous ring && the dangly bracelet i’m wearing are *freebies*! the ring i picked up in a pack of three (yes, three!) at the twinkle night bazaar, from hani. there’s a green and a purple in the set too, but this bright blue was just so perdy. and the bracelet, which has been all over the place is a *free gift* when you join the subscribo @ miel. the letter beads are all changeable && it just so happens that ❤vixxie❤ ❤vultee❤ fits perfectly on the bracelet. wahee~

my socks were a *dollarbie* at the twinkle night bazaar, too. and are super duper cute.

and what makes my accessories even better, you ask (cause you did, i know it)?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

’cause i can leave ’em on when the top goes in the wash.

..what? it was dirty too, okay!?

get the look yourself:
skin; curio airhead sundust in pure2
hair; head mistress @ hair fair wind in the willows in pink
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
lip color; ag bitten lipstain in pink before you leap
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ears; illusory elven ear a4
piercings; hod symphony
top; maitreya boyfriend shirt in black
panties; glue ink white undies
socks; pink ribbon 21 @ twinkle night bazaar lace socks in white (dollarbie)
heels; kristica diamond in red-black
bracelet; miel chum bracelet (subscribo gift)
ring; hani @ twinkle night bazaar flower ring in blue (freebie)
nails; pulcino fruit bavarian cream in kiwi

/me pretends she’s a makeup artist

so. makeup tattoos. anyone else as obsessed with ’em as i am? show of hands?

the kozmetika summer makeup event kicks off today && technically isn’t even open yet.. but… >.> if you promise not to tell anyone, i *might* have already visited and scooped up a few goodies to show off. y’know, just between you && me, right? ;3

makeup tattoos are amazing for customization. and with the added benefit of being able to pack ’em on in multiples with v2, there is literally *no end* to the amount of looks you can get. this is especially nice when you’re tryin’ to save some lindens — buy one base, makeup-free skin instead of the fatpack && go crazy with less expensive makeup tatts.

i’ve got three looks that aren’t clothes.. but rather makeup instead.. that completely transform the entire appearance of the skins i’m wearing.

oh, and! the non-blonde version of vixxie you see in this post is courtesy of a blogger challenge to go bubblegum on the weekends. what better opportunity to show off the *crazy* colored hair than with some *crazy* makeup?!

so yeah. first up… the look with pink fuel; enhancing the makeup you’ve already got!


the face on pink fuel’s ember skins are *to die for* adorable. and the entire collection comes with cute, bright && lovely sets of makeup. but what if you wanted to, maybe, take the perdy pink eyeshadow && add a li’l somethin’ extra?

here’s how i did it~


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin, pink fuel ember in chai, the makeup called candy.
02. freckles make *everything* cuter && i used a favorite of mine here, l.fauna extra freckles in tan.
03. my favorite color combo with pink is bright lime green, so i added the lime mystical shadow by a.e.meth that i picked up at kozmetika.
04. lip color! it’s not a drastic change, but it brightens up the lips. i used ag‘s bitten lipstain in beachen peachen.
05. next is eyeliner, to really make the eyes stand out even more. in this look i’ve used the foxy eyeliner by
06. finish off the look with some bold lashes and another layer o’ liner, in this case it’s the liquid glaze eyeliner && lashes by boom.

other products in this look :: hair truth marissa in bubblegum ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes poetic colors pink ocean ; tattoo aitui sacred pain

but what if the makeup on your skin is pretty, but not flashy enough for your tastes?

second look with grixdale; make it over the top!


the makeup on this teagan2 skin is already pretty~ bright yellow && a nice contrast of blue, with a soft pink lip. but if you’re in the mood to wear makeup so loud they’ll hear you coming?

well, here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin this time is teagan2 by grixdale in the honey skintone.
02. the addition is very, very subtle, but i’ve added an all over sunkissed bronzer by ag. i know it’s hard to tell, but it gives a nice summery glow to the face (and body!).
03. to add more eyeshadow, i’ve gone with a *freebie* one by mock called icon eyeshadow in blue and green.
04. next.. eyeliner && lashes. i added on the *free* liner from chelle at kozmetika and some of my favorite tattoo layer lashes from miamai.
05. the last lipcolor was.. quiet, but this one is anything but! it’s a lipwax by boom, called hot pink && is just as bright as the eyeshadow. wiiin~

other products in this look :: hair truth evangeline streaked in smurf ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes ibanez horizon in tropics (lucky chair prize)

and lastly… what if you *love* the skin you’re in (thx olay! ;p), but it’s not quite right for the look you’re goin’ for?

third look with belleza; take your skin in a whole new direction!


belleza skins always have gorgeous faces, but maybe the delicate makeup isn’t what you want for a certain look. maybe you wanna go a little darker, *mess* the lovely face up a bit.

here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base i worked with this time was one of the *group gifts* from belleza, melissa in sunkissed.
02. the piercings i’ve worn in all three looks are from hod && are extra special — they come with an added makeup tattoo by nuuna. in this look, i’m wearing the added facial tattoo.
03. okay, i know it looks silly.. but seriously, this is the best idea ever. glamorize put out this tintable lip destroyer at kozmetika && it is *amazing* for getting lip tattoos to fit properly. if you have a favorite lipstick but it doesn’t fit over the lips on your skin, pick this one up for 10L! && layer your lip color on top. i LOVE this.
04. and now for the lips! the ones i’m wearing are by pididdle, in the color called i have a secret.
05. final touches — running mascara by porcupine love && teeth by villena.

other products in this look :: hair sadistic hacker meltdown in pink ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes luck inc eyez in sapphire ; tattoo aitui aggression

five layers totally isn’t enough, but working with what we’ve got? it’s *so* easy to transform your favorite skins with some wonderfully made makeup && a li’l bit of creativity. who says you need to have an inventory stuffed full of skins, when you can wear one and change the look of it drastically from one extreme to the next?!