corona radiata

there are *new* piercings out @ haus of darcy(!!) for horror haute and…


..just look at how amazing they are. pardon me while i drool all over myself…


the corona radiata set includes both the facial && chest piercings (and i know it’s hard to see thanks to my choice in hair, cause i’m just good like that.. derp. but! there are eyebrow piercings too on the facial set), are *unisex*, come in a pack with eight of aydan darcy‘s gorgeous metallic textures… and the entire set is just *100L* from today until 31st.


i’m wearing the set here in seep (the dark red) && razor (which is, by far, my favorite metal *ever* on a piercing in all of sl — this dark, shiny, gunmetal color is the first one i always reach for). and do i even have to put into words how much i love them? hod jewelry is, imo, the nicest for piercings on the grid, period. you always get something that’s out of the ordinary, with lots of options, for an incredible price. so these… i *highly* recommend you grab while they are on sale!

it is rare for me to blog, let alone be in world at all, without some of aydan’s jewelry on. hod has been, for quite some time, my go to for piercings && uniquely beautiful jewelry. i’ve raved about haus of darcy so often here because… i blog things i love. i blog things i wear. vixxie just isn’t vixxie without piercings… and hod‘s are so high on my list of favorites that no other brand can really compete.

so if i’ve not convinced you in the past to go check it out, you really should go now and see exactly what i’m talking about. i *promise*, you will not be disappointed! ❤

get the piercings (and everything else!) yourself:
skin; glam affair leah natural 01
hair; exile take it off in stefani
tattoo; vestigium buddhist
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
eye makeup; glamorize black candy eye makeup in black out
eye liner; foxy eyeliner
face makeup; nuuna’s azen in aqua
lashes; miamai catwalk lashes in twinkle (past group gift)
piercings; hod corona radiata
top; red mint drawn down top no. 05

poses; fayse

walk on water

i’ll keep this brief.. because i’d rather the pictures i took speak for themselves instead of me blabberin’ on && on as a distraction. ;p

the zombie popcorn hunt *prize* from sakide is all kinds of amazing. i’ve been trying to make an outfit fitting for it since the hunt started && i think i finally succeeded! \o/ the skeletal corset && body suit i’m wearing here are included in the package, as well as a poofy skirt, in clean and bloodied versions. it’s amazing and i am in *love* with it.. and you only have until the *15th* to go snag it for free.

also! my skin, eye makeup && face makeup today are from nuuna’s and all are just divine. her makeup packs, her skins, her tattoo-layer brows.. just… mmhmmm, she does gorgeous work. the black color-block face makeup and the beside-the-eyes makeup are both *new* and with every release, she just gets better and better. i *adore* her brand for her creativity (and the fact that she’s a sweetheart is just icing on the cake ;D) and if you’ve never visited nuuna’s, you definitely need to go. like, right now. right now. go!

but with that said.. onto the look!



click to see them larger @ flickr!

get the look yourself:
skin; nuuna’s fever
hair; truth marielle 2 in crow
tattoo; virtual insanity anatomy
eyes; insufferable dastard creature of the night v2 in colorless
eye makeup; nuuna’s kaia makeup in black
face makeup; nuuna’s ninja makeup in black (i layered the 50% opacity && the 80% opacity versions together to get an even darker effect)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod parasitic
necklace; hod fallen
bodysuit && skeleton corset; sakide heart keeper dress (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
boots; pixelfashion devil boots in black
wings; favole fallen
nails; onyx wear double flick b/w

poses; fayse

sound of winter

it’s all in your face
i see you break
it’s like the sound of winter
the bleeding love, the silent escape
you’ve got to hang on to yourself

i am so fucking obsessed with this song lately. i mean, gavin rossdale is *delicious* (srsly i’d lick this man up and down, goodness) && i just… love.. this song. it’s pretty much been on repeat for me all day and i’m looooovin’ it~ haha. so jam with me, kay!

but now onto the actual point of my post… a lotd!


with the turning of 2012, i’ve made myself a couple sl-resolutions that i’m hoping i can actually keep up with. one.. is to get my inventory in better order. i’ve got it all organized in folders && subfolders && subfolders of subfolders, but. there’s a lot of old things shoved away in there that i just don’t wear anymore. i don’t have issues with my inventory loading *knocks on wood* or items disappearing.. or with taking snapshots yet due to the number of items i’m hoarding, but i definitely need to do some boxing and deleting. it’s tough, though! i’ve gotten rid of a good 5-6k today alone && it’s takin’ some serious willpower to figure out what i want to keep and what i know i won’t wear anymore.

the other resolution i’ve made.. is to actually wear the things i keep. i always forget what i have and/or it’s pushed to the bottom of my inventory when i come across new releases that i must have. and even if it’s a li’l older, there are some things in my inventory that i bought and wore once (or, even worse, bought and *never* even wore!) that def need some loving. case in point.. this pigtail hair i’ve got on today from lelutka. it came out for hair fair over the summer and i blogged it once && haven’t worn it since. and it’s a *shame* ’cause this hair is soooo cute. i rediscovered it today while organizing and i can’t believe i let this cute ‘do sit in my inventory untouched for so long.

bad, bad vixxie.


but that doesn’t mean *all* imma blog is older stuff i’ve found in the dredges of my inventory, lolol~ in fact, i’ve got two *new* things on today just to make up for it. ;p the plaid shirt i’m wearing is a new(-ish?) release from ronsem that i saw on the feeds && immediately went to snag for myself. aaaaand the mini skirt i’m wearing is out @ the dressing room by ricielli (and is all of *70L*). it’s mesh and studded and ripped and wonderful. it’s nice && short without being too short.. and the price coupled with the fact that it’s mesh.. there’s really no way i could resist it.

there are lots of discounted goodies, as always, at the dressing rooms.. but this round seemed to be particularly sweet. which was bad for my new years resolutions, but awesome for my need to have all the things. it’s a catch-22~

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in meow w/ sheer balm in bite
hair; lelutka angela in powder
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard real eyes 6 (stumblebum item!)
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
top; ronsem work shirt in black
skirt; ricielli @ the dressing room denim miniskirt in black
socks; league thermal stockings in dark grey
boots; ju kboots in black
gloves; c.smit satin gloves in black
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french
glasses; mr. poet half rim eyeglasses (srsly cannot take these off)
horns; illusions nivicola mystica horns
knife; virtual insanity the knife legband

poses; fayse
location; sinners heaven

i’m wistful, damnit

yaaaaaay, i got off my lazy ass && made new poses! go meee! \o/

fayse ~ i'm wistful, damnit!

seven poses this time, that are all sideways glances && artfully staring off into space and whatnot. x3 they were super fun to make (though forgive me if i’m a bit rusty at it, it’s been a while since my last set!), so i hope you enjoy them as much as i do~

find ’em on the marketplace!
pssst~ there’s a *freebie* set of poses on my marketplace store, right here, too!

giftie roundup

christmas may be over, but there’s still no shortage of gifts out there! we’ve got such generous designers in SL, i just gotta say. ❤ and with all the freebies && gifties out right now.. it’s super easy to give yourself a makeover for very little lindens! \o/

i put together *three* looks for today, mixing in many of the gifts i’ve come across from various designers. so if you’re in need of a whole new look, there are some subscribos && groups that you definitely need to be joining!


skin; curio angel sundust in happy holidays (group gift)
hair; shag pretty please in vodka (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs sleeping ponies (freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard sparkle eyes in green
makeup; glamorize black candy in smoke
lashes; boom liquid glaze lashed black w/ lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
tank; candydoll plain tank in white
jacket; jane open hoodie in cherry (subscribo gift)
jeans; ricielli lia pants in blue (15L hunt prize)
boots; lassitude & ennui cupcake patchwork boots (freebie)
nails; candy nail snowman in white (group lucky board prize)
necklace; kosh the key necklace

pose; fayse coming soon!


skin; belleza lily in pale (group gift)
hair; exile veronique in autumn/fawn (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard @ philippines disaster assistance event secret window in hazel
piercings; hod lisbeth
top; cynful day off sweatshirt in snowflake (subscribo gift)
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in used
heels; purple moon lace pumps in white (subscribo gift)
necklace; g field flower necklace in ice blue (subscribo gift)
nails; rezipsa loc snowy white nails

pose; fayse coming soon!


skin; nuuna’s christmas 2011 skin (freebie)
hair; lelutka awe in coal mine (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs timeless
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
eyes; insufferable dastard @ four corners neon eyes in blue
piercings; hod the crux
dress; sakide scales party dress in white (hunt prize)
stockings; paperdoll tights in white
boots; gos @ kittycats advent calendar slouch boots in festive (freebie)
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
bracelet; hod the crosary bracelet
nails; rezipsa loc hot hot pink nails

pose; fayse coming soon!

fayse poses!

after much laziness delay, all fayse poses are on the marketplaceincluding the *freebie* set!

the “living dead”, “yes, that’s my butt!” && “hands all over” pose sets are now added to my marketplace store, which took far too long for me to get around to doing. v.v; but they’re there, along with all of my shapes, should you feel the shopping itch.

and don’t forget, i *did* mention that there’s a freebie set in there as well~ 😉

clicky to visit fayse on the marketplace!

fayse ~ FREEBIE poses!  \o/

fayse ~ living dead

fayse ~ yes, that's my butt...


yes, can’t think of a title, so it gets a number. can you believe there are 167 posts of my boobs ramblings on this blog?! i sure can’t.


when i find a song i like, i listen to it.. over and over and over and over. and as soon as i discovered a remix of one of my favorite songs, it’s pretty much been on *constant* repeat in spotify. the song, while i loves it, in reality has very little to do with my look for today.. but watch, i’ll stretch && make it tie in. ;3


you see those earrings? kiinda hard not to, they are massive. and animated. and sparkly. and omgah i love them *so much*. big vinyls on my ears, what is not to love? they are by entropy designs && i gladly traded in my elfy ears for these instead. i don’t own much vinyl in my first life, i guess i’m not hipster enough for that (right, kystria? ehe~), but these make me *want* to spin records. and and and, albums right? remix!? not so much of a stretch, yes?!!



my top && vest are courtesy of grixdale.. and in case you haven’t heard, it’s *closing* at the end of the month. biiiig sad face. 😦 there is a sale going on, where everything is marked way down (including skins. SKINS. teagan && ren are def worth picking up while you can!), but i couldn’t even take advantage of the sale happily. i mean, i *did* take advantage of the sale, but i was one big frownie while doing so. i really like grixdale, the clothes && skins are so pretty and girly and wonderful, and will be very sad to see it close.

at least i have a ton of new clothing to roll around in after it’s gone. ;.;

and my shoooooooooooes. zebra print shoes with *hot pink* soles. it was like love at first sight. ❤❤ these pumps are from nardcotix and the shoe cap is color-change. naturally, i chose pink.. y’know.. for something to break up all the black && gray, not ’cause i like pink or anything ;), but the other colors are just as vibrant and just as awesome. i always squee when nardcotix has new releases, because they are *consistently* amazing, but these zebra shoes had vixxie will love these before she even puts them on written all over ’em.

plus, you can just wear *boring* shoes when you’re channeling some sort of .. rockstar-in-a-parking-lot. amirite?! rockstar with vinyls in her ears and half her head shaved. \m/ O_O \m/


get the look yourself:
skin; laq jennie2 fair in makeup 04
hair; 99 hair kerry v1
tattoo arms; para designs fairy tales
tattoo ears; para designs black skull ear tattoo (freebie)
tattoo face; fayse starry eyed (subscribo gift)
eyes; insufferable dastard light sensitive v2 in ice
makeup; miamai decoshadow 01 (subscribo gift)
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
earrings 1; illusions safety pin earrings (lucky chair prize)
earrings 2; entropy designs 45rpm earrings
piercings; hod bitten
top; grixdale motor oil sleeveless in basic grey (closing sale)
vest; grixdale miller’s wife vest (closing sale)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in gunmetal
belt; acid & mala white belt w/ pyramid studs
heels; nardcotix shana unleashed in zebra’d
gloves; sinistyle taped fist
bracelets; league wanderer in black
necklace; collisions paranormal necklace

poses; bent @ fashionably late
location; paper

living dead girl

newwwwww poses out @ fayse!

fayse ~ living dead

i cannot WAIT for the walking dead season two this october… thus i could also not wait to try my hand at making some *zombie-fied* static poses. :3 i had a lot of fun with these, both making them && photographin’ them. i love me some zombies! if you like zombies like i do, then hopefully you’ll like the poses too!

your hearse to fayse!


so yesterday.. how i said i was a big fat tease with the new red mint skin?

i am a tease no more!


prime is the new skin line from red mint && ohhhhh boy. deliciousness all over. several skin tones to pick from, a *ton* of makeup && body options, and a sculpted, chiseled physique like i’ve never seen on a skin before. would take me years to get my abs that toned irl… on sl, much much easier. ;p

and lemme show you these makeups..

please click to see it larger @ flickr!

the first three are on the plain pale skin, but the last two are shown on the skin with freckles. freckkllleesssss! ❤❤

now, as you’ll see below, prime *does* have options for more… normal eye shadow/lipstick makeups, but honestly.. the last two are my absolute favorites. they are unique, they are very fantasy && would go great for roleplay or just taking photographs. i love the super-contoured cheekbones and the smudgy, smokey eyes prime has all the way through. gives you an *intense* kinda look.. squinty, sultry bedroom eyes.

prime also has a very.. mature face. adult. i’m used to the sweet, youthful look that pink fuel && curio give my shape (both of which i’ve been wearing a LOT lately).. but this skin is anything *but* cute and innocent. and i like that. i like the change. i think the face fits the body, fits the makeup choices, && fits the sorts of looks i’d wear with this particular skin. this isn’t the kind of skin i’d wear dolly pink lips && fuzzy slippers with.. this is the sort of skin i’d wear with mecha-wings and a sword strapped to my back and thigh-high boots and corsets and deep, low-cut dresses and.. well. you get the picture~

but these are just the skin makeups, there are even *more* add-ons with tattoo layers. \o/


please click to see them larger @ flickr!

each makeup tattoo comes with the option to wear just the eye makeup, the eye makeup && lip makeup together, or wear the eye makeup with the lips that are parted. it should be no surprise that i adore the teeth-y look, so it was hard to photograph some of these makeups *without* the parted lips ;p but i wanted to show off both options for wearing the tattoos. but while i prefer the open mouth, the makeup is still just as nice with a closed mouth too.

and again, the first set of five = my favorites out of the bunch. especially the first two && last two. when you start accumulating an entire *wardrobe* of skins.. where you could wear a different skin, in a different makeup, every day of the week for a month and not ever wear the same one twice.. finding something unique to add to the bunch is a plus. the first two are just.. amazing && i love them (and blogged the second tattoo yesterday!), and the very last one in the first row looks.. geisha to me. which is also looooove~

the second set of makeups, while they are indeed “typical” eye shadow && lipsticks, give a shape to the eyes that is unique on their own. cat eye, feline almost. and the colors range from dark && smokey to bright && vibrant. and pink and green, like in the second photograph, look awesome together.

so you’ve got skin tone choices, freckle && no freckle choices, dark and light brows, makeup on the skins, extra tattoo layers with options within them, aaaaaaaaand…


cleavage! 8D

i’m showing the cleavage layers here on the pale freckled skin tone && the tan skin tone, as well as the tan skin without the boobie enhancement. i’ve been wearing a lot of paler tones lately, like i’m reverse sun-tanning or something, but the tan is *gorgeous* too. i had to show it off!

these skins are stunning, seriously. you practically drown in options to completely customize your look down to every last li’l detail. moni schulze did a fatabulous job with these skins… and i want to lick her for making them so awesome. 😉

get the SKIIINNN (&& everything else!) yourself:
skin; red mint prime pale/tan no.06 (no freckles) && no.07 (with freckles)
hair; truth jordan streaked in oasis
tattoo; para designs pink rock
eyes; luck inc eyez in blind
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings cheeks; hod dimpled
piercings lip; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
lingerie; fishy strawberry polka tulle in white
collar; red mint studded collar no.03
heels; paper couture suede platform pumps in black

poses; fayse


it may not be your birthday (or it could be, i dunno!), but at least you can celebrate like it is! \o/

aikea rieko of the plastik is always *incredibly* generous with gifts.. and so generous, in fact, that she even gave out prezzies on her own birthday. and the gifts, either from the group or through the subscribo, are so ridiculously amazing that bff vivi && i had wee heart attacks while unpacking it all.

absolutely everything in the pics below that’s from plastik were *free*. 8D wonderfully free. if you haven’t slapped the subscribomatic or joined the group, what on earth are you waiting for?! i’ve no clue how long either gift will be available, so go. go right now. gogogogoogogogogo! >;O

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (white hair):
skin; plastik ataciara elven muted cumulus in stargazer (subscribo/group gift)
hair; magika blind in white (sale!)
tattoo; collisions quoth the raven
makeup; soleil running mascara
lip color; pididdle i have a secret
ears; plastik elven ears secret garden (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; hod bitten v3
corset; plastik ambrice corset in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda capri (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in depths (subscribo/group gift)
heels; nardcotix absinthe in black/white (past gift)
bracelets; acide enlace moi
ring; virtual insanity sub rosa ring
nails; love soul silver french dark color in blue
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; glitterati

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara elven nautical in smudge (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom sysca 2 in black out (sale!)
tattoo; para designs apocolypse
makeup; dead apple’s little shop clown a3
eyes; plastik jerusalem in frozen (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik boudoir dress in seq (subscribo/group gift)
stockings; n-core tights in dark seam 2 (freebie)
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
necklace; loulou&co ling ling
nails; a&a fashion metal nails
necklace; acide dead perly kiss

poses; olive juice

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; mynerva plumkiss in caramel
hair; ploom kisha
eyes; plastik vae collection in mermaid (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs mystical
teeth; villena teeth tattoo layer
piercings; hod cast off
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace
top; plastik ambrice scant in monochrome (subscribo/group gift)
skirt; plastik aeda mini split in stark (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik infinity dress in dark aqua (subscribo/group gift)
heels; gos platform pumps in just black
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
sock; sassy kitty missmatch high knee warmers in white

poses; jumphearts (group gifts)

on vivienne (black hair):
skin; laq olivia in peach
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom fluffcake in black out (sale!)
eyes; l.fauna charm eyes in rainbow
tattoo; para designs salvation
makeup; miamai deco shadow
lip tattoo; buyme black heart lipstick
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04 && snake
necklace; hod the crosary
jeans; plastik aeda capri in noir (subscribo/group gift)
dress; plastik koahkuma in gray (subscribo/group gift)
heels; n-core coquette
nails; mandala milky way nails in white

poses; studio sidhe

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (light hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; lamb wild nothing in washed out
eyes; plastik oni collection in lilac && cloudless (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 1; plastik drown tattoo (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo upper 2; huz arm bands (old project donate item; unsure if it’s available anymore! ;( )
makeup; nuuna cast off makeup (part of a hod piercing set)
piercings; acide mike
necklace; @ the gatcha festival thoreau necklace in bronze
top; plastik prototype top torn low in dots (subscribo/group gift)
corset; plastik ambrice corset in willow ruffle (subscribo/group gift)
jeans; plastik aeda slacks skinny in moss (subscribo/group gift)
boots; elikatira secret boots in umber
belt; pepper basti belt
armband; loulou&co willow

poses; long awkward pose

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in melody (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; ploom amerlee
eyes; plastik jaded collection in grass (subscribo/group gift)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
tattoo; plastik painted tops tattoo in lalea (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; cobrahive gauged 04
necklace && bracelet; league wanderer in black
jeans; plastik aeda slacks flare in nautical (subscribo/group gift)
top; plastik ezerach top in summer (subscribo/group gift)
shoes; fir & mna @ the gatcha festival the twine shoes in green/white
nails; mandala milky way nails in sun gold

poses; porcupine love

click to see it larger @ flickr!

on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara phoenix in song (subscribo/group gift)
hair; exile @ the dressing room blue coy in stefani mix
eyes; plastik vae collection in looking glass && beam (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; soleil faerie fuck
makeup; plastik ataciara makeup in body freckles && smudgy shadow (subscribo/group gift)
face/body tattoo; plastik atoma full demon fades (subscribo/group gift)
piercings; ni.ju chain chomp piercing
choker; red mint studded collar no.05
dress; plastik lungless symphony in wings of angels (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic fantasy fushion faun boots in bowie laced
bracelet; finesmith swirl b&w
horns; k.p. shadow faun

poses; olive juice

on vivienne (black hair):
skin && ears; plastik ataciara betta in hymn (subscribo/group gift)
shape; fayse harlow
hair; maitreya apple 2 in pitch
eyes; plastik light collection in whizz (subscribo/group gift)
face tattoo; plastik atoma face (subscribo/group gift)
tattoo; para designs beautiful bouquet
piercings; hod sideswept
necklace; loulou&co zombie (old hunt prize)
dress; plastik lungless symphony in blinding light (subscribo/group gift)
hooves; epic socked faun legs
nails; love soul marina long

poses; adorkable

location for all pics; two sisters