patience is a virtue

…it certainly is. especially when the wait was *totally fucking worth it*!

of course, i’m talking about the beautiful elly skin.. released yesterday by pink fuel.


elly is *stunning*. there’s such a huge variety of makeup choices — both in eye makeup && in lip colors. as i was unpacking everything, i realized just how many options you’ve got with this skin.

three brow colors (light, which i’m wearing, dark && red), freckles, no freckles, then about a billion lipstick tattoos for mixin’ && matchin’ with all the *gorgeous* eye makeups. there’s everything from bright, fun eye shadows to dark and rich lip sticks… to the opposite side of the spectrum with subdued, light eye makeup and just a hint of color on the lips with subtle glosses. *and* if that wasn’t enough, each lipstick tatt comes with && without teeth!

and i am SO in love. ♥♥♥ i want to hump mochi milena for finally releasing elly. is that bad?

click to see it larger @ flickr!

this is just but a *sample* of the makeup choices you’ve got. from the top left i’m wearing the makeup misery with freckles && the hot pink doll gloss lip tattoo, next to it is the aqua eye makeup. on the bottom left is the bewitch eye makeup and beside it is the amazon makeup. in the full body shot (so you can see my cuuuuuuuute outfit && the sexy tummy elly has!) i’m wearing the tutu eye makeup and the lip color is pop lipstick in proton with teeth.

there were *so* many makeup choices that i woulda been photographing forever, haha. but that’s a good thing!! \o/ i love choice, i love customizing, and i love this skin. expect to be seeing it a whole hell of a lot on my blog, just as a head’s up~

aaaaand! the tattoo i’m wearing, from para designs is set out for super bargain saturday this week. *go* get it, right now, ’cause i am in love with this ink, too. i’m wearing it in the faded color version, but it comes in black too && in dark, medium and light shades. ridiculous for the price it’s up for, and it’s full-body too!!

get the SKIN (and everything else xD) yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly in chai
hair; elikatira garden in color 09
tattoo upper; para designs eclectic
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in ophelia
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 12
piercings; cobrahive ouchie in black/silver
top; belote little pony shirt
jeans; mon tissu denim lou lou in used
slippers; willow stud slippers in pink
nom; jd mouth buttons (part of a set)
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
earrings; boom skinny plastic door knockas in lipstick

location (in the first pic!); ande

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