if i loved myself i’d be shooting you

*jams* best part is 3 min in. ❤ you’re welcome. 😉

so i know i’m.. what… 5 hours late with this look? eheh. but i got ridiculously distracted yesterday && i’m awake (though don’t ask me *why* i’m awake at 5am), thus am posting late.

it’s okay though! i have some good music to keep me company while i ramble about the goodies i’ve got on..


let’s work from the top down, shall we?

first of all.. my tee. it is so *fucking* cute. anything with hello kitty on it, in second life or in my first life, i am drawn to it like moth to flame. there’s just something about her, the eyes.. the bow… her cute li’l ears. i cannot resist her. @_@ so when this tee from hot sense was dropped on me, i had a \o/ moment. but more on the tee later..

on top of the t-shirt, i’ve got on a fully prim vest from indyra originals. completely sculpted, prim clothing is something i also have a soft spot for. and when it’s done right? it’s like a clothes-gasm. this particular vest comes with sleeves (as i’m wearing it) and a sleeveless version that looks even more vest-y. but both are cute and beautifully made. and the back is *killer*, i love the chain details.


even if i love ❤ my tee, i took it off *just* to show you the full view of the tattoo i’m wearing. lean in real close. squint a little bit. take your eyes off my boobs. see it? yeah, it’s a fuckin’ pokemon tattoo and it’s so hardcore. haha. can i just say how much i love it? ’cause i do. i had to buy it.

over my jeans, that are from likea, i’m wearing one of my all-time favorite belts. there are two in my inventory that i wear constantly. one is from hermony && one is from acid&mala. the one i’ve got on today is a&m’s and yes, it totally says “kiss my ass”. that is why it’s one of my faves~ ;p

now! more on my tee. it’s a *new* release, along with several others (that i’m about to show you..!) that are just as cute as hello kitty. but i may be a little biased considering you’ll see my beautiful face modeling them for you on the vendors at hot sense. check ’em out!

from left to right ::
billionaire, meh, marilyn monroe zombie, hello kitty

see? cute as hell! go visit hot sense && show taivyn rhys some looooove. kay?

get the look yourself:
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 06 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair; ploom iris in swedish
tattoo; anaphora ink pokemon splash
eyes; ibanez sylph in blueberry (midnight mania prize)
piercings; star piercing katja (new location!)
tee; hot sense hello kitty tee
vest; indyra originals bon charme jacket in noir/silver
capris; likea double waist denim in camo
belt; acid&mala biker chain belt in kiss my ass
heels; lelutka saffron pumps in neutral black
nails; pulcino girly dot nail no.5 (dollarbie gacha)
bracelets; leel modern love bracelets (part of a set)
arm cuff; loulou&co willow bracelets in black
ears; gauged elven stretched ears

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