bunny! \o/

yes, bunny. cute, bright ass pink bunny at that. right, smack dab on the middle of my chest.

bask in it’s cuteness~


the brown && pink dress i’m wearing is from momo and was only… 1L. i’m not sure if it’s a secret hunt going on, or a sale, or what.. but! there are lots of dollarbie goodies hidden around the store, unmarked in their normal vendors. you gotta hover or click and hope you get lucky, but i picked up a ton of cute stuffs there. this dress was my *absolute* favorite, i lovelovelove the little bunneh face. so cute! \o/

so i worked my look around the dress, wearing a cardigan from atomic that would keep bare arms warm (since the dress is sleeveless!) and is such a pretty shade of mauve-pink. more of the bright, hot pink in the dress might’ve made my look blinding.. so the subdued, muted pink was a nice addition. plus, i’m on a sweater/cardigan kick lately… i love the way they look && sl’s designers have made some fabulous ones. to me right now, *everything* looks better with a sweater on top!

now, my skin for this look allowed me to almost overdose on adorable. i’m wearing the *newest* face from candydoll and i know i say it with every release i’ve had the pleasure of blogging but… ohmigaww… jasmina has such a sweet, youthful face with rosy cheeks and *gorgeous* makeup…. it was the perfect addition to this look.

just look at these makeup choices..

please click to see it larger!
makeups from left to right:
pink, purple, blue, natural, sun && double

such soft, pretty makeup. the variety in lipsticks (and ohoho, the lipsticks get *even better*, but more on that later!) combined with bright but not overdone eyeshadows, oh… jasmina is love. rebeca dembo honestly makes some amazing skins and this latest one is my favorite.

and the reason it’s my favorite? these skins come with tattoo layer lipsticks so you can mix and match and the lovely eye shadows && lip colors to really customize your look! ❤

please click to see it larger!
all lipsticks are worn on the double makeup choice.
lip colors from left to right:
double, pink, purple, sun, natural && blue

each lipstick layer corresponds with the makeup it’s from, so the lipstick from the “blue” makeup is called “blue” as a separate tattoo. i adore options like this. whether it’s eyebrow colors (hinthint, i would love more skin designers to make tattoo layer brows! in blonde!! :D), eye shadow colors or lip colors… mixing and matching and creating your own look is so appreciated. and because of these lipsticks, this skin makes vixxie a very, very happy girl.

it’s sad how excited new skins make me, haha. i switch in and switch out skins at the drop of a hat. but there are always ones i go back to time && time again and candydoll is one of those. this skin, however, i am loving right now. those lipsticks alone make me want to *dry hump* rebeca. 8D;

and the fact that the pink makeup matched my outfit, ehe… it’s like my mind was read before i even knew what i was gonna put on~


get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll jasmina tan in pink
hair; ploom @ hair fair crush in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; by snow spring eyes in blue
lashes; adam & eve painted on lashes (freebie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; luck inc metal face piercings
dress; momo bunny minidress in brownie (dollarbie)
sweater; atomic cozy cardi in bubblegum
socks; honey kitty candy socks in baby pink, yellow && purple
shoes; ubu porn star xtra high-tops
nails; love soul gothic doll in pink
necklace; glamourous necklace in white

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  1. The ~momo~ Dress was on sale because she was closing up shop…probably is gone by now.


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