the effects of boredom && smeared lipstick

so. for the lingerie challenge, i’ve been trying to recruit my friends into posing with me.. just because it’s def more fun that way. you get *double* the dose of undies if i’ve got a friend here with me && that is always a good thing! so far i’ve gotten bff vivi && lars to pose, and today.. i convinced my friend braden daines to strip down to his unmentionables and take some time out to pose with me for some piccies.


…the only trouble is, i *just* started re-reading the harry potter books (and i’m currently on goblet of fire, my favorite out of the series!) && you know how it is when you first dive into a book that captures your interest — you pretty much want to *read* and nothing but and well. my attention was on the book more so than on braden.

his attention span, sadly, is like that of a goldfish. if he doesn’t have something immediately in front of him, braden gets bored… and gets bored fast. but i wanted to finish just one more chapter (which was after i’d already used the just one more chapter excuse.. two chapters previously) && braden was getting antsy.


look at mr. whiny mcwhinyface, who saw fit to pout about how bored he was getting.

y’know, the whole.. “why isn’t she paying attention to me? ;_; …. WHY ISN’T SHE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!?? DX” drill. he thought plopping down on the end of the bed and sniffling loudly might grab my attention back, or that sitting *right* on top of me to melodramatically wail about his sorrows would have me put the book down… but neither plan worked.

..until he threatened to leave, because it was sooooo rude of me to invite him to take pictures and then leave him behind for a book. which, to be fair, is kiiiinda true~

so i put the book down, however reluctantly, and gave him some much-needed attention.


funny how a few kisses can suddenly turn a pouting boy into a happy man, isn’t it?

once we got started… it was sorta hard to stop. just like with the book, when something is *good*.. you don’t really wanna pull away. for a li’l while, braden && i completely forgot we were supposed to be taking pictures (oopsies!) and instead, got caught up in the moment.

but! being the *professional photographer* i am (heh, hardly!), i reigned us both in before things got too heated. we had a shoot to finish, after all, and my blog is totally just as important as dotting braden’s entire body with kisses. ..wait, i mean… …*ahem*.

so! without hesitation, we fixed the bed šŸ˜‰ and hopped out to take one last snap so i’d have the pics to blog with..


but i totes shoulda checked my makeup first. ah well…

get the look yourself:
on vixxie ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in amazon w/ glam lipstick in vamp
hair; elikatira abbey in blonde 05
tattoo; para designs color of love
eyes; insufferable dastard stellar eyes in blue
smeared lipstick; chelle als let’s make out moar
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
lingerie; whippet & buck @ collabor88 tess bra && knickers in mossy lemon
heels; ingenue @ collabor88 gatsby heels in citrine
bangles && rings; the sea hole @ collabor88 nausicaa bracelet && rings set in peridot
nails; pixel mode sculpted nails v2
necklace; earthstones @ collabor88 classic romance necklace in emerald/gold

on braden daines ::
skin; tableau vivant noctis in tone 6
hair; maitreya green 2 in pitch
tattoo; para designs mash up
facial hair; nanuk birken beard in black
eyes; insufferable dastard snowfall eyes in hazel
piercings; hod reach
necklace; hod collective dog tag chain (part of the mercenary necklace)
undies; ronsem boxer briefs in olive green
kiss marks; rezipsa loc kisses (body) && izzie’s lipstick kiss (face, subscribo gift!)

furniture; trompe loeil @ collabor88 novel decor bedroom duo

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  1. I love this! Images, the tale, had me laughing!


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