irresistible force

i go through phases of loving the hell out of a song && listening to it nonstop on repeat. the other day it was bush && today it’s jane’s addiction. and i promise you, i *do* like artists for their actual music (i swear it!) and not just for the hot members of the band… but god damn dave navarro. such a pretty man, he is. *O* and his solo is pretty sweet in that song, too.


but before i get all hot ‘n’ bothered thinking about sexy guitar players.. why don’t i show you the look i’ve got for today. xD


this look all started with the *super* cute denim jacket from tea time. i’m usually not a big fan of jean jackets, but this one wasn’t your typical washed-out denim. i love the colors, the striped inner lining, and all the delicious li’l details. you see those buttons on the lapel? adorable, right!? the turned up cuffs and the side pockets, too. and this jacket was in a hue i don’t own much of, which was nice for a change.

the leopard print eyeshadow (which oooomgah, i am so *in love* with!) is also from tea time — which is just one of many makeup tattoo layers available. i love nice tattoo makeup, it makes my skins that much more versatile. and while the skin i’m wearing already has a pretty soft blue eyeshadow, which is out for a *huge* discount @ the dressing room blue by atomic btw, i really liked how just a deeper, smokey eyeshadow completely changed the look of the skin. looks more night out with the leopard eyeshadow and it’s all thanks to *one* tattoo! \o/


i’m also wearing some newwww earrings from hod. these gauges srsly make my insides happy. @_@ i mean, hod jewelry *always* does, but these earrings… hnnnggh. ❤❤ the larger ring is always black, but there are several choices (in aydan’s fabulous selection of textures) for the smaller rings. the design is amazing && much more visually interesting than a simple large captive hoop. and of course, it’s in the quality i’ve always come to know from all the haus of darcy goodies i already own. it’s out *right now* for the zombie popcorn brand, slurl of which will be listed in the styling credits, so i hii~iighly suggest you go snag these~

but since i was already wearing earrings, i thought i might as well overdose on other accessories… putting on a *gorgeous* necklace && bracelet from amorous, and a set of nails and rings so packed with bits && bobs from wtg that it’s a wonder i can raise my hands. ;p look at all those beautiful li’l details on that cross pendant and it’s texture-change as well! — same with the varnish color on the nails i’m wearing. they totally work for the overall look i was going for, but the details on all of the jewelry i’m wearing — necklace, rings, earrings && piercings — are what really do it for me. makes you wanna alt-click && *zoom in* just to take it all in, riiiight? ;D

get the look yourself:
skin; atomic @ tdr blue grace buff in winter kiss
hair; truth leesa in swedish roots
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window in blue/grey
makeup; tea time amour makeup in leo
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
teeth; tuli parted lips 1 (freebie)
piercings; hod dimpled && the crux
top; kyoot soft resolution top in white (stumblebum item — go grab it while it’s on sale!)
jeans; mon tissu lou lou denim in light
jacket; tea time jacket denim in stripes pink
belt; moloko fresh hipsy belt
boots; eleanor rigby combats in floral
cuff; amorous hard
necklace; amorous fatum
nails && rings; wtg c+@ nails
earrings; hod dragon spirals
bra; sakide everyday lingerie in white

poses; marukin
location; scrub

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