well, not technically nothing. it’s a really *awesome* something

but.. er.. you’ll see what i mean in a moment~

la venta eventa for this weekend includes.. *drumroll*.. hod, with some fuckin’ amazing *unisex* braclets.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

i’ve gushed often about aydan darcy’s jewelry, my excitement should really not come as a surprise. but these nothing’s bracelets are so so awesome. the design is so unique. i own a literal metric ton of simple black bracelets, ranging from pearls to chains to bracers to rosaries.. i think i even have a few handcuffs somewhere in my massive black hole of an inventory.. *cough*. but, i own *nothing* that looks like these. the curved crosses are designed beautifully and lay on my wrists juuuuust right. and since they’re unisex (and on sale!), i may have to pressure a guy friend or two to go pick ’em up as well..

the matching nothing’s necklace i’m wearing, both the version you can nom && the version that lays flat on the chest, are also on *sale* along with the bracelets. aaaaaand if that weren’t enough, the freebie dimple piercings from the waffle hunt are still there, too. discounted && freebie hod goodies make my happy parts tingle. i naturally assume that it will do the same for you. ;3 but if you’re gonna go, then do so quickly! the discount is only good from friday the 22nd (that’s today!) until sunday the 24th~

your chariot to HOD awaits!

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