totally casual

i’ve been *so* busy the last few days working on an epic blog post for either tomorrow or monday that i haven’t had much time to do any blogging in the meantime. 😦 sad face.

so i decided to make the time to blog a suuuuuuuuper easy && casual look for today, just in time for bubblegum weekend. \o/ i totally did not forget this week, go me~~

click to see it larger @ flickr!

jeans, tank top && sneaks.. doesn’t get much more casual than that. ;p

my tank is actually a *freebie* from boom @ their store on the juicy sim. how fitting, considering the design on the tank. eh heh. but it’s adorable, just as are most of the things i’ve picked up from boom, and it’s piiiink. a lovely shade of pink at that! i am sure the color choice was not by accident *ahem* but lucky for me, i likes the pink.

and my jeans.. okay, i know i’ve blogged ’em once already. isn’t it, like, a blogging sin to wear the same pair o’ pants twice in seven days? i’m sure i’m breaking some kind of unwritten rule, but i changed the cuffs okay!? and besides, these jeans from zaara have been glued to my tiny butt in the last several days anyway. they are so nicely made, they kinda trump most of the jeans in my sl-wardrobe. :s plus they make my ass look good, that is all that matters in the end.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

the dark pink hair i’m wearing (which, yeah, i realize looks kinda red in the photographs..) is from magika and.. in case you weren’t aware, there is a *sale* going on there. 8D all of the older styles are 99L for a fatpack, and the even older && already discounted styles were dropped even lower than they were before. i’ve no idea how long this sale will last, but it’s definitely worth a visit if there are a few hair ‘dos you’ve been wanting (like me and the blind hair, mmmm) that you’ve not yet gotten. ’cause from what i understand, they will be gone for good when the sale does end! it was packed when bff vivi && i visited last night, but if you can handle the lag then gooooo… gogogogogogo!

quickie post, i know, but as i said… buu~uusy. i promise by the beginning of next week, i’ll be back on a more regular bloggity schedule. x_x but i’m working hard on another post, i swears it, and it’ll be worth it. .. i hope.

/me slips the baguette out of her bag, nomnoms, && goes back to work…

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in rockabilly w/ sheer balm in lingerie pink
hair; magika allison in wild pink (sale!)
tattoo; aitui biomech disaster
eyes; ys&ys @ the dressing room glam eyes in blue
piercing; cobrahive nose swirl
top; boom juicy girl tank (freebie)
jeans; zaara classic jeans in dirty
bag; bonne chance dorothy bag in lacy pink (35L gatcha, in a stall outside pink ribbon 21)
shoes; reek ikat swell sneaks
bracelet; hod nothing’s bracelet (out for la venta eventa this weekend!)
necklace; hod nothing’s necklace (sale!)
nails; rezipsa loc orange you glad nails
hair accessory; pink ribbon 21 star hair band (was out for twinkle night bazaar, dunno if it’s still available! ;( )
glasses; miel hipster peepers in tortoise shell

location; love soul

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