fundamentally loathsome

fundamentally loathsome

shoot myself to love you…


…if i loved myself, i’d be shooting you



skin; curio airhead in moonbeam
hair; shag bombshell in powder
tattoo; para designs dusk leg sleeve
lip color; tea time graytone lips in super dark
piercings; hod bitten
corset; the abyss pruriency corset
panties; sakide amourette lingerie in black
boots; purrfect 10 aphrodite black leather & lace thigh boots
claws; amorous lacerated
collar; amorous ave satanas
blindfold; illusions silk blindfold
tears; porcupine love bloody tears
nails; rezipsa loc raven nails french

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  1. xizane

     /  01/11/2012

    I’m so loving this Look. Deliciously Dangerous

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