catch up

maaaaaaaaan.. rl has been kickin’ my ass lately. i figured after i moved that i’d have more time but nope, it doesn’t seem that way. between trying to unpack, dealing with intermittent internet (which is more frustrating than you can possibly imagine, for realsies) && trying to do *everything else* i normally do… it takes my sl-time down to about nada.


this weekend has been kind to me && i found some time to blog a few things i’ve been meaning to blog for an entire *week* now. so yayyy for holiday weekends! \o/


this pretty dress i’m wearing here is *new* from stellar and i absolutely *love* this white, blue && pink color-combo. it’s just so lovely — the kind of sun dress i could seriously live in during the warmer months of the year. it’s simple, but i like it that way… nothin’ is easier to wear than a cute, girly dress (especially when you take one look at your large virtual wardrobe && think “ugh i have *nothing* to wear!!”, amirite?).

i’m also wearing a *new* skin from candydoll today… which i’ve been wanting to show off here. this michelle face is all kinds of sweet && innocent, complete with a li’l dusting of freckles right across the nose (that i adore, btw). check her out!


the talented rebeca dembo did somethin’ different with this skin this time — you get mix-and-match versions of her usual pretty makeups on the tattoo layer as well as a bare-faced skin to doll up. the lip color && eye shadow tatts are each separate, which adds *so* much customization it’s not even funny. i’m showing each of the lip colors above on the latte skin tone above, which range from soft and nude to bright and *pink*…


…and here, in the caramel tone, are all of the eye shadows. smokey black, rich green, even a bright yellow. lots of choice && tons of ways to wear your favorite color combos.


all of the skin tones are just gorgeous && each has its own set of make up tattoos (and each tone is sporting those freckles… i *did* mention i love those, right?). but there’s *also* hair bases, a no-brow skin, and layers for varying cup sizes as well. i really appreciate all of these options, it spoils me so. ❤

oh, and lastly! this hair! a *new* subscribo gift ponytail from truth.. in a delicious fat pack. it’s mesh && it’s *wonderful*.. and if you’ve not gotten it, brave the lag and smack the subscribo board!

get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll michelle in all tones/makeups
hair; truth jessie (subscribo gift)
tattoo; para designs gypsy (past freebie)
eyes; insufferable dastard secret window eyes in blue/green
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod lisbeth
dress; stellar summer breeze sundress
necklace; love always entwined (freebie)
nails; rezipsa loc honeysuckle pink nails

poses; glitterati

beach bodies

after seeing the pretty crossing currents sim on strawberry singh‘s post, photobombed, i knew i had to take pictures there eventually.

so when bff vivi && i decided we needed to prance around in swimsuits for a few bloggity pics, i knew exactly where to take her!

except, she and i didn’t get photobombed… i kept an eye out for that bird berry mentioned… but i didn’t see it *anywhere*. nothing out of the ordinary popped up in the background of my photos..


so strange, right? where *did* that bird go?

no matter!

spring means getting beach body ready, right? and vivienne && i thought we’d get a li’l practice in, before swimsuit season *officially* gets here. there are some bathing suits out there on the grid already, which ended up being most helpful while we were putting together our summery looks~


mine, for instance, is from stellar — which just released a whole new collection of bathing suits that are more on the *modest* side. i can appreciate that, considering that the vast majority of swimwear out there right now leaves very little to the imagination, and these new tankinis are so cute! plus, just because i’m a li’l more covered up, doesn’t mean i can’t be sexy.. just look at that peek of booty on those shorts! ;D


vivi went with a more traditional bikini, that she picked up from a new-to-us store called the bishes inc. these ‘kinis came in a ton of color choices && are nicely made.. she and i both really liked the ties at the hips. simple, cute and inexpensive too… which is always nice, ’cause a girl could go broke buyin’ swimwear, for reals~

i’m still not sure where that bird got to, though. perhaps he didn’t like us as much as he liked berry? i’m not sure! but i was expecting to be photobombed by him && ended up not seeing him at all… very peculiar, indeed.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ sheer balm in apple
hair; truth tisha in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in absinthe shadow
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod bitten
swimsuit; stellar striped tankini in red
armband; kaz ipod leather armband in black
sandals; coco thong sandals in gray
glasses; izzie’s oversized sunglasses
nails; candy nail candy skull
earrings; miao angie earrings (stumblebum item!)

on vivienne tailleur (dark hair) ::
skin; ploom maia cream in eyeliner 4
hair; truth mercedes in crow
tattoo; para designs butterfly medley
eyes; insufferable dastard gem eyes in light rose
lashes; miamai catwalk lashes in twinkle
piercings 1; hod tv piercing 3
piercings 2; cobrahive gauged 04
swimsuit; the bishes inc bikini in lavender & pink
sandals; maitreya flip flops in eclipse
bag; coco clear tote bag in pink (group gift)
nails; candy nail la luna in purple
nom; love soul shaved ice in bear mix


single poses && beach ball; magnifique
group pose; glitterati (yolo hunt prize)
location; crossing currents


as i’ve said in the past, i usually build the looks i blog around *one* specific item. there’s typically an article of clothing, an accessory, a hairstyle, a tattoo… something that inspires the looks i post. and today, my very gogo dancer look is all centered around some suuuuper sparkly mesh boots that are *new* from stellar.


over-the-knee, high heeled, zippered && wonderfully shiny boots! \o/

the smallest size fit me *perfectly* without having to adjust my shape, which is always a plus imho, and i love every last one of those hundreds and hundreds of sequins. makes ’em unique && different from the many (many…. many many) pairs of boots i own.


and it’s almost as if the lovely eboni khan of hucci *knew* that i needed somethin’ short and somethin’ sexy to wear with these boots. this mesh tank dress was sent out freeeeeeee to hucci subscribo members and was totally made to be worn with thigh-high boots. i love the cut, the low neckline, and it’s *just* short enough to be sexy without baring it all. plus the pattern is cute! and i *did* mention it was free, right? ;D

a thick-chained necklace from mandala, fingerless gloves from hermony && my go-to for fishnets from blowpop completed my look. a li’l “edgier” than a 70’s gogo dancer, but i really like it! what’s not to like about sparkly boots && a short dress, amirite?

get the look yourself:
skin; curio candy petal in licorice whip 2
hair; exile riot girl in stefani
tattoo; para designs venom
eyes; mayfly deep sky mesh eyes in crystal
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod agony
dress; hucci tank dress (subscribo gift)
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights
gloves; hermony leather gloves in fingerless black
boots; stellar allure sequin mesh boots in black
necklace; mandala hannya in black
nails; candy nail basic prim nails in monotone 10

poses && prop; fluke pose chair (out for pose fair which opens the 15th!)

comfy, lazy days

/me yaaawns ‘n stretches.

mm.. am lazy today.

kinda tired, kinda unmotivated.. just sorta wanna laze around the grid && be comfy. on days like this, my clothing *always* reflects it, both in rl and in sl. and what i just sorta threw together to wear in world (so, y’know, i wasn’t just runnin’ around nekkid) i thought was actually cute enough to blog.

so here it is! \o/


now i know, you’re probably thinkin’, “oh my gah, a sweater in SUMMER??”, but let me explain!! when you’re stuck in the air conditioning all day && you get cold *reeeaaalllyyy* easily like i do.. a sweater is not so out of the ordinary when the outside temp is 90+. :’D

plus, srsly, how cute is the top i’m wearing? it’s from narwhal && the panda.. it had me at hello. ❤

so i went with the cute theme, ’cause i like to be cute sometimes. and paired the cropped sweater with a tank underneath from friday that i wear all the time && short shorts i picked up for super cheap at demina design

cuppycake in mah mouf

my skin today is from pink fuel (which is quickly becoming my *favorite* for skins) && was actually a previous stumblebum brigade item. or maybe it was project themeory… well, anyway! the faun skin i’ve got on was available during whichever event it was made for 😉 and i missed out on it. BUT it’s back! and only 75L! i squealed a little on the inside and scooped it up pronto.

now while the skin comes without the cute nose-shading to make you extra faun-like, i decided to wear it with the cutecute nose && went shopping for some new faun accessories. when i stumbled into epic.. it was like coming home. faun bits, neko bits, pretty skins, accessories, clothes, faerie stuffs <33 was one of those times where i had to desperately find somewhere else to go and *fast* before i put myself thousands of lindens in debt.

but it was so worth it! my horns, feets && nomnom are all from epic. and the name is so very fitting for the store cause these pieces are indeed epic. tube sock faun hooves? yes? amazing. and the cuppycake in my mouth, it has a happy face on the icing. with only one tooth! how adorableee~

so i packed on the cute today, somehow, in my laziness. :3 i guess sometimes even on the most laziest of days, something extra kawaii can make you want to put forth *some* effort. after all, i could not be prancing around the grid in all my adorable splendor without overcoming my laziness… at least for a little while.

my favorite pose evar, from porcupine love
just.. y’know.. an fyi.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel basil shy fawn in maple
hair; truth roxana streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs cupcake
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in dreamy && grave
makeup; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercing; faux posh single gem nose stud in amethyst (my birthstone ;))
tank; layering tank in white
sweater; narwhal tuck me in panda sweater
shorts; demina design retro shorts in gray
horns; epic fantasy fusion faun horns
hooves; epic fantasy fusion faun tube socks
ears && tail; visavi shadow faun in leatherbound
nails; pulcino cherry blossom (only 5L!)
necklace; love soul soda float necklace in strawberry
ring; caroline’s jewelry strawberry cupcake ring
nom; epic kawaii cuppycake nomnom in strawberry (5L gacha)

not silver, not gold…

…but platinum!

the feeds have been *a buzz* about the platinum hunt that started a couple days ago. and with good reason!! the prizes are fan-fucking-tastic and worth so much more than the tiny 10L cost to pick them up.

last night bff vivi && i went through most (not all, hunting is tiring work after all..) of the stops and snagged a *ton* of awesome shit. my inventory, it is literally bursting with new shinies.

but while vivienne would be here to show off all the goodies with me, she has silly real world obligations (wtf are those?) && had to work tonight. sad face. ;( so it was all up to me to bring you two looks. and it was damn hard work!

so first… drow-vixxie:


two things different should probably jump right out at you. 1, i’m not blonde.. big shocker. O: and 2, i’m silver-skinned!

the skin is the hunt prize from mynerva and is so very pretty. the gift as a whole is generous — you get two different makeups && three versions of each makeup, eyeliner, eyes and the matching elven ears. the face on this skin… drop dead gorgeous.

and my hair, it is the prize from magika. i typically don’t *do* dark colors when it comes to hair, but it seemed fitting for this particular look. especially to match the purple in my dress, which is the hunt offering from plastik. with purple hair, i look like someone else i know (i’m lookin’ at you, nira *ahem*) but it’s such a lovely shade of purple && the decorative rhinestones… i dunno, any color out of the huge fatpack gift is a good choice. this time, i just picked purple!

you can see a close-up of my beautiful face ❤ in this skin, along with my piercings prize from ipoke. in the package not only do you get the facial piercings, but piercings for your wrists and clavicle and belly and… just.. a *ton* of piercings. awesome~

my bangles were the gift from sigma and while my candy nail nails aren’t a hunt prize, they were *very* inexpensive (33L!) and are a limited-time offering to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. there’s also two new lucky boards at candy nail, y’know.. just as a head’s up. 😉

for my second look…


…i am channeling some sort of elven marilyn monroe/lady gaga hybrid. i guess. \o/

i am gonna go out on a limb && say that this blazer from atomic is by far my favorite prize from the platinum hunt. there’s a black version included in the package as well as the silver one i’m wearing. it should be no surprise that i love jackets, especially well-made jackets with lots of detail and easy-to-work-with prim attachments and this blazer… mm, is divine. i love the jeweled lapels && the cut of it and the fact that it was a two for one kinda deal makes it *that* much more awesome.

so underneath it, i decided to wear the bodysuit prize from sassy kitty. it also was a two for one, almost.. because there’s a solid silver suit included in the prize too. but! it *also* came with leggings and while i’m not wearing them, they are cute and match nicely with the top!

the shoes i’ve got on are the prize from heart & sole and made me a little giddy on the inside. they aren’t just pink, as i’m wearing them. ohhhh no. the shoe itself is color-change, the jewel is color-change, the metal bits are color-change, the toe nail polishes are color-change… for 10L, it’s like getting a gabillion shoes for an extremely piddly price. and they’re hot as hell, too!

my piercing for this look is also a hunt prize, from skream. as is my hair, from exile, that came in a huge fatpack too. and my necklace as well was the prize from ha!. the nails i’m wearing for this look, again, aren’t a hunt prize but… i love them. :3 and matched far too nicely not to wear. they are from love soul && include the pretty matching ring.

long post today, i know, but there was a lot to talk about! and it’s a shame i didn’t have vivi with me to show all the platinum goodness off. ;/ i *will* rope her into posing with me again soon…

/me grumbles about stupid work.


all poses used in photography today are from doll and are prizes from the platinum hunt, too!

get the looks yourself:
purple && black ::
skin; mynerva platinum blue lips w/ black eyeband (platinum hunt prize)
hair; magika diamond in purple (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; nosotr@s imperio (ink’d up hunt prize)
eyes; mynerva soulheart eyes in ceruleana (platinum hunt prize)
eyeliner; mynerva platinum drow eyeliner (platinum hunt prize)
ears; mynerva platinum drow ears (platinum hunt prize)
piercings; ipoke bautalia (platinum hunt prize)
dress && corset; plastik platinum hunt dress w/ ambrice corset (platinum hunt prize)
bra; t junction platinum glitzy bikini (platinum hunt prize)
ankle cuffs; luck inc ruffled cuffs in black (platinum hunt prize)
shoes; cynful platinum hunt flats (platinum hunt prize)
nails; candy nail anniversary in purple
collar; cobrahive metaru collar (platinum hunt prize)
bracelets; sigma sani bangles in charcoal (platinum hunt prize)

silver && black ::
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; exile samara in harlow (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in magical
makeup; stellar designer liner duo in purple/black
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; skream likes to modify (platinum hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
bodysuit; sassy kitty diamonds bodysuit in black (platinum hunt prize)
jacket; atomic ritzy blazer in silver (platinum hunt prize)
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; heart & sole sassy platinum (platinum hunt prize)
nails; love soul brilliant metallic in silver
necklace; ha! mustache pearls (platinum hunt prize)


yay for saturday \o/

yay for sunday too, though. i love fireworks \o/ \o/

but more on that tomorrow 😉 for today, i bring you hot pink pants!


my sexy pants today are from zoobong. they are the *brightest* shade of pink and i fucking love them, haha. slouchy and low-waist and piiiiiiiiiink, what is there *not* to love..

i paired the pinkness with an open shirt from niniko and a sheer wet tank from paperdoll. black, pink and see-through, with the headband && hair from the sadly closed kitsune couture makes for a very.. rockstar sorta look, dontch’a think?

what really shines though, are my accessories…


the *insane* necklace is by la gyo. i saw it at the dressing room and it was, pretty much, an instantaneous buy. it’s huge and texture-change and looks like my tiny self could probably jump rope with it. ;p but it’s awesome and i looooove it.

my nails are from t.whore and out of all the prim nails i own (and believe me, it’s … quite a lot) they are the *only* pair that are color-change per nail. i used the cyan&&pink, black&&white and black&&pink textures, but i could have made each finger a different color. and for that reason alone, t.whore’s nails rank right up there with my own personal favorites.

an amazingly colorful tattoo from huz, piercings from starpiercing and cute flip-flops from hucci round out the look, complete with a skin from curio that i’ve fallen in love with all over again. i may wear other skins, but there are some that are hard to beat.. and cupid is definitely one of them.


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; kitsune couture lacy in platinum plus (store closed)
tattoo; huz killer kroc
eyes; kosh eyes 117
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; paperdoll wet tank in white
overshirt; niniko retro blouse in open type black
pants; zoobong rockstar pants in hot pink
shoes; hucci flashy flip flop in white
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; lagyo @ the dressing room crystal long necklace
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)

ink && bikinis

tattoos, to me, are a very important part of my SL wardrobe. i almost always include at least one tattoo in every look i put together, the only exception being that no skin can be seen and wearing a tattoo is frivolous. but, i’ll be honest, the times when i’m that covered up are few and far between. 😉

i own *so many* tattoos (sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it? haha) that i tend to cycle through different ones every day. especially since all of those so many tattoos are awwesssome, it would be a shame to wear the same one all the time!

but with an inventory bursting with ink, there are.. sadly.. some tatts that don’t get the love they deserve. whether i forget i own them, or i end up putting on a different one because it suits a color scheme better… whatever the reason, there are certain tattoos i own that i’ve not yet blogged.

there are *more* tattoos i don’t even own yet.. but you see, that is where bff vivi comes in!


so my post for today showcases tattoos and bikinis (again, because i can). and, of course, my sexy best friend <33

first up…

on the left; garden of ku neo3
on the right; para designs black bloom (available at the black and blue fair)

the tattoo on me… is probably the most *interesting* tattoo i own. i’ve not seen anything like it since i bought it and i love it so hard. it’s kinda cyborg-esque and makes me think of microchips && the matrix oddly enough, but i love the way it looks.

on vivi, her tattoo is an exclusive item for the black && blue fair. it’s *very* sexy, the leg piece is gorgeous. i’m not typically a fan of solid black tattoos (i personally prefer muted colors to solid black), but this one i’ve seen her wear many times and it’s incredible.

on the left; para designs soulkeeper
on the right; luck inc sakura

vivi’s tattoo is so full of detail, it’s almost ridiculous. you can just barely see the demonic faces within the design, it definitely lives up to it’s name of “soulkeeper”. it looks like she’s got a dozen trapped souls etched under her skin (and wouldn’t that suck…).

my tattoo above is the prettiest shade of purple. and just as with every piece of clothing i own from luck inc, the tattoo quality is also superb. wearing a bikini with this tattoo is *perfect* because it really shows off my favorite part of this tatt — the beyond sexy stomach.

on the left; garden of ku la virgen de guadalupe
on the right; para designs cupcake

my tattoo is totally a step out of the norm for me, but… it was *far* too cute for me to resist. i love the cotton candy color scheme and there is no way i could’ve said no to hello kitty, my little pony, cupcakes && care bears. it’s so sweet, looking at it long enough might result in tooth decay, but c’mon. stare into the eyes of the pink bear on my thigh… he will suck you in as he did to me. there is no escape~!!

vivienne’s tattoo is on the complete opposite side of the tattoo-spectrum. cute && sugary on me, and.. fuck me hard on the back of her calf. \o/ the back piece on this tattoo from garden of ku is *flawless* and the design as a whole is just gorgeous. garden of ku makes some of my absolute favorite tattoos <33

on the left; para designs celestial
on the right; para designs seduction

this entire post is very para-designs-ful. but that’s because both vivi and i *adore* those tattoos. we buy them up faster than we can wear them, apparently.

vivi’s tattoo looks, to me, like very delicate lace. it’s beautiful work and the curvy layout of the design itself totally accentuates her shape, yes?

my tattoo is more whimsical. and if this post is any indication, apparently i rather enjoy tattoos with stars included, haha. the solid and outlined stars were just too cute and the vine-like crescent moon totally completes the starry sky.

now these aren’t *all* the tattoos we own, and certainly not every tattoo that i’ve yet to blog.. but it’s a pretty diverse group in design and color. and it was toooootally an excuse to show off the *freebie* fatpack of bikinis we both picked up from pig. win-win!

all that modeling is hard work though… it is now time to….


…./me coughs.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 18
hair; magika tanja in swedish
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; hod lure in obsidian
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in napkins && turqueal (freebies)
heels; heart & sole mile high
nails; candy nail gacha toy nails in blue

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; league taylor sunkissed in silverlining
hair; magika is in charcoal
eyes; vive9 gem blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; hod satellite
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in sunshine && watermelon (freebies)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in black
nails; candy nail runway in black

red lips

..are on my tee *and* my face. haha.

i’ve started to wear elf ears frequently in world, but i rarely blog with them on. i’m not sure why, and i can’t say it’s cause i’d rather wear earrings in my blog posts because i do that rarely too… i dunno. but these ears were *far* too cute not to include in my blog today, so i left ’em on.


i have, like, a hoard of white shoes in my inventory. i dunno what it is with me and white shoes but i seem to have a ton of them. sneakers, flip flops (which i have an obsession with anyway), heels.. i’ve pretty much got every shoe imaginable in white. i just.. don’t wear them often enough and it’s really kinda silly, so i *totally* dressed around these white heeled sneakers from ordinary.

i tend to do that pretty often, pick one item and dress to match it. a necklace, a shirt, a pair of shoes, even eyes or a skin, and i’ll work a look around it. i guess it’s ’cause i have so much *stuff* crammed in my closet that it can get a little overwhelming otherwise!


so i paired my sexy white sneakers with a tee from luck inc and some rolled-up jean capris from the, sadly, closed devol. it’s been a while since that store closed and it still makes me sad, but at least i have cute jeans to help ease the pain. \o/

other than my pierced ears, i don’t have too many accessories on. some nails from stellar that have the most adorable star tattoo included right by the thumb, a red-accented necklace from chuculet (i swear, i am slowly buying out farah’s *entire* store) and a set of piercings from kowp. a little more minimalist today since i’ve gone overboard with jewelry lately.

boring post today, but! i’m working on something *awesome* for tomorrow, i promise. vivi and i have a date in my photo studio, i swear you will not be disappointed. 😀


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in cherry
hair; d!va chisa in smoke topaz (group gift)
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercings; kowp envy
undershirt; long sleeve scoop tee in black
tee; luck inc gurl’s t in white
jeans; devol jeans 01 plain (store closed)
shoes; ordinary caraca in white
nails; stellar lexi’s hand tattoo, red nails && star
necklace; chuculet i heart u in fire
ears; kin elf ears (previously free)

vixxie, gumby && audrey

early post today O.O because i am feeling productive!

and high on caffeine!

which *might* explain why my two “guests” in my blog today are.. well… this:

i know you’re checkin’ out gumby’s butt.
don’t lie!

now, i had this outfit all pulled together and nicely matched (kinda) and ready to be blogged reeeeeally early this morning. but then katharine mcginnis of intrigue co dropped a lovely notecard in on all us subscribers with info about a hunt prize.

a green hunt prize.

a green hunt prize that speaks to the 5 year old still inside me.

gumbyyyyyy \o/

so i had to include him. he’s adorable and i love him and i love intrigue for making such awesome stuff all the time~ <33


the rest of my look for today (like it *even* matters compared to gumby, haha) is comprised of a cute dress with the lovely visage of the late audrey hepburn on the front ❤ from poison, some fishnets (that totally look like a soccer ball pattern, or is it just me?) from immerschoen, and a corduroy big shirt that was *so* big it made my short self look eeeeven shorter. but it’s still awesome, i just had to make it a little less big, that’s all.

my sneakers are from duh and my inventory is slowly being engulfed by things from there. inexpensive *and* quality are hard to come by sometimes, but duh fits both rather well. i really like these shoes and have eyed a similar (more expensive) pair at different store before many, many times. but these sneakers were 50L(!!) for a *fatpack* of five colors and i was instantly sold. they feed the frugalista in me.

since i’ve been so productive today and it’s only… 8am, i think i am gonna take audrey, gumby and myself out to a nice breakfast. pancakes sound good..

/me drools a little.

yay, gumby!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in fate
hair; deena in happy blonde
tattoo; para designs goth candy
eyes; redgrave venus blue (freebie)
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercings; creatives light
dress; poison audrey dress (previous midnight mania prize)
jacket; niniko big shirt in stripe black
stockings; immerschoen net giraffe 1
socks; league thermal knee warmers in frayed black
shoes; duh sneaker boots in bleeding red
nails; sterling artistry manicure in vivid passion
ring; chuculet belle jewelry pearl ring in grey (dollarbie)
glasses; chuculet glassless glasses in geeky (dollarbie)
guest!; intrigue co gumby (good shit hunt prize)

can’t stop

full lips, nice eyes
everything’s the right size
girl my eyes are glued to you

when you find a new song you like, do you just sit and listen to it over and over and over and overandoverandoverandover? ’cause i do.. and right now i am *obsessed* with a song by love automatic. it’s appropriately called can’t stop and i’ve not stopped listening to it since i discovered it last night. \o/

so my look today is *kinda* inspired by it. kinda.


the song makes me think of, like.. being at a party with your friends. being stupid and laughing and maaaaaaaybe drinking, which explains the condom in my mouth, haha. so i dressed to sorta go with that theme.

my shirt is another freebie from t junction and is a prize for the fashion is love hunt. i’m slowly falling in love with t junction, ’cause this shirt.. it’s awesome. it reminds me of a shirt i owned a loo~oong time ago in my first life (when that existed, eheh) that said “i ❤ your mom” and i *loved* it. naturally, this shirt is perfect for me!

i paired it with a cute jumper from paperdoll and some fishnet-like leggings from fishy strawberry. and while i didn’t take a close up of my shoes like i usually do, my heeled sandals today are from j’s and the toes are *so* cute. the shoes come with lovely pedicures and toe-ring options and after a bit of fiddling, skin-tone matching was actually pretty easy to do.


my jewelry today is from rhedd night designs and all are freeeeebies. very nice freebies, at that! the bunch of bangles are a midnight mania prize and the necklace is from a freebie pack that came with a ton of accessories (it includes belly rings, yay!). it’s a brand spankin’ new store, so go show ’em some love! the jewelry from the freebies alone is very nice. 😉

with my new favorite song stuck in my head, cute new jewelry, and a condom in my mouth… i gotta say, i feel like partyin’. i need to round up some friends and hit up a club, definitely.

can’t stop, can’t stop myself from moving
when the beat drops, ohh ohh
and i can’t stop, can’t stop ’til i have you


get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 14
hair; ploom rourke in swedish
tattoo; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeves
eyes; tuli gem eyes in sapphire (freebie)
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; star piercing moh (previous hunt prize)
tee; t junction my other ride… (fashion is love hunt prize)
jumper; paperdoll suspender mini in black
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; j’s belt platform sandals in black
nails; adam&eve @ black and blue fair black & blue manicures (freebie)
necklace; rhedd night designs satin links in gold (freebie)
bracelets; rhedd night designs maroon mega bangle set (midnight mania prize)
condom; babel music condom in big gun (previous lucky board prize)
glove; arm warmer in black

check out love automatic!
their new song fight alone is pretty awesome too!