yay for saturday \o/

yay for sunday too, though. i love fireworks \o/ \o/

but more on that tomorrow 😉 for today, i bring you hot pink pants!


my sexy pants today are from zoobong. they are the *brightest* shade of pink and i fucking love them, haha. slouchy and low-waist and piiiiiiiiiink, what is there *not* to love..

i paired the pinkness with an open shirt from niniko and a sheer wet tank from paperdoll. black, pink and see-through, with the headband && hair from the sadly closed kitsune couture makes for a very.. rockstar sorta look, dontch’a think?

what really shines though, are my accessories…


the *insane* necklace is by la gyo. i saw it at the dressing room and it was, pretty much, an instantaneous buy. it’s huge and texture-change and looks like my tiny self could probably jump rope with it. ;p but it’s awesome and i looooove it.

my nails are from t.whore and out of all the prim nails i own (and believe me, it’s … quite a lot) they are the *only* pair that are color-change per nail. i used the cyan&&pink, black&&white and black&&pink textures, but i could have made each finger a different color. and for that reason alone, t.whore’s nails rank right up there with my own personal favorites.

an amazingly colorful tattoo from huz, piercings from starpiercing and cute flip-flops from hucci round out the look, complete with a skin from curio that i’ve fallen in love with all over again. i may wear other skins, but there are some that are hard to beat.. and cupid is definitely one of them.


get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in teddybear 1
hair; kitsune couture lacy in platinum plus (store closed)
tattoo; huz killer kroc
eyes; kosh eyes 117
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; paperdoll wet tank in white
overshirt; niniko retro blouse in open type black
pants; zoobong rockstar pants in hot pink
shoes; hucci flashy flip flop in white
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; lagyo @ the dressing room crystal long necklace
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)

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