ah, november… even though it is undeniably autumn now that halloween is over, and i’ve woken up every day recently in my rl to typical fall weather with cold winds && lotsa rain (damn you, hurricane sandy!), i wasn’t really feelin’ the whole bundled up sort of look for today.


and it has a *lot* to do with these shoes. but i’ll get to that in a moment~

most of this look is made up of things i’ve had floatin’ around in my inventory for a li’l while, which is.. refreshing to do, sometimes. i know i talk a lot here about the black hole that is my virtual wardrobe and even though at the moment it is mostly organized, there still are things i rediscover in there that i forgot i had. it’s nice to go shopping in my own inventory && put together a “new” look with stuffs i’ve bought in the past. y’know, give them fresh new life and all that!


i grabbed this bra from sn@tch, during a recent sale. i *think* the sale has ended ( sorry, blogger fail ;( ) but this lingerie set was pretty and *leopard* and caught my eye. i picked up a few other things during that sale… as i do with most sales. can’t just buy one thing, right? ;P but i felt like blogging the lingerie without doing a *typical* lingerie post. because i’m sure the last thing ya’ll want to see is me in my panties, riiiiight?

so i threw on a blazer, because.. it’s classy, okay? and this one from house of fox is *super* cute. the shape is wonderful, i love the collar && the draping folds of fabric, and it showed just enough of the bra to appease me while still keeping me .. mostly .. covered up. i grabbed for these maitreya jeans to pair with the bra ‘n’ blazer, because honestly? they are probably my absolute favorite mesh jeans to date. they fit in such wonderful ways and the butt is fantastic.. and since i was already wearing some *new* maitreya goodies, i figured the jeans would be a perfect fit.

and yes, now will commence the gushing over these shoes..


hi, my name is vixxie, and i am in slove with these wedges. these are the *new* maitreya sandals called suave and they are amaaaaaaaaaazing. while i chose to wear ’em here with this look as solid black sandals, they actually come with a lot of options for customization.

the wedged heels come in four different texture choices (two are shown above) *and* these shoes can be worn with socks or without. the socks come in eleventy billion color options, too, which made me *squee* with joy. wedge sandals aren’t typical fall and winter footwear but these socks make them *awesome* for layering with leggings and jeans.

when i saw the ad on onyx leshelle‘s flickr i was honestly expecting the sock && no-sock versions to be separate… so imagine my glee when i realized they are all-in-one. and believe me, i agonized over which color to grab. i finally settled on this black pair, because you cannot go wrong with black, but the hot pink raspberry color && the deep red oxblood color also called my name… i have a feeling i will be *forced* to go back && pick them up, too.

maitreya’s mesh items are so fantastic and these shoes are no exception. expect to see them here often on my blog, because they will be *glued* to my feet for a while i’m sure.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel kumi peach in defined w/ lip tint in swoon
hair; dela moelleux in blonde 01
eyes; insufferable dastard moody vampire in wispy blue
freckles; l.fauna extra freckles
piercings; hod compassion (chest, w/ the heart tattoo), dimpled (cheeks), end of the night (lip/brow), mess of metal (stomach/lower back), thrust (hips)
nose piercing; cobrahive nose swirl
jacket; house of fox scarlet blazer in black
bra; sn@tch wild child lace bra in peach
jeans; maitreya zipper skinny jeans #8
shoes; maitreya suave in raven
necklace; maxi gossamer cross of assisi
watch; amorous @ tomorrow today silence
nails; wtg c+@ nails
earrings; maxi gossamer @ collabor88 handcuff earrings
cigarette; nikotin cig lady in white/black
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral

poses; glitterati
location; pretty island


i guess i am on a pencil skirt kick lately..


..not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. 😉

the one i’m wearing here that i picked up @ collabor88 from aura is, like, *right* up my alley. the skirt itself is very feminine && totes shows off the curves, with a frilly hem and a flared bottom. but the skull is the main reason why i bought it — it makes this skirt an awesome contrasting combo of punk’d out girlishness that i really, really like. plus it’s mesh, which means it moves so wonderfully when i walk or pose. unffff ❤❤


i like combining contrasts this way.. cute with creepy, flirty with grungy, dark with light. the pretty skirt with the big grinnin’ skull, a lovely cropped sweater (also out at collabor88 from the sea hole) that is delicate && beautifully colorful, with extra tattoos and piercings and fingerless gloves. a look like this is so *vixxie*.. it’s definitely dressed up but the full-body ink, the piercings && the skull still have me in there somewhere. it’s all lace and bows and feathers but with a bit of an edge to it. if i had to define my own personal taste in style, that pretty much sums it up. xP

needless to say, i’m rather proud of how this look turned out! \o/ and the fact that the two main components of my outfit — the sweater && the skirt — were both only *88L* each ranks this outfit vee~eery high on my list of favorites i’ve done to date. kudos, me!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in copper w/ juicy gloss in strawberry
hair && lights; magika safe w/ christmas lights add on
tattoo; kanival phoenix
eyes; aphotic gloom aquilius in tirablue
lashes; lelutka curl lashes
piercings; hod silentium
sweater; the sea hole @ collabor88 persuasion sweater in moss
undershirt; jane intrinsic tank in charcoal (freebie)
skirt; aura @ collabor88 bullet proof ruffled pencil skirt
heels; g field bow strap shoes kate in black
gloves && bracelets; loulou&co enigma
earrings; magic nook bird of paradise earrings in pure/noir (dollarbie)
nails; rezipsa loc teal nails french
necklace; undefined lilies trees all over in white
cigarette; nikotin lady in white/black

poses; glitterati
location; triborough new york

home alone

when i blogged not too long ago that bff vivi && i had new land and a new house, i totally planned on taking pics once it was all decorated. but tbh it’s *still* not fully done (ehe), so.. you’ll have to settle for lookin’ at me in my bedroom… which also isn’t even complete just yet. ;p

what i’ve got in there so far is super cute, though, so.. at least that makes up for it? 😀

click to see it larger @ flickr!

our land looks out over water, so the entire house is very.. beachy. which is cute and pretty and all pastel-y. i really like it. \o/ probably not what one might think my house would look like ;3 but it’s cute nonetheless! and my bedroom is basically a what next showroom, aha.. but their furniture is so nice && really fit with the sort of look vivienne and i were goin’ for. not everything is what next (just most of it, ahaha), but if you’re curious as to where anything is from just let me know! i may add in decoration credits at some point, but since it’s not the main focus of my post… i’m not going to for right now. *is terribly lazy*

but enough about my house! let’s talk about my outfit~

the cropped jeans i’m wearing today are from berries inc which is sadly closing its doors here soon. makes me sad, so many stores are closing! ;( but everything in the store is heavily, heavily discounted && i picked up these jeans for the piddly price of *50L*. they’re not quite capris, at least on my short self, but they’re not quite full-length jeans… they’re kinda perfect for this time of year when the weather can’t quite make up its mind — it can still be summer one day && then breezy and crisp like fall the next.

click to see it larger @ flickr!

and do you see that cigarette in my mouth? i don’t typically wear cigarettes in sl, though i own a ton of them, and i’m not sure why. but this one? oh *hell* yes, it’s pink! pink!!! i picked it up @ the grunge soul project and really, it doesn’t get more awesome than a pink paper’d cigarette. there are a whole bunch’a options that come with it too. you can blow smoke rings (something i wish i knew how to do irl lolol), you can have the cigarette with a long ash as i have it or longer cigarette without the ash, && you can turn the smoke particles off too which is quite nice.

makes me want to glue this cigarette to my mouth, just ’cause it’s different. shame it doesn’t give off pink smoke too..

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in angelic w/ juicy gloss in strawberry
hair; truth martina in swedish
tattoo; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
eyes; poetic colors grey skies (previous freebie)
makeup; foxy eyeliner
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
piercings; hod symphony
top; nanuk sven shirt
jeans; berries inc boyfriend jeans (closing sale!)
feets; maitreya bare feet tip-toes w/ dragonfly anklet
nails; rezipsa loc hot pink french nails
necklace; glow studio @ the dressing room blue so long necklace
mouthie; nikotin @ the grunge soul project cigarette in pink

poses; adorkable (all poses but the sitting one!)