new hoooouuuseeee

bff vivi && i has a new home! \o/ she and i spent *all* night last night moving things around, decorating, discussing what we wanna do with our prims and land… it’s overwhelming and exciting all at once.

and just as a head’s up, since i moved.. that means my store will be moving as well. i’m not sure when i’ll get around to moving the build but at the moment, it’s *closed*. just temporarily, though. :3

but since i’m so in looooooove with our new land, i decided to take my bloggity pics there today. it’s all beachy, and maybe a li’l empty, but it’s so prettyyyy. be jelly.


i’m showing off some *new* goodies from hod today, but they aren’t piercings.. *gasp*… they’re hair accessories. hence the different hair styles, eh heh. the celtic swirl hair picks are out for la venta eventa this week and are a lovely, unique take on what could be typical hair chopsticks.

and, if you picked up the swirled dimple piercings from the waffle fox hunt not too long ago, they match the new hair picks very nicely!


i’m wearin’ them in updo hair, y’know.. to keep my buns in place (pun totally intended), but they work in a *wide* variety of hair styles. there are different textures (including a *new* midnight texture i’ve not seen before! squeeeeeee~) for the picks && different ways to wear ’em — i’m showing off the dual picks, but there are singles in the pack, too. they’re unisex, which is always a plus, and totally look just as hot on guys as they do on me on the ladies. aaaaaaand they’re easy to fit/easy to link to your favorite hairs if you’re short on attachment points. win all the way around~ ❤❤

and my tee, if it makes absolutely no sense to you, means you aren’t on plurk — and i’d just like to ask you… why the *fuck* not!? you’re srsly missin’ out (and you should totally add me if you’re on there!) and the t-shirt i’m wearing is by rezipsa loc. it’s out @ the gatcha festival along with a bunch of others, all with a plurk references written across the chest. super cute! and i may or may not have fed rezzie’s gatcha a shit ton of lindens trying to get the (cozy) tee… *ahem*

abrupt post ends abruptly, but i have so much decorating && rearranging to do. new land is so much work to make look nice!!

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in pure w/ doll gloss in blush
hair; elikatira charmed, show && parade (parade, the hair with the headband, is a platinum hunt prize, 10L!)
tattoo; para designs dark night
eyes; aphotic gloom @ fashionably late aquilius in callie green
lashes; onyx wear feather black lashes
ear plugs; virtual insanity oh my goth ear plugs
piercings cheeks; hod celtic swirl dimples (past hunt prize)
piercing nose; cobrahive nose swirl
top; rezipsa loc @ the gatcha festival plurk t’s in banana rock
shorts; beach shorts in charcoal
nails; rezipsa loc lemon drop nails
nom; liv boutique @ miss & miss yummy popsicle
hair accessory; hod celtic swirl hair picks

poses; glitterati

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