/me pretends she’s a makeup artist

so. makeup tattoos. anyone else as obsessed with ’em as i am? show of hands?

the kozmetika summer makeup event kicks off today && technically isn’t even open yet.. but… >.> if you promise not to tell anyone, i *might* have already visited and scooped up a few goodies to show off. y’know, just between you && me, right? ;3

makeup tattoos are amazing for customization. and with the added benefit of being able to pack ’em on in multiples with v2, there is literally *no end* to the amount of looks you can get. this is especially nice when you’re tryin’ to save some lindens — buy one base, makeup-free skin instead of the fatpack && go crazy with less expensive makeup tatts.

i’ve got three looks that aren’t clothes.. but rather makeup instead.. that completely transform the entire appearance of the skins i’m wearing.

oh, and! the non-blonde version of vixxie you see in this post is courtesy of a blogger challenge to go bubblegum on the weekends. what better opportunity to show off the *crazy* colored hair than with some *crazy* makeup?!

so yeah. first up… the look with pink fuel; enhancing the makeup you’ve already got!


the face on pink fuel’s ember skins are *to die for* adorable. and the entire collection comes with cute, bright && lovely sets of makeup. but what if you wanted to, maybe, take the perdy pink eyeshadow && add a li’l somethin’ extra?

here’s how i did it~


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin, pink fuel ember in chai, the makeup called candy.
02. freckles make *everything* cuter && i used a favorite of mine here, l.fauna extra freckles in tan.
03. my favorite color combo with pink is bright lime green, so i added the lime mystical shadow by a.e.meth that i picked up at kozmetika.
04. lip color! it’s not a drastic change, but it brightens up the lips. i used ag‘s bitten lipstain in beachen peachen.
05. next is eyeliner, to really make the eyes stand out even more. in this look i’ve used the foxy eyeliner by p.art.
06. finish off the look with some bold lashes and another layer o’ liner, in this case it’s the liquid glaze eyeliner && lashes by boom.

other products in this look :: hair truth marissa in bubblegum ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes poetic colors pink ocean ; tattoo aitui sacred pain

but what if the makeup on your skin is pretty, but not flashy enough for your tastes?

second look with grixdale; make it over the top!


the makeup on this teagan2 skin is already pretty~ bright yellow && a nice contrast of blue, with a soft pink lip. but if you’re in the mood to wear makeup so loud they’ll hear you coming?

well, here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base skin this time is teagan2 by grixdale in the honey skintone.
02. the addition is very, very subtle, but i’ve added an all over sunkissed bronzer by ag. i know it’s hard to tell, but it gives a nice summery glow to the face (and body!).
03. to add more eyeshadow, i’ve gone with a *freebie* one by mock called icon eyeshadow in blue and green.
04. next.. eyeliner && lashes. i added on the *free* liner from chelle at kozmetika and some of my favorite tattoo layer lashes from miamai.
05. the last lipcolor was.. quiet, but this one is anything but! it’s a lipwax by boom, called hot pink && is just as bright as the eyeshadow. wiiin~

other products in this look :: hair truth evangeline streaked in smurf ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes ibanez horizon in tropics (lucky chair prize)

and lastly… what if you *love* the skin you’re in (thx olay! ;p), but it’s not quite right for the look you’re goin’ for?

third look with belleza; take your skin in a whole new direction!


belleza skins always have gorgeous faces, but maybe the delicate makeup isn’t what you want for a certain look. maybe you wanna go a little darker, *mess* the lovely face up a bit.

here’s how i did it!


click to see it larger!

01. the base i worked with this time was one of the *group gifts* from belleza, melissa in sunkissed.
02. the piercings i’ve worn in all three looks are from hod && are extra special — they come with an added makeup tattoo by nuuna. in this look, i’m wearing the added facial tattoo.
03. okay, i know it looks silly.. but seriously, this is the best idea ever. glamorize put out this tintable lip destroyer at kozmetika && it is *amazing* for getting lip tattoos to fit properly. if you have a favorite lipstick but it doesn’t fit over the lips on your skin, pick this one up for 10L! && layer your lip color on top. i LOVE this.
04. and now for the lips! the ones i’m wearing are by pididdle, in the color called i have a secret.
05. final touches — running mascara by porcupine love && teeth by villena.

other products in this look :: hair sadistic hacker meltdown in pink ; piercings hod mezzanine ; eyes luck inc eyez in sapphire ; tattoo aitui aggression

five layers totally isn’t enough, but working with what we’ve got? it’s *so* easy to transform your favorite skins with some wonderfully made makeup && a li’l bit of creativity. who says you need to have an inventory stuffed full of skins, when you can wear one and change the look of it drastically from one extreme to the next?!

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