/me puuuurrs

for as obsessed bff vivi && i are with kittycats, i thought it only appropriate to regress for a li’l while.. to my neko roots.


maybe i’m, uh. a manx-y neko? xP no tail today, but i am sporting ears && some *amazing* kitty-paw boots!

said boots are from epic and that store, srsly, is appropriately named. i am slowly accumulating one of everything there. and these boots, they are ridiculous! they’re all mecha’d && full of complex detail — the inset tv screens even come complete with animated textures. even though i tinted ’em gray, the lights (and yeah, they glow too!) are color change and i just. there are no words. i love these boots in all kinds of ways.

so i went on a hunt for some cute kitten ears && found these at hocico. can i just say how adooooooo~oooorable they are!? they’re pierced with stars and they *wiggle* like a real cat’s would. and instead of being on top of my head, they’re right over where my actual ears would be (my poor normal ears get *so* neglected, eheh~). even if i’m not runnin’ around the grid all neko-fied, i can totally see myself wearing these just ’cause i like to be cute sometimes. :3


my amazing piercings && necklace are from twee. the lovely verinne asnar has always made nice jewelry — i’ve blogged her awesome piercings many times over. but with every set i end up with, i love her stuffs more && more. and the usb cable necklace? it’s a hunt prize, which means *freeeeeebie*! i actually dropped in to twee for the hunt prize and ended up coming out with some piercings… and some plans to go back for a pair of her super cute perso ears. ;D

the upper body ink, my sheer tank, jeans, bracelets && all the makeup layers i’m wearing were freebies too. it is *astounding* how generous designers can be in SL. ❤ whether they are hunt prizes, group freebies, subscribo gifts, dollarbies.. i am always happily surprised by the quality of freebies && cheapies set out for us. it makes me feel all spoiled and whatnot and that is always a good thing when it comes to free stuff!


get the look yourself:
skin; al vulo miha peach in pink
hair; truth june2 streaked in swedish
tattoo; la malvada mujer true love (hunt prize)
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
lashes; mock smokey eyeliner/natural black lash (group gift)
teeth; tuli parted lips 04 (freebie)
gloss; filthy lipgloss 03 (freebie)
ears; hocico neko ear metal star in black
piercings; twee liska
tank; belote white sheer tank (group gift)
bikini; cynful sweety top bikini (part of a 10L!! outfit)
jeans; acid & mala i ❤ my jeans (hunt prize)
boots; epic lost analog tv signal neko tech boots in black
belt; kristica belt diamond in black
nails; virtual insanity gacha nails pink (old gacha prize, unsure if available anymore ;/)
necklace; twee usb cable necklace (hunt prize)
bracelets; rotten toe urban bracelets (group gift)
ring; iced kayla ring
nom; meow style @ boom rubber in monkey

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