two looks, 1 girl

it’s not usual that i put *two* looks together on myself for just one post. i usually leave the whole two looks thing for when i am able to photograph bff vivi && i together. but today, i had so many fucking sweet things to show off that.. well…

let’s just say costume changes on SL make blogging two looks a pain in the damn ass. ;p but i did it!


i’ll start with the look on the left, in gray.

now i blogged some red mint goodies the other day, but the lovely moni schulze dropped *even more* amazingness on me. quite a few pieces i’m blogging today, in both looks, are from red mint. i don’t typically cover myself head to toe in one designer — i like to mix && match items, it makes it more fun and more versatile that way. but when those items are as nicely made as those from red mint, it is hard not to want to roll all around in mint-y goodness~

my skin is divine, i love the way it’s shaded && the tan color i’m wearing is just delicious. perfect for summer, even if there are a few makeup’d snowflakes on my cheek. x3 the ears are red mint as well (as is the nom i’m munchin’ on, it came with the ears!) and they saved me *so much work* because they are scripted to flawlessly match their line of skins. one click && i had seamlessly matched ears. yaaaaay! \o/


for the look on the right with glasses, i am giving ya’ll a li’l tease of the upcoming grunge soul project. it doesn’t officially open until june 13th, but luckily.. that’s not too far off. ;D and the best part? i didn’t spot anything there over *100L*. most of the things i scooped up were waayy below that, too! skins, shapes, accessories, clothes — for the girls && the guys!

the brightly colored minidress is set up at gsp by suicidal unborn. i love their clothes && the design on this dress was an insta-sell for me. neon, 80’s colored zombie? oh *hell* yes! it comes with a bunch of different options for less or more shreds and the halter back, for me, makes it unique enough to totally justify yet *another* minidress in my virtual closet.

the tattoo-layer makeup i’m wearing is from damned && comes with a *ton* of options, too. you can wear just the eyeshadow, with the cheek dots, or just a pouty lip color in three different color choices. i am such a sucker for makeup tattoos and the best part? i can splurge on eleventy billion different makeups && not break the bank in second life — unlike in my first life. /me shakes an angry fist at mac for being so perdy and so hard on the wallet

and the sharp knife i’ve vicariously got perched between my lips is also set out at gsp, by delicious. i’m not sure a dagger blade would be all that tasty to nom upon, but i suppose it’d save my hands from having to hold it. and i wouldn’t wanna mess up a *fierce* manicure like the one i’m wearing from a&a. with nails like that, i suppose i wouldn’t even need the dagger, tho..

now, as long as you leave a few lindens leftover for the grunge soul project *tomorrow*, then i say it’d be totally worth it to stop by red mint. and who knows, you may even see me there, burning the last few bucks i’ve got on more awesomeness. 😉


all slurls leading to the grunge soul project will be updated on the 13th, when the event opens!
all slurls updated! go check the gsp out!
get the looks yourself:
on the left, in gray ::
skin; red mint no.09 frost in tan
hair; elikatira mood in blonde 02
tattoo upper; actchio cupcake ponies
tattoo lower; actchio peony dragon
eyes; hoot biosynthe eyes in himalayan blue
lashes; glow studio innocent lashes (past TDR item)
makeup; cheap makeup liner + lashes #6
ears && nom; red mint ears no.05 w/ heart on a pin
piercings; kowp mercury
tee; onyx wear long tee f.o.
jacket; niniko long jacket in black
skirt; khush skanky skirt
socks; league thermal knee warmers in frayed black
boots; red mint shoe repair punk boot in black
nails; candy nail basic nails in pink01
necklace; cobrahive razortag necklace

on the right, in glasses ::
skin; league taylor blonde sunkissed in feline
hair; red mint no.03 in champagne
tattoo upper 1; para designs cute kitty (freebie)
tattoo upper 2; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeve
tattoo lower; onyx wear bodyart
eyes; poetic colors moroccan nights (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
makeup; damned @ grunge soul project queen of d in gray
piercing; cobrahive bull’s ring
dress; suicidal unborn @ grunge soul project more brains tank dress
gloves; glue ink ree gloves in floral
stockings; sheer tights 31
glasses; glow studio @ TDR blue no lences reybey in white
heels; nardcotix gloria wedges in cerise
nails; a&a metal nails in blue
necklace; boom gumball necklace in grape
bracelet; amkr bullet bracelet (dollarbie)
nom; delicious @ grunge soul project dagger
hair clips; lcky demon wing hairclips in black

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